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Siemens iMini™ Hearing Aid is so Colorful…It’s Too Bad it is Invisible! Want a hearing aid that comes in Hot Pink Diamond or Bold Citrine? How about Midnight Sapphire or Irish Emerald? With Siemens’ new iMini™ hearing aid, the choice is yours. Available in twelve vibrant colors, it’s easy to choose one that is so reflective of your personality that you can’t help but feel good about wearing it. Siemens has designed the iMini to be fashionable and fun. Additionally, this completely-in-the-canal hearing aid is so small; it is virtually invisible when placed in your ear. And it is built to be feedback-free so your secret will never be given away. How? With Siemens’ FeedbackStopper™ feature, annoying whistling sounds are detected and stopped before they ever start. Other benefits for your listening pleasure result from the iMini’s SoundSmoothing® feature, which suppresses sudden, irritating noises like breaking glass or clanking dishes, and it’s Speech and Noise Management system, which works automatically to reduce background noise and enhance the speech you want to hear. Each iMini is hand-crafted and covered with an ultra-smooth shell designed to ensure a comfortable fit. Combine that with advanced technology and an incomparable color palette, and it’s easy to see why the Siemens iMini hearing aid is truly designer fashion for the ear.

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Siemens iMini™ Hearing Aid is so Colorful…It’s Too Bad it is Invisible!