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Senior Living and Loving It • 2022

Table of Contents Energy Conservation DIY...........4 Outdoor Activites for Seniors...................................7 Staying Mentally Sharp in Retirement...................................9 Going Grey with Style................11

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2022 • Senior Living and Loving It


DIY projects that can conserve energy around the house Home renovation projects can pay numerous dividends. Renovations can have a positive effect on resale value, make homes more livable for residents and, in some ways, make homes more affordable. Renovation projects that aim to conserve energy can save homeowners substantial amounts of money. Such projects don’t often require considerable effort or even sizable financial investments, which can make homeowners skeptical as to just how much they can save after completing the project. But the scale of a project may have little to do with how much homeowners will save. For example, the U.S. Department of Energy notes that a relatively effortless task like turning back a thermostat between 7° and 10° F for eight hours per day can save homeowners as much as $83 per year. A more labor-intensive task like planting shade trees saves homeowners an average of between $35 and $119 per year. When looking for ways to conserve energy around the house and save money, homeowners need not necessarily commit to expensive projects. The DOE notes that the following are some energy-saving projects and details what homeowners can expect to save after completing them. While each individual project may 4

not result in jaw-dropping savings, homeowners who follow many of these recommendations may end up saving more than $1,000 per year. Project: Install exterior low-e storm windows. What is it? Low-e windows reflect infrared heat back into a home. Such windows are coated with an ultra-thin layer of metal that improves the window’s insulation ability. How much can I save? Homeowners who install low-e windows can save between 12 and 33 percent on their annual heating and cooling costs. Project: Seal uncontrolled air leaks. What is it? Air leaks let cool air in during winter and warm air in during summer. Caulking, sealing and weather stripping all cracks and large openings can cut back on air leaks that are costing you money. The DOE recommends hiring a contractor to seal any leaks on heating and cooling ducts. How much can I save? Homeowners who seal uncontrolled air leaks can save between 10 and 20 percent on their annual heating and cooling bills. Project: Plant shade trees. What is it? If you plant a deciduous tree between six and eight feet tall near

your home, it will begin to shade your windows within a year of being planted. Depending on the species of the tree and the home, the shade tree will begin shading the roof within five to 10 years. The DOE notes that shading is the most cost-effective way to reduce air conditioning costs. How much can I save? Properly planted shade trees can reduce air conditioning costs by anywhere from 15 to 50 percent. Project: Insulate the water heater tank

What is it? New water tanks are likely already insulated. But homeowners with older hot water tanks can insulate their tanks with a water heater insulating blanket kit. How much can I save? Insulating a water heater tank can save homeowners as much as 16 percent on their annual water heating bills. Even the smallest DIY projects can produce big savings. More information about energy-saving home improvement projects can be found at gov. Senior Living and Loving It • 2022


Travel perks and discounts Having made it to their golden years, seniors enjoy not only the privilege of earned wisdom, but also a few perks that come with aging. Many adults who have reached a certain age are entitled to an array of discounts, which take into consideration seniors’ fixed retirement incomes. Discounts are available on various services, including many travel options.

Accommodations Getting there is one thing, but seniors also can receive discounts on hotel stays or cruise cabins. AARP reports that many major hotel and motel chains offer senior discounts between 5 and 15 percent. Dining out Many restaurants, and national chains in particular, offer senior discounts with or without AARP membership. Applebee’s offers 10 to 15 percent off to those age 60 or older.

Seniors have a lot of time to devote to recreational pursuits. This list of available travel discounts can help seniors get the most bang for their vacation bucks.

Tours and more

Airline tickets

Ground travel

Before booking a flight, it is worth investigating if a particular airline carrier offers senior discounts. The global pandemic has changed how some airlines do business, and many have faced significant adversity since early 2020.

Flying isn’t the only mode of travel available. AARP partners with various car rental companies to offer senior discounts. Seniors also may be entitled to discounts of 5 percent or more on tickets from Greyhound, Amtrak, and Trailways.

Seniors also can speak with travel agents or booking services about discounts on sightseeing tours and other vacation excursions. One of the perks of getting older is the chance to save money on travel-related services.

Assisted Living includes Studio, 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Lakeside Memory Care Neighborhood has 24hr. on site nursing and management are Certified Dementia Capable Care Instructors. Single Story with Walk-Out Patios • Small Dog Friendly

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Reutilization Program IATP’s Reuse program provides new and gently used durable medical equipment at NO COST to Illinoisans in need. The donated equipment is inspected for safety and sanitized before being redistributed.

Need Equipment? The Reuse program provides FREE equipment for as long as needed. We ask that you return the equipment when it is no longer being used in order to help others.

Want to Donate an Item? The need for items greatly outweighs the available inventory. Donated equipment may be dropped off at the IATP office or by calling for a scheduled pick up. Tax receipts will be made available for approved donations.

CONTACT US! (217) 522-7985 6

Examples of Items: • Canes/Walkers • Rollators • Manual Wheelchairs • Transfer Benches • Patient Lifts (Hoyer) • Shower Benches • Portable Commodes • Assistive Technology Devices

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Outdoor activities that are perfect for seniors The great outdoors beckons people of all ages. Fresh air can be hard to resist and the benefits of spending time outdoors are so numerous that it behooves anyone, including seniors, to answer the call of nature. According to researchers with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service, human beings benefit both physically and psychologically from spending time in nature. Such experiences can reduce stress and help lower heart rates, potentially decreasing individuals’ risk for cardiovascular disease. In addition, the Forest Service notes that spending time outside in green spaces has been linked to a lower risk of depression. Seniors who are retired or even aging empty nesters who are still in the workforce can make great use of their free time by venturing into the great outdoors. The following are a handful of senior-friendly

outdoor activities that provide a great reason to get off the couch and take in all that Mother Nature has to offer.

published in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatology found that improves the use of joints affected by arthritis without worsening symptoms. The U.S. • Hiking: Hiking provides a great workout and an ideal Department of Health and Human Services also opportunity to spend time in an idyllic setting. The U.S. notes that swimming can National Park Service notes lead to improved health that hiking helps individuals for people with diabetes build stronger muscles and and heart disease. Seniors bones, improves their sense can reap these benefits by going for a dip in their own of balance, has a positive backyard pools or a local effect on heart health, body of water, such as a and can decrease the lake or ocean. Many swim risk of certain respiratory clubs also offer discounted problems. Hiking is an memberships to seniors, especially attractive outdoor activity for seniors, making these another great as many parks feature trails and affordable way to reap the benefits of swimming. with varying degrees of difficulty, ensuring there’s • Fishing: Of course not all a trail for seniors whether outdoor activities need to they’re seasoned or novice make seniors huff and puff. hikers. Fishing provides a great • Water aerobics: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that water-based exercises can be especially helpful individuals with chronic diseases, a category many seniors fall into. The CDC notes that one study

2022 • Senior Living and Loving It

American Heart Association notes that consuming certain types of fish has been linked to a lower risk for heart disease and obesity.

