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Issue 24 Summer Term 2017

£2425 raised for student outdoor seating!


t is probably fair to say that this was the best Community Fair the Academy has organised in a long time and, with the addition of plenty of free sunshine on offer, a good time was had by all. This year, for the first time ever, there was an outdoor stage with a PA system which was used for a variety of perfomances from amazing acts including bands, musicians, singers,

and poets. There was a wide selection of food on offer; thanks to Tasha and her team for the Jerk Chicken, hotdogs and burgers and to Safia Arale for the rice and somosas. The cake stall was so popular it ran out of cakes in the first hour! Not to fear, there was also a huge selection of ice creams, donuts, sweets and drinks. Tesco in Aston had donated some

very impressive gifts for the tombola prizes which went down well. The craft activities proved popular including henna, nail art and glitter tattoos. There were some excellent prizes for the raffle, including a huge selection of gifts from Tesco Aston, a £50 voucher for Maharaja Indian restaurant, a chocolate hamper, £25 voucher for Wilko, a family ticket to cont. on page 11


The summer of 2017 sees the end of an era for 22 members of the Heartlands family. This summer we are sad to say goodbye to: Mr King (SLT), Mrs Smith (SLT), Miss Bibby (Head of Art), Mrs Salter (Head of DT), Mr Everett (Head of English), Mr Lea (Head of PE), Mrs Ward (Head of Music), Mr Farooq (Head of IT), Mr Farrah, Ms Hamman, Mrs Ensell, Mrs Mottet, Miss Hawkins, Mr Herron, Mrs Davies, Ms Javaheri, Mr Williams, Miss Mahmood, Miss Bhuttay, Mrs Richards and Miss Okubena. We wish all these staff every happiness in their new positions and for the future. It is with a heavy heart that this is the last time I address you all as a parental and student group. After 16 years of working at Heartlands, I too will be leaving this summer to take up a new position closer to home. Over the 16 years, I have been so proud to see the school move from Special Measures to Outstanding and I have felt privileged to work alongside some amazing staff and pupils. May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your support over my time at Heartlands. I wish you all success and I will miss you all very much. I will leave you with these last words… “Boldly go in the direction of your dreams. Stand tall and show the world what you are made of. When the world beats you down, find a reason to get back up again. Never give up on success. Try, try, try and try again. Remember, the only way you can ultimately fail is if you give up. Every time you fail, you come one step closer to success. When you look back on your life, don’t have regrets. Believe in yourself, believe in your future, you will find your way. The fire burning inside you that is very powerful, is waiting to burn bright. You are meant to do important things. Following your dreams can be both terrifying and exciting. Persist and persuade others about your plans, as they are real. Give it your best and your dreams will come to life. Success is yours for the taking. Go on from here and grab opportunities. Nobody can do this but you.” Helen Tanner, 2001 - 2017, Interim Headteacher Nov 2016 - July 2017.

Year 13 Farewell


n Friday 7th July, Year 13 came together for the final time as Heartlands Academy Sixth Form students. There was laughter, music,


food and refreshments. It has been both a challenging and rewarding two years for both students and staff. We wish them all the best for the new journeys that they will soon embark

Farewell from Miss Tanner, Interim Head Teacher

on and we hope they are successful in achieving their aspirations. Good luck!! Miss Bhuttay, Deputy Head of Sixth Form

DISCOVERY CENTRE Mathematics, Science, Health & Social Care. Go4Set STEM Project


his year I had the pleasure of overseeing the STEM project with five Year 8 students. Their project was ‘My School is an Island’. which they chose whilst attending the launch where they were given ten weeks in which to create a report, a display stand and a 3D representation of their project. They met each week for one hour and were also guided by a mentor who had previously worked in STEM backgrounds. It was a very enjoyable experience which built not only on the STEM skills of the students but also their organisation, time management, leadership, academic writing, presentation skills and working as a team! This is definitely something I would love to take part in next year and I highly recommend it to any pupils who may be interested in STEM related jobs in the future! Miss Mahmood, Science

BIG Bang Fair. The students presented to a group of four judges and then enjoyed the rest of the fair!

