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Simple neck exercises The neck plays a very important role in our bodies. It supports the head, which weighs an average four to six kilos, covers and protects the central nervous system and basically acts as the body’s stress shock absorber. And just like the beautiful face it helps prop up, the neck, too, needs to look and feel good. Here are a few neck exercises to help you wear that necklace and dangling earrings with panache, and keep neck pains and tension at bay.

Rotations Preferably from a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, knees relaxed, tummy tucked in and chest out, take deep breath in and exhale forcing all the air out. Lower your arms to your side and slowly rotate your neck from the original middle position so as to circle your head from the right, down the middle and across to the left.

Extension Starting with the same position as head rotations and using both your hands, drop your head downwards then push it down from the back. Keep breathing as you hold the push for 30 seconds and release back to the starting position.