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Top FIVE Ways to Avoid Expensive Hearing Aid Repairs

You can protect your investment in hearing aids and avoid expensive hearing aid repairs by following some simple maintenance guidelines. 1. Hearing devices are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Do not dry your hair while wearing them or leave them in an extremely hot or cold car. 2. Moisture can cause static or for your hearing aid to fail to work completely. Do not wear them while showering, taking a bath, swimming, during extended exercise or in a sauna. Be sure to dry your hair and ears completely before inserting them. When not in use, remove the batteries and store them, with a silica gel pack, in an air tight container. 3. Vibration can cause damage‌internally and externally. Be careful when handling your aids. Sit down to change the batteries and always hold them over a cushioned surface to protect them should you drop them. 4. Protect your hearing instruments AND your children and pets. Do not leave them lying around to tempt them, as small objects tend to end up in mouths. 5. Keep the microphone from clogging. Do not apply perfume, hair spray, bath powder or shaving cream while wearing hearing aids. Clean your aids regularly by following the directions your audiologist or hearing aid specialist gave you. Let your audiologist or hearing aid specialist clean them professionally every six month. Hearing Aids Castro Valley California CALL US: 510 629-6013

Your diligence taking good care of your hearing aids will go a long way to reduce the cost of expensive hearing aid repairs and will increase your overall satisfaction in your investment. Visit our website at Hearing Aids Castro Valley California or call us at 510 629-6013 to know more about hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Castro Valley California CALL US: 510 629-6013

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