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Features in this issue Accepting a Healing Heart by Deborah Livingston


Surrender by Catherine Meunier


Cops, Compassion, Forgiveness by Pat Wictor


Running in best hybrid mode by Mark Cucuzzella


Vegans, Vegetarians Healthy? by Phil Lempert


What Magnesium can do for your Heart by Rosalind Michahelles


massage Tip of the month by Lauren Turner


Stepping out of Pain and Finding Your Power 19 by Mal Duane Edy’s Gang by Kristi Marsh


Weight Loss Facts by Mark Mincolla


Caldo Verde by Marcie Griffith and Bethany Hauch


What is Chinese Herbal Medicine? by Marcie Griffith and Bethany Hauch


All About Beans by Phil Lempert


Fake it Till you Make It! by Debbie Lyn Toomey


Exercise of the Month by (The Balance Studio)


Looking for Love! by Trisha Matthies


Making A Difference


Make a Healthy Heart by Andrea S. Cohen


Yoga Pose of the Month by Emma Boyle


Stop. Breathe. Reflect. Choose. by Robert Lawrence Friedman


“While in the darkness of life challenges, sometimes it may seem impossible to ever see the light of hope and faith . . .” page 3

“. . . try to understand others’ fears, worries, shortcomings, insecurities . . .” page 6 “I realize my journey has been perfect just the way it is . . .” page 19

“Once inside, our systems do not perceive them as wayward product ingredients, . . . .” page 23 “Our body . . . produces a cascade of healing and “feel good” anti-stress hormones.”. . . page 35

6 Things to Know Before Starting a Business 46 by Nellie Akalp The April Deadline Approaches by Pat Masters


Small Business Promotion Tip of the Month by Ginny Just


5 Twitter Changes – make the most of them 50 Awaken by Catherine Meunier




“. . . the dictionary uses simple words to describe love, such as devotion, respect, caring, and affection . . .” page 38

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Just picked up the latest Healthy Living issue at Personal Best Karate and I wanted to drop you a note on how nice it looks! Did you do some redesign of the cover look? And your website seems to be different as well? All good changes!  I think it is fabulous that you have taken your magazine to this edgy, new level!   Kristi Marsh Choose Wiser Founder

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Online Issue February 2012

Accepting a Healing Heart by Deborah Livingston

never ending storm, ultimately unlocking the luminous infinite treasures within our soul, is to live through our hearts and not our ego.

When I was two years old, I broke my mom's pearl necklace. It was the first time my father beat my little hands purple. I begged him to stop through my terrified eyes as tears of pain rolled down my innocent face. That day I broke as well. I was the broken strand and the pearls are my life lessons. It took a life time of synchronistic events for the Universe to prepare me to find peace within my self and repair my strand. One of my sparkling lessons after self realization, that I was able to string on my strand was forgiveness.

One of many treasures I was ever so blessed to discover within my self is the ability to accept. For many years, I was completely paralyzed to the thought of accepting life on life's terms or other people for who they were. Today, after having a spiritual transformation and discovering and uncovering my heart and soul from under many layers of armor and releasing my ego from it's duty of My message is based protecting me, "letting on personal experience go," I am able to and I believe that accept. Acceptance the essence of life is doesn't mean we have a graceful balancing to like what we are practice of polarities accepting, it allows using the natural state The author standing in her father’s shadow. us to stop resisting. we were all born with Living through my ego inside of us, peace. and fear were For every life my enemies. challenge there Today, living is a lesson. through my Without heart and going darkness we with the flow wouldn't know of life instead light. For every of trying to control it is what enables me negative there IS a positive. For every sorry to cultivate compassion and love and most there is happiness. For every hurt there is important forgiveness. Forgiveness releases us healing and for every ego there is a heart. from ourselves and others from limitations. It also enables us and those who we have While in the darkness of life challenges, forgiven to learn and grow from the lesson in sometimes it may seem impossible to ever the act of the forgiveness. Some of us view see the light of hope and faith but if we forgiveness as a weakness of defeat, losing, or embrace these moments and the emotions giving in. In actuality, forgiveness is a strength. that accompany them instead of resisting, the Forgiveness is to abandon from judgement sun will shine again. There is peace within us and fears of others and life making space for all waiting to be unveiled. The key to sending positive attributes of peace and love. the dark clouds away that seem like the

Acceptance doesn't mean we have to like what we are accepting, It allows us to stop resisting.

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continued on page 5 . . .

Online Issue February 2012

Namaste Counseling LLC

Spiritual Psychology & Energy Medicine for Nancy Fay Partridge 781.258.1083 208 Broadway Hanover, MA 02339

• • •


• As a counselor and professional who works with children, adolescents and adults, Nancy Partridge (OToole) specializes in loss and life transitions. Her private practice is built around her training in Spiritual Psychology and Energy Medicine.

• • •


core aspect of self is essential to the shift from victim to selfempowerment. • In her workshops, Nancy is passionate about teaching others the ways of energy medicine, meditation, creating sacred space through ritual, and shifting consciousness as a way of learning to care for one’s own Soul.

• Spiritual Psychology and Energy Medicine are approaches that work not only with the psyche, but with the body and the soul to shift the patterns of behavior that keep one stuck in unconscious limiting beliefs, fears, addictive habits, and anxiety or distress.

• Nancy brings a lifetime of personal and spiritual growth to this process, and inspires in others ways to create and honor sacred • This approach facilitates people’s healing by helping them to moments in every day life. To this end, she shares astute insights identify with a core self, apart from the personality and diswith her clients and brings a talent for helping others transcend identify with their wound stories. Developing a relationship to this their woundedness and reconnect to their passion for life.

If you have any questions about her group work or individual sessions please feel free to call or email her at 781-258-1083 at np.Namaste@gmail.com http://hummingbirdhealing.blogspot.com

“If I haven’t proven it to anyone else, I have proven it to myself, life is continuous.”

It’s a Girl Thing

Individual sessions for girls dealing with issues of:

Rev. Rita Straus Berkowitz, M.S.

• Relationships • School • Dealing with Parents • Coping with Stress • Self Esteem • Peer Pressure . . . and more.

Spirit Artist Spirit Communicator Spiritual Counselor

Author of Empowering Your Life with Angels Co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Communicating with Spirits.

Therapeutic sessions include expressive art activities to support self actualization . . . it’s not all talk . . . Serving the South Shore in your home

781 871.2563 SpiritRita@aol.com www.thespiritartist.com

Individual & Family Psychotherapy available.

781 834.2728

133 Washington Street Norwell, MA 02061

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Facilitator Candita Mamet MSW, MBA


Online Issue February 2012

. . . continued from page 3

In my memoir Strand of Pearls, I have weaved my internal reactions to the experiences of my life's adversities, varying from abuse, loss, tragedy and addiction with the thematic flow of pearls of life lessons and challenges. The following passage from my memoir is a declaration of forgiveness to my parents. "Today Mom has labeled herself an unfit mother for allowing those beatings to happen. When I was a child, I blamed her for not saving me. I’ve assured her that I no longer blame her. Forgiveness softens us and others. Now that I am an adult, I understand the position Mom was in. I don’t even blame my dad, because he was sick and didn’t know how to recover. I forgave him and have compassion for him."

well. By forgiving my mother for circumstances out of her control it has enabled us both to heal and love. My father passed when I was 23 and it took me almost as many years to forgive him. The forgiveness of his abuse has released me from his control that he once had over me physically and for years mentally and emotionally. My body, mind and soul are now free and living in peace and love. Deborah Livingston is the author of a just released memoir: Strand of Pearls, One Womans Journey to Light and Peace, on spiritual transformation. Deborah recounts her darkest adversities of childhood abuse, death, teenage tragedy and adult addiction. She leads the reader from darkness and plants the seeds of light, peace and love that is born within all. Deborah is a new author joining the Hay House 2012 I Can Do It Conference and is featured in the upcoming February, 2012 issue of Heathy Living Magazine. For information or to puchase her book, visit http://authordebliv.authorsxpress.com/

Forgiving is not always an easy act to follow through with but it is a form of healing oneself and extending a hand to help others heal as

by Catherine Meunier


Looking for the place within Wanting so to feel Now is the time to begin To make each moment real

Open your heart to receive grace While going with the flow Once you find that inner place Who you are will know

By knowing you are so much more Then what the eye can see Time has come to explore Sit still and learn to be

That life is never ending The I AM will always be With love we are sending Our sprit to be free

Be fearless as you step outside From your comport zone Go to that place deep inside Where you are not alone

Surrender to the knowing Joy has always lived within This moment will start showing NOW is your new friend

Connect yourself with loving thoughts To all living things Behold the lessons to be taught Accept the peace it brings

Together through surrender A new earth we will build As we are shown the splender A prophecy is filled

Catherine Meunier has been writing poetry for 5 years. She has been reading at poetry gatherings in the Boston area and in Southeastern Massachusetts for the last several years. She is currently working towards having her works published into book form. She lives in Rhode Island. For more information about Cathy log onto http://www.rhymeswithreason.info

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Online Issue February 2012

Cop Shows, Compassion by Pat Wictor

and Forgiveness

incorporate Schopenhauer and Lennon's idea as best you can: to try to understand others' fears, worries, shortcomings, insecurities - all that makes them do things that need forgiveness. That's not to give others a free pass, but so that we don't approach tough situations with anger and resentment guiding us. Try it with your closest friends and family, and then extend it to others. As the comic strip character Pogo once said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us." If we are humble about our own shortcomings - our capacity to do harm to others - we might find a way to do what must be done, including handling life's disappointments and hurts, with forgiveness and not anger leading us.