Students’ front cover design.


exploration CENTRE History, Geography, Religious Education, Sociology and Psychology

Collecting Birmingham History Project


tudents from KS3 have been working with the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and language artists this term on a history project entitled ‘Collecting Birmingham’. The results of all this hard work were displayed at the ‘Fun in the Sun’ Community Fair by students who had created their own ‘Pop Up’ museum exhibit to showcase their work.


The exhibit had a particular focus on personal stories, personal objects and photography reflecting life and changes to Birmingham over the past 50 years. It included several themes such as faith,journeys, childhood and games from different cultures. There were some fantastic objects such as: Chinese clothing, prayer mats, pieces of jewellery, Manga artwork and toys old and new. There was even an oral history listening point where students had recorded interviews with their parents about their migration to Birmingham many years ago. Each

object or story has its own link with the past and the photographs were all taken within a few miles of the school and show how much has changed over time. A local poet known as Dreadlock Alien had been working with students on their design. He spoke with students and visitors at the ‘Fun in th Sun’ community fair to record their thoughts and comments about what Birmingham means to them. He then produced a spectacular freestyle rap using comments and feedback to close the exhibit. The students are very proud of what they achieved and hope visitors enjoyed their creation. Mr Herron, History

The exhibit was created by: Reagan Swapp (7EQ); Nailah Warner (7INT); Lailah Warner (7LIB); Mohammed Kadeer (7INT); Harriet Kelly (7RHWS); Yaseen Yehai (7TOL); Jawhar Chaudary (8EQ); Christina Li (8DIV); Pawlos Kobb (8LIB); Khadijah Begum (8RES); Aiman Chohan (8INT); Zech Belgrave (9 INT); Jake Gardiner (9RES); Faizaan Mirza (9TOL); Saqib Mohammed (9VAL); Khadijah Mohammed (9LIB); Paige Walsh (9LIB); Amiyah Ahmed (9EQ)

expression CENTRE

English & Modern Foreign Languages. Graduation Special.

Graduation 2017


atching the class of 2017 graduate and begin to plan their next steps in life was a truly memorable spectacle. Five years of hard work and dedication have brought them to this important day. The event began with students making a grand entrance into the hall, whilst parents, together with their Learning Manager, Miss Brown, beamed with pride. An inspirational speech was given by Adela Earlington followed by a great vocal performance from Godfrey Gayle which left the students motivated. The performance of the night though, was by Mr Clarke who had the students on their feet dancing and cheering as they

watched someone perform who has been a massive part of their time at Heartlands. Taking centre stage, he brought the house down. Everyone calmed down after that when they listened to an emotional speech by Miss Brown, which saw a few parents reaching for their tissues. The whole evening was spent celebrating the students’ last five years at Heartlands Academy and the event wouldn’t have been such a success without the support of the parents and the class of 2017. Maybe one day we will be inviting one of the students back to give their inspirational story. Miss Brown Learning Manager, Year 11


3D Driving Awarenes



Year 12 recently took part in a driving awareness event to help them understand the dangers of drink driving. There were four sessions culminating in an actual driving exercise in ‘mini’ cars. The sessions were: • Police talk • Car safety talk with Kwik Fit • Road Safety truck • Mini car test The exercise involved driving a mini car around a circuit of strategically placed obstacles first normally and then wearing ‘drunk goggles’ which impede the driver’s vision to simulate that of a drunk driver. Students found this experience both exciting and scary but it made them aware of the dangers of drinking and driving or even being a passenger in a vehicle when the driver is under the influence of alchohol. Miss Taylor, Sixth Form


imagination CENTRE Art, Drama, Music

NYO Inspire Orchestra


n Tuesday 11th July the NYO Inspire Orchestra visited Heartlands for the second year running. They spent the day working with students in workshops across the academy, collaborating with our students in improvising and teaching about sections and instruments in the orchestra. The day culminated with a


performance from the 72 piece ensemble of music from the classic 1950’s film On The Waterfront , with music by composer Leonard Bernstein. This was held for all of Y7 and Y12, and future Y9, Y10 and Y11 music students. The performance was enhanced by a series of original dramatic monologues performed by 18-year-old National Youth

