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Thank you for tuning in for our second issue!

It is an exciting time for Hear & There. With each article, we continue to grow and develop the voice of this magazine in collaboration with our contributors, and you - our readers. In celebration of the final month of summer, this issue focuses on the places people travel to while following their passions. From an LA photographer living in Italy, travel videographer for GoPro and Redbull, and a surf inspired SoCal painter, the stories we share in these next few pages remind us that life is an adventure, and we are always arriving.

and with youth comes the exciting challenge of creating a life that you love. Therefore, we have decided to introduce a new practice: for each of the inspiring people we feature, we ask them to answer the simple yet philosophically complex question: “what is a life?”

editor’s note

The theme of youth is a central concept to Hear & There,

We are committed to sharing as many different perspectives to this question as possible, are cannot wait to see what answers our wonderful features come up with!

Happy summer, may your days be long, sunny, and super groovy while in pursuit of creating a life you love. xx

Brooke & Lindsay


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o f c u r t u m 13 pa

Roaring 20s Swing Dancing Night

august events


19 LA’s Housing Crisis Town Hall Meeting TBA (SEE FB EVENT)

SOFAR SOUNDS $15 intimate concert series almost every night in August. Exact venue revealed day of.

T R A c i s u 20 G m N I C n 26 a s l d a v i t s e f


Red Bull Soapbox Race ELYSIAN PARK

Venice Beach Music Festival VENICE BEACH



s s k c um e s s u de a h r a ac

e b





LA native and future bass connoisseur Kaivon brings an uplifting vibe to the world of electronic music. Not only are Kaivon’s songs full of incredible sound design, but they stand unwavering in his pursuits of passion, love, and staying inspired. He has already received support from bigwigs including Bassnectar, Martin Garrix, and The Chainsmokers, and we can’t wait to see where he goes from here. Hear & There asked Kaivon some questions about getting started, motivation, influences, and more. Check it out!

by brooke bierman photos by brandie wedderburn WHAT IS YOUR BACKGROUND WITH MUSIC? I never really knew how to play any instruments growing up (and still don’t besides a little piano) and I grew up listening to exclusively hip hop and rap until I was about 16. It sounds cliché, but when I went to Coachella in 2014, it was the first time I truly listened to any kind of electronic music and it made me feel welcomed and loved; something I had never experienced with so many strangers at once. It opened up a huge door of exploration into all different kinds of music and the rest is history. DO YOU PLAY ANY OTHER INSTRUMENTS? I pretty much only know the basics of piano and I’m super jealous of producers who do have that musical background. Not knowing about all the ins and outs of musical theory is fun too

though because it allows me to think of weird ideas that someone who is musically trained might not think of. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN MAKING ELECTRONIC MUSIC FOR? I bought my first music production software in July of 2015 when I was still attending college and have produced pretty much every day since. I found myself more excited to make generic, little beats on my computer instead of doing my homework or a paper that was due. Eventually, I decided I loved it so much, that I wanted to make it something I could do the rest of my life. BASSNECTAR RECENTLY DROPPED YOUR SINGLE “REBORN” AT ONE OF HIS SHOWS. HOW DID YOU FEEL WHEN YOU FOUND OUT ABOUT IT, AND WHAT WAS YOUR INSPIRATION IN CREATING THIS

TRACK? Honestly, when I first found out, it felt surreal and I didn’t believe it just because I had never really heard of anyone of that caliber playing out one of my tracks. When I saw the video, I was at the airport with my family so it was a special moment to share with them. He is so widely respected across the music community so to have support from him means more than I can put into words. The inspiration behind the track was me starting this new chapter in my life. I figured that I was being reborn into this new life, so this is the perfect name for the track. I then realized that the whole song encapsulates the theme of rebirth and I hope the song inspires everyone to have their own sense of rebirth if they were going through a hard time and want to break out and have a fresh start. [cont.]


