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Tests conducted by Audiologists to Know about the Severity of Hearing Loss of an Individual

Audiologists conduct series of comprehensive hearing tests for people who think that there is something wrong with their hearing sense. There are a number of independent audiologists in Melbourne on whom you can rely if you think there is something wrong in the way you receive and process sounds. All the tests have series of patterns which are similar to one another, which results in same kind of results. Apart from the similarities, there are also variant nuances which are reflected by these tests which can help in detecting other problems which are related to one’s hearing ability. Equipment’s used by audiologists for testing the hearing abilities. An audiometer is used to aid in the hearing test. A person who goes through these tests is made to sit in a sound proof room with many cables and wires running from it. After that, the doctor shall tell the person to wear the headphones or some other kind of earphones to facilitate the person in hearing the voice which he/she is supposed to

hear during the screening process. The person has to indicate on receiving the sound via gestures either by moving his hand or pressing a button. The device is set to specific sounds and tones to judge the seriousness of the impairment the person is suffering from. Loudness and frequency of the sounds and the tones play an important role in judging the seriousness and form of hearing disability. An expert shall plot the frequency and tones to exactly know which tone the patient wasn’t able to hear properly at that particular frequency and tone. Many a times, speech test is conducted to evaluate clearly if the patient had heard the word properly or not. Visit at for more details.

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