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healthy babies 50 Sleeping Baby

How much sleep is too much for baby?

Issue 16 / Spring 2015

53 Marking Milestones


Here’’s what baby should be doing, and how you can help

56 Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome

Act before you’’re at the breaking point with baby

healthy moms

healthy pregnancy

11 Consider Female Condoms

24 Powerhouse Protein in

They can help prevent pregnancy and protect against infection

12 Healthy Celebrations

From baby showers to birthday parties, there’’s always an opportunity to indulge

14 3 Key Supplements

Get nutrients primarily from foods, but also boost with a supplement, say experts

16 Probiotics Promote Your



This essential nutrient is important for a healthy pregnancy

25 1st Trimester: Weeks 1-12 From pregnancy tests to morning sickness; here’’s how it all begins

26 2nd Trimester: Placenta


Let nature take over for your easiest birth

This good bacteria protects your health

29 3rd Trimester: Colostrum as

17 Cervical Cancer Screening

Experts call this ““liquid gold”” the perfect food for newborns

Get the info on cancer prevention for yourself——and your kids

19Super Sleep in 6 Strategies

Bad sleep zaps more than just your mood——it affects your health too!

20 How We Birth

Baby’’s First Food

57 Purple Crying

Baby’’s incessant crying is normal; learn about this phenomenon

59 My Baby Has Gas

How to help baby pass gas easier

60 Hungry Baby

Your top newborn feeding questions answered

65 Parenting Against Picky Eating Avoid picky eating by following these steps

66 Potty Training 101

With patience your toddler can rule the loo

Potty Training 101 page 66

33Your Changing Breasts

Here’’s what happens to your breasts before baby is born

39 Skin-to-Skin after Cesarean Yes, this is possible——learn how!

From homes to hospitals, here’’s how we’’re striving for full term healthy births

42 Alcohol in Pregnancy How much is safe?

44 Belly Bumps to Baby Mamas Meet some of the moms of 40 Weeks

Belly Bumps to Baby Mamas Meet the Mamas and the babies in 40 Weeks, a new pregnancy documentary now in theaters across the country ASYA REZNIKOV Alcyone, born February 22, 2014



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HealthyMom&Baby: Issue 16  

Healthy Mom&Baby Issue 16

HealthyMom&Baby: Issue 16  

Healthy Mom&Baby Issue 16