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It is Important to Care for your BTE In order to keep your behind-the-ear hearing aid clean, sanitary and in good working condition, it is important to clean it regularly. Not only can dirt and moisture get on your hearing aid as you wear it throughout the day, but you also have to worry about skin cells and ear wax collecting on it. However, cleaning your BTE hearing aid will help to keep the volume control, microphone and other components of your hearing aid working properly, and it will also help reduce the change of ear infections that are sometimes caused by dirty hearing instruments. Cleaning your device is not difficult nor does it take a long time, so you should make an effort to clean it regularly. If possible, it is best to clean your aid on a daily basis. Although it is acceptable to miss a day or two here and there, you should make sure to at least clean it on a weekly basis. By taking the time to clean your unit and to take proper care of it, you will not only have a cleaner and more sanitary hearing aid, but you will also extend the lifespan of your device, and help avoid costly repairs.

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It is Important to Care for your BTE  

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