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Want an Invisible hearing aid? We’ve got one!

If you’ve been doing any sort of research on hearing aids, you’re bound to have come across the lnSound Lyric extended-wear hearing aid.

But Lyric isn’t for everyone. In fact, research says that about 43% of those who could wear the Lyric end up not being compatible with Lyric for some reason.

There is a new alternative called the Invisible In The Canal hearing aid. If you’re looking for small and Lyric isn’t an option, the IIC may be your answer.

The Starkey SoundLens is the first Invisible in-the-canal hearing aid that can be removed daily by the wearer.

Using Starkey’s Voice IQ technology, the SoundLens improves hearing in the presence of background noise.

The SoundLens is the ideal instrument for the active individual who requires a discreet hearing aid.

Its sound quality and technology features are best-in-class and the size make it an ideal choice for those looking for a discreet alternative to the typical hearing aid.

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Starkey Hearing Aids Orange County CA  
Starkey Hearing Aids Orange County CA  

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