“I kept thinking about how I only had one life, so why waste it on something I don’t want to do?” I F YOU COU LD NAM E TH RE E ARTISTS WHO HAVE INFLUENCED YOU THE MOST, WHO WOULD THEY BE? The three artists who have influenced me most would be Flume, RL Grime, and Eminem. Flume has music that has struck me emotionally different than any other artist I have come across. Also, RL Grime encapsulates the heavier style of music I have always been into and Eminem is simply just a legend whose music and words inspire me to embrace my uniqueness and not care about outside opinions. WHERE DO YOU SEE ELECTRONIC MUSIC GOING IN THE YEARS AHEAD? I honestly see electronic music blending with all genres like it is doing right now with Pop. I feel like in the future, all genres are just going to blend together to make some unique and special stuff. YOU LEFT YOUR UNIVERSITY TO PURSUE YOUR DREAMS. WHEN AND HOW DID YOU COME TO THAT DECISION? Leaving college was such a tough decision I made about a year and a half ago. It’s such a hard decision to make because you work your whole life for it and literally everyone around you tells you that you have to do it to become more successful. I was taking classes and doing assignments that had no value or meaning to me and was


becoming super depressed being there, still not knowing what I want to do in life. Music felt like this magical escape of a profession until I was at a show in LA and decided that I could actually do this. I kept thinking about how I only had one life, so why waste it on something I don’t want to do? WHAT IS YOUR “REBIRTH” BRAND ALL ABOUT? The rebirth brand is all about telling a story. A story of how one can lose themselves and then be reborn into their true beings. We all face a point in our lives where we can take a normal and safe path, or follow our hearts and passions and take the road less traveled. I encourage people who feel stuck or lost to decide to change and take that leap of faith into the unknown in order to truly find themselves and see what this life is really all about <3 HOW DO YOU PUT YOURSELF IN THE RIGHT VIBE TO MAKE YOUR MUSIC? Inspiration comes really randomly when it comes to making music. I find that I can’t make music when my life is in disarray because I’m constantly stressing about what’s wrong in my life while producing and not thinking about what’s right in front of me. Ultimately, I find the best time for me to produce is in the morning when it’s quiet and the world almost feels like it’s yours

because nobody is really around to hang out or ask what you are doing which can kill the vibe. The days with a nice cup of coffee with gray skies in the morning are my favorite times to create. WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE REST OF 2017? For the rest of 2017, I plan on putting out more singles following this theme of rebirth. I also have some cool collaborations I’m working on and a brand new style I will be showcasing. Super excited to share with you all the new music and hopefully it inspires people to take that leap of faith to be reborn into their true beings :) WHAT IS A LIFE? A life is an opportunity. An opportunity to spread love and positivity and receive it. There is no greater feeling than that. A life is a gift that you can abuse and neglect, but the purpose of a life is to spread and receive love and there are no words to really describe that feeling besides love. That’s what I think a life is: an opportunity to give and receive that indescribable feeling of love. x










andy davis


16 art

featured artist

andy davis by jamie cohen

Twenties are a time to question your life path and pave a new one toward your passions. For Andy Davis, they meant a quest to set himself free through unleashing his creativity, and he has been able to turn this into a fulfilling and successful career. With several surf brands, many galleries, and dozens of works of art inspired by his own “muppetish philosophy”, Davis has become an influential force to be reckoned with within Southern California’s art and surf scenes. Davis, a digital artist and Southern Californian surfer, is widely known throughout the art industry for his work that can be described as an extension of the electric enthusiasm he has for surf culture and for creating surf clothing brands that can be seen sported by waterman along the west coast. The uniqueness and authenticity of his work is due to his direct transition of the images from his brain to the design. “My brain is very unique so I guess it’s my strange interpretations of things I digest,” he explains of his work.

Over the course of his thir t y year (and counting) career, he has spread his artistic talents throughout many fields, including gallery shows, commercial designs, clothing designs, and mural creations. Among his long list of successful and extremely well-received projects, Davis has been the driving force behind many surf brands, such as Free, Byrd, and Ando & Friends. Although when asked about the projects he has worked on throughout his career, Davis responds, “I wouldn’t exactly call them that…it’s more like a day in the life.”


