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Study Shows New Hearing Aid Users Adapt Immediately to the Tiny Oticon Intiga Hearing Aid

The top reasons cited by those with hearing loss for not wearing amplification (size and feel) may have just been eliminated by the smallest wireless hearing aid in the world

The newly-introduced Oticon Intiga.

In a study of first-time hearing aid users it was shown that participants immediately accepted the tiny hearing device.

These results go against what has been the standard for years.

The part of the hearing aid that fits behind the ear is nearly invisible as is the wire that connects to the speaker within the ear canal.

As a wireless hearing instrument, the Intiga boasts Bluetooth capabilities that allow users to connect wirelessly to cell phones

Additionally, when used with the Oticon ConnectLine, audio from landline phones and televisions can be streamed directly to the hearing instrument

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Oticon Intiga Clawson MI  
Oticon Intiga Clawson MI  

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