I've been watching “NYPD Blue” systematically from Season 1 - I'm up to Season 9 right now. (My wife calls cop shows "soap operas for guys.") Part of what I love about the show is the character development, and the fact that all the protagonists are complex and deeply flawed. None more so than Detective Andy Sipowicz, whose struggles with alcoholism, intimacy, fatherhood, and loss make him a compelling and sympathetic anti-hero. The show constantly raises questions of forgiveness and accountability for the ways people hurt each other. Sipowicz isn't a very nice man, but he's a good man who sometimes does bad things. We forgive him his shortcomings, in part because we understand his suffering - it's the same as ours. Compassion through identification with others is the basis for our forgiveness. The sanskrit phrase that Schopenhauer loved so much was "Tat Tvam Asi" - literally "Thou art That." John Lennon may have translated it best: "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together." Not just because everything we do affects one another, but because we are ALL made of the same flawed, unstable, perishable material.

Links: NYPD Blue, scene w/ Sipowicz and his son http://tinyurl.com/72pm3mr Arthur Schopenhauer, “The Basis of Morality.” http://tinyurl.com/8yelrkh The Beatles, “I Am the Walrus” http://tinyurl.com/7d44493 Pogo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pogo_(comic_strip) Pat Wictor is a touring singer-songwriter in the Americana and blues genres. With Joe Jencks and Greg Greenway, he is one third of the harmonizing trio Brother Sun. Modern Man’s Rob Carlson says, “He not only is a great guy and a great talent, but I believe he has, follicle for follicle, the best hair in folk music.” To subscribe to his newsletter, see his tour schedule, and learn more about Pat, go to http://www.patwictor.com and http://www.brothersunmusic.com. Do you want Pat or Brother Sun to perform in your area, in your home, or at your event? Contact Pat at patwictor@gmail.com

I try to keep this in mind, in life and in my music. I want to invite you to

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Online Issue February 2012

Wellness Coordinator for Health Practices

Looking for healthcare professionals

Qualifications These can be full or part-time arrangements, but only available for top people with the skills, self motivation and follow through to make BIG things happen – quickly. License-holding Health Professionals a major plus, as are interests and training in natural health and nutrition.

to implement and manage a world class wellness program within medical practices. Wellness program is centered around advanced nutraceuticals, a low glycemic weight management system focused on body composition, and advanced diagnostic tools including genomic profiling as a means to prescribe a targeted nutritional regimen. This program provides a strong, value-added service for patients while generating an additional stream of income for the practice.

Availability Full and part-time arrangements – work alongside your current occupation. Compensation Lucrative compensation based upon retail profits and commission. Overrides based on overall volumes.

Work with top health professionals including medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and other allied health professionals. Position functions as an independent contractor with lucrative compensation based upon retail profits and commission overrides based on overall volume. Training will be provided for the right person.

Al Bozza Nutrametrix Consultant 260 Centre St Holbrook, MA 02043 774-571-5170 abozza@aol.com

“Promoting the Health of America, One Health Professional at a Time.” Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue February 2012

The Multisport World Conference and Expo returns to MIT's Zesiger Sports & Fitness Center Saturday, March 31st. Cambridge, MA

Multisport World Boston kicks off the new season by offering triathletes a day of educational seminars, training clinics, classroom-style workshops, competitive events, activities for the kids and vendor expo and more. Best of all, admission to the seminars and vendor expo is free.

Celebrating 10 years

Keynoting this year's event will be MARK ALLEN. Known as “The Grip”, Mark suffered a number of frustrating defeats in the Ironman World Championship to fellow legend Dave Scott before pulling away from Scott to win the Iron War in 1989. Allen won

the next five times he raced the Hawaiian Ironman, for six total victories in Kona (’89, ’90, ’91, ’92, ’93, ’95). Mark was equally accomplished at short course triathlon and was later named “The Worlds Greatest Triathlete” by Triathlete magazine. 

Clinics: 8AM-4PM  Seminars: 9AM-4PM  Expo: 10AM-4:30PM  

Admission to expo and seminars is free; fee required for clinics Located at 120 Vassar Street in Cambridge, MA Call Candita for More information to register or exhibit at 781 834 2728. Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue February 2012


in your best

hybrid mode by Mark Cucuzzella MD FAAFP

• If you are in all gas mode, your engine will run about 1.5 hours at a strong pace . . . then you are out of gas. • If you are mostly electric you can run all day, but maybe not so quickly. • If you are using the proper mix you will go quick and efficient for duration of your event, and you can even do some topping off along the way.

Putting one foot in front of the other comes easily. But, with a new focus on technique, many runners are trying to fine-tune their pace. Please allow me to share some of my own training and racing experience, and perhaps you too can follow some of these recommendation as you prepare for your own race. As you enter the week prior to the race here are a few visualizations to help you set your plan. Running your best marathon is part art, science, guts, faith in what you can do, and a little luck.  Running your best 10k is mostly about fitness. The best analogy I can think of is this: if you have trained your body properly with the right mix of aerobic level training and some up tempo stuff in recent weeks, you have built your efficient hybrid engine ready to race the marathon. Many of you have driven in a Prius and watch the subtle shifts between gas and electric on the screen. You do not perceive these shifts. Your engine runs on gas, electric, or a mix- depending on the effort.

The glucose utilizing pathway is the gas. This is your stored glycogen and blood glucose (pasta meal and breakfast) – easy to access for ready energy. The fat utilizing pathway is the electric. In marathons you must be in hybrid until the last few miles.  Hybrid is where your energy  is coming from both sources. Many runners are in great “10k shape” (an all gas event), then run their marathon in the gas mode- and usually crash. Glycogen sparing strategy need not apply in races of less than an hour as long as you had a good pre-event meal to fill the tank. In marathons and ultrastop end fitness matters little and can only be applied very near the finish. Glucose gives 36 ATP per molecule, fat 460 ATP per molecule.  You must tap into the fat burning tank. Now

You are starting the race with one gallon in the tank- assuming you have eaten a nice meal the night before with a breakfast top off. Healthy Living Magazine

continued on page 11 . . .


Online Issue February 2012

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Online Issue February 2012

. . . continued from page 9

you know how a bird can migrate 7000 miles without an energy bar. So how do you know you are running in your best hybrid mode? This is difficult because the sense is not as profound as aerobic/anaerobic. A slight increase from your optimal pace will switch you from hybrid to all gas without you realizing it, and the effects are felt miles later. Charging up hills early will tap your gas quickly. If you want to speed up early . . . don’t. Relax and maintain effort, not speed. You must rehearse a bit in training. I focus on relaxation and breathing. If I’m breathing one cycle to 5 steps, then I’m hybrid. If I’m breathing faster I’m using mostly glucose as fuel.  Belly breathe– allow lower belly to blow up like a beach ball on inhalation and pull your belly button back to your spine on exhalation.  Then you will fill the lower lung areas where oxygen exchange occurs. Notice the breathing efforts of those around you and many are rapid breathing- they tend to suffer somewhere past half way. Rehearse complete relaxation from the top down- eyes, jaw, shoulders, allow your legs to relax and extend behind you, relax and soften your knees and ankles. Find your own cue for this. If you use the Heart Rate Monitor in training strongly consider one during the event.

In a marathon, the last 3-4 miles you will be all gas to maintain the same speed as fatigue sets in. The breathing is usually on a 3 to 4 steps per breath cycle- that is OK. Still stay relaxed and use the cues that you have rehearsed to keep your form. Your heart rate is higher now. Speed up only when you can “smell the barn”, maybe after 20 miles. Land softly, especially on the early downhills. I run with a forefoot/midfoot landing harnessing elastic recoil. Focus on posture and hip extension. Use a slight forward lean from the ankles. I’m never sore after marathons now and feel I can keep doing them until I enter the retirement home. I won the Air Force Marathon in 2:38 four weeks ago and feel fine now for another effort. With good form it is “No pain . . . thank you”. Your shoes matter too. Be sure to make a strong consideration to not running in minimalist racing flats, unless you have trained substantially in them and adapted to a natural barefoot style gait. I advocate gradually continued on page 13 . . .

Hope Floats Healing & Wellness Center An educational center and retreat for people facing life struggles, seeking spiritual growth and improving their overall wellness.

Pranic Healing offers blissful stress relief, alleviation of pain, and healing of acute and chronic health complaints.

• Yoga, meditation, therapeutic massage, Reiki

This no-touch system balances the body’s energetic system by removing stagnant energy and energizing depleted energy.