Theatre alum Brandon Grace, whose believable portrayal of an average secondary school pupil had Heartlands’ students craning their necks to spot glimpses of ‘the beautiful girl’. We are truly fortunate to have forged a great partnership with the NYO Inspire Orchestra and look forward to their next visit! Mrs Ward, Head of Music

innovation CENTRE ICT, Business Studies, Design Technology Every Choice Counts


ear 12 students were recently filmed taking part in an activity in collaboration with West Midlands Fire Service and IMG productions. ‘Into the Fire’ is a twenty part TV series based around all the activities the WMFS participate in 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The ‘Every Choice Counts’ package aims to educate young people about the importance of making good choices on the road as a driver or passenger. During the sessions, students explored the four most common reasons for road traffic collisions, gaining a greater understanding of what occurs when these behaviours are performed, including role play and a virtual reality experience. Thank you to Arron Lennon, WMFS. Miss Taylor, Sixth Form

“The experience as a whole was amazing. It brought to my attention that every aspect of driving is important, and concentration is vital not only to keep yourself alive, but also your passengers.” Afifah Rehmani 12HEA

Design & Technology Rotary Club Design Awards


ach year the academy enters all Year 11 Design and Technology students into the Rotary Club Design Technology awards. This year they were set the challenge of making either portable furniture or a low voltage lighting appliance. The students had to work incredibly hard to complete their design and make projects and they came up with some fantastic results with both design and practical outcomes being testament to thier commitment. The academy came up trumps with third prize being awarded to Mohamed Zahidi who made a portable table. On each side of the table the shelves extend for increased surface area and the legs can be

folded to allow the product to be stored in a small location. He made it using pine wood and gave it a Briwax finish. Winning third prize was no mean achievement as a total of fifteen schools entered with over 200 projects up for an award. The academy would like to congratulate Mohammad for all his hard work and commitment. He received his prize at the Rotary Clubs awards ceremony from the Lord Mayor of Birmingham. Congratulations are also due to the following students who have been awarded a certificate of merit by the Rotary Club for their work: Harun Ali, Sabha Ali, Ismail Ahmad, Adbul Hamid, Ewan Kelly, Mohammed Sajid, Naima Amin and Samatar Farah. Well done for all of your hard work! Mr Vardy, Design and Technology



Part of the Heartlands Sixth Form experience involves Year 12 students independently travelling to various universities. This year, they visited the Universities of Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester. Here are some of their accounts.

provide cutting edge specialised treatment to NHS patients.” Tabassum Tarafder, Year 12

“The university trips during June 2017 were interesting as I was able to discover the life of a uni student and could see the courses available at the universities. During the days I toured the campuses and observed the different types of facilities available, which ranged from a sports hall to a theatre hall to a dojo.” Akram Abduselam, Year 12

“The university trips gave me valuable insight into university life and helped me consider different universities to apply to next year. I enjoyed the Nottingham University trip the best because the campus looked visually stunning and sported a blend of modern and traditional architecture. The university had its own free campus bus that takes you where you need to be on the campus without walking too much. The lecturers I met were very friendly as well as the students studying there. I am considering applying to this University as I enjoy the style of the campus and also because it offers the course I want to study (Medicine). The Medical School has a vibrant postgraduate research training programme leading to PhD or DM and many of their academics are clinicians, using their expertise to


“As part of Sixth Form, university visits are compulsory and we have to make our own way there. At first, I was sceptical, although I’m now glad as it taught us all to be careful with money and to book travel in advance. Moreover, travelling with friends and without staff has taught us all how it feels to be independent as in life, we will not always have someone to show us the way to go or tell us what time to set off. I myself was already sure about what I wanted to do, or so I thought. During my visit to University of Birmingham, I discovered that rather than doing BSc Psychology, I could take an MSc Psychology and Psychological Practice and whilst at University of Nottingham, I learned the difference between a joint and combined honours degree. Overall, the visits, although I had not believed would offer me anything I did not already know, have helped me to better understand what I want from university, given me a whole pencil case full of free pens, several

tote bags and most importantly, the visits have given me all the guidance I need to decide where to study and what course is best suited to me.” Shyann Philips, Year 12