• Volunteering: Local environmental groups often sponsor cleanups at parks and waterfront attractions like beaches and lakes. Volunteering with such organizations is a great way to get outside and give back, and working with like-minded individuals can be a great way for seniors to meet new people. In addition, a national study sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service in 2019 found that 88 percent of Senior Corps volunteers who initially reported a lack of companionship reported reason to get outdoors, and a decrease in feelings of many individuals devoted isolation after volunteering. to fishing report feeling The opportunities for less stressed after a day seniors to enjoy the great spent casting for their outdoors are endless. favorite fish. Individuals Taking advantage of such who consume what they chances can benefit seniors catch also can benefit by improving their diets, as the in myriad ways. 7

Welcome elcome to

Our Community in the Heart of Yours Nestled in a quiet, residential neighborhood, Eden Village is surrounded by 18 acres of beautifully manicured-lawns, lushly landscaped grounds, towering trees walking trails and picnic areas. Eden Village is a well-established, accessible and trusted resource in the heart of the Glen Carbon community. We have provided a full continuum of exceptional services to seniors at every stage of life, from independent living to skilled nursing care, for more than 40 years.


Perfectly blending convenience, comfort and style, our Garden Homes and Residences make independent living easy and carefree.


Need a little extra help? Our Assisted living option offers you the comfort and dignity of home with the security and peace of mind that help is always there when you need it.


If you require 24-hour nursing assistance, our Skilled Nursing Facility offers the highest quality, comprehensive medical and rehabilitative care in a safe, compassionate environment.

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Schedule Your Visit Today! (618) 288-5014 Eden Retirement Center Inc. is a tax exempt corporation under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is also classified as a public charity under section 509 (a) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code..


Senior Living and Loving It • 2022

How to stay mentally sharp after retirement If asked to describe how they envision retirement, many professionals might reference travel, time spent with grandchildren and various recreational pursuits. Few, if any, would mention cognitive decline. However, cognitive decline poses a significant threat to aging men and women, especially during retirement. Researchers have long since recognized that certain cognitive abilities begin to decline with advanced age, even among elderly individuals who are healthy. However, despite that decline, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that dementias like Alzheimer’s disease are not an inevitable part of aging. In fact, the CDC estimates that as many as 40 percent of dementia cases may be prevented or delayed. In addition, the CDC reports that it’s not uncommon for routine memory, skills and knowledge to stabilize or even improve as the brain ages. That’s good news for retirees who want to spend their post-work life pursuing their passions and hobbies. Individuals also can embrace some strategies to stay mentally sharp in retirement. • Consider delaying retirement. Even if early retirement is a dream, it

structure loses it appeal quickly after calling it quits. When creating a new routine in retirement, include regular exercise. According to the Mayo Clinic, studies indicate that people who are physically active are less likely to experience a decline in their mental function. So daily exercise not only gives retirees something to do, but also benefits their brains.

that individuals who waited until age 67 to retire experienced less cognitive decline than those who retired prior to turning 67.

• Enroll in an adult education course. A 2014 study published in the journal JAMA Neurology examined the association between lifetime intellectual enrichment and cognitive decline in the older population. The study’s authors found that higher levels of late-life cognitive activity were associated with higher levels of cognition. The study’s authors concluded that lifetime intellectual enrichment might delay the onset of cognitive impairment. Retirees can look into adult learning programs at local colleges and universities to see if anything piques their interest.

• Make exercise part of your retirement routine. A lack of structure may seem enticing to individuals who have spent decades working. However, many retirees find that little

Retirement can be everything professionals hope it will be, especially for those who make a concerted effort to maintain optimal cognitive function after they call it a career.

Individuals can embrace some strategies to stay mentally sharp in retirement.

might be better to work a little longer than you had planned. A 2021 study published in the journal SSM - Population Health found that postponed retirement is beneficial to cognitive function for all genders, races/ ethnicities, educational levels, and professional status. The study reported

2022 • Senior Living and Loving It




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Senior Living and Loving It • 2022

Natural solutions for going gray with style Gray hair is a natural side effect of aging. The rate at which hair will turn to gray differs based on genetics and other factors. Some people may go gray seemingly overnight, while others may gray at the temples first before the rest of their hair gradually changes color. Aging women often wonder if they should cover up their gray hair or embrace the silver. Going gray is no longer something that has women running to their stylists at the sight of the first gray strand. Some actually opt for silver even before their own gray sets in. According to a 2017 survey of hair trends by L’Oréal Professional, 28 percent of women embraced or considered opting for

silver hair. The trend has continued to gain steam. Celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis and Helen Mirren were some of the first to embrace their grays. Younger celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Pink and Lady Gaga have opted for silver tresses to make a statement. But there are still many women who prefer to

2022 • Senior Living and Loving It

and add dimension to dark tresses. Chamomile tea is recommended for blonds to add natural highlights and perhaps camouflage their grays. Calendula, marigold, rosehips, and hibiscus can deepen red shades or add some subtle red highlights. Henna also is a popular natural method to add a redorange color to hair. Creating transition gradually or avoid highlights to offset gray hair the harsh chemicals in some can work as well. Spraying hair products. The National lemon juice on hair and Cancer Institute states that sitting in the sun can produce more than 5,000 different chemicals are used in hair dye lightening effects. products, some of which are Many women are seeking reported to be carcinogenic natural options to look their in animals. There are many best. Embracing grays or natural ingredients that can creating subtle tints with add tint to hair to make natural ingredients can help gray less visible. Coffee, for women feel confident and example, can cover grays beautiful.


Babysitting for grandparents Witnessing your children getting older and starting their own lives and families can be bittersweet. There is pride that comes with seeing their successes, but the melancholy of knowing that the years have passed so quickly. Although you may no longer be tucking your children into bed, reading them bedtime stories or bandaging “booboos,” when your children have children, the chance to nurture can start anew.

Take directions

Babysitting is one way that grandparents can be a frequent fixture in their grandkids’ lives. If it’s been some time since you cared for little children, it’s well worth it to take a refresher course in child care.

may also live with their grandchildren to help take some pressures off of adult children.

Babysitting is one way that grandparents can be One of the great joys a frequent fixture in their that comes from having grandkids’ lives. If it’s older children is the been some time since you ability to welcome and cared for little children, love grandchildren. it’s well worth it to take a Grandchildren are points of refresher course in child light in people’s lives and care. provide the exuberance and excitement that Make sure it’s safe reminds you of your own youth. Grandparents often Conduct a safety audit of your home if are thrilled to be involved in the care and upbringing grandchildren will be coming over to your place. of their grandkids. Some 12

Are outlets secured with covers? Are medications you may be taking out of reach? Do you have gates to block stairs or restrict access to certain rooms? Modifications may be needed. Assess your health Chasing after children can be a workout. Be sure you are up for the challenge and have the stamina. If you have any medical conditions that can impair judgement or reaction time, you might want to reconsider babysitting.

