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Trending Styles Spring/Summer 2023

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Photo #1: This elegant fairytale gown serves as two looks in one with these beautiful detachable bishop sleeves.

Photo #2: Trendy silky satin bridesmaid dress with tied halter neckline, banded waist, and front skirt slit in the color Spice.

Photo #3: Slim-fit suits were all the rage back in the 60s. Once more, they have returned in a big way and are very popular again. You will look your best in this Brown Archer Slim Fit Suit.

Photo #4: Ornate beading, glitter and pearlescent beaded lace appliqués are stitched into gorgeous floral and leaf patterns across the scoop neck bodice and train of this A-line gown finished off with a sexy high slit.

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Novel Gifts For Bridesmaids

Brides- and grooms-to-be select people who are near and dear to their hearts to be special parts of their momentous days. So the chance to participate in a friend’s or family member’s wedding is a great honor.

A wedding party plays a key role in both the ceremony and reception. Participants do everything from helping couples make decisions to addressing invitations to providing emotional support. As so much is asked of the wedding party - particularly the maid/matron of honor and bridesmaids - it’s customary to bestow gifts on those people who devoted so much time and effort to the wedding. These potential bridesmaid gifts can serve as a thoughtful and unique to way to thank bridesmaids for all that they’ve done.

u Photo books: Gift the bridesmaids with photo books of carefully curated photographs taken throughout the wedding planning experience. Pepper the books with other photos, such as images of you with the bridesmaids at fun moments throughout your lives together.

u Portrait wine or champagne glasses: Beverage glasses customized with the bridesmaids’ likenesses painted or printed onto them make for great gifts. Bridesmaids will enjoy sipping their favorite drinks in special glasses for years to come.

u Personalized phone cases: Who doesn’t rely on their mobile phones these days? Treat your bridesmaids to something special with colorful phone cases with their names embossed or printed on the outsides.

u Wellness or spa gift card: After all of the running around for the wedding, bridesmaids may need a little extra pampering. Gift cards to a local spa can fit the bill.

u Birthstone jewelry: Necklaces, rings or earrings become that much more special when they’re customized to the recipients.

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Purchase jewelry with your bridesmaids’ birthstones so they’ll be as unique as each woman.

u Friendship bracelets: Gift each bridesmaid with beaded friendship bracelets that features all of the ladies’ initials. Be sure to keep one for yourself, and you all can enjoy nights on the town showcasing your special bracelets.

u Monogrammed robes or purses: A customized pocketbook, robe or another item bridesmaids will use every day can make for an extra-special item that will serve as a daily reminder of how much you appreciate them.

Bridesmaid gifts are a great way for brides to thank their bridesmaids for all that they’ve done to make a couple’s wedding day special.

Villa Dewolf is a beautifully restored 1857 mansion located at 876 West State Street in Jacksonville. It is the per fect venue for your elegant, intimate wedding. The one- of-a-kind ballroom seats 50 guests, and our elegant, luxurious boutique suites can accommodate you and your wedding party

We also offer bridal photo shoots with your photographer, to create that once-in-a-lifetime experience. This elegant mansion is also the per fect setting for bridal showers, anniversar y parties, vow renewal ceremonies and birthday parties.

Little girls would especially love having a tea party here! We also have another venue that can seat up to 250 people.

Our wedding and special events planner will help make your dreams come true!

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Popular Wedding Hairstyles

Much goes into being photo-ready on your wedding day. After months of planning, the wedding day is the couple’s time to really shine, and many go to extraordinary lengths to look their best. Gowns and tuxes may garner their fair share of attention, but hairstyles also can help couples look their best.

Couples can wear their hair how they see fit, but certain hairstyles have exhibited some serious staying power and can look timeless in photos and videos for years to come.

