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KShs. 290

Tshs5500, Ushs8100

september 2012

Play tennis Serving up a stronger mind and body Zippy LOSt

0ver 14cm on her upper arms

Skin deep Skincare lies we believe

Dora LOSt

Zippy LOSt

0ver 13cm on her upper arms

0ver 18cm off her waistline

Dora LOSt

Amani's tips for a picture perfect mane

“I found my happy” Readers share their bliss secrets

Plus H  ealthy foods you probably aren’t eating W  hat’s in your booze! Homeopathy; Real or gimmick?

24cm off her stomach

Does he love your weave? Kenyan men get candid about hair

, “We ve lost 22 kilos”

How Zippy and dora changed their lives on our Healthy New You challenge