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Issue 23 Apring Term 2017

MFL Voyage à la Ville de Lumière Paris!


n 20th March, a group of 25 students had the chance to partake in an amazing cultural and educational experience by way of an MFL trip to Paris. Setting off in the early hours of Monday morning, they travelled by coach to Dover where they boarded the cross channel ferry to Calais, before continuing by coach all the way to Paris. The accommodation was first class with en suite bedrooms, comfortable communal areas and two spacious dining rooms. Tuesday began with a visit to the Eiffel Tower. Built in the 1880s, the tower has been an international attraction ever since it was opened as part of the 1889 ‘World Fair’. It is a staggering 324m high, and was the tallest manmade structure in the world until 1930 when it was beaten by the Chrysler Building in New York City.

The ascent was quite hairy, and not all of the students decided to take the second elevator to the top, but those who did were rewarded with breath-taking views, and it was clearly evident from the changing skyline how the city of Paris has expanded over the years. After the long descent from the Tower, they were back in a boat but this time on the calm waters of the River Seine instead of the choppy English Channel. Sailing down the river gave a good vantage point from which to see the wonderful Parisian architecture. The students then had a quick break for lunch, before taking in the Catholic Cathedral of continued on page 5


As this term draws to a close, the main exam season is nearly upon us. Year 11s and Year 13s will start their exams in earnest next half term and we wish them every success. There have been quite a few things taking place this last term. The ‘Brilliant Club’, over the past few months has seen Year 8 and Year 9 take part in several new experiences working with PhD tutors from Universities like Nottingham and Warwick. This is an exciting new partnership that Mr Hare is driving forward within the academy to raise pupil aspirations. A recent trip to Paris has left Madame Smith singing the praises of the students who went, thank you for being true ambassadors for the academy. Mrs Blackham has continued to run parental workshops and it is great to see so many parents engaging with these, the feedback from them has been really good. Check out the back page for the upcoming parental workshops. I think the highlight of my term has been taking part in the staff netball match against the Year 11s. Considering I hadn’t played the game for over 25 years, I think it is fair to say I won’t be called up for the England team anytime soon. However, it was an amazing atmosphere. We raised quite a bit for the year 11 prom and the supporters were truly amazing, along with of course the Year 11 girls. I hear a rematch is on the cards. I wish all students, staff and parents a restful Easter break. Miss Tanner

From Miss Tanner, Interim Head Teacher

Heartlands Academy Hosts Nicky Campbell’s ‘The Big Question’


team of 42 production members arrived at Heartlands Academy on Saturday 25th February to set up for the Sunday edition of the BBC’s The Big Question. Heartlands was transformed from academy to television studio in a single morning with the main assembly hall rigged with lighting, sound and cameras. The programme is broadcast from a different city around the UK every weekend and each week, three topics are discussed on the show which are ethical or moral questions connected to the week’s news headlines. The show features specially invited front-row speakers who have a


particular interest, expertise or personal story that relates to one of the week’s topics. The front-row speakers discuss these topics in front

the Learning Resource Centre, which provided a fantastic space to use for the VIPs. They hope to be back here in 2018 for a repeat performance. Heartlands also has excellent sports facilities which are hired on a regular basis to: Aston Villa FC coaches who deliver training sessions to the local children; Birmingham City FC Academy who hold training sessions for Under 16s; a Birmingham deaf football team who play here and the Birmingham FA who use the facilities every week.

of a wider studio audience and there is usually an opportunity for the audience to put a question forward to the speakers. The day went very smoothly and the production team were more than happy with the facilities especially

If you are interested in hiring our facilities, please email: We are also available for wedding hire. Lisa Farrell, Exams Administrator

DISCOVERY CENTRE Mathematics, Science, Health & Social Care, PE. Heartlands Netball Challenge. Staff v Year 11


n Tuesday 14th March the Year 11 netball team challenged the Staff to an after school match in the sports hall. The idea for the one off game was two fold: first to see if the staff team had the stamina and skill to defeat their younger challengers, and secondly to raise funds towards the Year 11 Prom. The Staff squad was Miss Brown (captain), Miss Hands, Miss Tanner, Mrs Smith,

