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Hearing On the Phone Just Got Easier When you have trouble hearing, being able to see someone while they’re talking can immensely improve how well you understand what they are saying. Most people who have hearing loss don’t think they can read lips, when in actuality; this coping mechanism can develop without purposely practicing it. So what happens if you can’t see the person you’re talking to? Say, when you’re talking on the phone? Talking on the phone can be very frustrating for someone with hearing loss. The two main reasons are that the phone doesn’t relay the full frequency range of the human voice. In fact, some of the most important speech frequencies are completely missing. The second reason is because there are no visual cues. Up until recently, there was really no way to get around these issues other than to use a speaker phone or hope that someone else was home to hand the phone to. But now, those with hearing loss have the opportunity to use a visual cue of a different sort in order to help them understand on the phone. With the development of Captioned Telephones (CapTel), a person with hearing loss can now read, word-for- word, what the caller on the other end of the line has to say. The idea is similar to that of closed captioning for the television.










conversation. The person with hearing loss can read the captions while

listening to the TV program. In the same way, the captioned telephone lets the listener read what the other person on the phone is saying in real time while working, in every other way, like a typical phone. If you’re having trouble hearing on the phone, check with for details about this new telephone technology. The captioning itself is provided free of charge and in many states, those with hearing loss can receive the CapTel phone at no charge as well. Or, ask your hearing healthcare provider for more information on this amazing technology.

For More Information, Call Premium Hearing Solutions At: (248) 686-2586 Or Visit Us At:

Hearing On the Phone Just Got Easier  

For More Information, Call Premium Hearing Solutions At: (248) 686-2586 Or Visit Us At: Most people who...

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