• Individual counseling for grieving, illness, and coping

• Workshops on healing and wellness topics

• Support groups • Overnight retreats • Nutrition support

Miriam G. Smith, M. S. Ed. Certified MCKS Pranic Healer mgsenergy@comcast.net 978-683-6129 www.pranichealingne.com

Healthy Living Magazine

www.hopefloatswellness.com www.hopefloatswellness.com denise@hopefloatswellness.com densie@hopefloatswellness.com 4 Elm Street Kingston, MA 02367 781-936-8068


Online Issue February 2012

Personal Training & Fitness • Weight Loss • Weight Management • Nutritional Counseling • Strength Training • Program Design Amy Gianino Owner Certified Personal Trainer

Donna Ann Trask ACE Certified Personal Trainer donnatrask@comcast.net 781-831-8791


• Private Training • Group Classes

• Injury Prevention • Lifestyle Coaching

• Flexibility and many more!


The Body Studio  

104 Tremont Street, Unit 2, Duxbury, MA 


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Blue Angel Healing

All Natural •100% Vegetarian •4 Us Patents •9 Clinical Studies Don’t believe. Watch the ABC Primetime investigative report.   Go to www.abchealthreport.com

For more information or to get your FREE samples contact Nancy Allonen-Allie 781-964-4613 or nancy@myyoungercells.com www.myyoungercells.com

Helping to Heal the World One Person at a Time

Rev. Jodi St.Onge Reiki Master Teacher


Reiki Reiki Training Crystal Therapy Shamballa Healing Karuna Reiki Yoga Massage Workshops and More.

Offering professional evidence based treatments of all Plymouth 508-746-6922 Plymouth 508-746-6922 your musculoskeletal pains, injuries and disorders Pembroke 781-924-5289 Pembroke 781-924-5289 Not sure if physical therapy can help you or a friend? professional evidence Offering professional evidence Call us for a free Offering consultation based treatments of all your

based treatments of all your Plymouth 508-746-6922 Pembroke 781-924-5289 musculoskeletal pains, injuries musculoskeletal pains, injuries


and disorders

40 North Main Street #2, Carver MA blueangelhealing@yahoo.com

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and disorders Limp in . . . walk out!

Not sure if physical therapy can help you or a friend? Call us for a Not sure if physical therapy can help you or a friend? Call us for a free consultation

consultation 12 Online Issue February 2012 Healthy Living free Magazine Limp in… walk out!



Limp in… walk out!

. . . continued from page 11

adapting all of your training in the more minimal and level shoes. If you relax your lower legs and load the springy tendons in your feet and Achilles, then these shoes with no heel elevation put you in perfect position to allow natural elastic recoil of plantar fascia, Achilles, calf muscles, and hip flexors. New research and runner’s experience is now making the case for running with a more efficient stride and questions modern running footwear. The evolving world of modern sports medicine is going back to the future too and rediscovering what evolution has taught us. Now a few extra ways to get from start to finish quicker on the same gallon. • If you can add a little gas along the way then you can go more into gas mode. This works a little at best. If running too fast you shunt all blood to working muscles and nothing digests.  If you are in hybrid the early going you can continually add fuel- the key is not only the correct fuel, but the right pace. An energy gel  every 25 minutes is easy to digest and tops off the tank. Carry them with you at the start. The weight is nothing compared to the benefit you will get. If you do the gels then you can drink water instead of the energy drinks which are often less predictable on the run. Marine Corps has a gel station at Mile 9, 13, and 23. Carry 2 gels at the start (one every 3-4 miles or so) and top-off  along the way. • Maintain effort on uphill.  Your pace will slow. You can easily use all your gas here if your effort increases.  Shorten your stride, relax, and use your arms.  Then allow gravity to take you down. The first hills in Arlington and Georgetown can feel “easy” but if run too hard can drain your gas quickly; so go easy up them. • If it is windy get behind a group.  This can save lots of physical and mental energy. • If you are having a “bad patch” – try to refocus on relaxing, fuel a bit (sometimes a blood glucose drop triggers the sense of doom), and have faith in your training and race plan.  Another nice trick is when you hit mile 21 it is not 5 miles to go, it is 4 and change. Mile 22 is 3 and change to go.  Just run to the next mile marker and count them down one by one. Smile and enjoy the party in Crystal City. Healthy Living Magazine

This gives you some mental refreshment after crossing the lonely bridge from 20-22 miles. • Do not over drink water. This can lead to a dangerous condition called hypontremia and severe electrolyte imbalance. The fun of the marathon is that we are always learning and enjoying the adventure of it. I’ve done over 70 marathons now with a couple under 2:25 in my younger years (I just turned 45.) I’ve had the pleasure of running this race 20 times representing the US Air Force. My only misses were for military duties and a foot surgery many years ago. We learn from experience, taking chances, and occasional failures. My first marathon was the 1988 Marine Corps was 2:34, when I could run about 30 minutes for 10 kilometers. Twenty-three years later I hope to get near this time again and my current 10k is about 35 minutes. In the last 23 years I’ve run a marathon under 2:40 every year except for my year of medical internship when there was no time to find a race. Twenty-one of those years were under 2:35. I’ve learned a few things in 20 plus years on how to train and race efficiently and economically, but still there are uncertainties every time you line up. So relax, taper up, and seize the day. Mark is a Family Physician at Harpers Ferry Family Medicine and Associate Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine. As a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserves, he is coach and captain of their marathon team and designing  programs to reduce running injuries in military personnel. His passion for health extends beyond the walls of the clinic into the medical home’s “backyard”- the trails and open space that create the arena for optimum wellness. Mark is thrilled to host Freedom’s Run and assist runners to set a goal, improve their health, and have fun. Mark also recently opened Two Rivers Treads- A Center for Natural Running and Walking in his hometown of Shepherdstown WV (pop 3000). The citizens of this small community are now learning the benefits of barefoot and flat footwear. trtreads.org


Online Issue February 2012

“Listen to the Wisdom Within.�

Barbara Barker BS, LMT, RM, CIH, IET Integrative Holistic Practitioner Kriya Massage

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Online Issue February 2012

Vegans, Vegetarians by Phil Lempert


definitely takes a lot of careful planning and preparation. Vegan diets include whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and beans, all of which contain no cholesterol (only found in animal products), and are rich in fiber and nutrients. Vegans get their protein from the combination of legumes including, beans, tofu, and peanuts, and grains like rice, quinoa, corn, whole wheat breads and pastas; as well as nuts and seeds, like almonds, flax, cashews, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts and more. While vegetarians allow dairy products and sometimes eggs. Many of the foods listed above are also rich in heart healthy fats.

According to a study published by Vegetarian Times, 3.2 percent of U.S. adults or 7.3 million people follow a vegetarianbased diet. Approximately 0.5 percent or one million of those are vegans. Slightly fewer than twenty-three million people (about 10 percent of US adults) say they largely follow a vegetarianinclined diet. The popularity of these diets may be on the rise due to celebrities eating this way like Ellen DeGeneres, Sir Paul McCartney, Russell Simmons, Bill Clinton and more. Veganism is a few steps further than vegetarianism (some vegetarians eat dairy products, eggs and sometimes fish), and although the term was coined in 1944, the concept of eliminating all animal products can be traced back to ancient Indian and eastern Mediterranean cultures.

How do vegans get calcium? Leafy greens like broccoli, kale, collard greens, as well as tofu, sesame seeds, almonds, fortified juices and soymilk contain a significant amount of calcium. Vegetarians include calcium rich dairy products, and according to the American Heart Association, studies show that vegetarians absorb and retain more calcium from foods than non-vegetarians.

Vegetarianism was first mentioned by Pythagoras, around 500 BCE, the Greek philosopher and mathematician who promoted benevolence among all species, including humans. Followers of Buddhism and Hinduism are also advocates of vegetarianism, believing that humans should not inflict pain on other animals. Is a vegan diet nutritious? Yes, following a vegan diet can be very nutritious but

What about iron? Chickpeas, spinach, pinto beans, blackstrap molasses, and soy products contain iron (which is best paired with vitamin C rich foods for optimal absorption). Fortified foods, supplements or even nutritional yeast, provide vegans with B12, a nutrient to be aware of on a meat free diet. continued on page 16 . . .

Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue February 2012

continued from page 15 . . .

said, vegetarian and certainly vegan diets are not for everyone!

And what about omega oils we get from fish and other marine sources? Vegans and vegetarians will opt for flax, chia seeds, or even hemp to get their fill of healthy omega-3s.

For more resources on a vegan or vegetarian diet visit the USDA. Phil Lempert is “The Supermarket Guru”, for more information and his free e-newsletter just log on to www.supermarketguru.com

Overall, a vegan or vegetarian diet can be very nutritious, but as mentioned can take a lot of planning. Another interesting fact about vegetarian diets that the American Heart Association points out is that many studies have shown that vegetarians seem to have a lower risk of obesity, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and some forms of cancer. That being

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Online Issue February 2012

What Magnesium Can Do

For Your Heart

by Rosalind Michahelles, D.Soc., Certified Health Counselor

magnesium; others say 1:1 is better because of the greater likelihood of magnesium deficiency in our modern diets.

