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Small Vs. Big The Value Of Being A Small Independent Physician


n a day and age where the corner grocery store and the small business entities are going out of style, most physicians are also joining forces with very large hospital corporations in ever increasing numbers. Despite this trend, there are still very many real and distinct advantages to seeing an independent practitioner for your own healthcare needs. Recent research has revealed that in the year 2000, about 57 percent of practitioners were considered independent, but, by the year 2013, only 36 percent had continued to practice independently. I still practice independently, own my practice, and, I believe that I can offer several distinct advantages to my patients. In a large hospital setting, with thousands of patients being seen daily, doctors and their patients rarely truly get to know each other. Since the hospital system provides all of their patients, doctors have little incentive to go the extra mile in providing care to their patients. A truly independent doctor on the other hand, must gain the respect of his/her patients and the respect of the community wherein they reside to stay in business. I want my patients to return year after year and sometimes for decades. 


In my office, I have a large mirror that originally belonged to my mother that I received after her passing. Under the mirror in very large letters it states “YOU ARE THE REASON.” I never forget that my patients are the ones that keep me in business and therefore I truly strive to go that “extra mile” in caring for them and all those who come to our office. I am highly motivated to provide the absolute best quality care in their behalf. Perhaps the most important aspect is the one on one relationships I have developed with them over the course of many years. My patients know they can trust me to always put their best interests first. My motto is to “Treat Every Patient as Though She is the Only One.” Large companies with large numbers of providers simply can’t provide the “personalized care” that an independent provider can. I get to know most of my patients on a first name basis. Hospital-based groups typically have a large overhead and will often charge a “facility fee” to support the larger infrastructure associated with such a large corporation. Many of my patients come to us because they have grown weary of seeing a different provider

at each of their prenatal visits. They never know who is actually going to deliver their baby and don’t like having to explain things all over again at each visit to a new doctor they have not even met before. That certainly is not very personal. The truth is that when it comes to quality healthcare, being bigger isn’t necessarily better. Smaller independent practices often provide better care because only in such a setting can both the patient and doctor truly communicate more freely and openly. To experience your own “ personalized doctor “ please feel free to contact us. Dr. Saunders and his very friendly staff are anxiously waiting to help you!


Mark Saunders, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology Personal Care 801-692-1429

Dr. Mark Saunders is a well-respected board certified obstetrician and gynecologist that has been practicing in the American Fork area for over 18 years.

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