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New Sixth Form is to have its Own Building

academy’s current Year 11 students Having recently acquired the building and site have been issued with a prospectus and of what was formerly St. Matthew’s Nursery, application form and are being actively Heartlands Academy is taking an exciting developmental step towards expanding what encouraged to make Heartlands a is currently a small-but-thriving Sixth Form by serious consideration for their postproviding a dedicated Sixth Form Centre. 16 choice. The next exciting page in he refurbishment is already Heartlands’ history is being written, and underway and, after receiving we would very much like our existing thoughts and ideas from the students to be part of it! current sixth form students, the new For further information, contact Mrs building will provide various teaching Richards or Mr Woodey. rooms, a common room, a study area, catering facilities and a staff office. s so A variety of courses are on offer, “It i ient” n including: conve of • ‘A’ Level (Psychology, Law, Religious ense ” s a Studies, ICT, Mathematics, Separate et for “We g g cared Sciences) bein ll • BTEC Level 3 and 2 (Health and Social e sma t” h t e n k me Studies) “I li viron • G.C.S.E. retakes (English, Mathematics roup en g and Science) el “I fe to” The project will increase our ned liste capacity to develop the Sixth ble forta Form and enhance the students’ m o c el e” experiences of studying and “I fe ming her o c socialising. As part of this, the



Issue 4, Autumn Term 2010

From Mrs Jones, Principal I am pleased to report another excellent term for Heartlands students. The year began with outstanding GCSE results, improvements in all areas and the best ever results. It was wonderful to be part of the Presentation Evening when the vast majority of our previous year 11 returned. It was an evening where we met Bill Gunn, a local man, who has become a true supporter of the academy. We are getting very close to the beginning of the building of our new premises. If all goes well the builders will be on-site in late February 2011. There are some artist’s impressions of the new building on page 7. In addition to the new building, we have secured a single storey centre close to the academy. This is being refurbished and will open as the Post-16 Centre from 28th February 2011. Exciting times for us all! Everyone looks forward to the season’s opportunities and festivities but for some it is tinged with sadness due to the loss of a loved one. I am sure I speak for everyone in the academy, when I say our thoughts are with Alvin Cassie’s family and friends at this time. I also want to wish Anthony Clarke, one of our mentors, as speedy a recovery as possible following a very nasty car accident. As always, thank you for your continued support and every best wish for 2011. Glynis Jones

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CHARITY FUNDRAISING “Support our cause!” “Free gifts in return for your generous donations!” “We need your help!” were amongst the impassioned cries coming from Year 9 students as they launched their charity campaigns, aimed at staff and fellow students. utor group, 9EN1’s classroom was transformed into a vibrant, bustling market place, full of colourful stalls, posters and persuasive leaflets, as they competed to raise the most (Monopoly) money for a charity of their choice.


African Dance and African Singing. Students also had the opportunity to try mask making, physical theatre, and language games. Year 7 had a fabulous series of learning experiences which enriched their cultural understanding and sense of global citizenship. Mrs K Smith, MFL


to determine any possible diseases of the body that affect the normal organ activity. As many pupils particularly enjoy practical learning they found this ‘hands on’ approach really interesting and they engaged very successfully with the full day’s tasks. In feedback written by the students, many comments included how much they had enjoyed the day and that it was “the best day of the year so far”. Future events are now being organised for other pupils based on the success of this day. Mr D Hare, Science

On 1st December, Heartlands Academy held a concert which was to raise funds for the Year 11 prom. The concert featured different types of entertainment ranging from bollywood dancing to rapping. The concert was a huge success and as well as raising a lot of money, it was an enjoyable experience for both the people involved and the audience. I would like to thank everyone who helped to make the event a success. Please keep an eye out for future fundraising events we have coming up.

Year 11

Fundraising Concert

Devante Benjamin Producer

FOOD TECHNOLOGY Persuasive texts and the devices they use are key elements of the Media and Non-fiction unit, which was really brought to life by co-operation between classes as 9EN7 judged each campaign and awarded their money accordingly. 9EN1 then benefited from the feedback their peers offered as to what they did well and how they might improve in the future. Come and see the fantastic display outside room T1 that captures the energy and enthusiasm students display in their dynamic and interactive English lessons! Mrs K Smith, English


As part of Creative Curriculum Week, the MFL department organised a Languages Day for year 7. here was a fabulous range of activities spread over the day, which allowed students the opportunity to experience aspects of other cultures around the world. From South America there was Capoeira, which is a fusion of dance and martial arts from Brazil. From Africa there was