The way you parented may not be the same way your own children parent. Be humble and follow their lead with regard to instructions. The parenting guide Apt Parenting advises that you should ask about the eating and sleeping habits of the child. You may have to defer to your own children’s guidelines on discipline and behavior. Learn what’s new Many things regarding childcare have changed in the last 20 years, including safety laws and guidelines. Be sure you are up to date on these changes. And if you aren’t certain about something, ask. This involves everything from crib bar widths to car seat installation. Babysitting can be a joyous task for grandparents who are ready for the job. Senior Living and Loving It • 2022

2022 • Senior Living and Loving It


Jersey County Sets a High Bar With Its Care for its Seniors By Jon Becker

Jersey County (IL) may be a small community but it has built a big-time reputation for its dedication to helping its senior population since 1966. That's when the Jersey County Health Department was established, with Home Health being the first program it unveiled to the public. Rhonda Dougherty has worked for Jersey County since 1994. As its home health care clinical manager since 2017, she's responsible for supervising the county's home health care program for seniors. She takes a lot of pride in her work and the variety of services that are available to help seniors with some of their medical and personal care needs. The Medicare-certified program offers physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, among other services. There are also Registered Nurses that may provide intravenous therapy, wound care and physical assessments, while home health care aides may provide bathing and personal care. Patients, no matter their needs, are referred to the Jersey County Health Department by hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and other agencies. "The program has evolved a lot since I've been here," Dougherty says. "At first, Medicare would pay us per visit. Now, we get paid for a 30-day episode. We provide the necessary care regardless of what we get paid. We make money on some things and lose money on others. No matter what, we take care of the people because that's what we're here for." Word began to circulate about the quality of the senior health care program, "so in 2020 we expanded our licenses to nearby Madison and Macoupin Counties," Dougherty says. "We kept getting referrals from other counties. We see a lot of Godfrey patients." 14

County employees, including registered nurses, provide a lot of the program's services, but physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists are contracted out. "We help between 60-70 seniors among all of the programs within home health," Dougherty says. "I love my job. I would not have stayed here this long if I didn't." Helped by a state grant, the county is able to offer what it calls a respite program. This is a challenging scenario in which a family member is taking care of an ailing family member, requiring the caregiver to be there all of the time. "We bring in a home health care aide so the caregiver can get a break," Dougherty says. "We are so thankful we are able to offer this service." Another one of its programs under the umbrella of home health care for seniors is its private day homemaker program that provides, for instance, grocery shopping and errand running for patients. "Sometimes they don't qualify for Medicare services and will pay for these types of services privately," she says. A community's health care system is a major factor for people when they are deciding where to retire. Rest assured, our aging population has a longstanding friend in the Jersey County Health Department. Since its inception in 1966, it has been committed to enhancing the quality of life for Jersey County residents by reducing morbidity and mortality through the prevention and/or control of disease, provision of public and professional education, and coordination so thankful we are able to and/or provision of care.

Senior Living and Loving It • 2022

Did you know?

Women make up the greatest percentage of volunteers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says women currently volunteer roughly 6 percent more than men. What types of jobs might volunteers be doing? Fundraising for an event is the most common type of volunteer job in the United States. This is followed by tutoring or teaching; collecting, preparing, distributing or serving food; general labor; professional or management assistance; and coaching, refereeing or supervising sports teams.

Participants Are Needed for the Research Study

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(Study to Evaluate Amyloid in Blood and Imaging Related to Dementia)

Over 1/2 of all hearing aid repairs are due to improper maintenance procedures. We honor most repair warranties regardless of where your hearing devices were purchased.

The purpose of the research study is to determine how well a blood test can detect an Alzheimer’s disease protein. You may now qualify if you meet the follwoing criteria:

Dr. Joe Hopper FAAA

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Be confident that you will always see a Doctor of Audiology. Godfrey, IL Main Office 1344 D’Adrian Professional Park 618-466-4444

Chester, IL Memorial Hospital 1900 State Street


2022 • Senior Living and Loving It

Jerseyville, IL Jersey Community Hospital 400 Maple Rd 618-466-4444

1. Has a high school education or less 2. At Least 60 years old 3. Must not have a bleeding disorder or active infectious disease (such as HIV)

The 1st study visit will take up to 1 hour. It consists of a cognitive assessment and a small blood draw. $100 is provided for your time. Participants may be asked to return for a voluntary 2nd visit that can take up to 6 hours over multiple days. Up to $500 may be granted for compensation of the 2nd portion.

If interested, please leave us a voicemail , include a name, number, age, and information on how the above criteria is met


School of Medicine Study website





Fall Issue 2022

Table of Contents




Appearance and Self Esteem.......... 3 Supporting Loved Ones with Breast Cancer............................ 4 Fall in Love with Gardening............. 5 A season for change......................... 6 Diaries of the Undomesticated: Plus bonus fall soup recipe...................... 7 Wine Pairing for the Rest of Us....... 8

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Fall Issue 2022

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Health, Mind, Body & Sole • 2022

The connection between appearance and self-esteem Body image is defined as how people feel about the way they look. The Office on Women’s Health says a healthy body image makes a person feels comfortable in his or her body, while a negative body image can put a person at higher risk of depression and eating disorders. Mental health experts say that a person’s thoughts about his or her appearance can affect how that person feels about himself or herself, which can affect self-esteem. A positive body image


Mental health experts say that a person’s thoughts about his or her appearance can affect how that person feels about himself or herself can result in high levels of self-esteem, fostering confidence and inspiring an individual to prioritize self-care. Conversely, a negative body image can result in lower self-esteem. Harsh criticism of oneself may lead to antisocial behavior or even disregard

for one’s personal health. Fostering a positive body image and increasing self-esteem can involve a few strategies. InnerBody Research, a home health company, offers these tips: • Avoid comparisons to social media and magazine

• Focus on the positive aspects of yourself, but learn to love every part of your body. • Maintain a healthy routine, promoting physical and mental well-being. • Set realistic expectations. • Participate in activities you enjoy and surround yourself with supportive people. Working with a therapist also can help improve body image and self-esteem.


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T c a B n g T g t s

How to support loved ones who have breast cancer Efforts to educate women about breast cancer have helped raise awareness of the disease and just how treatable it is when detected early. Despite that, a diagnosis can still be difficult for women and their families. When someone close to you is affected by breast cancer, priorities suddenly change and you may be wondering what you can do to provide the support needed to help this person navigate any ups and downs that could be on the horizon. A breast cancer diagnosis does not produce a uniform response. While one loved one may embrace others wanting to help, another may feel she is a burden and exhibit an unwillingness to accept help. In the latter instance, being a supportive bystander may require walking on eggshells. Even still, there are some universal ways to 4

lend support when a friend or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer. • Offer practical support. Cancer affects the body in a number of ways. Energy levels may wane and certain symptoms may arise. Side effects from treatments also can make it difficult to continue with daily tasks. So an offer to help with tasks associated with daily living, such as cooking meals, gardening, washing clothes, or cleaning up around the house, can be practical and much appreciated. Approach the individual and ask questions in pointed ways. Rather than, “What can I do to help?”, which may result in an answer of, “Nothing,” figure out a way to pitch in and then ask if that would be acceptable. This may be, “Would you like me to run to the supermarket for you today?”

