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Newsletter Newsletter of Heartlands Academy

Issue 15 Summer 2014

Awards Season Sports Awards 2nd July 2014


he evening was a celebration of the wide range of sporting achievements that students have made over the course of the year. During the evening which was presented by the PE department, staff, students and parents were treated to a video review of the academic year, an inspirational speech by ex-World

Imagination Awards 9th June 2014


fantastic evening attended by over a hundred nominees, parents, performers, and teachers. This event is always a pleasure to organise and attend because it is our yearly opportunity to celebrate and reward the artistic talents of our learners in drama, music and art at Key Stage 3. The nominees and parents were treated to a rich and varied exhibition

indoor 400 metres Champion, Daniel Caines and an entertaining interview hosted by our resident twins Aisha and Asheka Johnson. The events were intertwined with presentations of awards for Academic Achievement, Outstanding Achievement and Contribution to Extra Curricular. May I be the first to once again extend my congratulations to all the nominees and winners. Mr Lea, Head of PE

of the artwork as well as performances from music and drama. This year’s event was made even more special by being presented by two of our outstanding learners from Key Stage 4, Sarah Ali and Rebecca Yamalimbu. Statues were awarded for ‘Achievement’ and ‘Most Progress Made’ for years 7, 8 and 9. Congratulations to all nominees and award winners! Mr Lee, Drama Department


Heartlines 15 Summer 2014