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Five Reasons to Invest in Hearing Aid Accessories If the results of your hearing test indicate that you have a problem, your Audiologist may recommend various accessories. 1. Using different electronic devices, such as cell phones and MP3 players, can be difficult to use with a hearing aid. Hearing aid accessories can solve this problem. 2. Most hearing aids are not waterproof. However, sportsoriented accessories can protect your aid from water damage during activities like swimming and showering. 3. Manually adjusting the volume on a hearing aid is sometimes inconvenient. To solve the problem, you can purchase a remote that adjusts the volume automatically. 4. When you watch television, turning the volume up on the television may ruin the viewing experiences of others. Wireless accessories can connect to your television so you can hear the television, and your friends and family can still enjoy television at a volume that is comfortable for them. 5. If you exercise or have an active lifestyle; talk to your Audiologist about the latest accessories available that match your lifestyle. To learn more about the different types of accessories available call us today.

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Five Reasons to Invest in Hearing Aid Accessories