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Hearing Problem – Get It Diagnosed Today

A hearing problem can occur in many different ways. Here are some of the more common types you may be dealing with. 1. Infections. The ear is open to our environment and can therefore be affected by outside contaminants. This can cause infections to develop in the outer or middle ear. These infections can cause a variety of symptoms including dizziness, earache, sleeplessness, and others. This problem is normally taken care of through the use of antibiotics. 2. Hearing Loss. This is a very general problem but it typifies what many people are suffering from. This is a loss to our hearing acuity and can be caused by a variety of factors including disease, environment, and age. The most common treatment for hearing loss is the use of hearing aids. These devices take the sound we are having difficulty hearing and amplifies it so that we can better discern it. Hearing aids have made a significant difference in helping people to deal with their hearing loss and achieve a better quality of life. There are two types of hearing loss. The first is called a conductive hearing impairment. This type of loss results from a problem with the parts of the ear which conducts sound waves. This can include the outer ear, eardrum or the bones within the inner ear. The second type of hearing loss is called a sensorineural hearing impairment. It results from a problem with the inner ear and especially within the cochlea which is where the sound is converted into signals which can be sent to the brain. Both types may be due to genetics or can be associated with disease, age or environmental factors.

Hearing Problem  

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