Now confess: you thought magnesium was for constipation, not for your heart – right? Milk of Magnesia? Well, as The Magnesium Factor, by Seelig and Rosanoff, makes plain, magnesium actually plays a very big role in heart health.   What do the authors say magnesium does for heart health? They explain in readable, layman’s terms but with careful reference to an extensive body of medical research how magnesium does the following: • Helps maintain heart rhythm and relaxes blood vessel muscles between contractions; • Facilitates turning off (and on) cholesterol production; • Contributes to the distribution of electrolytes, especially calcium, sodium, and potassium;  • Helps prevent abnormal blood clotting; • Reduces adrenaline production, and hence stress; • Prompts vasodilation, which reduces blood pressure.   How much magnesium do you need? Research quoted by these authors suggests that 500 mg/day of magnesium from food or supplements is a minimum requirement. Be sure to keep in mind that the balance with calcium is very important. An overload of calcium can lead to muscle cramps and stiffening of artery and heart cells. Some sources recommend a 2:1 ratio of calcium to Healthy Living Magazine

What are the most likely dietary sources of magnesium? Whole grains, dark green vegetables, nuts – especially almonds – seeds, figs, and bananas, as well as legumes and fish. To reduce your sodium intake and increase magnesium as well as other minerals, the authors recommend three kinds of commercially available salt: 1. Cardia Salt from Finland, which provides a strong dose of potassium; 2. Real Salt from Utah; and 3. Celtic Sea Salt from France, available in many Massachusetts grocery stores.   A few words of caution about magnesium supplements; If you have kidney trouble, be sure to check with your doctor first. It’s best not to take magnesium supplements with meals as magnesium neutralizes the stomach acid you need for digestion – wait three hours. And what about the “Milk of Magnesia” effect? Apparently magnesium glycinate, gluconate, citrate and aspartate have less laxative effect.   Do your heart a favor: give it a magnesium boost! Rosalind Michahelles, D.Soc., Certified Holistic Health Counselor, coaches people of all ages who want to explore changing what they eat in order to feel healthier. For more information, please call 617 491.3239 or rosalind@nutrition-matters.info or visit the website: www.nutrition-matters.info


Online Issue February 2012

The Primary Mover Today Id like to talk about the benefits of massage tip #3 . As we celebrate Valentines day, there is a symbol that we associate with this day of love and connection, a day we aspire to develop and nurture our special relationships, including ourselves. This is the symbol of the heart, so during this season we go to the importance of the physical heart, “the primary mover”. So how can massage benefit your heart? It can decrease your heart rate while increasing circulation. As your blood is pushed through your circulatory system your heart is able to slow down and pump more effectively. Massage induces a “relaxation response”, which lowers your heart rate, your respiratory rate and blood pressure, boosts your immune system and generally decreases the physical effects of stress.

So if you’re looking to give your loved one a heartfelt gift any day consider giving a gift certificate from Lauren’s Massage, 10% Off when you print out this page and bring it to Lauren Turner, CMT 144 Washington Street, Norwell, MA

Lauren Turner, CMT

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Online Issue February 2012

Stepping Out of Pain and by Mal Duane

Finding Your Power

By my mid 40’s life seemed My story is very all but over. I was spiraling familiar to most women. downward, hopelessly out Between the woven of control. Then, a final threads of self-loathing, heartbreak pushed me a broken heart, multiple over the edge and I found failed relationships and a myself looking death right nasty divorce, there is a in the eye. From the fires piece that you may have of that particular hell, my experienced as well. awakened consciousness, Like most women, I have my Alpha Chick, emerged. endured some pretty rough I chose to shed my past times. As an ugly duckling and start living. Through a child, I found myself daily practice of prayer and surrounded by viciously mean “friends” whose . . . I found myself surrounded by meditation, I discovered five that showed me how cruel criticisms destroyed viciously mean “friends” whose cruel steps virtually every vestige of my criticisms destroyed virtually every I could transform my life. I read every book that I could self-esteem. Life at home vestige of my self-esteem. get my hands on regarding became increasingly tense personal power, self-esteem, eventually pushing me to setting goals and living with a complete disconnect commitment. from my parents. I am not blaming them completely; it was my fault as well. I just couldn’t communicate with them. Later, despite I sometimes wonder how drastically different my life would have been if I did not become having evolved into a photogenic beauty and as dependent on alcohol as a teenager. What successful model, genuine relationships eluded things would I have accomplished? I know I me and heartache and self- loathing were my would have finished going to college. Who frequent companions. But in my late teens I knows what I could have become. But I quickly had found a coping solution . . . pull myself back to the present moment and I realize my journey has been perfect just the Alcohol  way it is. It brought me to writing my book In my high school years having three Colt-45’s, “Alpha Chick” and my mission to help other a malted beer, would do the job nicely. All the women recapture their power and live life pain and self- loathing would be lifted for a as awakened and authentic divine beings. I brief period. A braver, funnier me emerged am here to deliver this message of personal form that light alcohol buzz. I suddenly empowerment to as many women as I can was the life of the party. At an early age, I reach. We were not put on this earth to suffer found my crutch that would support me for but to be happy magnificent self-loving women another twenty five years until it didn’t work who bring joy to all those we share our lives anymore. Through those years, I continually with. The statistics for women that are silently sought validation from others, married another suffering from a form of addiction or selfalcoholic and divorced him. However, I was loathing are staggering. always professionally at the top of my game and excelled at anything I attempted. It was my personal life that was a tragedy. Healthy Living Magazine


continued on page 20 . . .

Online Issue February 2012

. . . continued from page 19

It is Not Just Your Hair

It’s Your Health

Treat your Hair Like Your Face and Your Body Build stronger more resilient hair and rescue yourself from chemicals in shampoos, colors and processing that may be harmful to your health.

Our Products are Natural

I've created a practical plan for transforming pain to power which sets you firmly on the road to becoming an Alpha Chick. It grew out of my own recovery process and revealed itself during one of many daily meditations. The epiphany was that the plan had five steps. And it did not surprise me that the foundation letter of each step spelled out a single significant word: Focus  The first step of the Alpha Chick process is to go within yourself and find the power with which you were born. It stresses the importance of a regular connection with Spirit. You focus your consciousness daily on the Divine Presence within through a spiritual When you get to the practice. bottom step, there is

a beautiful angel Take three deep cleansing breaths, waiting for you . . . relax and see yourself on the top of a magnificent staircase with ten stairs. With each step down take another deep breath and exhale slowly. When you get to the bottom step, there is a beautiful angel waiting for you with his/her hand extended to you. Enjoy this new friendship. Just relax and sit with one another, nothing needs to be spoken. Your mind will begin to slow down. In that quiet state, divine guidance emerges. Acceptance and Attitude To accept disappointments, fear, and sorrows so you may free yourself from a past that no longer serves you, and to consciously change your attitude so that you may live the joyous life that is always available to you. When you accept the past, you are not judging whether it is right or wrong, you are just releasing the pain that you have been

No caustic odor, No itching, No burning, and No animal testing. for further enlightenment please contact us

continued on page 21 . .

Bellas Bodyworks Offering Massage, Reiki & Polarity

Is stress, anxiety or pain keeping you from enjoying your life, causing you to miss work, costing you sleep? Imagine if you felt relaxed, focused, rested and pain free!

I Can HELP you. Go to www.BellasBodyworks.webs.com

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If you don’t take care of yourself, who else will?

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Healthy Living Magazine

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Online Issue February 2012

carrying around. The less resistance to what has already happened frees your mind from the negative and makes room for the positive. You will begin to feel a shift in your attitude about the past events. They no longer seem as important. Identification and Intention You identify negative We only have room for behaviors that block Why not make your potential and set intentions for positive actions. Goals are more like a wish but an intention has soul behind it.  In order to create change you must identify those behaviors that no longer support your growth. Once we are able to do this with complete honesty, you are now able to set intentions for new action steps. The reason for intentions is because they have soul behind them and create a far greater commitment. Writing them down gives you greater clarity.

We only have room for one thought at a time. Why not make it a good one. You must consciously monitor your thoughts; they are responsible for what you attract in your life. Healing and Helping The only way to get to step five is to build a foundation by doing the one thought at a time. previous steps, being sure that you have completed it a good one. them thoroughly. Step five is: You heal by reaching out and sharing your journey with others, especially those in need. By helping others you reinforce your own strength and knowledge. You will know that you are healing; you will feel the energy shift within. When we walk in our light, we are empowered. To strengthen yourself further, it is imperative to reach out to others and teach them what you have learned, to help them find their authentic voice. What you give out to the Universe, you shall receive back.

Thoughts Negative thinking causes your unhappiness; to put it simply, you are feeling badly because you are thinking badly. But remember, you have the power and the ability to decide how anybody or anything will affect you. Step four is an affirmative statement of our control.

Mal Duane is a certified Personal Life Coach with more than 23 years in recovery from alcoholism, who has overcome devastating life challenges using the steps in the Alpha Chick Process. Her personal mission is to help women excel in all areas of their lives from business to personal relationships and attract that which they most desire, as she has, through a connection to the divine power within. Her book Alpha Chick, Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power is available at www.AlphaChick.com/Amazon

NEW LOCATION 34 School Street in Foxboro Center! 508 543 5522 Visit our website: www.thehealingmoon.com or Follow us on Facebook.

Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue February 2012

Renew Yourself

Change your mind, Change your life.

• Breathing • Stretching • Opening • Awakening • • Calming• Balancing • Moving • Stilling • Relaxing • Letting go • Letting be • Feeling free & at peace • • Being in the Present Moment •

The choice is your’s and it’s simple.


