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Healthy Ears: How Do They Work? There are three main components to the ear: outer ear, inner ear and the middle ear. The outer part of the ear opens up into your ear canal. It is the eardrum that separates your middle ear from your ear canal. Smaller bones within your middle ear help the sound to be transferred into the inner ear. Your inner ear is the home of the auditory nerve, which leads directly into the brain. In the least form of sound it works to send a vibration or a sound wave up into the air. These sounds then funnel their way down through the opening to the ear, into the ear canal and then striking your ear drum, which in turn causes it to vibrate. It is those vibrations that are after that passed along the small bones in your middle ear. Then the sound waves are passed through to the nerve within your inner ear that controls your hearing. Here is where the vibrations end up becoming nerve impulses that head directly into the brain, which works to help interpret the impulses into sound. Sounds can range from a car horn to a human voice to music and everything in between. For More Information Give Us a Call or Visit Our Office at 210 Cameron Street Brush, CO 80723 you can also Visit Us at

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Healthy Ears How Do They Work