“We all know that deciding to go to a university is not an easy choice due to all the aspects that need to be taken into consideration. By attending the university open days, we were able to better understand what type of university would be best for us. We were able to experience what each university has to offer such as the beautiful buildings and opportunities to study abroad. However, the most important part of the experience was talking to students of our chosen course, who gave us valuable information on what we needed in order to get into our particular courses. Overall, I really enjoyed the university trips.” Salma Abdirahman, Year 12

“On Tuesday 11th of July I attended the Birmingham City University engineering festival. The experience I had was very enjoyable because it broadened my understanding on how engineering is developing. I found out that engineers are able to use augmented and virtual reality to share their work around the world. This makes it possible for the engineers to see structures or projects as if they were in front of them removing many communication barriers that were a problem in the past.” Ali Hussain Mirza Mir, Year 12

COMMUNITY EVENTS Heartlands Academy is interested in community or business projects. If you are a parent, member of the local community or a business who would like to be involved, please contact Mrs Blackham, Community Manager. Telephone: 0121 464 3931 or email:

Stock Market Challenge at PWC


o begin this activity, a group of Heartlands year 9 students arrived at PwC eager to find out more and they were ready for a challenge! They were challenged to become stock market traders working on behalf of a client. After researching six companies and considering the client’s desires and ethics, each team collectively decided where and how much of their client’s cash to invest. Breaking news affected the share prices of the companies leading to both profits and losses for the traders. After three rounds of trading, each team presented their investment portfolio to a panel of judges, comprised of expert volunteer employees from PwC. The presentations revealed that the teams had analysed the information brilliantly and made calculated decisions collectively. Where bigger

risks had not brought the results hoped for, the students excelled at staying positive and aimed high to make sounder investments next time. The volunteers from PwC were impressed with every team; not only were they incredibly successful traders, making huge amounts of money for their client, but more importantly, they demonstrated fantastic enterprise skills.

Birmingham Engineering Festival


small group of Year 8 students were lucky enough to attend the Birmingham City Engineering Festival at BCU. The day started with some lovely freebies including a free lunch voucher which was enough to put a smile on all the students’ faces. The special treatment didn’t stop there, students were treated to an amazing live Engineering and Science show which was interactive followed by workshops in: The Electric Car, 3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence. The facilitators were so enthusiastic about their subjects and provided such good workshops that some of the students may even be considering engineering as a future career. Thank you BCU. Mrs Blackham

(Summer Fair, cont. from page 1) the West Midlands Safari Park and Dudley Zoo to name but a few. Two exhibitions ran throughout the day. An art competition around the theme of families was run by Teach First and a Collecting Birmingham Exhibition delivered by Birmingham Museum Trust involving Heartlands students (more on page 4). Other great successes were the bouncy castle, lucky dip, football shootout and basketball shootout. The children also had lots of fun learning circus skills in our special circus workshop. A huge thank you to all parents and members from the local community who came along to support the event. A big thank you also goes to the 100 plus student helpers, the staff and the caretakers who made the fair a success. We couldn’t have done it without you all. Mrs Blackham


Calendar 2017-18 A level results

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Parent Workshop Programme 2017-18

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Preparing Your Child to Leave School After Year 11 4th October

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Getting the Most Out of Your Child’s Progress at School 4th December

Keeping Your Child Safe Online 25th January 2018 All workshops are held at the academy from 09:30 11:30, followed by lunch.

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Please could all parents show care and consideration for others when dropping off or collecting their children from the academy. Safety is of paramount importance and parents are reminded that it is both dangerous and illegal to park on the zig-zags or the pavement. Thank you.

Further information can be found on the Academy website. If you are interested in attending future workshops please contact Mrs Blackham at Heartlands Academy:

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A big thank you to all our sponsors and suporters for this year’s Community Fair. Tesco in Aston; The Scout Group; Robannas Studio; Aspens Services Limited ; Love Catering ; The Big Lottery; Birmingham Museum Trust; West Midlands Safari Park; Dudley Zoo; Sport Birmingham; Maharaja Restaurant in Birmingham; Krispie Kreme ; A F Blakemore and Sons LTD; St Matthews CofE Primary School; North Birmingham Academy; Teach First ; Sophina’s Cupcakes ; Wilko at the Fort.

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Heartlines, issue 24, Summer 2017  

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