Ms Zia, Miss Russell, Miss Thompson, Mrs Mottet and special guest player Mrs Meadows (better known as Miss Allen). The Year 11 challengers were captained by Maryan Sharif, with Bethany Tibbatts, Elle Stevens, Georgia Smith, Nura Muse, Sabrin Omar, Suzana Kokob, Haleema Shireen and Latay Pennant-McIntosh. Seventy spectators had paid ÂŁ1 each to witness the event, and were very vocal in their support of the teams. Both sides played some attractive netball, and were very enthusiastic with their efforts. It was clear as the game progressed that the staff held the upper hand, and the recruitment of Mrs Meadows was indeed a masterstroke, as she scored net after net for the staff. Despite the best efforts of the Year 11 students the staff team ran out comfortable winners, but more importantly the game was played in a true spirit of sportsmanship, and the event raised in the region of ÂŁ120 towards Prom. Mr Heath, Reprographics

Thanks to a Sportivate Grant, the Pat Bensons Boxing Club has been able to engage a group of interested students in an afterschool boxing club. Enthusiasm has been fantastic and as a result boys and girls from the Sixth Form and Year 9 are having fun and getting fit through boxing. Mrs Blackham, Community Manager


exploration CENTRE History, Geography, Religious Education, Sociology and Psychology

Brilliant Year 9s ‘Hip Hop’ to Graduate from Scholars’ Programme


his half term, twelve Year 9 students have enjoyed an exciting opportunity to be part of a Scholars’ Programme. At the end of February, they attended a launch trip at the University of Warwick where they were able to experience university life, have a tour of the campus and ask questions about student life. During March, they have been attending a series of seminars held at the academy

given by their PhD university tutor, about their groups’ topic of study. The topic is: ‘The Influence of Hip Hop on the War on Drugs’ and looks at the journey of Hip Hop and R’n’B in America and various artists’ influence on society. Students have engaged in some interesting debates on the positive and negative impact of music on society. They will now be completing their assignment in which they will write an academic

piece of work comparing some artists of interest to them. The programme culminates on 20th May when the students will be invited to attend a Graduation Ceremony held at the University of Nottingham. They have all worked extremely hard on the programme and have been a credit to the academy. Miss Zia, Humanities

The Brilliant Club is an award-winning charity that exists to increase the number of pupils from under-represented backgrounds progressing to highly-selective universities. They do this by mobilising the PhD community to share its academic expertise with state schools. 4

expression CENTRE

English and Modern Foreign Languages. Paris Trip

continued from page 1 Notre Dame. The cathedral is widely considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture, and it is among the largest and most well known church buildings in the world. On Wednesday came a real treat with a visit to Disneyland Paris. The students were literally jumping for joy at the sight of ‘Sleeping Beauty’s Castle’ as they entered the park. With time to enjoy rides, and the ‘Disney Experience’ at both the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park it was a day filled with adventure, the highlight being the magical Parade, as Disney characters and carnival floats whisked along ‘Main Street USA’. Thursday came around all too quickly with everyone facing the long journey home. The whole trip was an amazing adventure for the students and everyone was extremely happy with the whole experience – if a little exhausted. Thanks to all of the students who demonstrated exemplary behaviour for the duration of the trip. See pages 6 and 7 for more photos and student comments. MFL.

Would you like to be an Ambassador for Heartlands Academy? The Academy Ambassadorial Group (AAG)

is currently inviting two parent volunteers to become committee members. This newly formed group is an Advisory Body to the Board of Trustees who meet at least once per term and has a remit of four key elements:

• Celebration

To help make sure that celebration of staff, pupils and parents remains a priority for the academy, and to find the best way to do this.

• Communication

To work with staff, pupils and parents to make sure that the academy effectively communicates to all stakeholders, so that everyone feels part of academy life and has the opportunity to access information and events.

• Concerns or Complaints

To act as an independent local point of contact for staff, pupils and parents and express their concerns. Academy Ambassadors will signpost people to the right channels for dealing with their issues and will ensure that any concerns or complaints are fed back to the AAG. Where any trends emerge, the Academy Ambassadors will work with the Principal and other ambassadors to help find solutions. Also, Academy Ambassadors will always form the majority of members on any appeals panels.

