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Living with Hearing Loss: What Can You Do? Depending on the situation, assistive listening devices can prove extremely valuable when used with hearing aids. The main goal is to help separate speech from the noise in the background. Some of the common assistive listening devices are outlined below:

• Portable FM Systems – Through the use of radio technology these systems are able to broadcast the words being spoken right into the hearing aid. One of the common examples of this scenario is when you are in a classroom and the teacher is speaking into the microphone directly in front of them. This allows the students to be able to hear what the teacher is saying over any other sounds in the environment. • Infrared Systems – This particular system uses light based technology to help transmit sound across the medium. They are often used as a way to enhance the individual’s television listening experience. • Induction Loop Systems – These are designed with the purpose of helping individuals to hear announcements when in a public facility, such as an airport, auditorium or school. They work by sending the signal directly into the specialized equipment that the user is wearing.

Alerting Devices Alerting devices work through sensory information that can be substituted for sound. This could include an alarm clock that sends a vibration through the bed or a light that blinks when there is someone at the door. They are not meant to replace a hearing aid or an implant, but they are meant to provide the user with their independence while suffering through profound hearing loss.

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Living with Hearing Loss: What Can You Do?  

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