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Are You Considering Custom Hearing Protection? If you are interested in purchasing a pair of custom plugs, contact your hearing healthcare professional for an appointment. An impression of your ear will need to be made. Impressions take approximately 1020 minutes to make. Using an Otoscopy, your hearing specialist will examine your outer ear and ear canal. If this area appears to be clear, a small foam or cotton block will be placed deep into the ear canal. This block prevents any of the silicone impression material from pressing against the ear drum. A silicone mixture is inserted into the ear canal, and quickly begins to harden. Within a few minutes, the silicone will be hard. You may be asked to move your mouth and jaw around to loosen the seal of the impression material and your ear canal. The hearing healthcare provider will then gently remove the impression from the ear in a forward rolling motion. Your custom impression will be sent to the manufacturer to mold a custom fit hearing protection device. In one to three weeks your plugs will be ready to be fit! Be open and honest with your provider when discussing the fit. If you have any discomfort, pressure, or pain with your plugs, let your provider know immediately. Take care of your hearing! Protect it with hunter’s ear plugs today!

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Are You Considering Custom Hearing Protection