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Digital hearing aids – Hearing Your future! Digital hearing aids can be the key to hearing your future! Digital technologies have taken the world and the field of hearing aids by storm. Gone are the days of analog equipment, and in are they days of computer programmability. With today’s technology, very specific individual programming can be completed to customize your hearing to best suit your hearing impairment, desires, and lifestyle needs. Digital options are also easily made smaller and sleeker than older analog equipment.

Analog hearing aids once were the only available option to those with hearing loss. In very simple terms, analog aids are amplifiers. Taking in the sound, and outputting it louder. Over time, some adjustments were made available to do some general custom changes to loudness and pitch, but very specific, precise adjustments were nearly impossible. With analog aids, what you put in (for the most part)‌is what you got out, only louder. That meant that background noise and feedback (whistling) were big issues.

Digital hearing instruments have vastly improved the hearing experience. Using modern computer processing, digital aids convert sound into coded signals that are readily altered to fit the

needs of the user. Algorithms have also been created to process the incoming sound to amplify less noise and to prevent bothersome feedback issues. A pleasant listening experience can be achieved through this improved sound quality.

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