• Offer emotional support. Someone with breast cancer may just need a person who can be there and listen. A hug, a nod of understanding or even a companion who can chat and take the person’s mind off the cancer can be immensely helpful. Keep in mind that emotions may change on a dime, and some emotions may be directed at support systems. While it can feel hurtful, remember the real reason for any outburst is the disease. Patience is needed at all times. • Learn what you can about breast cancer. Research the type of cancer your loved one has, which may make it easier to understand what to expect. If the person is amenable, you may consider accompanying her to appointments to hear firsthand about the next steps in her treatment and recovery.

• Maintain a positive attitude. It’s never easy knowing someone you love is sick. They are going through their own emotional roller coaster, and support systems can lift their spirits by maintaining positive attitudes. Avoid wearing rose-colored glasses, but try to remain as upbeat as possible. • Find a support group. Professional support groups are great resources for coping with a cancer journey. Supporting a person with cancer takes its own unique toll, particularly when caring for a spouse, child or mother with breast cancer. Support groups for support networks can be helpful. Individuals diagnosed with breast cancer may need a little extra love and support. It’s up to caregivers and friends to step up and provide what is needed. Health, Mind, Body & Sole • 2022

I c l b d t v s b o m c d w o h y t a I f a i b f a a i h f a r b t l d

A e I h s f

Fall in Love with Gardening BY REGINA HARBISON | THE BAREFOOT FARMER The temps are falling, the cool breezes are blowing and the leave are dropping. But that doesn’t mean you need to put away your garden gloves quite yet. There are still crops that will grow to provide you with that delicious, healthy lateseason harvest. I spent my weekend covered in dirt, quite literally turned the bathtub brown. Now is the time to dig the potatoes, harvest the last of the summer vegies and prepare for cold season crops. However, beware when working in overgrown beds you just might encounter a few creepy crawlies that have decided your 2-foot-tall weeds where the peas once stood is their new home. I found this out yesterday, as I was clearing the beds barefoot like I always am in the garden. I feel something on my foot and look down to see a gargantuan spider with its big yellow bubble gum back crawling across my foot. I recognized it as a Wolf Spider which are actually very helpful friends in the garden but not so helpful crawling across my foot! I may have squealed a bit as I ran away but in recognizing the full fat belly, I thanked him/her for their help in my garden and let them live to see another day. After my harrowing experience with “Wolfie” I continued the deed at hand of clearing the weeds so that I could plant my fall lettuce and radishes. It

is so nice to have another crop of broccoli and salad greens late in the season, so you don’t have to pay the exorbitant rates at the supermarket for salad makings that have been shipped in from who knows where. My favorites are the lettuce greens, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. If the temps drop too quick, just cover with a sheet of at least 5 mil clear plastic. While I have garden beds that have a pvc frame for just the task at hand and can grow past frost the same technique applies if you just cover your crops. Always keep in mind to allow the beds to breathe during the daylight hours and only cover after dark so your plants don’t overheat.

elephant ears and dahlias are dying back go out and Plant now for early spring trim off the tops and dig up crops! Asparagus, garlic, the bulbs/tubers to store carrots, rhubarb, artichokes, for the winter in a dry, cool, and most perennial herbs dark basement to plant can all be planted in late fall again in the springtime. for early spring harvest. It’s Don’t forget the seeds! I so nice to go out on those have a new fun hobby early spring days and see doing seed swaps during fresh green asparagus and carrots ready to harvest and the winter. It’s so easy and you can make friends enjoy. from across the country by Fall is the best time for swapping seeds in various planting for a beautiful spring flower bed. Prepare groups online. Once your flower beds for all the plants/flowers start to die back I allow a couple to go spring colors. Bulbs like to seed and just simply take tulips, daffodils, crocus, out the old brown paper allium, and hyacinth will lunch bag and scissors and reward you with rainbow start snipping the seed colors in your garden and heads. Don’t forget to bouquets on your table mark your bags or you may early in spring with just a little work now. Gardening have zinnias growing next year where you intended doesn’t end with the first to put your marigolds. ( frost either, about two weeks after frost when your Not that I’d know anything canna plants, gladiolus, about that.) Flowers

2022 • Health, Mind, Body & Sole

aren’t the only seeds to gather, cut open that late watermelon or squash and pull out the seeds. Rinse the seeds well to get the pulp off of them, allow to dry on a paper towel then place in airtight bag or container for planting next year. This technique is perfect for heirloom veggies, but I don’t advice using it on hybrid seeds as the hybrids will revert back and not produce the same fruit or vegetable as they came from. I planted seeds that I received in my swap and could not figure out for the life of me what the plant was as it had thorns on it. It wasn’t until small eggplants started to form that I realized it was from a hybrid plant. The key is just have fun and never stop gardening! 5

A Season for Change BY KATHERINE LOUDERMILK October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It’s an initiative that launched nationwide more than 30 years ago in 1987, in effort to end an ugly trend. Effective a couple months ago, there is a new way to reach the suicide hotline. Dial 988. Yes, just like you can dial nine-oneone for police or fire. Use 988 or 1-800-273-TALK, both connect to the same suicide hotline.

will change and as long as they don’t provoke it, everything will be fine. Usually it’s quite the opposite.

Sadly, without anyone to confide in, those on the receiving end will often just learn to live with it. Or die because of it. They will hide it from friends and family. Sometimes easily done, if the abuse is verbal/ emotional which is mostly invisible to others and can Domestic violence has continue for years. Much many facets, including of the time, those who teen dating violence and suffer, ashamed and afraid intimate partner violence or because they don’t see any IPV. It’s a massive umbrella way out of their situation, covering multiple forms will stay in that relationship, of abuse. Sadly, this type walking on eggshells. They of behavior seems to be will try to get through normalized in society today. the day-to-day hoping But we can help to affect to avoid confrontation. change and break the cycle. It’s unfortunate because the confrontation is often Domestic violence is unavoidable. defined as violent or aggressive behavior within In the United States, every the home, typically with a nine seconds, a woman spouse or partner. Drug is beaten. Worldwide, or alcohol abuse can be someone commits suicide a contributing factor. every 40 seconds. Domestic Statistically, most of the violence is a factor in as victims are women but much as 25% of female men can be victims too. suicide attempts. Those are It’s a mental health issue staggering statistics! that causes many to suffer. It’s extremely important to Mistakenly convinced it’s check on your friends and just a bad day or a bad relatives. Ask questions, be week or just the cards observant. In this modern they were dealt for life. age we have so many Sometimes thinking they resources. Learn the ways deserved to be treated as to identify DV. There’s such. That they somehow brought it upon themselves, much you can do to help. Counseling, volunteering, a result of a mistake they educating, working with may have made. They tell teens and the list goes on. themselves it’s temporary, that it will pass, or things Some hospital staff, usually 6

