Healthy Mom&Baby: Issue 22

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West 4th Wraps are soft and mould to your body to give you support and comfort during pregnancy, and to carry your baby until they are a toddler and beyond. Our wraps are used for comfort measures during pregnancy, for temporary support of mom’s belly, to apply counter pressure in a hip squeeze, and for partner for assisted squats. Carrying your baby in a West 4th Wrap or RingSling allows for skin to skin contact, that develops an amazing bond between baby and mom and other members of the family.

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Protect your baby from the effects of GERD reflux, flat head syndrome and LM (laryngomalacia) The Snuggle Pod by Chibebe is the original baby bean bag! The amazing design of the Snuggle Pod has been proven, through in home use, to help your baby get needed relief from Gerd Reflux and LM during their awake times. It also molds to your baby’s head preventing flat head syndrome. It is easy to clean by simply removing the inner bag liner and washing the rest. You can even add accessories such as the Pod Warmer and Pod Rocker when they need that extra warmth and movement. Your baby will get the comfort and relief they deserve while you get the amazing styles, ease of use, and security of knowing your baby is safe. Get yours today at


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