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The LG 42-inch LCD TV was the first to hit the new market. It was priced at a $10,000-$12,000 range before. That was the time when new viewing technologies were introduced in the market. While LCD TVs are giving flat screen pleasure and convenience to consumers, sizes were limited to 32 inches only and that is why plasma TVs in 42-inch were quite wanted. But when the competition for bigger and greater TV viewing started, prices for plasma TVs started to go down. Normally, introduction of new technology for several devices would mean a higher price tag but when the manufacturer is able to get and maintain a market, prices will eventually reduce to accommodate new customers and further increase its market. Nonetheless, when plasma TV prices went down and eventually challenged TV competitors because they went high up the market ladder, LCD manufacturers thought of ideas to competitively contend through the battle. So when LG 42-Inch LCD TV manufacturers improved their technology, the plasma TV market was threatened and plasma manufacturers dropped their prices even more. Also because of the emergence of cheaper methods of manufacturing, prices continually dropped and the plasma technology became available to almost everyone. LG LCD TV manufacturers then started creating bigger and better LCD technology to cater to the other end of the market. Because plasma TV is now accessible to everyone, it no longer serves as a symbol of status. LG LCD TV manufacturers took the chance to create and reinvent the LCD technology to make their products more appealing to the higher end market. Two technologies have been developed to answer this claim. Enhanced Definition and true High Definition were introduced to the viewing public. Enhanced Definition does not really show a big difference over High Definition. The prices, however, seem to indicate a lot of differences. High definition technology is usually defined in the market as having a height of 720 pixels and a width of 1040 to 1365 pixels. Bigger monitors with wider pixel counts define true high definition reception. Note, however, that the prices do not really identify the better or even the best LCD model. Even a 42 inch LCD TV with a beefy price tag would not guarantee high picture quality if the technology used is substandard. It is always better to go with trusted, reliable, and quality brands that have been in the market for a long time and offer unit warranty or replacement. Such brands include LG. Although we know that the latter leads the home-viewing market, LG LCD TV’s also provide quality technology and entertainment. And because of the obviously growing demand and competition among LCD TV manufacturers, prices have really been made affordable for everyone. Define your budget and you can surely get an LG 42-inch LCD TV at its most affordable price.

For more information on the LG 42-Inch LCD TV please visit

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