nurses can help. Or talk to your primary care physician. Church leaders can be helpful. Courts have victims advocates to assist with injunctions. Housing is available in many states. The Partnership Against Domestic Violence PADV. org has ideas on how you can help. Surprisingly, information is abundant. Just know that a victim usually needs intervention or encouragement of a friend or relative to seek the help. Go with them and be their strength if you can, hold their hand if necessary. Provide comforting reassurance and a listening ear. It’s imperative we be supportive of those who

are affected. If you have survived domestic violence, it can be beneficial to share your experience with others. It can help with your healing as well. The wonderful thing about the human race is our desire to love and help one another. It’s in our DNA to care. You should know, your kindness goes a long way in helping others. It could even save someone’s life. Be the change you want to see in the world. Plant seeds of caring love for your neighbor and community. Watch it grow into something beautiful. Be that port in the storm of someone who needs it. Let’s put an end to the abuse. Health, Mind, Body & Sole • 2022

The Diaries of the Undomesticated BY DAWN DUNSFORD I am a working mom. This means some nights I have client calls at bath time, I’ve traded in my high heels for supportive footwear that can plant against the dashboard of my car while a do a backbend to buckle a kid in the back seat, and without a doubt if I have a presentation for the executive team, my child will have a runny nose that will smear across my shirt two minutes before the meeting. While this crusty badge of honor is thrilling most days, I have met my arch nemesis in the form of a new all time low – dinner.

upon moving my family into a new home I decided – new home, new me and wanted to embark into the muddy waters of family dinner. I scoured the internet for recipes – searches such as “easy and quick recipes”, “cooking for dummies”, “what the eff is a demi glaze?!” I landed upon an easy chicken parmigiana recipe.

With my laptop positioned on the kitchen counter, I set out on my culinary crusade. This time will be different. This time – they’ll see. I’m in my thirties for crying out After successfully burning soup on a stovetop, catching loud, I got this. Armed with a bag of chicken breast and a microwave on fire, and a baking sheet to beat it making a chili that turned into submission (who knew out purple, I have steered clear from cooking. However, how important rolling pins

are?), I beat the chicken in an auditory exclamation that would rival a Metallica concert. Emails sent, chicken beat, teams messages answered, breading mixed, and so on and so on. An hour later we were sitting down for dinner while my family raved how good it was. My only sentiment – I will never live that fresh hell again. Enter the crock pot! *Chefs kiss*! The delicious,

simplified, automation tool I had only dreamt about. I don’t even remember the drive to Kohl’s, as I sobbed silently in the appliance aisle with a newfound hope. My cooking routine is now magic. Where at 7AM I throw random things into a machine and BOOM! Dinner. It has saved countless, unwanted hours in the kitchen, and more importantly – this mama’s sanity.



1 medium yellow onion, diced

1/3 cup all purpose flour

1 Tbsp dried basil

2 cloves of garlic, minced

2 Tbsp tomato paste

3 Tbsp olive oil

4 cups chicken broth

2 (14.5 oz) cans petite diced tomatoes

1 to 1 1/2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken thighs

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

2022 • Health, Mind, Body & Sole


4 cups frozen cheese tortellini (or you can use fresh)

3 cups packed spinach (you can definitely add more than this if you want)


In a microwave-safe bowl add the onions, flour, basil, garlic, tomato paste and drizzle with olive oil. Microwave for 5 minutes, stirring every 90 seconds or so. (The mixture will be pasty and look weird but don’t worry it will all be okay in the end). Add the mixture to the slow cooker*.


Add broth, tomatoes, chicken, salt and pepper to the slow cooker. Stir.

1/2 cup Parmesan cheese


Cover and cook on LOW for 4-6 hours or on HIGH for 3-4 hours (or until chicken is very tender).

1 cup heavy cream or 1 cup half and half


Remove the lid use a fork to remove the chicken out of the slow cooker. And add in tortellini and spinach, Parmesan cheese and warmed cream (cream should be warmed because it may cause curdling if added in cold).


On a cutting board, shred or cut the chicken into bite-size pieces. Add the chicken back into the slow cooker. Put the lid back on and cook on HIGH for about 10 more minutes, or until the tortellini are cooked through. Ladle into serving bowls and enjoy!


Wine Pairing for the Rest of Us BY MARC RESSLER Five-star restaurants are a great place to enjoy perfectly paired food and wine. The Sommelier (wine server) can guide you to a wine pairing experience that is amazing or even life changing. A well-informed corner bartender can make amazing suggestions as well, with local vintages and the Chefs special of the day, week, or year. The point is that good, great, or even life changing food and wine pairings do not have to come from fivestar dining. Can it be done at home, on a budget? With some knowledge and plenty of practice, yes. In the end it should be about what you like and finding pairs that elevate both the food and the wine. Pairing affordable wine, with everyday food, and enjoying the results (hopefully), that’s what this is about. The thought of trying to pair wine with food can be overwhelming. You don’t have to spend big money on fancy (or dusty) bottles of wine and cook dry aged beef to make a pairing worthwhile. All you need, is to know a few basic “rules” and be a little adventurous. The “Rules” •


and milder cheeses. •

Sweet wines with dessert

Acidic (tart) wines with salty/fatty foods

These are some basic “Rules” that should be used as guidelines to get you started on your adventure. There are as many rules, charts, and graphs as you have time to look at. These “Rules” can and should be pushed and outright broken. The Golden Rule is to pick wine and food that you like and that fits your budget. If you do not like heavy bold wines, then a Cabernet Sauvignon with that ribeye is not for you. There are other options such as Pinot Noir, Burgundy, or even Pinot Grigio. These are examples of wines that can pair with a range of food. As you • get more comfortable with wines you know you like, you will be more confident to push your pallet and pairings in different • directions. When it comes to budget, it is up to you to decide on a range. $10 to $20 dollars offers a wide range of Vineyards from around the world. Let’s look at some elevating pairings with common meals.

Red wine with heavier meals- red wine is often • paired with red meat, red sauces, and strong cheeses. White wines with lighter meals- white wine is often paired with chicken, seafood,

Fried Chicken – Champagne or Prosecco The bubbles help cut the fatty flavors. Spaghetti and Meat Sauce – Merlot This is a classic combination.

Grilled Salmon – Pinot Noir Yes, Red Wine with fish. The richness of salmon pairs quite nicely with salmon. Lemon Meringue Pie – Pinot Grigio This one also seems to break the “Rules”. However, the sweet dessert and dryness of the wine balance out while the tartness of each blend together smoothly.

