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Oticon's Listening Network of Hearing Aids People with severe hearing loss don't have the luxury of using many communication devices that others take for granted like mobile phones, landlines, TVs and radio. Many people suffering from this affliction don't seek help at all. Those that do have often deal with the cumbersome use of an listening instrument wedged behind the ear and a phone receiver on the front. It's like your lobes are caught between a rock and a hard place--quite uncomfortable. Fortunately technology is improving every day and Oticon devices are combating the nuances by using a familiar feature in a nifty way: Bluetooth. The company has a device called Connectline that "expands on the potential of Bluetooth" by using the wireless protocol to establish a direct link between your listening device and your mobile phone or HDTV to watch the big game. If you're thinking, "what a great idea," then you get why this is so profound. It means the wearer doesn't have to hold that "rock" on the other side of her ear. Nor does she have to struggle to hear a television program or loved on the phone because of competing sounds. It's similar to the wireless network in your home or coffee shop, but rather than connect you to the Internet, it connects you to devices in your vicinity. A listening network. The connection involves a significant amount of hardware. There is always a central box involved and several child "streamers" that are either paired with an appliance, i.e. your landline, physically or wirelessly to broadcast the incoming audio wirelessly. The signal goes to the central box and then gets fed into your listening instrument. The technology is avant garde in the industry, which

means it doesn't come cheap. Many find that it's a small price to pay to enjoy rich sounds. And it just may mean that Oticon is the hearing aid family for you.

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