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I love the healthy, new me! And I say that with an ear-to-ear grin plastered all over my face. You see, prior to starting my job at Healthy Woman, I had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. But as many mothers will tell you, shifting that post baby weight is the hardest thing to do. I know that for a fact, based on my experience as a mom, and the emails we receive every month from young mothers who are frustrated at not being able to get back into shape. After taking part in the Healthy New You challenge with Dora Were and Zippy Wamweru, I am proud to announce that we lost over 32 kilos combined. Read about our success stories on page 10. And since we are all about giving, we have extended our new weight loss competition program by another month so more participants can get this chance of a lifetime. Turn to page 28 for details on how to apply for two months’ electrotherapy treatments worth KShs. 80,000, sponsored by HealthyWoman and Slim Therapy Spa. For ideas on how to shift that excess weight, turn page 18, and find out why tennis is good for both your mind and body. If you are looking for a ‘happy’ boost, the four women featured on page 46 will inspire you. And if you love your glass of wine, beer or whisky (like I do), you probably haven’t thought about its contribution to your weight gain. Dietician Victoria Pena breaks down how it does on page 32, calorie count included. Say cheese! And turn to page 34 as you do so. Our writer Christine Odeph travelled to the Brown’s cheese farm in Limuru to bring you a story on all things cheesy. From how to choose a healthy cheese, what to pair it with, and some mouth-watering recipes too, this article might just turn you into a fromage connoisseur. In our Body and Soul section, the horrible girlfriend column will help you make a few crucial decisions you should have made a while back. Like one reader asked, ‘If I don’t have to stay in a relationship with a bad boyfriend or husband, why should the case be different with a horrible girlfriend?’ Have fun reading!

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