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How to Maintain the Health of Your Hearing Aids If you use a hearing aid it is important that you maintain its health and keep it running properly. Even the tiniest piece of condensation or debris inside the hearing aid or ear mold can make it not function properly. This article will tell you how to maintain the health of your hearing aids. Every night you need to remove your hearing aids before going to bed. After removing the hearing aid, detach the earmold from the ear hook and use a wax remover to remove wax from the inside of the ear mold. Make sure to get the wire deep inside the hole to remove all wax. Next, check for any condensation that has built up in your ear mold tubing or ear hooks. If condensation gathers in these places it can completely block out sound. Use an ear mold air blower to blow out the condensation from the ear mold that has built up. To do this you will need to insert the tip of the blower into the tubing and squeeze the blower bulb about eight times. Now, remove the batteries from the hearing aid and check the compartment for corrosion or rust. Humidity and moisture can get trapped inside the battery compartment and create this corrosion or rust and you will need to remove it because it can weaken the amplification of the aid. To remove the rust or corrosion you will need to dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and rub it on the inside of the compartment. Make sure to thoroughly rub the compartment clean for maximum cleaning. There should be no rust or corrosion left when you are done. Once you are done cleaning the battery compartment you should place the hearing aids inside a jar of Dry Aid. This will remove any moisture from inside the hearing aid that can prevent it from working properly. Leave the hearing aids in the Dry Aid overnight. The only thing left to do is to check your hearing aids daily to ensure they are working properly. Do sound checks each morning. A proper sound check requires you to remove the ear mold from the hearing aid and to say the “Ling Sounds”, using your hearing aid stethoscope to listen. If you here the “Ling Sounds” how they should be you have a properly working hearing aid. If you own a hearing aid you need to make sure you are keeping it working properly so it can provide you with the best results. Follow the information listed in this article on how to maintain the health of your hearing aids to keep them working properly.

How to Maintain the Health of Your Hearing Aids How to Maintain the Health of Your Hearing Aids