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All About Hearing Loss If you are experiencing hearing loss, you might be worried about the hearing test. This is often a simple procedure and knowing what to expect can make you more confident about your appointment. If you have any questions, you should ask your doctor ahead of time. The first thing you will need to do when you visit the office is to fill out paperwork. There will likely be numerous forms that need to be filled out. You will need to provide insurance information and this is something you will want to have on you. You will also need to provide an intense medical background and it can help to have dates ahead of time of any surgeries or hospitalizations. If you have been treated for this condition at any other locations, you might want to have your medical records available ahead of time. The doctor you are visiting will likely ask you several questions about your condition and you need to be as honest as possible. It can help to remember when your hearing loss started occurring and this can help your doctor understand the full extent of your condition. Your ears will need to be examined and this can help your doctor get a full view of the inside of your ear using an otoscope. You have likely had this type of examination before and this should not cause any pain. If earwax is building up causing hearing loss, this is when your doctor will make this determination. This can be a simple solution to your hearing problem and removing earwax can be very simple and done in a single office visit. A pure tone hearing test will often come next and this can help find out which ear is affected and the degree of hearing loss. You will wear headphones and when you hear a tone, you can signal by raising your hand. You often raise the hand on the side where you hear the tone. A speech test is also a common test and in this test you will hear two syllable phrases and your doctor will determine how well you are hearing speech. When the results are tabulated from each test, you will understand the extent of your hearing loss. This is when solutions will be offered and this can help you to gain some of your hearing loss back. Hearing aids can be the right choice for many and this is a simple solution many times.

All About Hearing Loss  

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