This term, DT food technology students went on two trips which has provided them with creative inspiration for their work. n 10th October, Year 8 students visited The Collection. Once there, they sketched some of the various objects & artefacts that were on display, and in particular, carved or intricate pieces of jewellery. On returning to school, they baked some shortbread which they then decorated with sugar paste interpreting the designs they sketched earlier. It was an enjoyable day and some fabulous biscuits were created. On 24th November, Mrs Buckingham and Mrs Diecke took Year 10 catering students to the Good Food Show. They had a great time and had the opportunity to watch Gary Rhodes cooking up several treats. They were also able to gather information and samples for their current assignment. Mrs Diecke



s part of the National Pathology Week in November, twelve of our gifted and talented Year 7 pupils took part in a full day’s activity led by a visiting presenter specialising in Art in Science. Not only did this engage pupils in cross curricular links between the two subjects, it also helped develop their knowledge and understanding of the human reproduction science topic they will be studying in the near future. As part of the activities undertaken pupils worked in groups to produce models of full size human organs. They then placed the models together to form a full size human body showing all the major internal organs. In the afternoon session the pupils learned how the organs function and in particular different tests that can be conducted




This year we have increased the number REPORT of netball teams to three. A Year 7 team, combined Year 8 & 9 and a KS4 team. We have had a full complement of fixtures and all three teams have shown commitment to matches and all were able to beat Holte with a good score all round. There was a close call against St Paul’s Girls School even though the team was depleted, Heartlands girls put all their effort into the game for a 5-3 loss. The KS4 team played in the County Schools’ Tournament where they revealed a massive improvement throughout. The Year 8/9 team have their County Schools’ tournament on 27th November - we wish them all the best. The Year 7 team have their tournament in the New Year. Heartlands are currently doing well in the Aston Schools’ Netball league. Again we wish all teams the best in the up-coming games.

Wheelchair Basketball

Nine pupils from across the school have been signed up to the Wheelchair Basketball team. They have learned how to control manoeuvres in the chair, pass the ball, pick up the ball and how to shoot – which is not as easy as it looks when you are unable to bend your legs or move your body as easily as you can when you are able bodied.

They have also been learning the rules of wheelchair basketball. These pupils have a tournament on the 1st December 2010 - we wish them all the best. Miss V Allen, PE


Table Tennis

Ty-Shai (Yr10) is the new table tennis champion of Heartlands Academy. He only joined this year but has shown great effort and determination to succeed. He beat Naveed Hussain 2116 in a very close final. Disappointment for Naveed who was playing his best ever table tennis to reach his first school final. Both players really believed in themselves before the competition started and with such a positive attitude it was great to see both players meet each other in the final. Mr Langton, PE


MFL - Paris

During October, the Languages Department organised a return trip to Paris for twenty-six students from years 8 -11. This gave them the opportunity to enjoy the experience of another culture, history, habits and monuments. Students were fascinated by the beauty of the places they visited such as Sacree Coeur, Disneyland, the Eiffel Tower, and a trip on the river Seine amongst other excursions. It was a great and unforgettable adventure for our youngsters. Mrs Smith, MFL


During Creative Curriculum week a group of Year 7 students visited Quinta, a charitable organisation who provide activities for young people. Students were able to access all manner of outdoor activities which included forest walking, tent building, archery, canoeing and kayaking. Students learned team-building skills in a supportive environment which helped them to build on their new relationships with academy staff. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves; especially when it came to a sponge fight in the canoes! Mrs Bailey-Green

c uRRic ulum

La Bastille Restaurant


During Creative Curriculum week we took approximately seventy Year 7 students to The Outward Bound Centre in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Ullswater in the Lake District. Whilst at the centre, pupils battled with the very cold, wet, snowy and windy weather and took part in lots of different activities such as canoeing, rock climbing, mountain walking, tunneling, team challenges and many more. Both staff and pupils had a fantastic time and got a lot out of the experience. Miss Thomas

The Languages Department took students from years 9, 10 and 11 for a French culinary experience during Creative Curriculum Week. There were cookery demonstrations where we all tasted the frog’s legs (“delicious!!!!” in the words of one pupil) , mussels (“really chewy”), snails (“garlicky”) and crêpes suzettes - many pupils got involved in pancake tossing, and Adnan Hussain even took over from the chef at one point! There was then a more formal lunch to enjoy together. Mrs Smith, MFL

tR ip s

Ogwen Cottage

Duxford The Year 11’s were treated to an inspiring, eye-opening

and educational day at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Cambridgeshire. This former World War II airbase is now home to a fantastic collection of aircraft from the 1920’s to the original prototype of Concorde. A dream come true for any aviation enthusiast (Mr Heath!). The students were offered a tailored treat in the form of a lesson on life in the trenches, with Elizabeth Koko proving to be a very willing volunteer. This highly informative lesson has since proved invaluable for the students and their English studies. In addition to the learning, the students were given the opportunity to explore the lives of the members of the Armed Forces; to consider those who have lost their lives in active service and to understand more about conflicts past and present. Overall, despite the best efforts of the weather, good humour prevailed. Liam Gallagher proved to be a brave, intrepid explorer despite arriving on the fridge on wheels. Mrs Bradley

