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Starkey Hearing Aids Looking to improve your hearing? Consider Starkey hearing aids. Made in the United States of America, and respected world-wide, Starkey is a leader in the field of digital hearing instruments! Deeply founded in both research and patient success, Starkey is a company you can trust and rely on. Providing quality care and help to its patients, and offering philanthropic hearing health to those in need, Starkey is also a company that cares for people who need hearing help. Starkey offers a wide variety of styles, colors, and types of hearing aids to suit you! Almost every hearing loss, lifestyle, and desires can be achieved with one of these instruments. From the smallest, most invisible of hearing aids to those providing power with a punch, hearing impairments from mild to severe are accommodated. Hearing aids to suit those with only the most basic hearing needs, as well as those with more demanding lifestyles are sure to find a Starkey instrument that is right for them. One example of this is the SoundLens, the first custom fit invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid, features Starkey’s latest technology on the market meaning it’s completely invisible, and totally designed to fit your lifestyle. No matter where you are or Audiology & Hearing Aid Center (480) 648-2042

what you’re doing, SoundLens is designed to make listening easier. It’s the ideal hearing aid for people who are active and on the go, enjoy spending relaxing time at home — or both.

With Soundlens you get the best of both worlds. That’s because SoundLens fits comfortably inside the second bend of your ear canal–completely out of sight and completely off your mind. Don’t be fooled by its small size. Only SoundLens comes packed with Starkey’s innovative technologies, including our latest feedback canceller, and noise reduction and speech preservation system. The result is a 100% invisible hearing aid that is designed to deliver performance utilizes Starkey’s latest technologies to automatically recognize and reduce noise for more comfortable listening in loud environments. It is designed for Comfort to fit snugly in the second bend of your ear canal. The Soundlens also is personalized to you. It’s the first invisiblein-the-canal hearing aid custom fit specifically for your ears and hearing needs. The most advanced digital hearing aid technology is provided by Starkey digital hearing instruments. Years of research and success stand behind these aids. Starkey is considered a leader in its field with developments in the areas of feedback and noise reduction, wireless technology, and digital technology. You can be certain you are getting a quality instrument with the most sophisticated technology available.

Audiology & Hearing Aid Center (480) 648-2042

Contact your hearing healthcare provider today about what you can do to improve your hearing! After an evaluation, your professional will help you determine what course of action should be taken. Should hearing aids be an option for you, keep Starkey hearing aids in mind!

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Audiology & Hearing Aid Center (480) 648-2042

Starkey Hearing Aids