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Invisible Hearing Aids! Hearing aids so small they are practically invisible. You do not believe me, do you? You are currently picturing your great, great aunt’s aids that looked like a giant pieces of plastic protruding from hear ears, squealing all the while. Well, we have come a long way. Modern digital hearing instruments are becoming more and more streamlined every day. Once even body worn models were necessary for more severe hearing losses, but today you would struggle to find an aid much larger than your little finger. Some are even smaller than a dime. Behind-the-ear models often had a poor image for its large size and noticeable appearance. Most now, fitting varying degrees of hearing losses, are so slim and low profile, that many do not notice the user wearing them. Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) options are also available. These are made to custom fit the user’s ear and fit deeply into the ear canal. This is a very cosmetic option for those with hearing impairment, but may not be suitable for very severe hearing losses or those who have dexterity issues. For More Information Give Us a Call or Visit Our Office at 3257 W. 20th Street, Suite #11-13 Greeley, CO 80634 You Can Also Visit Us at

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Invisible Hearing Aids