• Community

To make sure that pupils maximise on local opportunities by finding ways to keep the academy at the heart of the community and acting as a key link between the two. Ambassadors will help the academy to explore what it can do to make the school a hub of community services. This is key role where you can make a valuable contribution to the life of the academy. If you think you might be interested and would like more information, please email


“Visiting France was an amazing experience as we were able to get closer to people who we don’t usually socialise with. It was a memorable time that we will all treasure.” Amirah Ibrahim, 9 Diversity

“I am happy that I had the chance to interact with other students.” Zaina Younis, 7 Diversity

“Disneyland was a magical experience.” Bintou Sarr, 9 Equality


MFL Trip March

“An amazing experience.” Safiyat Apanishile, 9 Diversity

“It was an amazing opportunity to visit France and have the chance to see the magnificent attractions.” Khadija Younis, 9 Diversity

p to Paris h 2017

“We became so close; it was like we were a family. It was a lot of fun.” Maryam Khan, 9 Liberty


imagination CENTRE Art, Drama, Music Instrumental Progress Concert


perform alongside some of the most experienced musicians in the school,

n Tuesday 21st March the music department held its first Instrumental Progress Concert in room 119. The concert featured all of the after school music groups including the Rock Band, Wind Band and Dhol Band. The concert also featured solo performances from many of the students taking instrument lessons this year. For the first time, beginner musicians were able to

including Mrs Ward and Mr Mee. The concert featured stand out performances from the Year 7

guitarists, solo performances from woodwind experts Naa Adei, Keana and Kristian, and junior and senior dhol performances from Naveed and Hamza, and Hassan and Morgan, not forgetting a huge keyboard medley from Daiyan. A massive well done to all of the performers and a big thank you to everyone who has helped out this term. There will be more performances in the Summer term, so watch this space! Mrs Ward and Mr Mee, Music

GCSE Art Sketchbooks

I am delighted to share two Year 10s homework sketch books; these students have produced some outstanding detailed studies for their GCSE Art coursework. Miss Akhtar, Art

Hasan Saddieq


Darnell Duffy-Lynch

innovation CENTRE ICT, Business Studies, Design Technology, ASDAN Year 10 v Year 7, Gifted and Talented Go-Cart Challenge


t the beginning of term, the DT Department (Mr Hickie and Mr Vardy) set a challenge to a select number of Year 10 and Year 7 gifted and talented students, to design, build and race a Go-Cart! With great enthusiasm and inspired by YouTube clips of the RED Bull downhill challenge; the students raced ahead with their designs. We now have two teams: Team

Flaming Phoenix (Year10) and Team Muppet Express (Year7) Each Monday after school, both teams would race to see who could complete their chariot first! The Flaming Phoenix was the first to emerge triumphant, setting the standard for the build. After much rigorous testing in the playground and a spectacular crash as soon as Mr Allen took the wheel; it was decided

that perhaps the cart needed some brakes! The students have developed various skills in woodworking, design and physics and they now wait for Team Muppet Express to complete theirs for a head to head race. Which team will be the overall winners in the ultimate race? Mr Allen, DT





March 2017

he Sixth Form were challenged to fill a huge jar with loose change; a challenge which they gladly accepted. They proceeded to fill the jar not just once but twice, raising the sum of £78.64. Students and staff also wore red for the day raising a further £65.00 and bringing the total to a magnificent £143.64. Sixth formers would like to thank all the students and staff who contributed towards the final amount.


National Careers Week (NCW) 6th-10th March 2017 NCW is run as a not-for-profit company to promote the importance of good careers education in schools and colleges, founded and backed by a number of volunteers with a wealth of experience from education, business and careers guidance. As part of NCW, Year 12 students attended the ‘What Career Live’, event held at the NEC and the ‘Apprenticeship Show’, held at the ICC. Both events gave students the opportunity to speak with prospective universities and businesses. They found this opportunity invaluable. At Heartlands we realise that everbody’s career path has taken a different course and we therefore thought students might be interested to know which roots were taken by some of the Heartlands Staff.

Students then interviewed staff about their career paths and despite students feeling nervous, the staff were keen to take part. A special note goes out to Mr Lea who ‘dabbed’ his way through it! Miss Taylor

This helped me to see another side to the staff. Mahat Nur, Year 12 It was interesting to learn what staff wanted to be when they were younger and how/if they achieved it. Akram Abduselam, Year 12

Year 13 Study Leave The deadline to apply for study leave is 24th April. Study leave commences 1st May but it must be granted to students. It is important that students use this time to study and prepare for their timetabled exams. We wish our students all the best!

Thanks to a Sportivate Grant the academy has secured 30 places for students to attend an 8 week afterschool boxing club. Girls from the Sixth Form are now having fun and getting fit through boxing.