Trish Rosa


Clinical Hypnotherapist

Breathwork Meditation & Stress Reduction Reiki & Qi Gong Therapy EMDR Energy Psychology: TAT EFT REMAP SER Fern Ross Israel MA LMHC RYT

brings 30 years of devoted practice and experience to the sacred art of yoga & meditation. As a mind-body therapist, Fern’s compassionate presence assists people through difficult life transitions with a multi-dimensional approach to healing.

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Online Issue February 2012

by Kristi Marsh



insecticides, and flameretardants, to name a few. The problem is they do not always stay put, sometimes leaching out and ending up in our bodies. Once inside, our systems do not perceive them as wayward product ingredients, but as additional hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. You see Edy’s Gang is a clan of chemicals They can also interfere with or block normal called Endocrine Disrupting Compounds. hormone function. Hormones behave as Bisphenol A, Dioxin, Atrazine, Parabens, and chemical messengers, transporting signals from Phthalates are some of its members. I am not one cell to a chemist, and another, have difficulty regulating memorizing phenomenal scientific functions names, so I such as like to refer how our to these reproductive endocrine organs disrupting Most endocrine disrupting compounds are develop, how chemicals our bodies simply as chemicals initially designed with a specific metabolize Edy’s Gang. function—such as an antifungal in cosmetics, as food, and our For decades, building blocks in polycarbonate plastic, or as a how pancreas these reacts to twisted toxin plastic softener. sugars. characters lived silently Edy’s Gang among us. flips the With each traditional year, as notion that we learn the “dose makes the poison,” or the greater the more about how and where these deceptive dose, the more toxic to the body. Even small disruptors operate, they’ve become a current amounts of these disruptors are dangerous to event hot-topic. our systems. No longer should we be swayed by manufacturers who pacify fears by assuring Most endocrine disrupting compounds are consumers that a questionable ingredient in chemicals initially designed with a specific their product exists only in “trace amounts,” or function—such as an antifungal in cosmetics, even parts per billion. Now we know endocrine as building blocks in polycarbonate plastic, disruptors can be terribly impactful because of or as a plastic softener. They are commonly their small dose. Imagine your body gagging found in automobiles, baby care products, cleaning materials, food packaging, pesticides, They don’t drive motorcycles or wear matching leather jackets, but they are quite a disruptive, pervasive group of characters. I doubt you’d recognize them, even if you knew all their names. But they know us. Intimately.

Healthy Living Magazine


continued on page 24. . .

Online Issue February 2012

. . . continued from page 23

on an accidental swig of sour milk. You know something isn’t right with the milk, but you swallow it anyway. The message from the smell might hit your brain, your throat may tighten, and you might run to the sink to force it out. Our bodies react to trespass, sometimes violently; possibly shutting down functions or trying to purge doses of something it determines to be toxic. To protect. To survive. However, endocrine disrupting compounds do not enter the body through gulps or large doses, but subtly, as miniscule trespassers. They are able to interact inside us without sounding off alarms. The Breast Cancer Fund describes sophisticated endocrine disruptors as creating devastating effects at infinitesimally small levels of exposure, especially during early critical windows of vulnerability.

If microwaving, use microwave safe dishes, not plastics.

Rigorous research is needed to continue to understand how endocrine disruptors are implicated in interfering with our hormonedriven processes. We need to understand why breast development and menstruation in our daughters is occurring at a much younger age. Or how other disruptors are suspect in interfering with metabolism and contributing to obesity. How everyday endocrine disrupting compounds may interfere with the performance of certain chemotherapy agents. It is easier to place blame on singular causes — like tobacco causing lung cancer. We need to shift our thinking and understand that multiple exposures from many different types of chemicals is just as dangerous; it isn’t always the dose that makes the poison. It’s possible to change our thinking.

Kristi Marsh is the author of Little Changes: Tales of a Reluctant Home Eco-Momics Pioneer, a swirling lollipop of lessons about the products we smother on our skin, foods we devour, and surroundings in which we immerse ourselves. Kristi also is a past Healthy Living Magazine’s Champion of Health Award winner. For more information or to purchase her book, visit www.ChooseWiser.com.

You smell wonderful. Skip colognes and perfumes. Or use ones created from essential oils. Catch yourself when just idling the car, and turn it off. Teach everyone you cohabitate with why you are making these changes and share the responsibility. For more ideas on how to find peace and pride in creating a healthier home, visit www.choosewiser.com

    

      

                   

Steps you can take to start to reduce your family’s exposure to Edy’s gang:

                  

Toss the plastic water bottle habit and replace with stainless steel reusable containers. Replace chemical herbicides with kinder options.

Choose frozen and fresh food over canned food. Healthy Living Magazine

    


 www.ChooseWiser.com 

Online Issue February 2012

Weight Loss

by Mark Mincolla

Two tbsp. of oil (preferably olive) Two tsp. of butter max Weight gain/loss has more to do with the mind than the body. The body follows the mind.   The University of Pittsburgh Study recently found that by visualizing yourself overeating throughout the day you will lower your dopamine hormone production in the mid brain while increasing your seratonin in the prefrontal cortex leading to a lowering of your food consumption/calorie intake.   Visualize yourself being full by picturing yourself before each meal eating 20 heaping tablespoons of mashed potatoes with oozing butter and your brain will tell your body that it is fulfilled!

According to the CDC women with a waist of 35 plus inches are overweight. Men with a waist of 40 plus inches are overweight. BMI, or Body Mass Index is another criteria for determining whether you are overweight BMI = dividing your weight by height in inches 18.5 is underweight 18.5-24.9 is normal 25.0-29.9 is overweight 30.00 plus is obese   The only way to safely lose weight and lower negative health risk factors associated with being overweight or obese is to consume fewer calories than you burn and engage in aerobic exercise for 300 minutes per week at a moderate to intense pace.   Consume an abundance of low sugar, low starch, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Interested in learning more natural health advice from Mark Mincolla? Tune into the Natural Health Show with Mark Mincolla airing every Sunday evening on 95.9 FM - WATD 8-9 PM. Your questions are welcome by calling 781 837.4900. Mark is waiting to talk with you.

Three - 6 oz servings of lean baked and broiled proteins such as: poultry, fish soy, beans, low fat cottage cheese, plain low fat Greek yogurt as well as whey and soy protein drinks. Only one high fiber starch per day (1C of brown rice, whole grain pasta, potato with skin or two whole grain breads)

Healthy Living Magazine



Thanks to your continued support! The show has experienced remarkable growth and is currently positioning for national syndication. We’d like to thank our entire radio family, and welcome all new potential listeners and sponsors. We remain committed to serving you with the highest quality of information, inspiration based natural health radio!  I’m excited to inform all  prospective sponsors to call Candita 781.834.2728 if you are interested in joining the Natural Health Show Family!  Be Well, Mark Mincolla

Online Issue February 2012

Nominate YOUR Champion TODAY!

for an honorary award presented by Healthy Living Magazine recognizing their dedication to your health and well being.


Photos by Cristina Burke, Geminess Photography in Norwell www.geminess.com 617 957.1783

Nominate YOUR Champion online at www.myhealthylivingmag.com “She is a wonderful life coach and makes a positive difference in people’s lives every day.” nd breathes, a , s t a e e h S “ d lifest yle an y h lt a e h s sleep ell being.” personal w

“He is truly a healer and tunes in to where the problem is every time.”

“I feel he is knowledgeable and trust his opinion one hundred percent.”

"She glo ws when the topic is brought up in conversa tion and she is able to provide advice to other s around her."



4 potatoes 1 onion 4 ounces kale 12 cloves garlic 1 tsp salt 5 cups water 1 tbsp olive oil (strong olive flavor is best) Black pepper 1 lemon Grated carrot to garnish


Directions 1. Chop all vegetables coarsely.

(Green Soup)

2. Put potatoes, onion, garlic, and kale in a pot with 5 cups of salted water. Bring to a boil and simmer for an hour or so. 3. Put boiled vegetables into a blender and blend until smooth. 4. Just before serving, add olive oil, freshly ground black pepper, lemon, and salt to taste.

by Marcie Griffith and Bethany Hauch

5. Garnish with finely grated carrot.

This Portugese recipe is perfect for a cold February night (and even better as leftovers the next day!). In TCM terms, the greens and potatoes in the recipe nourish Qi and Blood and the garlic helps move stagnation, or blocked Qi. Even better - it's easy to make! 

Marcie Griffith, Lic.Ac., MAOM, Dipl. OM Bethany Hauch, Lic.Ac., MAOM, Dipl.OM Stepping Stone Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine 180 Linden St., Suite 7E, Wellesley, MA 02482 781.898.4083 info@steppingstoneacu.com www.steppingstoneacu.com

Serve caldo verde with homemade croutons

TNT FitClub Boot Camp Training For All Fitness Levels

Indoor/Outdoor Programs in Quincy • Braintree • N. Weymouth

If you want a fit, healthy body to be proud of then

TNT FitClub will get you there! In just 4 weeks you can be... • Eating a healthier diet and have more energy! • Fitting into smaller size jeans again! • Showing off those toned arms! • Look amazing in that sexy little dress! • Getting compliments everywhere you go.

Call Beth to get started at 617-759-2159 and START FEELING GREAT ABOUT YOURSELF TODAY!!!

