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LG 42-Inch LCD TV Review For more information on the LG 42-Inch LCD TV please visit

Televisions are not what they used to be. Remember when the only choice was black and white or color, and then it was either a console or a portable. Today you can get wide screens, plasma, projection or LCD TV’s and they all come in a variety of sizes and price. For the average consumer a 42-Inch LCD TV is the perfect size, not too big and not too small. LCD stands for liquid crystal display. Put simply color and images are seen on the screen because of an electrical current that aligns crystals suspended in liquid. What you see as a result is an image that is crisper and more real life than older technology. Of course, when it comes to new technology there is always a down side. The main potential flaw in these screens is their propensity for dead or stuck pixels. This is where a pixel is stuck either on or off. One small pixel may not be enough to disrupt viewing however, these usually occur in clusters. Some manufacturers, such as LG, have a zero tolerance policy for defective pixels; however, you should check any return policies to be sure. With LG’s previous history of commitment to excellence the 42-Inch LCD TV is a good consumer choice. The specifications for this model are: • 42-inch wide screen • LCD • HDMI connectivity • Stand included • Resolution 1920x1080 • Viewing angle 178 degrees • Stereo sound Bottom line this is a lot of television for a reasonable price. The LG 42-Inch LCD TV is priced very low and the preferred way of displaying the LG 42-Inch LCD TV, is on the wall. The thin panel makes it wonderful to hang on the wall for your viewing pleasure. Plus, with a wall stand, you never have to worry about your LG 42-Inch LCD TV ending up on the floor. Most customer reviews have rated the LG 42-Inch LCD TV at least a 4 out of 5. One customer could not find one thing to complain about with this set. Comments included: • 100% picture clarity even with windows in the room • Purchased smaller version of same model for bedroom • Loved the display when used with laptop Another customer noted that the LG 42-Inch LCD TV was a great television but they had connectivity issues with an up convert DVD player. When the situation was thoroughly sorted

out it, turns out the units were not compatible with one another. Each one worked fine by itself but would not function properly when connected to each other. Overall, the Samsung LG 42-Inch LCD TV has earned great reviews from customers and technical professionals as well. The size is a good mid range and the display is great. For more information on the LG 42-Inch LCD TV please visit

LG LCD 42-Inch TV  
LG LCD 42-Inch TV  

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