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A Few Benefits Of CIC Hearing Aids There is no longer a need to be embarrassed or afraid of needing a little hearing help. If that’s exactly what you are looking for, a “little” hearing help, you should check out the CIC collection at a hearing aid provider near you. The CIC means they sit completely- in- the- earcanal, which means they really aren’t noticeable, and they offer several great perks. The sound they give you is incredibly natural; this is due to the sound going to the hearing aid’s microphone through the ear’s normal shape. Another great feature due to its positioning is the fact that it won’t pick up wind noise. Look for additional features in the CIC models offered by some of the top brands. Some CIC aids have several amazing features including filtering speech from background noise and a casing that makes the hearing aid very water-resistant. They have memory and volume settings built into them that allow you to adjust with the buttons or any touch-tone phone. If this type of device is right for your particular hearing loss, and your lifestyle a hearing specialist near you can assist you in finding the perfect CIC hearing unit. For More Information Give Us a Call or Visit Our Office at 1921 Warren Avenue Cheyenne, WY 82001 You Can Also Visit Us at

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A Few Benefits Of CIC Hearing Aids