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Inner peace is just round the corner

The modern woman strives to achieve balance in her life. As she juggles her many roles, she deserves to feel proud of her body. To achieve this, exercise is not only important for better health but also for a well-turned out body. This section is dedicated to making sure that this woman is on the lane to achieving her body image goals.

magazine reaches a new generation of women - those who are combining successful careers with family life, who strive to look and feel great, physically, mentally and spiritually. readers wants to feel good and look fantastic, but it’s not about being a size zero. We know that a sensible exercise regime and well-balanced diet will make you happier, healthier and stronger. Looking and feeling good, both inside and out, have little do with cosmetics and high heels (although we do help our readers embrace their glamorous side!), and that while life can be stressful and there’s never enough time, balance is achievable. will focus on what you can do, right now, to improve your lifestyle and overall wellbeing – from fitness, sex and relationships, health matters and weight loss, to beauty and style, food and nutrition and so much more... - the journey towards a more complete, fulfilled and healthier life starts now.

And because women’s bodies undergo a myriad of changes over their lifetime, we also give extensive coverage to women’s health needs, from general illness, to menstrual cycle issues and reproductive disorders. Emphasis will be put on prevention, though some scope will be given to curative options available locally and abroad. Sample editorial Health and fitness news Expert opinions Monthly work-out workbook. Broken down week by week The best work-out playlist for 2012 Get your sexy back: 10 easy steps for the body of your dreams How celebrities manage to shed the baby weight in record time ‘I lost 50 kilos after my second baby’ – How did she do it? ‘My health scare was the wake up call I needed to live a healthier life’

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about a toned body – it’s what’s inside that counts, too. We know that looking after a woman’s spiritual, emotional and psychological wellbeing is equally important for feeling younger, happier and well-balanced. In this section, we look at the positive ways to keep you feeling great - from beating depression to the latest methods to get that glow from within.

Informative and engaging, this section features everything women need to know about nutrition and the latest diet trends. What foods should she be eating to get a fantastic body? What’s the best way to balance nutrition with her health needs? Will that new diet fad fit her lifestyle?

Hair and beauty plays a key role in every woman’s life. This section will be the authority when it comes to news on grooming and looking good. These pages will offer sensible and achievable solutions on effortless ways for looking good, from morning to night. Sample editorial

Sample editorial The latest celeb diet – is it for you?

The latest trends and the best new beauty buys

Sample editorial

2012’s new superfoods

How to apply foundation like a star

Wellbeing news

Can my diet keep me young? The latest findings

Hair dos for every occasion; Friday party, boardroom meeting, cocktails, up-country...

Expert opinions: Q&A The growth of depression among Kenya’s women: what to do, and how to avoid it Real life: ‘I faced menopause at 35’

Expert opinion column – a doctor/ nutritionist/celebrity chef gives their view

Women need to feel confident about their bodies to enjoy a better sex life. Research shows that people who are more active and happier with their bodies have more satisfying love lives. This section will dedicate itself to the best advice on sex and relationships, and all from a woman’s perspective. Sample editorial Sex-health news Need a more fulfilling sex life? The natural aphrodisiacs to bring back your sex drive, fast (you’ll thank us!) Is your contraceptive making you fat? The need-to-know facts

Up-to-the-minute food and nutrition news

Meditation in motion: Relax for that healthy glow Brain power: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ – we’re all connected to some sort of social media. But when did you last read a book? If you can’t recall, then you need to read this...

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(readership) Target audience An upmarket woman with disposable reader is intelligent, confident, income, the friendly, clued up and in-the-know. She admires and invests in quality fashion and beauty products and likes to indulgence herself but she works hard and can afford it, so why not? She is looking for advice on healthy living, fitness and weightloss on the both the personal and professional front. She wants solid and practical advice from experts – no gimmicks, just tried and tested solutions for a healthier, more fulfilled life. Core target Female 25 - 40 yrs old Broad target Female 18 - 50 yrs old Demographics Lsm 11-14

(rate card) (style & fashion) Dress to impress, whatever your body type


COLOr bLOCk HEELs, Ksh 5,500 BacKyard ShoeS HOrN bANgLE, Ksh 150, MaSai MarKet suNgLAssEs, StyliSt’S own

Lust buys The hottest styles, in stores now!


A stylish take on the regional and international fashion scene, plus practical solutions to every woman’s wardrobe needs.

COVER ADVERTS 250,000 K sh. (IFC, IBC & OBC) INSIDE FRONT COVER PLUS PAGE ONE 430,000 K sh. INSIDE FRONT COVER PLUS HALF PAGE FLAP 370,000 K sh. FRONT/back COVER GATEFOLD 1,350,000 K sh. SPLIT FRONT COVER 1,400,000 K sh. DPS 360,000 K sh. FULL PAGE 180,000 K sh. HALF PAGE 120,000 K sh. QUARTER PAGE 75,000 K sh. Prices are exclusive of VAT

Sample editorial Hot new-season trends The clothes to flatter your body, no matter what your shape Gym-wear must haves

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Circulation & Distribution FREQUENCY Monthly PAGES: 96 Print run 10,000 copies DISTRIBUTION magazine will be distributed throughout the country via reputed distributors in: retail outlets, supermarkets, book shops and duty free. There will also be a targeted distribution drive to colleges and women’s institutions. All prestigious hotels, health clubs, salons and spas will be entitled to 10 free copies of the magazine, every month for the first year. magazine will also be distributed at specific events that are related to the health, beauty and wellbeing industry, and there will be regular subscription drives with special, exclusive promotions at shopping malls and events and through direct mail.

(material specifications) Classified Advertisements These useful pages of Healthy Woman give our readers all of the contact details they’ll need to live a healthy, beautiful life. As well as comprehensive listings of beauty, fashion and health service providers, it’s a platform for smaller businesses to reach our readership through various sized classified ads - whether it’s the latest special offer, or just need-toknow details of your business, let your product or service stand out from the rest. For classified enquires please Contact: See separate ratecard for details

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