Beef Stroganoff – Beaujolais or Burgundy

Yip Yips – Zinfandel

Tuna Casserole – Chablis

Will everyone like these pairings? Certainly not. Will You? There is one way to

find out. So, you don’t have to spend gobs of money on dusty wine or food you don’t eat to find great pairings. Remember the “Rules” and break them if you like. Don’t forget the Golden Rule, start with what you like and be adventurous. As you practice you will have more and more successes. You my even find a life changing pairing. Before you know it, you will be Pairing Wine with the Rest of Us. Marc Ressler is a Husband, Father, Son, Friend, Business Owner, Home Inspector, Foodie, Wine Enjoyer, and One of Us Health, Mind, Body & Sole • 2022

Fall Foliage in Southern Illinois Autumn is a spectacular time to live in the Midwest. Just the thought of it conjures childhood memories of cool nights and the smell of burning leaves. I can close my eyes and hear crisp leaves blowing across my grade school’s blacktop. When it comes to fall, there is a heightened sense of nostalgia for kids of the 80’s. The magic leading up to Halloween was second only to Christmas. As we settle into adulthood and on into middle age, the autumnal thrill morphs into a blissful appreciation for the vibrant display of color at peak color change each year. We begin identifying the “good trees” in our neighborhoods and taking note of how early or late

its color begins popping. Speculations of peak weekend get tossed around alongside supposed quotes from the Farmers Almanac. Timing and wow-factor are based off a weather formula. Warm days, cool nights + the right amount of sunshine & moisture = a kaleidoscope of seasonal color. Tree types are important too. You can’t walk through a mostly pine forest expecting fall foliage. Conifer forests or cone bearing trees are hearty through the winter -hence the term “evergreen”. A deciduous or broad-leaf forest is where the magic happens. Depending on the type of tree, you’ll find differing colors. Oaks will fade to a reddish brown. Dogwoods get a

2022 • Health, Mind, Body & Sole

little purple to them. And depending on the type of maple, you could see reds, yellows or orange! There are so many varieties of trees native to our area which brings up another childhood flashback -leaf collections. Did you learn about the different tree types by collecting and identifying leaves and ironing them between two sheets of wax paper? Good job, Mrs. Houston. What I learned way back then has stuck with me. It’s all location, location, location when it comes to fall color chasing. Outside of the Shawnee National Forest and few pockets of old growth forest, Illinois’ wooded areas are typically found hugging our rivers. Missouri’s

geography is opposite us with more rolling hills and forests. Having all that basic knowledge will help you plan your fall foliage adventures. I write this from my desk in Alton -a stones throw away from the most majestic stretch of the Great River Road. By summer we cruise it with the top down. By fall we cruise it for the fiery color palette along the bluffs. From Alton to Grafton there are many bends in the river that align the bluffs for fantastic photos of leaves contrasting with the blues of the river and sky. Talk about depth of frame! Grafton provides many activities that are great for peeping the leaf color. You can take a river cruise, 9

cross on the ferry, take the Skytour, do the zipline or ride the Alpine coaster that is scheduled to open this fall. Just past Grafton is another primo color change spot -Pere Marquette State Park. This 8,000+ acre park hosts tourists every fall with their hiking trails, scenic overlooks and special packages at the lodge. Horseback riding, wagon rides and camping are also available! Between Grafton and the state park is the crossing for the Brussels Ferry that takes you to Calhoun County. This piece of land sits between the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers and is one of my favorite fall drives in Illinois. To kick this trip off proper, you will need to stop in Brussels

at the Wittmond Hotel for family-style lunch. Finish off that last piece of chicken or homemade sausage and work your way north to Hardin to see the bridge raise for passing tugs. Continuing to Kampsville, I turn left on Hwy 96 and work my way back down the Mississippi River side to Brussels. Do not pass up the opportunity to stop at an orchard or produce stand along the way. Another fall road trip I would recommend is Bluff Road south out of Columbia IL to Valmeyer. Take route 3 from 255 into Columbia and immediately exit at Quarry Rd/Palmer Rd. Turn right onto Palmer which becomes Bluff Road. This stretch of two-lane blacktop runs along the base of the bluff where you

will spot limestone peek out from the tree canopy. Not too far outside of Columbia, keep an eye out for a sasquatch statue. A stop to see the mausoleum at Miles Cemetery atop the bluff will give you great views of color across the river valley. When you reach old Valmeyer, you can see what is left of the town they moved after the Flood of ’93. Stop by Salt Lick Point Land and Water Reserve to see the large mined-out cave and maybe hike up the bluff to immerse yourself in the colors. If you are looking for a longer journey for fall color, Highway 94 from West Alton to (wherever your limit is- St. Charles, Augusta, Washington, Herman, Jefferson City or beyond) is a fun journey

along the Missouri River. These communities have quaint shops, restaurants and lodging to create an easy fall getaway. My kids enjoy a visit to the Weldon Spring Interpretive Center and the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area. I enjoy the many wineries from Defiance to Washington. Plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy the view. A tank of gas and a map is all you need to plan a daytrip with your friends and family. Keep an eye on the transition locally in your backyard and decide on a favorite destination along any of the scenic roads in our area. Take your time, enjoy the drive & build a tradition your kids and grandkids will look forward to.



I i p u b a t o

5K Races for the Sole Trick or Trot 5K by Glen-Ed Pantry Sept. 24th Belleville Main Street Marathon Belleville, IL Sept. 24th Cougars Unleashed Homecoming Run – Edwardsville, IL SIUE Cougars Unleashed Homecoming Run ( Sept. 24th Miles for Meso 5k – Alton, IL Miles for Meso 5K ( Sept. 24th Golden Apple Festival & 5k – Edwardsville, IL Golden Apple Festival & 5k ( Sept. 24th Harvest Moon 5k Run and Walk St. Louis County, MO info at: Sept. 24th St. Jude Walk/Run St. Louis, MO register at : Oct. 1st 5K Run/Walk for Peter’s Place Foundation Belleville, IL info at: Oct. 1st Blacktoberfest Twilight Run St. Louis, MO register at: BLACKTOBERFEST TWILIGHT RUN ( Oct. 2nd Mo Cowbell Marathon St. Charles, MO find info at: Oct. 2nd Fall Finish – St. Louis, MO Oct. 9th STL Cure Sarcoma 6k Run/Walk Maryland Heights, MO STL Cure Sarcoma Live and Virtual Run/Walk 2022 Presented by Prairie Farms ( Oct. 23rd The Great Go! St. Louis Halloween Race Half Marathon/10k/5k/Fun Run Eureka, MO The Great GO! St. Louis Halloween Race — GO! St. Louis (


