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6TH March 2012

Heartlands Winners! Olympic and Youth Sports Trust Innovation Award

Paralympics dream... now a reality for six Heartlands pupils!

Heartlands PE Team - elated winners of the YST Innovation Award

Heartlands Academy Physical Education team emerged victorious when they won a national award from the Youth Sports Trust for their excellent use of PE and school sport to improve whole school standards. The Youth Sports Trust innovation awards is an annual event whereby schools from across the country come together to celebrate the impact sport is having on the lives of young people and celebrate the achievements of outstanding contributions from schools and individuals. The Youth Sports Trust has not previously informed schools of shortlists or winners and was determined to maintain the level of surprise until the last possible moment. This meant that the Heartlands PE team travelled up to Telford to attend the awards

dinner without knowing if they had even made it onto the short list. Sitting in the front row, the team nervously awaited the result and were disappointed to not see their name on the short list or even as the runner up – however, once Baroness Sue Campbell CBE began to describe the winning school, all the pieces came together – it was us, the Heartlands Academy PE team had won! A representative from the Youth Sports Trust later congratulated the team stating that the “application stood out and was by far the best they had read” – he went on to say that the “teaching and learning shone through and that the supporting evidence was fantastic”. A deserved win for the whole Heartlands Academy community! PE Team

An amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity, has arrived for six Heartlands pupils to be part of London 2012. The lucky six are: Fahima Ali Mahamed; Jeblu Miah; Tahir Mohammed; Arshad Hussain; Naveed Hussain and Anita Chan. The Heartlands pupils will be the official ball boys and ball girls for the Paralympics Table Tennis this summer. The Table Tennis event is one of the biggest events at the Paralympics and will be shown live on television, across the globe... Our team of Heartlands Olympians, will be working for five days on the games and will truly experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Good luck to the pupils and keep an eye out for them during London 2012. PE Team

Sports Day 14th June at the Hadley Stadium


Project Y e a r 5


Your SSCO officer is Miss Allen

Duke of Edinburgh

Award Heartlands Academy has set up a Duke of Edinburgh Award Group. This Group consists of 22 Yr9 pupils who are a mix of boys and girls. The Duke of Edinburgh Award consists of 4 modules: Physical, Skill, Volunteering and an Expedition. Volunteering gives you the chance to make a difference to people’s lives and use your skills and experience to help your local community. It gives you the opportunity to become involved in a project or with an organisation that you really care about. • Doing physical activity is fun and it improves your health and physical fitness. • Developing a skill helps you get better at something you are really interested in and gives you the confidence and ability to use this skill both now and

later in life. Going on an expedition gives you the chance to have an adventure, work as a team, and act on your own initiative. So why should pupils at Heartlands complete the D of E? From the first day to the last it’s a real adventure - every section gives you something different - that’s the fun of it! You’ll enjoy loads of new experiences, discover talents you never thought you had, challenge yourself and meet loads of people just like you. Plus you’ll do things you love and get a kick out of. It’s a real buzz! Achieving this award will give you skills, confidence and a view on life that everyone is looking for, from employers to colleges and universities. You will get recognised for doing

Hockey Tournament


n the 22nd November Nechells and St Clements gathered at St Vincent’s for a Hockey tournament. Up till now St Vincent’s hadn’t been able to clench the Sports Trophy so they really wanted to win this tournament. St Vincent’s had two teams and the tournament began with these two playing against each other. All pupils aimed to used the hockey sticks effectively by tackling the other team. All the games were hard to score in, as pupils used there sticks effectively to defend their goal. The result ended with a St Vincent’s victory.

things you want to do (and may even be doing already). You’ll make a difference to other people’s lives and your community, be fitter and healthier, make new friends and have memories to last you a lifetime. Above all, it’s a great laugh - the question should really be why wouldn’t you bother!?

eartlands Academy has just published its first book “How We Used to Play”. Using our sports specialism, by showing the importance of games to different generations and cultures. We have brought a generation of people together to share oral accounts of games they played as children. This book will be the basis of the transition project for current yr5 pupils. The project will include: interviewing various members of the community, writing an account of the interviews, making an instruction booklet for some of the games that were played. We hope that the work done by pupils in the transition project will be added to the second Heartlands book.

use Heartlands money to buy resources to make their game; also they can make money by producing excellent pieces of work.

Multisport Festival Yr4-6


eartands Academy continued to host the popular Multisports Festival in which pupils from local primary schools in Years 4, 5, and 6 took part. They all really enjoyed the experience of competing against other schools. All the festivals have been well attended by St Vincent’s, Nechells, St Clement’s, St Matthews, and St Josephs. Everyone gave 100% and produced some excellent results in the activities. Pupils who participated in the festival were all a credit to their school.

to include modern foreign languages and develop a wider understanding of different cultures. Children will produce a translation of a set list of words, related to the olympic values, into the language of the country they are representing. The project will culminate at the Alexander Stadium where all schools will participate in a wide variety of competitions which will be reported on by media teams. The Nechells EAZ olympic event at the Alexander Stadium will involve all zone schools and will be the culmination of an exciting olympic project that has been developed by lead teachers from each school. The Nechells EAZ olympics reflect the positive work that Heartlands Academy carries out with local primary schools and is a real celebration of partnership work.

