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How to Best Care for Your Hearing Aids

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Many people who visit the audiologist for a hearing test are soon shocked to learn the cost of treatment once hearing loss is verified. Hearing aids are often a big financial investment, even with insurance. Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks that will help you extend the life of your units, as well as improve the quality of

Hearing specialists often have informational brochures available featuring instructions on caring for hearing devices. Don’t hesitate to ask for hearing aid help if any of the information is unclear. Hearing aids are electronic devices and require special maintenance and care. Visit your local drugstore for a variety of useful products. Your hearing aid provider likely also sells a wide selection of hearing accessories. They might also have a catalog of even more products available that they can order for you. You’ll want to pick up basic accessories to keep on hand, such as extra batteries. Cleaning kits are available. Keeping your devices clean will extend their life. Pick up some wipes to throw in your pocket or purse to make cleaning easy while you’re out and about. Humidifiers also make aids last longer and sound clearer. Special lotions are sold to keep your ears from becoming dry or irritated. Consider purchasing a telephone and television headset to use at home. These products amplify sound. This allows you to leave your aids out. Hearing aid advice is also widely available on the Internet. Check with your primary care physician, friends, family or support groups for the deaf and hard of hearing for recommendations on products that will keep your hearing aids in top shape. You owe it to yourself to protect the investment in your health.

Caring for Your Hearing Aids  
Caring for Your Hearing Aids Many people who visit the audiologist for a hearing test are soon shocked to learn the cost of treatment...