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What You Need to Know About HIPS (Hearing Instrument Protection and Security Products) People who wear Hearing Aids are often reminded to be aware of various other types of equipment that can make their investment safer and add to their enjoyment of their aids. Here are some types inexpensive Protection and Security Products. These products can be purchased through your Audiologist. The Deflector: This is molded plastic shelf or awning that deflects sweat away from Behind-the-Ear hearing instruments. It’s simple, lightweight and clear. For people who must wear their hearing aids in environments that cause them to perspire, it can be a hearing-aid lifesaver. “Raycare Solutions” is the manufacturer of this product. These usually retail for less than $25.00. Ear Gear: These are Spandex sleeves that slide over Behind-the-Ear hearing aids and are used to protect them from moisture, dirt and wind and may be used to tether the hearing aids to protect them from getting lost (sort of like old-fashioned mittens). Ear Gear may be beige or seven other colors. They have a one-year unconditional satisfaction guarantee, and may be returned during that year for a refund of the cost of the product. They come in various sizes for various Behind-the-Ear hearing aids. They retail for between $21-30. Super Seals: These are Latex sleeves which slip over the exterior of Behind-the-Ear hearing aids. They have been made in three basic sizes. The company which sells them, Just Bekuz Products, has announced that three sizes, including mini, and six colors are now available. The Latex sleeves need a special tool to place and remove the seals. They are especially good for active children, and come in some very attractive colors (two shades of blue and pink, for example). A started Kit retails for $27.50. SafeNSound Clipz: These are clips similar to the ones used to help keep track of eye glasses, and are used for Behind-the-Ear hearing aids when the aids might fall out and get lost. These clips are either clothing clips or barrettes, and come in eight colors. They usually cost less than $20.00. Tube Riders: These small plastic decorations are used to “pretty up”Behind-the_ear hearing aids and can be pink butterflies or flowers, rockets, skulls, ladybugs and soccer balls. They retail for about $15.00 for a pair. The Hearing Aid Sweatband: This is a neoprene sweatband used to deflect sweat and dirt away from Behind-the-ear hearing aids, and is used most often by children. It is available in 17 colors and 9 sizes. It has a one year unconditional guarantee on its material and craftsmanship. The retail cost is around $22.00. It is good to know that there may be other pieces of inexpensive equipment that may save you down time and repair costs with your hearing aids!

What You Need to Know About HIPS (Hearing Instrument Protection and Security Products)  

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