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Tips for Helping Loved Ones Hear Better during the Holidays

Do you have a family member that you love dearly who you know has trouble hearing? Does it make you sad when he or she can’t be involved with family conversations around the dinner table or at family gettogethers? Do you have to become his or her ears once everyone leaves, retelling the punch line to a joke or filling in the missing details of a story that was told? You aren’t alone. Untreated hearing loss is a common problem for many Americans. Untreated hearing loss affects not only the person with hearing loss but also the friends and loved ones who want to include that person in conversations. It can be frustrating and it can be isolating. During the holiday season, when those we hold most dear are struggling to participate in the family gatherings and dinners with friends, hearing loss can be that much more apparent. So what can you do? There are some simple things that you can do to help your loved one enjoy the holiday season. First and foremost, it requires you to have patience and understanding of the problem. The most common of hearing losses makes hearing women’s and children’s voices more difficult, especially in the presence of background Audiology & Hearing Aid Center (480) 648-2042

noise. One of the most common mistakes you can make is to raise your voice if you aren’t being heard. Often, it’s not the volume of the voice that is lacking, it is the clarity. By raising your voice, you only make your frustration known while the message is no more clear. Here are some tips for improving your loved one’s ability to hear clearly at gatherings with family and friends this season:  Be sure you have your loved one’s attention before you speak.  Once you have his or her attention, look in their direction. Visual information from the mouth and face will make the message more clear.  Dimly lit rooms make it difficult to see facial expressions. The better the lighting, the more likely your loved one will see and understand what you are saying.  Keep your hands away from your face and lips. Try not to speak when “looking into your soup bowl.” The easier it is to see your face, the more readily your conversation will be understood.  Try to reduce background noise. Even people who wear hearing aids may have difficulty hearing in noisy situations. Ask others to speak one at a time. Ask children to play in another room while adults are talking. By employing a few of these tips, you are likely to improve your ability to communicate with your loved one. You’ll find conversation to be less stressful for everyone and the time with family more enjoyable. Another solution is to seek the advice of a hearing healthcare provider. Before the family gatherings come to an end, make an appointment to discuss ways to make this year’s holiday season less frustrating and less work for both of you. Audiology & Hearing Aid Center (480) 648-2042

With the support of family, a person with hearing loss may be willing to look into ways to improve hearing in the difficult situations this busy season is likely to bring. The first steps toward hearing better are a hearing evaluation and, if necessary, hearing aids. With the guidance of your hearing healthcare provider, a choice for better hearing this holiday season can be the best gift you both receive. For More Information Call Us at (480) 648 – 2042 or Visit Us at, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

Audiology & Hearing Aid Center (480) 648-2042

Tips for Helping Loved Ones Hear Better during the Holidays Untreated hearing loss affects not only the person with hearing loss but also the friends and loved on...

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