andy davis

“I started designing when culture junky - which has given his ability to create so many I was just a little munchkin,” him plenty to draw from. He unique and impactful pieces Davis explained. His evolution explains his inspiration as, to “keeping [his] eyes and ears open and letting things flow from his childhood signature “ a p l e t h o r a freely.” And the inspiration will crayon drawings of super heros, KISS, and sports stars o f t a l e n t e d never stop coming for Davis, as to his now modern and ocean he expects to remain inspired by h u m a n oi d s h a ve inspired designs created to the world around him. “There are send messages kindness and p a v e d t h e w a y endless special gifts for us out there. Let them in peoples!,” he harmony can be attributed to f o r m e t o s e e urges. his discovery of the delights of the ocean. He explains his lack a n d Throughout his long and believe in successful career, Davis’s work of ocean inspired work as a child p o w e r o f continue to evolve, causing as being due to the fact that he t h e his strong and loyal following was “landlocked at that point.” c r e a t i v i t y o n s o to grow with each project he After initially taking the conventional route and giving many levels.” introduces. After all the success Davis’s most recent work he has had throughout the last community college a try, Davis found that his passion remained includes the EYE YI YI collection, few decades, Davis remains elsewhere and chose to pursue which was created in Malibu humble and gracious, stating his “quest to free [himself]” rather between May and June 2017. that his biggest success is just than to continue on with his The pop up gallery consists of being here now. When asked college career. “I met with my bright, psychedelic paintings how he remains this way despite grandfather and spoke to him aimed to portray the positive all of his success and praise about my decision to take a new powers of otherworldly feminine throughout the art and surf direction in my learnings in the leaders of love and light. Davis community, he gave the simple ways of the world,” he explained. explains these female leaders and comedic response, “if I Shortly after Davis made the as having one common mission ever catch myself swaying from decision to redirect himself, he - to help, heal, and harmonize reality I quickly give myself a created a clothing brand, which the insanity that our humanity swift punch in thee nuts !!!” s far as his plans for the he named “Free” - a tribute to has created. He intends for this message to be shared through future, Davis plans to stick to his his goal to free himself. When browsing through “song, dance, and vibes of timeless goal of having fun, and Davis’s designs, you will see an niceness that make us smile.” “letting in ze good and sifting out array of bright colors filling a surf In creating this exhibit, Davis ze bad. You know, the ole half themed design, an aesthetic hopes to send a message that full instead of half empty gig.” x he describes as being “like will lead us to a brighter today fruit on the salad.” His goal in and tomorrow. While looking back on his creating his digital work it to sandwich itself in the spaces in many creations over the past between reality and daydream. few decades in the industry, Throughout his career, Davis Davis is unable to point to a has turned to pop culture for specific moment in his career inspiration - and even describes that he feels most proud of himself as somewhat of a pop or impacted by. He attributes




20 art

kevin wolf Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, 24 year old Kevin Wolf excels at his adventurous career as a photographer and filmmaker, where he documents life through film, and travels the world in search of the perfect moment. When watching any one of his videos, you are immediately inspired to get outside and try something new. Whatever magic makes his videos so uplifting - whether it be the beautiful people, the joyful music choices, or even the bright colors - it’s definitely palpable. His talents have earned him gigs with GoPro, Red Bull, Sotheby’s, Toll Brothers, and more. Wolf’s high quality content captured our attention, and we had many questions for the man regarding his career, his adventures, and his overall outlook on life. by brooke bierman

WH E N DID YOU F IRST START TAKING VIDEOS AND PHOTOS? I first started taking videos when I was blessed that my family could afford a computer with iMovie in 2002. We got the iMac G4 that had the screen that swiveled. Wow that was 15 years ago - I was 9 years old! I started to make stupid funny home videos with the “iSight camera” and just share them with my family. This was before the concept of sharing your life online, and certainly before Facebook and Instagram. WHEN AND HOW DID YOU KNOW YOU WANTED TO MAKE A CAREER OF IT? I was going to the Apple Store Genius Bar in high school asking questions about more advanced software than just

iMovie and I remember one of the employees said, “if you want to learn that stuff, you are going to have to go to film school”. At that time I had never even heard of that term. Then my high school college counselor mentioned Chapman University and I applied, got a scholarship and decided to go to Chapman’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. I have never looked back. YOU’VE TRAVELED QUITE A BIT WITH PHOTOGRAPHY. WHAT PLACES HAVE BEEN YOUR FAVORITE? I think anyone with a creative eye and that can think outside the box can make any place look unique but if I have to pick my favorite is the British Virgin Islands. Whistler

comes in a close second because it has a beautiful contrast between the summer and winter months. YOU HAVE BEEN HIRED TO CREATE VIDEOS FOR GOPRO, RED BULL, SOTH E BY’S, TOLL B ROTH E RS, AND MORE. WHAT WERE THOSE EXPERIENCES LIKE? I love making videos that can capture the feeling of a place. Working for these adventure/real estate brands has been incredible because they usually involve travel. I have an insatiable thirst for new places to adventure and shoot. WHAT OTHER KINDS OF JOBS DO YOU GET HIRED FOR? Sometimes I get hired to give my grandma a back scratch. WHOSE WORK HAS INFLUENCED YOU THE MOST? Definitely close




