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The Future of Digital Hearing Aids in Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus can feel like a mind-numbing curse. It's characterized by a 24 hours a day, 7 day a week ringing in your ear.

According to the American Tinnitus Association, as many as 50 million people suffer from this condition.

While there are a variety of causes for ringing in the ears including earwax build up, the more common scenarios involve cochlea nerve damage, eardrum rupture and head or neck trauma.

Unlike older analog hearing instruments, today’s digital computerized devices can use audio technology to cancel out the effects of the "disease".

The answer to helping sufferers of tinnitus lies in device circuitry that is capable of emitting signals or waves that effectively cancel out those that the sounds occurring inside the ear.

This feature is known as DNR and it works by picking out sound waves and then emitting a canceling pulse.

DNR is already present in advanced earpieces, and while it has not been perfected it can give hope to the 50 million suffering from tinnitus that their quality of life can be improved through digital hearing instruments.

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