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Preparing for Your Hearing Test The first thing you can expect during your hearing test is for the hearing care professional to go over your history in order to get to know you and to determine any factors that may be contributing to your hearing loss. Be prepared to answer questions regarding when the hearing loss started, how it affects your or your loved ones, an d any situations that are particularly difficult for you. Also be prepared to discuss your work and medical history, as this may provide important information regarding your hearing status. Secondly, it is recommended that you bring someone with you to your appointment. Having a spouse, family member, or friend to offer support and to share your experience, especially if you have hearing loss and amplification is recommended. The actual evaluation will begin with a physical examination of your ear to make sure there is no earwax in your ear canal or fluid behind your eardrum. Next, you will wear earphones and listen to tones or beeps at very soft levels. The sounds will vary from very low pitch (bass) to high pitch (treble), measured on a frequency scale from 250-8000 Hz. Results from the hearing test will determine whether you are a candidate for hearing aids.

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Preparing for Your Hearing Test