Students from years 8 and 9 visited Ogwen Cottage, an outdoor learning centre in North Wales. Activities included: night orienteering, team challenge, a night line mountain walk, canoeing and either sea-level traversing or mine exploration. Though physically and mentally challenging, the pupils participated with positive attitudes and were able overcome their fears. Well done to everyone who took part in the trip. Your behaviour showed you to be mature pupils, able to care for each other and work as a team. Miss Allen




“National D.E.A.R. Day is a special reading celebration to remind and encourage families to make reading together on a daily basis a family priority.”  eartlands Academy decided to hold its own D.E.A.R. day on 26th November, an event where staff and Year 7 students were invited to dress up as their favourite book characters. Everyone also had to bring a reading book because at 9am, the whole school (staff and students) would be required to D.E.A.R. for 15 minutes. Staff and students united to fill the school with colours, laughter and a love of reading. During a special assembly for year 7, books were celebrated with tributes from ‘Pingu’ (Miss Brown), ‘Dorothy’ (Mrs Bradley) and ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ (Mr Farrah). The students


then held a “clapometer” vote to select their favourite staff costume. The competition was fierce but Mr Farrah won the day as The Big Bad Wolf. A range of prizes were awarded to the students who had demonstrated a keen interest in reading. Although they’ve only been in the school a short time, Year 7 are already making a huge impact by demanding serious attention as they shared their outstanding passion for reading and stories with the whole school. The upbeat atmosphere was tangible and the event provided the perfect pick-me-up on these chillingly cold, dark winter days. Year 7 has now set the school a challenge: to read more, and it really feels like this is the start of something special… Mrs Blackham

Business Enterprise Day for Year 10 CATWALK

Our Year 10 Business Enterprise Day, “Catwalk” held in November, was action packed, exciting, interactive and creative. Groups of students had to set up a business for the day to create, finance and market a product with the ultimate goal of making a profit. There were awards for best outfit, company logo, business skills and for the team who made the most profit. A big shout out goes to City College and Heartlands Year 12 students who supported the event. Well done to all who took part.


Architect’s drawings of the New Academy Building. Work due to commence: February 2011 Heartlands Academy will open in the new building: September 2012

Heartlands Academy’s inaugural Presentation Evening was held on the 25th November and was a resounding success. The school hall was packed to the rafters with alumni, parents and staff, and they proved to be a fine audience as the Class of 2010 celebrated their achievements. Guest Speaker Bishop Dr. Joe Aldred, who presents a radio show for BBC WM among other things, entertained the audience with some of the childhood memories that had kept him motivated throughout his life. One of the highlights of the evening involved Mr Vyakaranam presenting the ‘Strength of Character’ award to Shaneela Zaheer, who had maintained her focus throughout her time at the academy when things in her personal life were perhaps not going the way she would have hoped. To round things off, Heartlands Academy welcomed the second special guest of the evening. Mr Bill Gunn, a local resident who has continued to support the school through its various incarnations, was acknowledged and personally thanked by Principal Gylnis Jones. Mr Gunn had taken the time to write to the Academy and local media expressing his pleasure at the Academy’s most recent success: Summer 2010’s record exam results. The Class of 2010 are a special year group in so many ways, and the staff at Heartlands Academy wish them well in their future endeavours. Mr Christie

Presentation Evening Class of 2010


Remembering Alvin Cassie


he Alvin Cassie Cup is a football trophy that has been created in memory of Mr Cassie who sadly died of illness just after the summer break. It will be awarded annually to the winners of a staff football match between Heartlands Academy and Streetly School, the latter was chosen as Mr. Cassie spent many years working there. Funding for the trophy was organised and collected from both teams, and the surplus will be paid to ‘Cancer Research’. The 2010 cup tie was held on the 25th November and was won by Heartlands Academy 5-1. Well done to the whole team - the match was an enjoyable occasion and was played with great spirit and sportsmanship. Next year’s game has been provisionally set for Friday 16th Sept 2011. Mr N Langton, PE

Heartlands Academy Great Frances Street Nechells Birmingham B7 4QR


18 November 2010

Hello Dads, would you like to play in a football match vs the school staff team? I will also need a coach or manager so if you have retired from football but would still like to be involved then get in touch. Staff matches are played on a Friday, 4pm ko. Fixtures to be arranged once we have enough Dads to play. If interested, contact: Please give your name and preferred playing position.

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If you bring your child to school by car, in order to avoid dangerous congestion, it would be appreciated if you could park on Wardlow Road and NOT in the car park. Thank You


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Heartlands Academy Heartlines Newsletter Issue 4 Autumn 2010  

Heartlands Academy Heartlines Newsletter Issue 4 Autumn 2010

Heartlands Academy Heartlines Newsletter Issue 4 Autumn 2010  

Heartlands Academy Heartlines Newsletter Issue 4 Autumn 2010