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Before You Buy Hearing Aids Become an Informed Consumer

There are various styles, types and prices of hearing aids on the market today. Once you have decided to do something about your hearing, it is important that you learn as much as possible about hearing loss and the treatment of hearing loss. Some of this information can be obtained on line, and from websites such as ours.

In July of 2009, a leading consumer agency did an excellent and comprehensive review. This included an evaluation of the major features of hearing aids of varying styles and brands. In addition, they asked independent audiologist’s to evaluate the fit hearing aids that had been dispensed to several patients. Surprisingly, two thirds of the aids which were bought were misfit!

This brings up an important point. A hearing aid is a complex instrument , which performs a variety of functions, the end result of which is amplification and clarification of speech.

To do this, the hearing instrument must be accurately programmed. When shopping for a hearing aid, the choice of provider is critical. No matter how expensive and sophisticated the hearing aid, if it is improperly programmed it will not function properly.

In that same issue, the report went on to give specific recommendations on selecting a hearing aid provider. For veterans, it was their a suggestion that you see if you can obtain your hearing aids through the VA. Depending on eligibility, veterans may be able to obtain hearing aids for free. For everyone else, the report went on to recommend a medical office headed by an otolaryngologist (ear nose and throat physician) who employs in audiologist to fit and dispense hearing aids.

This is consistent with our model here at Enhanced Auditory Resources.

Enhanced Auditory Resources is a physician directed, patient oriented hearing healthcare facility. We see hearing loss as a medical condition, not a sales opportunity. Our primary concern is the patient. In making a decision about amplification, it is critical that this be done in a stress free, zero pressure environmental. Our primary goal is to evaluate each patient’s hearing loss, explain the options to you, and find the best solution to your individual hearing problem.

Before You Buy Hearing Aids Become an Informed Consumer