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Musician’s Ear Plugs If you are a musician, you may want to consider purchasing musician’s ear plugs! Musicians are constantly exposed to sound levels that may be damaging to the human ear, causing hearing loss. While the thought of wearing traditional ear plugs may be repelling to most musicians, there are customized plugs available just for you! Musician’s plugs, unlike their traditional counterparts, reduce the volume of all incoming sounds similarly. While traditional plugs tend to reduce higher frequencies more than low and mid frequencies, musician’s plugs reduce all frequencies by a similar amount. This allows for less distortion of the incoming sound. Everything is heard the way it is without the plugs, only quieter. These plugs are created to reduce the intensity of sound by a specific amount. Depending on the volume of music typically encountered and the desired decrease in volume, there are a few different “ratings” of ear plugs. Each rating has a different amount of attenuation provided. An impression of your ear will be required to custom fit your ear plugs. A small block (cotton or foam) will be placed into the ear canal, followed by a silicone mixture. The mixture will be allowed to harden, and then slowly after breaking its seal with the ear, be removed. The impression will be sent to a manufacturer to create your custom ear plugs. If you would like more information, give your hearing healthcare provider a call today! Do not be afraid to ask questions. Ask your hearing healthcare professional about how to purchase your musician’s ear plugs today!

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Musician’s Ear Plugs  
Musician’s Ear Plugs  

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