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Come visit with

Healthy Living Magazine! February 23 - 26    62nd Annual New England Home Show  Seaport World Trade Center March 3rd -  4th     The Greater New Bedford Home Show  Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School March 31st     The Multisport World Conference and Expo  Zesiger Sports & Fitness Center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge

Check out our schedule www.myhealthylivingmag.com

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What is Chinese

Herbal Medicine?

by Marcie Griffith and Bethany Hauch

Chinese Herbs work with your acupuncture treatments to address the underlying issues causing your health issues. Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) and Acupuncture together make up what we refer to as "Traditional Chinese Medicine." In China, historically, the herbal medicine was actually the mainstay of treatment, and acupuncture was a complementary modality. CHM works on the same principles as acupuncture to correct whatever imbalances are causing your health issues. In the simplest terms, all health issues are caused from too much energy in a particular system, too little energy, or stuck energy. The herbs (plant, animal, and mineral products) each exert an effect on particular systems within the body to correct these pathologies. Based on your Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, we prescribe herbs to treat your unique condition.

work the best for your health condition and also for your lifestyle. Chinese Herbal Medicine is a safe and effective treatment modality. We order all of our herbs from GMP-compliant companies and pharmacies with extensive quality control testing and tracking systems. We also take your medications into account when prescribing herbs, and will tell you if CHM is not a good fit for you based on the pharmaceutical medications you are taking. In most cases, CHM is a good complement to your Western treatments.

Chinese herbs are taken in a formula of 6-15 herbs working in synergy with one another. Unlike Western herbal treatments, Chinese herbs are prescribed together so that their actions can enhance each other's positive effects. This also allows us to custom tailor herbal treatments for each individual patient.

We highly recommend discussing Chinese Herbal Medicine with your practitioner as an adjunct to your acupuncture treatments, or as a single treatment on its own. We particularly encourage CHM treatment for digestive disorders, women's health problems, recovery from illness, and respiratory issues.

Chinese herbs are taken in many forms. At our clinic, we prescribe herbal formulas in readymade pills, custom-designed powders that you dissolve in water to drink like a tea, and raw herbs that you boil down into a decoction. We will talk with you to find the form that will

Healthy Living Magazine

Marcie Griffith, Lic.Ac., MAOM, Dipl. OM Bethany Hauch, Lic.Ac., MAOM, Dipl.OM Stepping Stone Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine 180 Linden St., Suite 7E, Wellesley, MA 02482 781.898.4083 info@steppingstoneacu.com www.steppingstoneacu.com


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Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

We Offer . . . Swedish/relaxation massage Deep Tissue massage Our Special Sports massage Print out this page. Bring in this coupon Pregnancy massage for a FREE Trigger point Therapy 30-minute massage or Myofascial Technique An hour massage Neuromuscular Therapy for $35. Hot Stone massage Reiki 7 New Driftway • Suite 5 Scituate, MA 02066 781.545.1616 info@driftwaymusculartherapy.com www.DriftwayMuscularTherapy.com

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All About Beans

Inexpensive, Healthy and Nutritious by Phil Lempert


Besides being delicious and versatile, virtually all types of beans are nutrient powerhouses. Darker-colored beans are richest in heart-healthy, cancer-protective antioxidants, but all beans are beneficial to those looking to improve the nutrient density of their meals; rich in protein (about 7 to 15g), folic acid, magnesium, and protective phytochemicals. Most beans are also high in both soluble and insoluble fiber, and slowly digested carbohydrates, with a gentler, even beneficial, effect on blood-sugar.

Kidney Beans are large; almost 3/4 inch, have a definitive kidney shape and are nearly maroon in color. These are the beans to use in chili because they're hearty, and take well to spices. Cooking time: 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Light Red Kidney Beans are similar to their darker relative and are the bean for the Southern dish, red beans and rice. Cooking time: 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Beans are especially filling and satisfying, even though they're fairly low in calories, (100 to 125 calories per half-cup serving). Hearty and toothsome, beans closely match meat's nutrition and flavor profile, without the accompanying dose of saturated fat, and for a fraction of the price. Cooking dried beans from scratch gives you the firmest texture and best flavor, and it's easy to do with a little advance planning. But there's no denying that canned beans are wonderfully convenient (compare soaking, cooking, and seasoning beans to buying precooked canned beans), and you're more likely to eat beans regularly if there are canned beans in your cupboard – but read those ingredient labels carefully as some of the canned varieties may add extra, unnecessary ingredients like salt, and even in some instances pork fat and always look for BPA free cans!

Pinto (Pink) is the staple of Mexican cooking, and is a pinkish-mauve color that turns brownish when cooked. Some variations are mottled. Pintos look like brown medium ovals. Pintos are favored for whole or refried beans in burritos and tacos. Cooking times vary from 1 to 2 hours depending on size. Special note on Refried Beans or frijoles refritos: Refried beans begin with onions and garlic sautĂŠed in lard or oil, to which spoonfuls of cooked pinto beans are added, mashed, and cooked until they are thicker than mashed potatoes. Sometimes a little broth or water is added. The intriguing thing is that they are not re-fried at all. One theory for this misnomer is that in Mexican Spanish, "re" is a way to emphasize doneness, such as these beans are well-done or cooked thoroughly. They are not, however, fried two times. continued on page 31 . . .

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ENROLL at anytime!!!!!

At Tumblefun Gymnastics we strive to individualize each child's TumbleFun experience according to age, learning ability, and skill sets, so goals can be met and, hopefully, expectations exceeded. It is important for children to develop selfconfidence, an enthusiasm for physical fitness and good social skills. We find most children are natural participants.

1849 Ocean Street , Marshfield MA 781-837-9895 Check out the 2011-2012 Schedule on line www.tumblefungymnastics.com

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. . . continued from page 31

baked beans. They belong to the haricot bean (white bean) family, and cook in 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Cranberry or Roman Beans are a favorite in Italian recipes. These medium mottled tan and red beans are oval in shape, take to spices well, and are very tender with modest cooking time 45 to 60 minutes.

Great Northern Beans are another relative of the haricot bean (white bean) family but larger than navy beans yet offer a similar mild white bean taste that is great in soups and stews and in the classic French dish, cassoulet. Cooking time: 45 to 60 minutes.

Garbanzo or Chickpeas, popular in Middle East cuisine, are the basis for hummus, the bean spread spiked with garlic and olive oil. They're an imperfect round beige color and give both a nutlike flavor and firm texture. Use whole in soups or salads or grind up cooked beans for hummus or for frying for falafel balls. Modest cooking time of 30 minutes to 1 hour. Skins should be discarded because they're difficult to digest. Black-eyed Peas are the ones to bring luck into your life on New Year's Day as the Southern custom asserts. These beans are white with black dots and have a light very smooth texture. Cooking time: 30 to 60 minutes.

Limas are plump, slightly curved beans that are pale colored and come in two sizes: small baby lima and white with a creamy smooth texture or slightly larger butter beans that are pale green to white. Both are delicious alone or added to soups or casseroles. Cooking time: 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Beans are (from left to right, top to bottom): red lentils, black beans, pinto beans, French green lentils, split peas, navy beans, garbanzo beans, mung beans, and green lentils.

How to Choose Dried beans should look even in color, shape and size. It's important to rinse them before soaking to determine if there are any stray pebbles or dirt that escaped the package. Beans that look wrinkled or misshapen should be avoided. Soak dry beans according to directions, usually several hours to overnight, and cook completely from 1/2 to 2 hours. Salt after cooking to avoid toughening. Once cooked, they can be stored in the refrigerator for several

Black or Turtle Beans are medium sized black oval beans, that are popular in Caribbean cooking and adapt well to South and Central American dishes for which a heartier, earthier, smoother bean is desired. Cooking time: 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Navy Beans are not navy blue as one would expect, but small white ovals that add a mild flavor to soups and salads and can be used in Healthy Living Magazine

continued on page 34. . .


Online Issue February 2012

. . . continued from page 33

days and added to salads, rice, pasta, or stews as desired. Canned Beans can have a tremendous amount of sodium, from 140 to 500 mg for a half-cup serving, rinse canned beans thoroughly with cold water before using them to eliminate extra (but not all) of the sodium. In addition to high quantities of added salt, even low salt versions may contain additives or preservatives-

read labels, all that is necessary to preserve cooked beans in cans are the beans, water, and salt. Beans are good for your digestive system and cardiovascular system as well as overall health, SupermarketGuru suggests you go out and try a new type of bean! Phil Lempert is “The Supermarket Guru”, for more information and his free e-newsletter just log on to www.supermarketguru.com



Chickpeas Ingredients 2 (15 oz) cans chickpeas, drained 2 Tbs extra virgin olive oil 1 tsp paprika 2 tsp ground cumin ¼ tsp cayenne pepper ½ tsp fresh ground black pepper ½ tsp Kosher salt

Instructions Preheat the oven to 450° F. The first step and most important steps are to drain and then dry the chickpeas. I place them in a salad spinner and then roll them in a clean kitchen towel to get rid of as much liquid as possible. Put the chick peas in a zip lock bag and add the olive oil, paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper and black pepper. Shake the chick peas gently until they are coated evenly in the spices and oil. Next pour the contents onto a sheet pan and sprinkle on the kosher salt evenly and bake for 45 minutes turning occasionally and until they are crispy. Remove the chick peas from the oven and serve in a small dish.

