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love this Restricing carbs, fat or calories?

No Thank You!

We embrace all food groups!


The My First Workout® kit is a starter homegym for kids age 5-10 with 8 pieces of kid-size equipment & step-by-step programming in both video and poster format of the 13 best exercises for kids. For all skill levels. Early habits become lifestyle habits.

Cradle Cap (officially known as seborrheic dermatitis), is an extremely common skin condition that develops on the scalps of about 70% of newborns, first appearing as a stubborn, fine, flaky dandruff. It can turn patchy, scaly and crusty before you know it. It can also appear on the ears and eyebrows (use a washcloth there). While it’s not a painful or dangerous condition, it might be itchy and is just plain UGLY!

Growing a precious baby within your body and nurturing this life at your breast is a beautiful privilege you’ve been gifted. But with this gift of motherhood comes a lot of giving on your own part too. You will not only be giving a deeper kind of love than you have ever poured out before, but a deeper output of nutrients and energy from your own body’s reserves. Most diet plans kick you off at this time of your life, but Trim Healthy Mama confidently takes you under its safe and nourishing wing. No need for pregnancy and breastfeeding to make you feel like you have to abandon all sense of healthy weight and shape. Guided by our sound yet simple principles, you can gift your baby all the nourishment he or she needs while gifting yourself a smart bounce back.

• Safely restore your waistline • Delight in fats & rejoice in carbs • All food groups are celebrated

And Chocolate?

Of Course!

Necessity is the mother of invention, which was the case with our product, Bean-b-Clean™. Our grandson developed a full-blown case of Cradle Cap at about 3 weeks of age. Hospitals used to use a sponge/brush combination and send one home with parents in their newborn kits. The trouble with those is that the sponge portion can become a breeding ground for bacteria as they’re meant for one-time use. We did some research, tweaked the bristles and came up with a pop-off plastic top to replace the sponge (making it reusable) and the Bean-b-Clean™ was born!

Give calorie counting the shove & embrace a trimmer and healthier



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Bean-b-Clean™ has been rigorously tested to meet CPSIA standards, is safe, soft and babies seem to find it soothing as they’re getting their heads massaged. We recommend using it even before any signs of cradle cap present themselves and before babies have their first fully submerged bath. It’s highly effective but gentle enough to use every day, whether they already have cradle cap or not. Directions for usage are on the back of each package.

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