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Why Write Your Life Story? How To Turn Home Sweet Home into Home Safe Home A Laugh A Day‌ Do You Have The Right Exit Strategy For Your Business?

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22 Aging Your Way - In Your Community 32 The Four “No’s” - Part One


14 Why Write Your Life Story?


16 How To Turn Home Sweet Home into Home Safe Home 24 Life Simplified... 34 Three Crucial Areas To Prepare Your Home To Age In Place


11 A Laugh A Day… 28 Is Hearing Loss A Cause of Dementia? 30 Major Victory in Passage of “NAPA,” The National Alzheimer’s Project Act

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18 Are Reverse Mortgages A Good Option for You? 26 Do You Have The Right Exit Strategy For Your Business? 36 Is Long Term Care Insurance Right For You?

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20 NOW Is the Time To Talk To Your Parents About Senior Housing and Care

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From Me, For You Graceful Living Is Possible

for all of us even in these difficult times. It takes just a little more ingenuity on our part to care for our loved ones. In particular if we are baby boomers, we are looking to the future for ourselves and our parents. Here at Maturity, we hope to answer your questions or at least get you thinking about what solutions are best for you.

In this inaugural edition of Maturity, we are taking a holistic approach to life in the “Senior Lane.” Many of us are still active, traveling, volunteering, working, enjoying our children and grandchildren, and living our lives to the fullest. Some of us are in the “sandwich generation,” caring for our own children while helping our parents in varying degrees. As an interior designer, I love to help those who want to live in their homes and age in place. Our environment makes a huge impact on the quality of our lives. As you peruse our magazine, I hope that you are encouraged and will join me in caring deeply about living our lives gracefully and with meaning.

Joyce Joneschiet (Jonah-shite) Publisher & Editor in Chief © Winter 2012 | Maturity | 6

From You, For Us Letters From Our Readers

are always appreciated and welcomed. We hope to hear from you about our first issue and want to get your feedback on what you would like to see in future issues. This helps us tailor this magazine to your needs so we can provide the content that you’re looking for. If you’ve received a benefit from a particular article or video, tell us about it! We also want to hear if there is something missing and you’d like us to add it. We will be using this page to mention your letters and emails and we are looking forward to hearing from you! Please send all your letters to: Aging in Place Options LLC 1911 SW Campus Dr, Ste 487 Federal Way, WA 98023

Please send your emails to: Customerservice

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By Joy Loverde, Three Rivers Press

by Adelaide Altman, Chelsea Green Publishing

Adelaide Altman has created a practical and timely guide to help prevent accidents, ensure comfort, and maintain an independent, sustainable lifestyle in your own home as you age. This could be the most exciting home renovation of your life!

Š Winter 2012 | Maturity | 8

By Sharon Burns, Raymond Forgue, McGraw-Hill

In this indispensable guide, two family finance experts who are caring for their own parents' finances provide a basic primer in personal finance for those who are involved in their parents' financial lives. Filled with checklists, worksheets, resource lists, and other essential tools, this comprehensive guide supplies the knowledge and confidence you need.

Comprehensive and detailed, sensitive and realistic, practical and accessible, the 2009 edition provides even more tips on prioritizing and organizing care-giving tasks, balancing work and family responsibilities, and navigating the complex maze of eldercare services. In addition to an expanded index of Internet resources and access to downloadable forms of key documents, you’ll find indispensable checklists, worksheets, step-by-step action plans, lists of questions to ask, lowcost and free alternative resources, and The Document Locator™.

Conversations By Joyce Joneschiet, Editor in Chief

Recently I Had A Conversation

with Dr. Doug Wornell, Geriatric Psychiatrist, Author, and Dementia Expert. He is currently the Medical Director of the Geriatric Psychiatric Center of Auburn Regional Hospital. He’s a consultant in long term care for skilled nursing facilities, and speaks for pharmaceutical companies regarding dementia medications.

Dr. Doug has recently published a new book, “Wandering Explorers: Practical Dementia For Families and Caregivers.” We discussed his book and why he believes it’s important for our readers. The book’s purpose is to educate families and caregivers in understanding dementia and try to translate medical lingo. It’s designed to be “a guide for families who are making the lengthy and agonizing journey through the course of a loved one's dementia. The title itself reminds us of the devastation that occurs in the brain - leading to wandering and confusion. And yet, there remains a curious human drive to explore and find purpose of life. Understanding this duality in dementia patients turns what is otherwise an apathetic family tragedy into a meaningful terminal event. This book is written in easy to understand terms and describes a multitude of aspects of brain disease including the many types of dementia, medical issues, drugs, behavioral management and the severe social consequences of this disease.” ~Amazon review How can we understand what dementia is then, especially in the case of a loved one? Dr. Doug said that the term “Alzheimer's” is overhyped and inappropriate. Treating high blood pressure and diabetes throws reality into the landscape of mental health and helps to determine a better diagnosis. First we have to rule out other medical problems, delirium, infection for instance, environmental regression (which is out of the familiar environment and routine) and when these are eliminated, often dementia was masked underneath. I asked him to give us an example of a situation from his book so he mentioned a couple that were in his unit at the hospital. The woman was a writer and the husband was an electrical engineer and bi-polar. They came from a small Oregon coastal town and the husband had no short term memory. Through Dr. Doug’s efforts coupled with family awareness, they were able to reintegrate the husband back into the town and to continue to have support from the townspeople. His book is now out in paperback and is available on Kindle. I highly recommend this for yourself, your family, and friends, to understand the impact of dementia on our society today and especially, if you have loved ones that may suffer from it.

Click on the image of the book to purchase it here: $17.30 for paperback $9.00 for Kindle edition

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Find out how easy it is to change your life for the better! Join Host Joyce Joneschiet (Jonah-shite) from Aging In Place Options LLC as she interviews Kristina Brown from Eating Skinny on our special three part series of recorded calls! You will receive the recordings of all three calls for one low price!

Joyce Joneschiet

Kristina Brown

Including three informative teleseminars: First Call: Aging Well You will learn:

How to age well and support our elders to have a healthy and happy life. What are the three core areas that we need to focus on to be balanced and healthy as we age? What foods support us as we age? What are some of the unique challenges that the elderly have to being healthy and how can we overcome them?

Second Call: Beat the Sugar Blues Learn: How to stop sugar cravings and avoid the 3pm candy run. What does sugar really do to us? Where does all that sugar lurk? Become a savvy shopper! Food and mood, is sugar the answer? Proven tactics for dealing with that sugar siren call! Third Call: Heart Healthy Living The Top Ten Tips for Heart Healthy Living What are the Super Foods that keep our hearts happy How to set your New Years Heart Healthy Goals with Kristina during the class using an interactive worksheet Plus over $125 of FREE BONUS GIFTS!

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Jan Saxton grew up in Rock Hill, MO. and moved to the Puget Sound area 20 years ago. She has worked in several aspects of senior healthcare over the past 10+ years; retirement and assisted living, skilled nursing, and care management & in-home care. She has always had a love for the elderly and was blessed with having 2 sets of greatgrandparents as a child. Jan also knows first-hand the challenges of raising a family while caring for an aging parent. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, her parents moved into her home where the family shared in care-giving. She also managed her grandmother’s affairs until her passing a few years ago at 97.

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