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Hearing Aids for Children

Hearing aids are some of the most commonly used treatments to address hearing related problems. Since hearing loss can affect people of all ages, hearing aids for children can present special challenges and difficulties. Here’s why:

Hearing aids are difficult to fit on young children who may not be able to report what they are hearing, and may not have any experience to use to describe their experience, providing that they are able to speak. Special OAE, ABR and REM protocols may be used to ensure correct fit, relative to the hearing loss.

Hearing aids are designed to correct many hearing problems as long as they are worn and maintained properly. Children, especially young ones, do not fully understand this and may tend to play with them, lose them or simply not use them.

In addition children who wear hearing aids may be teased about it from their peers. This makes it more difficult to get them to wear the hearing aids. One way is to utilize very small models which are virtually invisible. However this may not be appropriate for the type of hearing loss the child is experiencing or they may not be able to use this type at all at this stage of their life.

Much of the responsibility for long-term success depends upon training children in the steps necessary to wear and maintain their hearing aids. They may need to make minor adjustments to the hearing aids during the day and should also be trained in some maintenance operations like checking the battery, etc.

The hearing aids for children must also be very comfortable. Children often have a low tolerance for discomfort so if there hearing aids are not properly fitted, they will not wear them. Make certain that they are comfortable for your child and performing as expected.

Hearing Aids for Children  

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