friends I met at Chapman Film School. I learned most of what I know from these guys - Johnny Wilcox, Brad Smith, Zane Schwartz, Matthew Komorous, Daniel Burke and Eric Ward. I also watched Abe Kislevitz’ Youtube channel and learned from his tutorials. HOW HAVE YOU EDUCATED YOURSELF TO TAKE BETTER PHOTOS? I look at Instagram for inspiration as well as and subreddits r/pics and r/earthporn. WHEN YOU SET OFF ON YOUR TRAVELS, WHAT DO YOU BRING WITH YOU, AND WHY? It depends on if its tropical or snowy. However, I always bring a GoPro, a bunch of Canon lenses, headphones, laptop and usually about 3 hard drives because I’m always editing on the go. WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WISH YOU KNEW WH E N YOU STARTE D TAKI N G PHOTOS? I wish I knew to buy a camera that has autofocus. I shoot on a Sony but with a Canon lens so I have to manually focus all the pictures. Sometimes that gets tough when I am shooting with a low aperture, but it also forces me to really choose what I want to be in focus to tell a certain story and take each shot carefully. HEAR AND THERE RECENTLY DECIDED TO PON DE R TH E S I M PLE YET P H I L O S O P H I C A L LY C O M P L E X QUESTION “WHAT IS A LIFE?” A

“[...] we are all just a bunch of aliens hurling around a rock in space” CENTRAL THEME OF HEAR AND THERE IS YOUTH, AND ALONG WITH YOUTH COMES THE CHALLENGE OF NOT REALLY KNOWING WHAT WE ARE DOING - BUT FOLLOWING OUR PASSIONS NONETHELESS. WE WANT TO GET AS MANY PERSPECTIVES ON OUR QUESTION AS POSSIBLE. SO I GIVE YOU YOUR FINAL QUESTION: WHAT IS A LIFE? What is a life? I think it is what you make of it. The glass is half empty or half full. I think people should do for a living what they could stay up all night doing and think about how amazing it is that we are all just a bunch of aliens hurling around a rock in space - that usually puts things in perspective for me :) x


featured photographer


d e r u t a fe r e h p a r g o t pho


At 20 years young, photographer Hanna Darroll has just returned home to LA after a seven month stint living in Rome and London. Between her travels throughout Europe and pursuing a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at UC Berkeley, she found time to sit down with Hear & There to chat about art, life, and how she stays inspired. Hanna’s work has always been recognizable for its pastel color palette and use of natural light. However, her experiences living in a foreign country have inevitably had an impact on her creative eye. By the end of her time in Europe, Darroll visited 15 countries and 47 cities across the continent. Stimulated by the constant newness of her experiences, Hanna said, “those experiences translate into my photos by making them bolder and more experimental, so I’m really excited to see how my style develops over time.” Although art has always been a part of her life, Darroll cautions people against using their work to determine their sense of self-worth. “For the longest time I used other people to determine my worth. Before sharing a photo I would spend so much energy contemplating

whether or not others would approve of it,” Hanna recalls. “I think that’s natural, especially because social media is inherently designed that way - it leads us to crave this self-validation by obsessing over how many likes something gets. But I started to realize that the only person whose opinion really matters is my own, and that the true way to measure success is in the happiness that the work brings you.” With her roots firmly planted and her head on straight, the photographer sets her sights on future aspirations. “I want to experiment with different subjects and settings and really push myself to see how far I can go. Beyond just creating pleasing aesthetics, my main goal is to transport the viewer and to help them escape their reality and experience someone else’s, even if it’s just for a moment.” Furthermore, Hanna’s creativity is not only limited to photography. She is currently working on an intimate book of poems, which she admits might inspire some future photography projects. When presented with Hear & There’s final and most difficult question, “what is a life?” Hanna Darroll did not hesitate before answering: “A life is something to savor. I often think too much thought is given to this question– people are constantly worrying about why are we here and what our purpose is. And while I would be a complete liar if I said that these questions don’t consume my thoughts on an almost daily basis, I think at the end of the day life is just what you make of it. For me, I want to fill life with as many memories and souls and experiences as possible. I want to love, to grow, to thrive. We have so little time on this earth and I don’t intend to waste a second of it.” x


26 photography



28 photography


30 featured photographer photography



featuredfashion photographer

fashion It’s summer, and that means traveling. Whether it’s across the country or around the globe, these five women caught the travel bug and caught it hard. Here, they reveal what’s in their bag for their adventures, and some of their contents might surprise you! by: Julia Marzovilla



cute sh ad es fo r p e op le watch in g (POINTY POLLY CAT EYE SUNGLASSES)


st ylish fan ny p ack (MARFA BELT BAG)