Heartlands Academy is interested in community or business projects. If you are a parent, member of the local community or a business who would like to be involved, please contact Mrs Blackham, Community Manager. Telephone: 0121 464 3931 or email:

PwC/Enabling Enterprise Trading Triumphs Challenge


eartlands Academy is now in its sixth year of Enabling Enterprise programmes and students have been developing their enterprise skills both in school and out on a range of business trips, challenge days and lesson time projects. The latest event ‘Trading Trumps’ involved Year 8 students who were set the challenge of becoming stock market traders where they learnt about taking calculated risks and dealing with set-backs. Using their enterprise skills, in particular, staying positive and problem solving, students were tasked with investing money in different companies and deciding which of them would provide the best return in shares. They then eagerly waited for their stock market update to see if they had chosen the right companies to invest in and whether they made or lost any money. Trading was successful for teams, who had not only satisfied clients, but also managed to pick themselves up by staying positive and working in a team through the set-backs the students faced. Some fantastic leadership skills also emerged as team-mates encouraged each other throughout the day. The day culminated with each team presenting their day’s trading to their client in

front of a panel of important judges from PwC, explaining and justifying their choices and risk-taking strategy with Dr Taylor’s money!

Enabling Enterprise trips are always so well structured and organised. The students really enjoyed the experience. Mrs Blackham

The tasks were very varied and students really bought into it. They were able to speak up when they disagreed with their team. Volunteer, PwC

This helped me to never give up without giving it my best shot. Student

The experience has helped me talk to different people. Student

Parent Workshops


hanks to lottery funding, Heartlands Academy is currently offering a year long programme of exciting parent workshops for any carer in the local community. This is an excellent package for parents that includes refreshments and lunch at the end of the session. The sessions that have been delivered so far have been extremely successful. Parents

have engaged quickly in the subject matter and have been keen to share perspectives and experiences with one another. There is clearly an appetite from within the community to talk about the issues raised in the workshops. Parents have suggested further meetups/coffee mornings as a result. To ensure these workshops are open to all, we have included language translators for those with English as an additional language and a taxi for those with a disability. The main aim of the workshops is to help parents and carers support their children’s learning and development. Please see page 12 for information about remaining workshops for 2017. Mrs Blackham, Community Manager


Calendar 2017 Summer Term Term Starts Monday 24 April Year 7 Parents’ Evening (targeted students only) Thursday 18 May Half Term Monday 29 May to Friday 2 June Term Ends Friday 21 July (for students) Teacher Day Monday 24 July (academy closed to students) Teacher Day Tuesday 25 July (academy closed to students)

Autumn Term Term Starts Half Term Term Ends

Monday 4 September Monday 23 October to Friday 27 October Friday 22 December For up to date announcements, follow us on TWITTER @Heartlands_Acad

Reminder to Parents About Parking

E-SAFETY E-Safety is a priority at Heartlands Academy and we have measures in place to protect students from unsuitable online content while at the Academy. If you would like to find out how to keep your child safe at home, please contact a member of our E-Safety team or visit our website for further information. Miss Johnson, Miss Brown and Mr Ahsan.

Please could all parents show care and consideration for others when dropping off or collecting their children from the academy. Safety is of paramount importance and parents are reminded that it is both dangerous and illegal to park on the zigzags or the pavement. Thank you.

Parent Workshop Programme 2017 - open to all, free to attend.

Heartlines needs a sponsor. Could it be you?

Supporting Your Child During Transition into Year 7

We are very proud of Heartlines. It is produced three times a year at the end of each term and goes out to 900 parents, members of the community and all our visitors. It is also available on our website.

3rd July

Keeping Your Child Safe on the Streets of Nechells 10th July

Preparing Your Child to Leave School After Year 11 4th October

Helping Your Child Prepare for Exams 18th Ocotober Getting the Most Out of Your Child’s Progress at School 4th December

Keeping Your Child Safe Online 25th January 2018 All workshops are held at the academy from 09:30 - 11:30, followed by lunch. Further information can be found on the Academy website. If you are interested in attending future workshops please contact Mrs Blackham at Heartlands Academy:  •  0121 464 3931


Printed in full colour on high quality paper, it is packed with lots of good news and success stories, useful information for parents and with excellent photography throughout! We want to continue production for the benefit of all our stakeholders and we are now offering the opportunity for someone to be a sponsor for Heartlines. This could be you! In return you can use this space for your company logo and to promote your business. For more information please contact the Reprographics Manager, Sandra Burden on:  0121 464 5532 

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Heartlines 23 - Spring 2017  

Heartlands Academy's newsletter for the Spring 2017 term.

Heartlines 23 - Spring 2017  

Heartlands Academy's newsletter for the Spring 2017 term.