Football Tournament

Year 5 Transition Festivals


rimary schools from the Heartlands Cluster have been working with Heartlands Academy on a project called “How we used to play”. Yr 5 Students have been researching games from the past. They have also played these games during lessons and at a mini festival at Heartlands Academy. Games include: Chinese Skipping, Domino, Jacks, Hopscotch, Off the Wall and Drafts. All pupils have discussed and talked about the benefits of playing these types of games compared to sitting at home on the play station/Xbox. When asked at the beginning of the project what games they played – games played were mainly sedentary. However, the games the pupils tried out throughout the project were games they could play at home to be more active. Next month there will be a creative curriculum day where students will be designing their own games and equipment. During the day there will be an opportunity to gain a sense of value as the students will

Primary Olympic Project


eartlands Education Action Zone are very keen to bring olympic values to their students. A committee of staff members from Heartlands Academy and the participating primary schools has been set up whose objective is to work out how and what the project can deliver during a two week period. All schools have been given a different country for cultural research in order to make representative food, clothes and flags. Students will also be composing a school anthem that will be played at the end of the project at the Alexander Stadium. As each school will be representing a different country there is potential


n the 10th November 2011, the good tackles from St Clements giving them a good advantage. Well done to Nechells, St Vincents, St Josephs and St Clements for a great football tournament. All pupils played with great spirit and showed sportsmanship whether they were winning or losing and never gave up. The teams were a credit to their schools. St Clements were the overall winners with some excellent goal scoring . Congratulations!

Thank you to all the Primary Partner Schools who make my role so rewarding. I hope you enjoy your part in our newsletter. Miss Allen

GIRLS' BASKETBALL Continued success both results and team spirit! Year 8 The team have had magnificent success in their friendly and league matches so far-winning their first league match 20-19 against arch rivals Aston Manor. The team began strongly with Amina Mahamud leading the defensive play superbly well to prevent Aston Manor scoring their chances this enabled Heartlands to build up a healthy lead in the first quarter. Second and third quarter saw Aston Manor bring the score closer, resulting in some aggressive play from both sides. However, by the last quarter Heartlands had settled back into their style of play and some fantastic baskets were scored. In the last 20 seconds of play Heartlands were leading the score line (2019) – with Aston Manor heavily attacking. The girls worked extremely hard marking

players, being first to rebounds and fighting off Aston Manors 3 shots on the basket to finish the game victorious. Excellent team spirit girls, we are very proud of you. Year 11 Heartlands have played two tough league matches in recent weeks; against two well established sides who have been training for many years. With this in mind, Heartlands have played fantastically well with baskets being scored by various members of the team, superb link up play between Rebecca and Aisha and great movement from Dianna, Shadine and ‘the Miar’s/Meya’s’. Although they have entered a tough league, I am very proud of the girls’ determination within matches and dedication to the Heartlands Girls Basketball team. Miss Morris

GIRLS' NETBALL Year 8 County Tournament The year 8 Girls Netball team attended a Birmingham Schools County Tournament on the 28th February. It was a daunting prospect as the other schools had more experience and had academy and club players in their teams. Heartlands Yr 8 team are relatively new and struggled to gel in the first game. They were overwhelmed at how Arthur Terry passed the ball and moved into the space at the correct time. At the end of the game the team became disheartened having lost 17-0. The team took the next two matches off so as Miss Allen and Miss Morris could take them to watch and learn from other games. Newly encouraged, the team

went on to play their best in the following game. The next game after that was was against Edgbaston High School. The Yr 8 team played much better and were able to make more interceptions and, the passing between players, became a lot stronger. The improvement continued into the last game where the Yr 8 Team produced some of the best netball they have played all year. Reducing the number of goals the opposition scored down to just 5. The whole team worked and looked after each other. Miss Allen and Miss Morris were extremely proud of the team and their efforts against such tough opponents.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT Rebecca Yamalimbu, Miar Ibrahim, Meya Lindo, , Rhizwahn Harris, Sikiru Apanishile These students all expressed an interest in Basketball within their PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs and have shown talent in this area. The boys took this interest further by finding out where and when the local club held their training and consequently joined the City of Birmingham Basketball club all ages training on a Saturday morning at Nechells Sports Centre. With the boys developing very successfully at the club, Miss Morris wanted to encourage the talented girls to also attend the same training and asked the above girls to attend. After 6 weeks of attendance there has been some fantastic improvements made by the girls with Rebecca winning an award for best defending technique within the tournament matches. Keep up the good work guys; we hope to see you playing for the City of Birmingham Basketball Club in higher league very soon.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN JOINING A BASKETBALL CLUB? If you are you can also attend this training session run by the City of Birmingham: @ Nechells Sports Centre 10am – 12midday £3 per session (1st session is free) – pay at reception

Miss Allen

Miss Morris


Girls’ Netball


v Sutton Grammar

15 March

Girls’ Basketball


v Aston Manor

22 March

Girls’ Football

29 Marh

Girls’ Netball

v Broadway

29 March

Girls’ Football

v Nechells

24 April

Girls’ Netball

v St Clements

3 May

Girls’ Netball


29 May

Boys’ Cricket

31 May

Girls’ Netball

12 June

Girls’ Cricket

13 June


v Trinity Road

5 July

Girls’ Netball



v Trinity Road TBC


v Trinity Road

RESULTS - GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Year 8 Aston Manor Year 11 George Dixon St Paul’s Girls School

20 - 19


33 - 5 30 - 4


RESULTS - GIRLS’ NETBALL Year 8 Hodge Hill Turves Green Arthur Terry Edgbaston High Sch Year 11 Hodge Hill

Heartlands Academy • Great Francis Street • Birmingham B7 4QR •

11 - 0 5-0 15 - 0 7-0




Heartlands Academy Sport Report Issue 3 March 2012  

Heartlands Academy Sport Report Issue 3 March 2012

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