Oct. 29th Hot Cider Hustle 5k St. Louis, MO St. Louis Hot Cider Hustle 5K - Missouri Events ( Oct. 30th Spooky Sprint – St. Louis, MO Spooky Sprint- STL ( Nov. 5th Veterans Day 5K – Downtown St. Louis, MO Vet 5K — St. Patrick Center ( St. Louis Half Marathon & 5K – Clayton, MO Half Marathon and 5K | Saint Louis Track Cl ( Jingle Bell Run – St. Louis Arthritis Events Nov. 20th Turkey Trails – St. Louis, MO Turkey Trails- STL ( Nov. 24th St. Louis Turkey Trot 8k – Tower Grover Park St. Louis, MO St. Louis Turkey Trot - Missouri Events ( Nov. 24th Turkey Trot STL The Family Arena, St. Charles, MO Turkey Trot STL | St. Charles Nov. 24th Turkey Trot STL Arnold, MO Turkey Trot STL Dec. 3rd Candy Cane Course – St. Peters, MO Candy Cane Course STL ( Dec. 4th Hot Chocolate 15k/5k – St. Louis, MO St. Louis – Hot Chocolate Run ( Dec. 10th St. Louis Track Club Frostbite 12k & 3K St.louis Runners | Saint Louis Track Club | frostbite series (

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A a d o f e c u h w a H r

T s


Health savings accounts: a best-kept secret? JOE ALLARIA, CONTRIBUTING COLUMNIST In many of my own client interactions, I find that people may have a decent understanding of an HSA, but they may not fully be aware of all the advantages that go along with using one. A Health Savings Account is a tax-advantaged account designed to allow HSA owners to save toward future healthcare-related expenses that may not be covered or reimbursed under their high-deductible health insurance plan. As with most tax-advantaged accounts, the benefits of an HSA also come with a few restrictions. Tax advantages of a health savings account There are three main tax

benefits of using a Health Savings Account. First, when money is contributed, it goes into the HSA on a pre-tax/tax-deductible basis. This results in the lowering of your taxable income for the year you make the contribution, which lowers your income taxes. Next, the money that is inside a Health Savings Account can grow, if invested, on a tax-free basis. Lastly, qualified withdrawals can be taken from an HSA on a tax-free basis as well. Qualified withdrawals are withdrawals used for qualified medical and dental expenses. You can learn more about what exactly consists of a qualified expense by

2022 • Health, Mind, Body & Sole

reviewing IRS Publication 969 or IRS Publication 502.

ALLARIA Unlike other taxadvantaged accounts (IRAs, Roth IRAs, etc.), HSAs are extremely unique in that they allow tax advantages in all three ways mentioned above. Rules and restrictions Everything about HSAs so far sounds great, but what if you need to withdraw money from your HSA for

reasons other than qualified medical expenses? The answer is that you would have to pay income tax plus an additional tax of 20% on the portion of the distribution not used for qualified medical expenses, which is a steep price to pay. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If you take distributions after you reach age 65, become disabled, or die, there is no additional 20% penalty on distributions, even if they’re for non-qualified expenses. One drawback to HSAs is that they must be used in conjunction with a highdeductible health insurance plan. What does “highdeductible” mean exactly? For 2022, the minimum “self-only” deductible is $1,400 for an individual and 11

$2,800 for a family. For someone on a highdeductible health plan that has “self-only” coverage, the contribution limit for an HSA is $3,650 in 2022 ($7,300 for those with family coverage). But, HSAs also have a catchup provision that allows individuals 55 and older to contribute up to $1,000 more to their account per year. Therefore, a couple both over the age of 55 (and on a high-deductible health insurance plan in 2022), could contribute up to $8,300 to the primary HSA owner’s account, plus another $1,000 to the spouse’s HSA (must be in a separate HSA). Lastly, for those approaching age 65, you and your employer must stop contributing to your HSA at least 6 months prior to your Medicare enrollment, otherwise you may incur tax penalties. Investment options While everyone who contributes to and takes qualified withdrawals from an HSA will receive tax benefits, not everyone takes full advantage of the potential for tax-free growth through investing. One reason is that not all HSAs allow for investing in mutual funds, but some do. To see if your HSA offers investment options, you can contact your provider or login to your account. If investment options are not offered, it is possibly that you could transfer your HSA to a different provider that does offer investment options. However, it’s important that you invest appropriately and according to the timeframe 12

that you may need to access the funds in your HSA.

anyone with a traditional health plan is eligible to participate.

Record-keeping and reporting

However, there are many reasons why an FSA is quite inferior to an HSA; contribution limits are lower than for HSAs, there are no investment options offered, you can only carryover a maximum of $570 (in 2022) of any unused balance year-to-year (you can always carry over your HSA balance from year-to-year), there is no catch-up provision, FSAs are not portable to another employer, and changes to contributions can only be made at a qualifying event such as a marriage, divorce, birth, or during open enrollment.

As with anything that deals with the IRS, it’s good to keep accurate records regarding your HSA. As stated in Publication 969, you must have records to show that your distributions were used to pay for or reimburse qualified medical expenses. Those expenses also cannot have been previously paid or reimbursed from another source or taken as an itemized deduction in any year. It’s also important to speak with a qualified tax professional to ensure you are properly reporting your distributions. What about FSAs? FSAs, or Flexible Spending Accounts, provide an alternative to HSAs for a medical expense savings account. One of the few pros for FSAs is that

Bottom line It’s clear to see why a Health Savings Account could be such an attractive option for those who qualify to use one. But, now that you’re educated about HSAs, speak with a qualified investment adviser

or a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to see if a Health Savings Account is a prudent option for you. Investing involves the risk of loss and investors should be prepared to bear potential losses. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. No portion of the article shall be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell any specific security, investment product, or particular investment strategy. In addition, this article shall not constitute personalized investment, tax or legal advice. Information contained in this article may have been derived from third-party sources that CAWM believes to be reliable; however CAWM does not control such information and does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of such information and disclaims all liability for damages resulting from such sources. Health, Mind, Body & Sole • 2022

Simple strategies to combat stress Just about everyone experiences stressful situations. Sometimes a measure of stress can provide motivation to do one’s best or strive for an especially lofty goal. However, when stress becomes a chronic condition, it can adversely affect individuals’ quality of life and even their overall health. Harvard Medical School says stress can manifest itself in myriad ways. Stress can cause tension headaches, indigestion, aches and pains, or even heart palpitations, and it may affect the mind by making it hard to concentrate or make decisions. Many people experience stress through emotional or psychological symptoms, such as irritability or feeling down. Learning how to effectively manage stress is essential for individuals’ overall wellbeing. Exercise regularly Exercise serves many functions, including acting as a potent stress relief strategy. The Cleveland Clinic says aerobic exercise releases endorphins, which are natural substances that help a person feel better and maintain a positive attitude. Movement activities like yoga or Tai Chi also can relax the mind and body and promote physical health. Take media breaks Overwhelming oneself with a barrage of negative news stories or constant

information can increase stress levels. Individuals can strive to remain informed and still build breaks into their schedules. Shut off news programs, turn over the newspaper or tune out of social media from time to time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that individuals who are stressed out by world events reduce the number of times they read the news or check the headlines each day. Meditate or perform breathing exercises Breathing and meditation can help alleviate stress, according to the American Heart Association. A quick meditation can provide some perspective. If a situation is stressful, go for a walk or take a few slow, deep breaths until the body relaxes. Harvard Medical School also says meditation can induce a relaxation response, which is an antidote to stress. Change negatives to positives Negative self-talk may increase stress, but positive self-talk can help a person calm down. Individuals should practice positive self-talk every day. Instead of saying, “I hate when this happens,” say, “I know how to deal with this, I’ve done it before.” A small amount of periodic stress can be a good thing. However, chronic stress poses a significant threat to individuals’ long-term health.