3 5


ave en o p ositive ly radiant sunscre en (FOR YOUR FACE)

gre at sn e akers



f un ction al yet cute jacket


s u ns c r ee n, b a th i n g s u i t, b a s eb a l l ha t, wa ter b o t tl e, l o n g d r es s 33

I went o n a cross c o untry road trip to m o ve from Rhode Isla nd to Oreg o n expl oring every s ta te we dro ve thro ug h. M y top 5 things I pa cked were:







1 2 3

A GOOD PAIR OF FLIP FLOPS T h i s e p ito m e of l a i d b a c k n e s s i s a m eta p h o r fo r l ife i n Te l Av i v. I n th e s u m m e r, n o o n e we a rs c l os e d to e d s h o e s l ite ra l l y eve r. A g o o d p a i r of f l i p f l o ps wi l l ta ke yo u f ro m th e m os t b e a u tif u l b e a c h e s , to wo rk wh e re th e c a s u a l fe e l i n g wo rk p l a c e m e a n s s a n d a l s a re a c c e pta b l e, to wh e n yo u g o o u t o n th e town i n th e eve n i n g . M y R a i n b ows a re s tro n g a n d re l i a b l e, a n d I c a n d e p e n d o n th e m to ta ke m e eve r y wh e re. SOLID HAIR OIL Wh e n yo u l i ve ri g ht o n th e M e d ite rra n e a n … th e re’s a l ot of h u m i d it y. T h i s m e s s e s with my s k i n , b u t my h a i r m o re th a n a ny th i n g . I ’ve b e e n h e re fo r a m o nth a n d a h a lf a n d I ’m s ti l l k i n d of tr y i n g to f i g u re o u t h ow to d e a l with my th i c k c u rl y h a i r i n th i s k i n d of e nv i ro n m e nt. S o m e l eve l of f riz z i s j u s t a lwa ys ex p e c te d, b u t a p u m p of M o ro c c a n o i l af te r eve r y wa s h h a s b e e n l ife s a v i n g .

we e ke n d a t th e b e a c h yo u’l l b e p rote c te d !


SUNSCREEN F o r a c it y with s u c h a s tro n g b e a c h c u ltu re a n d a n ex tre m e l y h ot s u m m e r, yo u’d ex p e c t s u n s c re e n to b e e a s i l y a c c e s s i b l e. A n d it i s ! B u t fo r s o m e re a s o n , th e it ’s a l s o exo rb ita ntl y ex p e n s i ve a n d I , a l o n g with m a ny oth e r p e o p l e I k n ow, p refe r to n ot ove rp a y s o m u c h . S o l u ti o n? B ri n g s u n s c re e n f ro m A m e ri c a with yo u to I s ra e l s o th a t wh e n yo u s p e n d th e e nti re


AN APPETITE L i v i n g i n I s ra e l i s p ret t y m u c h sy n o ny m o u s with e a ti n g ve r y we l l . T h e re a re to n s of re s ta u ra nts a n d a m i l l i o n d if fe re nt c u i s i n e s , a n d it ’s i m p o r ta nt to tr y a s m a ny of th e m a s p os s i b l e. T h e c u ltu ra l d i ve rs it y th a t exi s ts i n th i s c o u ntr y m e a n s LOTS of fo o d f ro m d if fe re nt p l a c e s , a n d it ’s a l l d e l i c i o u s . C afe s a n d re s ta u ra nts a re o n eve r y s tre et s o th e re i s a lwa ys a wa y to s ta y f u l l .


CHUTZPAH Ac tu a l l y a Y i d d i s h wo rd th a t ’s b e e n a d o pte d i nto H e b rew a n d i s th rown a ro u n d i n En g l i s h c o nve rs a ti o n s a s we l l . It e s s e nti a l l y m e a n s a t titu d e, wh i c h i s th e p e r fe c t wa y to d e s c ri b e th e ex tre m e l y d i re c t, s tra i g ht fo r wa rd, n o-n o n s e n s e wa y of l ife h e re. Eve r y i nte ra c ti o n n o m a t te r h ow m u n d a n e h a s s o m e e l e m e nt of c h u t zp a h i n th e b e s t wa y p os s i b l e, a n d it ’s wh a t m a ke s a s itu a ti o n s o wo n d e r f u l l y I s ra e l i .



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Hear & There - Issue 02  

In this issue: art & travel. Interviews with risk takers and life livers dedicated to following their passions. What is a life?

Hear & There - Issue 02  

In this issue: art & travel. Interviews with risk takers and life livers dedicated to following their passions. What is a life?