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by Debbie Lyn Toomey

Fake it

‘til you

When I mention to people that I am a Laughter Yoga Leader they give me a funny look and a chuckle. “What is Laughter Yoga?” they automatically ask. I explain that it’s a style of yoga that incorporates deep diaphragmatic breathing (pranayama) Experts have with laughter exercises. I go proven on to say that that our instead of it body does being considered not recognize a mind-body the difference technique; it is between actually a bodypretend mind technique. The basic premise laughter behind Laughter from the Yoga (Hasya authentic one. Yoga) is that one can fake laughter and still gain the health benefits as if one was actually laughing. Experts have proven that our body does not recognize the difference between pretend laughter from the authentic one. Our body only knows to respond to the movements and gestures of laughter and innately produces a cascade of healing and “feel good” anti-stress hormones. Therefore, the slogan of “Fake it ‘til you make it” has become a popular mantra of Laughter Yoga.

make it!

depression, stress, dementia, fatigue, stroke, obesity, etc. Ongoing researches in this field are currently being done all over the world. Recently in the U.S, Dr Andrew Weil, Director of Integrative Medicine at University of Arizona and leading author of health and healing books, had recommended Laughter Yoga and had stated that he will be doing his own research to learn more about the benefits of Laughter Yoga.

There are over 5,000 laughter clubs all over the world. It’s so contagious that it is sweeping the nation. Laughter is a universal language that breaks so many barriers. Last December, I did a workshop for a large group of 50 Chinese seniors in Quincy. We only needed a translator for approximately one fourth of the time because they eventually knew to follow my lead. These fun loving seniors and I had a great time.

In 1995, Dr Madam Kataria developed Laughter Yoga in Mumbai, India. He was inspired by the research done by Dr. Lee Berk that had proven that laughter does have many health benefits. Another inspiration was Norman Cousin’s use of humor to cure himself of his debilitating and crippling disease. The many health benefits of laughter are being taken seriously by many experts. The following are some of the mental/emotional, as well as physical conditions that benefited from regular doses of hearty laughter: high blood pressure, diabetes, pain, cancer, low self esteem, Healthy Living Magazine

continued on page 36 . . .


Online Issue February 2012

. . . continued from page 35

A newbie can expect the following in a Laughter Yoga session. He or she can expect a trained and certified leader, an open space and a group of willing (and sometimes perplexed) individuals who have come to experience this unique program. The 5 basic steps to this class are: • Warm-up, clapping, and chanting of “HO HO HA HA HA!” •

Deep breathing exercises

Childlike playfulness and saying of the affirmation “Very good, very good, very good, Yaaaay!”

Different small segmented laughter exercises


Please view this clip to get a better idea of this wonderful and beneficial yoga. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-O2dzCC1EY&list=UUL06xIygRys2n_nsQ9A1gQ&index=1&feature=plcp

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This yoga is best enjoyed in groups. The eye to eye connection creates a wonderful social bond that creates a sense of acceptance and harmony in the group. Debbie Lyn Toomey RN, Mind-Body-Spirit Practitioner, Laughter Yoga Leader and owner of Ultimate Healing Journey that facilitates holistic evidence based workshops that lead to the ultimate healing path of self discovery and personal transformation. Our workshops inspire and motivate individuals to live wholeheartedly and spiritedly. The various unique and powerful workshops that we offer recognizes, remind and awaken the inner healer from within. www.ultimatehealingjourney.com Interested in how we can get started in the ultimate healing journey of your life? Contact Debbie for more information 617.653.2561 or Debbie.ultimatehealingjourney@gmail.com

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Exercise of the Month:  

The Pretzel

The pretzel is one of the most popular and difficult exercises in The Balance Barre repertoire. When done correctly, it strengthens the arms while sculpting muscles in the hips, back and seat area.

To perform this exercise, sit under the bar facing forward with the hips square to the bar. Bend the knees at a 45-degree angle and place one leg in front and one leg behind. In this position, reach up with both hands, grab the bar using underhand grips, and lift the back leg off the floor. Start with a series of small lifts, (about 1") 10-15 times, then press the knee back while leg remains lifted for the same count. You can also lift for 1" and press back for 1" for an amazing workout for the hip, lower back and seat muscles. To repeat, return to a resting position, switch legs by placing the back leg forward and vice versa, grasp the bar and lift the back leg slightly off the floor. Benefits  • Tightens and defines the seat muscles • Tones and slims down the sides of the waist The Balance Studio offers Yoga, Barre and Pilates classes located at 15 Depot Court Cohasset MA. for more log onto  www.balancestudiocohasset.com

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Online Issue February 2012

by Trisha Matthies


The month of February brings the celebration of Valentines Day. Let’s face it; this has always been a chick holiday! Unfortunately, the main focus of the holiday has always been “romantic love.” As women, many of us have used the day as a misguided barometer to measure the amount of love in our lives. Therefore, we tend to add a lot of pressure to our emotional state concerning our romantic attachments or non attachment. For those women who have a date for this holiday, the risk of disappointment can be even greater when high expectations of long stemmed red roses, sappy sentimental cards, or romantic elegant dinners are often not met. Whether you are 16, or 66, the holiday can leave many women feeling disappointed, alone or unloved. What is love? Well, the dictionary uses simple words to describe love, such as devotion, respect, caring, and affection. Interestingly, a healthy loving relationship does not have to be romantic love. There are many ways to fill your life and your heart with love. Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Look no further, in the words of the 90’s rock band Tesla,  “love is all around you, love is knocking outside your door.”   So you question, where can I find all this love . . . I’m glad you asked. There are lots of opportunities of where, who, and how you can discover or create fulfilling love relationships in your life.   1. Family: It doesn’t matter if your family consists of siblings, one parent, or a crazy aunt; they are your family and your history. They have been there from the beginning. While some of us are blessed with a natural

closeness to our family members, others may have an urge to run for the hills to avoid family functions. Nevertheless, our families are a starting point for lessons on love and relationships, focusing on acceptance. 2. Elderly: We all know someone who is older and perhaps lives alone, or in a nursing home. In today’s busy world our elders are often over looked. It is such a pleasure to spend time with them and enjoy their slower calmer pace. They are a wealth of knowledge, and stories. We sometimes forget that they have experienced many of the things we are going through and have wonderful words of wisdom to give us. They offer us love in the form of their friendship and gratitude for a little company over a cup of tea.   3. Children: When was the last time you ran barefoot through the grass, caught fire flies, or had a bubble gum blowing contest? Well, if you can’t remember, then it is time you made a play date with your favorite little person. Children are always good for a laugh and more importantly they help you to reawaken your child within. They give us simply, the love of life.   4. Animals: Only our pets can offer us unconditional love that is not attached to buying the latest and greatest play station game, or making the worlds best dinner. All that our four legged friends request from us is to love them in return. Amazingly, a belly rub and a walk together will give you a lifetime of their undying devotion. They teach us the true meaning of unconditional and loyal love.   5. Friends: It is our friends that know us better than we know ourselves. They know

For Love!

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continued on page 40 . . .


Online Issue February 2012

Making a Difference

At the Magical Moon Foundation they "Nurture and Empower children with cancer." When children come to the Magical Moon Foundation, they’re knighted into a fellowship of brave young knights. They soon join their friends in a united mission to build a healthy Earth Kingdom where children won’t get cancer. It is the mission of The Magical Moon Foundation to support children and families faced with cancer. While there are many wonderful organizations that support cancer research, the MMF is unique in being a nonprofit organization that focuses on empowering children to use their inner strengths to manifest miracles in their lives. The magic behind the Magical Moon begins by encouraging children to find the warrior within. Rather than kids fighting cancer, they become brave young Knights turning their struggles into motivation. Each child becomes part of a fellowship of Rainbow Warriors with a united mission to change the world in honor of their cancer. They’re “knighted” in a circle of knights and forge unbreakable bonds with other children in the same battle. Throughout their journey, our children grow stronger and more centered, and they build lasting legacies through their courage and resilience. At the Magical Moon, we feel honored to be in the presence of these young Light Beings who are changing the world and us. Iʼm Hi,Hi,I’m Sir Lexie, Sir Lexie, The Legend of Love, The Legend of Love, and this is my friend, Hailey, Knight of Hugs

I am aWeʼre realrealknight of the knights of the Magical Moon Foundation. Magical Moon Foundation. AT OUR FOUNDATION WE NURTURE AND EMPOWER CHILDREN WITH CANCER

I’m personally devoted to helping my fellow knights I’m personally devoted to helping my fellow knights survivors of be survivors ofbecancer cancer using all the information WE KNOW WAYS TO SCARE usingandallexperience the information and experience that that has helped me THOSE CREEPY OLD CANCER from when I was very small. I’m CELLS OFF TO SUGAR LAND has helped me from when I was very small. doing everything within my power WHERE THEY THRIVE ON JUNK and strength to help find new ways to eliminate cancer altogether. I’ve learned that through a healthy, well thought out eating plan I have been able to stay strong and resilient while learning great ways to weaken those creepy cancer cells

I’m doing everything within my power and strength to help find new ways to eliminate cancer altogether. I’ve learned that through a healthy, well thought out eating plan I have been able to stay strong and resilient while learning great ways to weaken those creepy cancer cells in my body. Now I want to share this valuable information with all my friends. WE KNOW WAYS TO SCARE THOSE CREEPY OLD CANCER CELLS OFF TO SUGAR LAND WHERE THEY THRIVE ON JUNK FOOD THAT’S FILLED WITH CHEMICALS! A cookbook for kids surviving cancer, tested and approved by kids with cancer! Dedicated to Sir Kyle the Cook

Sir Lexie, the Legend of Love and cooking guru, Georgia Manzio hold a taste, testing day for the knights. Everything was yummy and so healthy!