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What is Movember? If you think you’re seeing more moustaches lingering over mens’ upper lips as November unfolds, chances are your eyes are not deceiving you. November has long been synonymous with Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season, but it’s also taken on a whole new persona in recent years, and moustaches are a significant part of that new identity. Arguably as popular as ever, Movember® is a public health-focused effort designed to raise awareness of and support research into men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide. Men who participate in Movember 14

typically begin growing moustaches on November 1 and keep them throughout the month. The origins of Movember can be traced to 2003, when two men in Australia, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, met for a beer in Melbourne. At that point in time, the popularity of moustaches had waned, but Garone and Slattery joked about restoring the stache to its once-lofty status. At the time, a friend’s mother was fundraising for breast cancer, and Garone and Slattery were inspired to combine their efforts to bring back the moustache with efforts to raise awareness about men’s health and prostate

cancer. In a testament to the two friends’ skills in the art of persuasion, they were able to find 30 men willing to take up the challenge to grow a moustache. Those who accepted the challenge agreed to follow the rules of Movember, which included paying $10 to grow a moustache. That initial campaign generated significant enthusiasm among the initial participants, so the following year a decision was made to formalize their efforts and officially support a worthy cause related to men’s health. After some research, prostate cancer was chosen as the issue to formally support. The Prostate Cancer Foundation

of Australia, though not an official men’s health partner of Movember, agreed to accept any funds generated by the 2004 campaign. By that time, 450 men, including some in Spain and the United Kingdom, had agreed to take part, ultimately raising more than AUD $50,000. Nearly 20 years later, the moustachioed movement to raise awareness about various men’s health issues is still going strong, having funded more than 1,250 men’s health projects since its inception. Individuals interested in learning more about Movember can visit Health, Mind, Body & Sole • 2022

H.I.I.T. workouts explained Insufficient time to exercise often is the biggest obstacle for individuals looking to get in shape. There is no denying that life is busy, but it’s not impossible to find time to exercise, particularly when people engage in high intensity interval training, or H.I.I.T. H.I.I.T. incorporates effective movements in a 30-minute exercise routine. The American College of Sports Medicine says that H.I.I.T. has commanded a top spot on popular fitness trends lists since 2014. H.I.I.T. combines resistance training with aerobic exercises to produce a complete workout. How does H.I.I.T. work? The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health says H.I.I.T. is a rigorous workout of interval training. It features several rounds that alternate between high-intensity movements followed by shorter periods of lower-intensity exercises. This format enables the workout to increase the heart rate to at least 80 percent of a person’s maximum. H.I.I.T. programs are based on interval training first introduced in the 1950s to improve performance of elite Olympic athletes. Examples of H.I.I.T. workouts A person can use H.I.I.T. with any type of cardiovascular workout, whether stair climbing, rowing, running, or jumping rope. Higher

intensity portions include working harder than one is used to for spurts of 30 seconds to three minutes, according to WebMD. The times of “rest” aren’t completely rest, just lower intensity. The progress of the workout alternates accordingly. Most people quickly increase their heart rates and work up a sweat, which helps them lose weight and boost metabolism. The postworkout bonus includes burning calories for roughly two hours following an H.I.I.T. regimen. Different types of H.I.I.T. There are two different types of H.I.I.T. Regular H.I.I.T. is recommended for the general public or average gym user. There

2022 • Health, Mind, Body & Sole

H.I.I.T. combines resistance training with aerobic exercises to produce a complete workout.

also is a more intense version, called S.I.T, which stands for Sprint Interval Training. S.I.T is especially intense, so it should only be performed by people who are already wellconditioned, according to Nuffield Health. Who can benefit from H.I.I.T.?

must assess their physical condition and health before beginning. The main reason to use H.I.I.T. is to enjoy a time-efficient workout and vary the pace to stay engaged. H.I.I.T. can be done at home or at the gym. In fact, many gyms have specialized H.I.I.T. classes in their group class offerings.

Just about anyone medically cleared can utilize H.I.I.T. Since it is vigorous aerobic exercise, individuals

H.I.I.T. has become a popular way to get in shape by packing high-intensity movements into a short period of time. 15

Dial new three-digit for mental health DEBORAH HUMPHREY, CONTRIBUTING COLUMNIST

health crisis care and needs. Call centers for 9-1-1 are actively working to build There is a new movement General has reported a lists of resources that will to address the public health 55% increase in anxiety provide callers a variety issue of mental health crises and depression among adults and 40% for children. of supports that may help and suicide, and this work address or reduce issues Untreated anxiety and will continue to roll out impacting their current depression can lead to over the next few years. mental health. a mental health crisis or On Aug. 25, 2021, the suicide. Twenty percent of Illinois General Assembly The new emergency passed House Bill 2784-the children are experiencing response system is thoughts of suicide. Death Community Emergency to support people by suicide has increased Services and Support experiencing a mental by 50%, with a suicide Act (CESSA). The Act health or suicide crisis who occurring every 11 minutes. need such support and establishes the adoption of the federal mandate of The new three-digit number do not present a threat 9-8-8 as the new National 9-8-8 was launched on July of physical violence to Suicide and Crisis Lifeline the responders. The 9-816, 2022, to create easy phone number, mobile 8 line aims to promote access to call centers. The emergency crisis response, and protect the health, number does not replace and mental health and safety, and public welfare, the 10-digit Lifeline 1-800behavioral health services. establishing a substantially 273-8255. The Lifeline will The 9-8-8 number also equivalent to the response continue to provide both accepts calls for anyone already provided to options, offer chat or text, seeking support for a individuals who require and respond to multiple substance use crisis. emergency physical health languages. An urgent reality exists that Many are asking how 9-8-8 care. the number of individuals experiencing a mental health or suicide crises has increased drastically in recent years. The Surgeon 16

differs from 9-1-1. Callers seeking help for Emergency Medical Services, fire, and police should dial 9-1-1 and 9-8-8 for suicide and mental

Throughout Illinois, the Lifeline connects individuals to mobile crisis response. Mobile crisis response teams

have been in existence in Madison County. Illinois State-funded community mental health centers Centerstone of Illinois and Chestnut Health Systems have operated mobile crisis teams responding to mental health crises for years, offering mobile crisis response for adults. Centerstone also employs mobile crisis services for children. There are a few other areas that Illinois is looking to address in an overall attempt to improve mental health crisis services. A big concern yet to be addressed is how law enforcement will respond, which will roll out in January 2023. Planning is underway to build crisis centers for individuals in crisis to receive additional care and support. It will be necessary to ensure that with the crisis response, transportation is available for individuals requiring mental health or substance use support. Health, Mind, Body & Sole • 2022