Classic low bun or chignon: This is one hairstyle that certainly has withstood the test of time. A bun can be as sleek as a bride desires, or tendrils can be pulled out to frame the face, and the bun can be anything from minimal to messy. Pulling hair back may be more comfortable on warm days and there’s no frizz to worry about if Mother Nature fails to cooperate.

Vintage curls: Brides whose dresses harken back to a bygone era may want to complement that style with a hairdo that also speaks to that moment in time. For example, the intricate pin curls of the 1920s likely will tie into a gown with an umpire waist.

Fancy ponytail: Like a bun, a ponytail can pull hair away from the face for comfort and style. It’s a bit less formal than a bun and can be styled in many different fashions, even incorporating braids.

Side-swept waves: Evoke movie-star drama with a hairstyle that features hair pulled to one side and cascading waves down the length of the face.

Loose waterfall braids: Carefree boho looks run the gamut of styles. One to consider is loosely plaited waterfall braids that add whimsy. Additional braided options also work well for less formal weddings.

Half-up, half-down: This hairstyle offers the best of both worlds. It enables the hair to be pulled back on top, and then the bottom is left loose, whether straight or in curls or waves.

Ballerina top knot: This is a take on the bun. But rather than pinned at the nape, it is high on the crown of the head.

Short bob or pixie with accents: Shorter hair also can look stunning. A bob or pixie cut can be enhanced with sparkling barrettes or woven-in flowers.

Halo braid: This braid is fashioned so that it goes over the top of the head and mimics the look of a crown or halo. It may negate the need for a tiara.

Men also have plenty of options to get their hair wedding day-ready. Classic shorter cuts feature close-cut sides and more length on top, which can be spiked, tousled or even slicked back depending on personal preference. However, any length hair is in fashion, and grooms can don buns, ponytails, natural texture, and much more.

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Nobody on this planet has a love story like yours!

That statement is 100% accurate. No matter where you go, or who you talk to, nobody else can duplicate the decisions and circumstances that led you to this point in your life. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. You are making big decisions and plans about how to make your wedding day perfect. From the venue to the colors, to the dress, guest list, decorations, music, etc. When the day finally arrives, it will be full of celebration worthy moments that you will want to remember forever.


My job is to capture every celebration worthy moment that your wedding day will produce, from getting ready to a first look, the ceremony, of course, and the party afterwards, and that is exactly what I do.


What would it mean if to you if your Grandparents had a video of their wedding day?

What would it mean to have a video you could watch, and actually hear their voices and see what they looked like and sounded like 50 years ago. Having the ability to hear their voices crack when they were overcome with emotion during their vows as they were beginning their lives together generations before.


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That’s the power of having a wedding video! This isn’t just a pretty music video, this is a wedding film that tells your story for generations to come and far beyond. Your unique love story will live on forever. The honor of sharing all the intimate moments of a couples’ wedding day is something I don’t take for granted. These are special times and only your closest friends and family are allowed to witness them. It’s an amazing gift to be allowed to share in those moments as well. This is all about capturing one of the biggest, most important days in your lives, and then telling YOUR story with music, audio and visuals from the day. I love joking around and laughing with my couples all day long, and I do my best to relieve the stress that always comes with a wedding. Whatever I can do to help with anything, I’m on board, whether that is digging dirt in a unity plant, or helping organize the reception table cards, this is what I do, and this is what I love!

I have met so many amazing families and couples since I began this journey, and it means the world to me when a family member reaches out and tells me how much the wedding film meant to them.

I want my wedding films to become a tradition for families, a beautiful way to be transported back in time to relive their wedding day. My ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on the families I meet along the way, and if I can do that, then I’ve done my job.

Steve Weber Films is the premiere wedding videographer in the Central Illinois area. Established in 2018, I have had the honor of capturing over 100 love stories all over the country, and amassing over 150,000 views on YouTube, this job is my passion!

You can find out more about who I am and what I do by visiting my website There you can find some of my favorite weddings I’ve captured. I look forward to working with you to create a wedding film you can be proud of. Contact me today.

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