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Swim Plugs and Surfer Plugs Your ears are delicate organs, and exposing your ear canal to water makes you more likely to develop ear problems that can permanently affect your hearing. That’s why people who swim and surf on a regular basis should consider getting swim plugs or surfer plugs to keep water out of the ear. Problems Caused By Water There are two major issues that swim plugs and surfer plugs protect against. First, swimmer’s ear is when water washes away the protective coating of ear wax and leads to bacteria growth in the ear canal. Repeated bacterial ear canal infections can affect your hearing. The other, potentially more serious problem is surfer’s ear. This is caused by repeated exposure to cold water and wind that leads to bony growths in the inner ear, causing infection and hearing problems. How Swim Plugs and Surfer Plugs Help Swim plugs are designed to keep water out of your ears by creating a waterproof seal in the bowl-shaped portion of your ear. That way, no water gets into your ear canal while you are swimming. Surfer plugs achieve largely the same results, but they are also made in a way that they don’t block sound. This allows you to more fully experience surfing by hearing the sounds of the waves and ocean and chatting with other surfers while you’re out waiting for the next set. Your audiologist can help you select the best type of ear plug to get for your particular water activities. Often a custom fitted ear plug is the best choice because it can create the best seal against water, but recreational swimmers and surfers who are susceptible to ear infections can opt for less expensive one-size ear plugs or moldable plugs, which are especially good for kids. Call Us Today (562) 732 4713 Website:

Swim Plugs and Surfer Plugs  
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