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A Few Hearing Amplifiers Hearing amplifiers are different from hearing aids due to the way they work. They are also different from the hearing protection worn by musicians, but hearing amplifiers may be used in conjunction with their ear monitors. In a category all their own, hearing amplifiers can be equated to reading glasses for those that don’t really need glasses but otherwise need a little help with seeing when they read. Many models are available. A fairly standard model is one that resembles an AM/FM radio with a headset. While this is probably most appropriate for people who are particularly self-conscious about people noticing that they have trouble hearing, it can also mean a lot of miscommunication because those around you think you’re listening to music rather than trying to hear them. Other models have a small clip on for your shirt with ear buds, which a lot of professional people like to use because it makes them look like they are taking important calls while they are actually listening astutely to what you are saying. Another type of amplifier is built directly into a telephone to adjust for volume in speech. Yet another lets you plug into a standard or cell phone to amplify and clarify sound coming from these devices while filtering out ambient noise. Many hearing amplifiers do the jobs of basic hearing aids without the expense Phone - (614) 538-4327 Website: Hearing Health Solutions

of hearing aids, which is convenient for those that can’t afford them but need to hear better. If you have been diagnosed with a mild hearing loss but can’t currently afford hearing aids, hearing amplifiers might be right for you. A hearing aid specialist will be able to answer your questions regarding the different models and suggest one that works best for your specific hearing needs.

Phone - (614) 538-4327 Website: Hearing Health Solutions

A Few Hearing Amplifier  

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