Le Please join Lexie’s army of support and donate We’re going on an to Lexie’s Gift , a cook book to help her adventure: fellow knights survive cancer. We’re a 501(C) “Eating the Rainbow” (3) organization that takes direction from the children we represent. Nothing in this has been created without the approval of Lexie Williams. Send donations to Lexie’s Gift c/o The Please Magical join Lexie’s army Moon of support Foundation and donate to PO Box 83 Lexie’s Gift , a cook book to help Marshfield Hills, her fellow knights survive cancer.MA 02051 or go to www.magicalmoon.org to donate online. Weʼre a 501(C)(3) organization that takes direction from the children we 800.840.0205


Healthy Living Magazine


represent. Nothing in this has been created without the approval of Lexie Williams.

Send donations to Lexieʼs Gift c/o The Magical Moon Foundation Online Issue February 2012 PO BOX 83 Marshfield Hills, MA 02051

A cook kids su cancer and app kids wit


. . . continued from page 38

when to comfort us, encourage us, and even when to tell us when we are wrong. A true friend will offer her advice, but not be upset if we decide not to follow it. Friends are the family we choose. They demonstrate their love through their understanding and support. 6. Charity: Reaching out to others in need is a true act of love. Helping those less fortunate than yourself brings an instant awareness of your own life’s blessings. If you give of yourself, do it with sincerity, not guilt or ego. Giving your time and energy to a cause you believe in creates a self worth within your heart that has nothing to do with romance and everything to do with humanity and compassion.   7. Angels: That’s right, I believe in angels. I have found that those who also believe in these spiritual beings can feel their love and guidance. When times are difficult, everyone could use a little help from a special someone. Read and study about angels and try to connect with your own. They offer us love through spiritual strength.

Healthy Living Magazine

8. SELF: It maybe time you rediscover yourself. Soul search and reconnect with your desires, needs, and dreams. Be adventurous and try a new class, sport, or hobby. Allow your self the nurturing and healing touch of a massage, manicure, or reiki session. Give yourself the gift of quiet time to meditate, read, or take a walk. Learn to enjoy your own company and you will never feel alone. Be your own best friend. This will bring you the greatest love of all…yourself! This Valentines Day, I wish you a heart and life full of love.

For over fifteen years, Trisha Matthies has used various healing techniques, allowing her to offer her clients a unique blend of methods utilizing Reiki, crystals, guided meditations, aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic techniques, and sound vibration. She is also the owner of The Healing Moon Wellness Center, previously in Norwood, now located in Foxboro Center. If you are ready to make a positive change to your life, Ms Matthies will assist you on your path towards healing, peace, and balance. Contact Trisha at 508.543.5522 or visit her website at www.TheHealingMoon.com


Online Issue February 2012

Make a Healthy

by Andrea S. Cohen


Heart health has been on my mind quite a bit this past year. I had a close family member diagnosed with two complex, co-occurring heart conditions that for many months confounded even the brilliant and curious team of doctors at MA General Hospital. These conditions were causing inflammation and hardening of the heart and eventually led to a wonderfully successful surgery that has been lifechanging for the recipient. The reward for participating in this year long journey is an awesome appreciation for my own ticker and a strong desire to take on a more vigorous role in its care and wellbeing. The guiding principles that evolved are a combination of my personal experience in conjunction with my work as a mind-body nutrition coach.     Our heart, along with our arteries, veins, and blood, makes up our cardiovascular system. The heart pumps oxygenated blood from our lungs to the rest of our body. Then it pumps our oxygen-depleted blood back through our body to oxygenate and continue the flow. If fatty deposits build up in our arteries restricting blood flow, (atherosclerosis), we are at greater risk of heart disease. Atherosclerosis can be of concern elsewhere in the body too. Wherever there is restricted blood flow, tissue damage can occur. For years, high cholesterol was considered the largest life-style risk for these fatty deposits.

Healthy Living Magazine

Today there is a growing awareness around the different types of cholesterol. · Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is the cholesterol that oxidizes and is believed to cause much of the damage in our cardio system · High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is the cholesterol that is believed to protect against heart disease

High blood pressure can also lead to damage inside the arteries. Here are some things to consider if you are inquisitive about lifestyle modifications for heart health. A. Eat more antioxidant rich foods; extra virgin olive oil, soy oil, peanuts, brazil nuts, strawberries, apples, oranges, sweet potatoes, broccoli, kale, barley, brown rice, oatmeal, wheat germ, sunflower seeds. B. Eat more whole foods that are high in fiber (fiber helps to move food and waste through our system); beans, lentils, split peas, rolled oats (instant is not as high in fiber), fruit, ground flaxseed. C. Eat more unsaturated fats; extra virgin olive oil, evening primrose oil, nuts and seeds, flaxseed oil. Keep in mind that the American Medical Association, American Heart Association, and the Food and Drug Administration all recommend low to no intake of trans fats. continued on page 42 . . .


Online Issue February 2012

Yoga Pose of the Month by Emma Boyle

Matsyansana - Fish Pose

The beautiful supported fish pose, literally expands the heart muscle, making it such an incredible stretch physically, but also consider the energetic effects of moving through your life leading with a beautiful shining and healthy open heart . . .

. . . extend the spine over a comfortable pillow allow the arms to drape out to the sides and legs to sink into the floor, spine and neck beautifully stretching and aligning in absolute supported bliss. DragonFly Yoga Studio Emma Boyle Yoga Teacher & Owner. Freight House, 844 Webster Street, Marshfield shiveashakti@gmail.com 781.696.1266 www.emmasdragonflyyogastudio.com

. . . continued from page 41

D. Stress less; daily relaxation techniques can help decrease the formation of free radicals (not as cool as they sound!). Free radicals can cause more LDL cholesterol oxygenation. E. Move your body; exercise helps you to maintain a body weight that supports your best health, can be a great stress release, and lowers blood pressure levels.     Be sure to check your blood pressure on BOTH arms. If one reading is significantly higher than the other this can indicate a blockage and give you vital information. Be aware of your LDL cholesterol, most doctors recommend to keep it under 100. If you are pre-diabetic, you are at high risk for heart disease. Avoiding foods with added sugars and enjoying more proteins and whole grains can help to stabilize your Healthy Living Magazine

blood sugar. In summary, eat more healthy fats, whole grains, and high fiber foods; this will help keep the cholesterol in your intestinal system and out of your blood stream. Break a sweat! If you do not have an exercise routine, twenty minutes a day is a splendid start. And always remember, although we give love from our hearts, we must also give love to our hearts. The benefits are life-changing. Andrea S. Cohen’s passionate and dedicated food journey began over twenty years ago while reading the bestselling 1971 book, Diet for a Small Planet. While learning about the global food industry, she became aware that food was so much greater than just calories, taste, or even family tradition. As she began to comprehend the social, political, and economic significance of food production and distribution, Andrea felt compelled to make vast changes in her life that continue to resonate deep into her personal and professional life today. Certified Food Psychology Coach FULL CIRCLE FOOD COACHING www.fullcirclefoodcoaching.com


Online Issue February 2012

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Stop. Breathe. Reflect. Choose. by Robert Lawrence Friedman

cases, speaking to a There are many trained professional ways to deal or clinical with stress. hypnotherapist can Generally speaking, be helpful. the first step to making any type of A cognitive approach change is having that may be helpful awareness. If you when dealing with notice that you are stress is called stressed, the first "Stop, Breathe, place to focus on are Reflect, Choose." In your thoughts. If you Write down all of your thoughts in a this technique the can learn to master moment you find your thoughts, you period of three to five minutes. yourself getting will master your very upset thinking stress. There are about your stressor, think to yourself "Stop", many strategies for dealing with stressful then take a deep breath in. The deep breath thoughts. in triggers the body's relaxation response. Then "Reflect" and ask yourself what is the most Here are a few: positive thought you can have out of all the possibilities, and finally "Choose" the thought One strategy is to write down all of your that creates the least amount of stress. thoughts in a period of three to five minutes. Sometimes our thoughts spiral out of control Remember, you are creating your own stress because we are not really examining them, through the thoughts and imagery you are but moreso reacting to them. As you write projecting. The latest brain research shows that down all of your thoughts, you may start to the same brain centers light up whether you are notice certain patterns emerging. For instance, imagining something or if it is really happening. you might notice that you are writing a great When you visualize your stressor, your body acts deal about your fears. If so, the next step is as if it is actually happening and your will get to ask yourself, what is the real possibility of stressed in that moment. something like that happening? See if there are other issues going on within you that are With that in mind, it is important to train your causing you to fear. The simple act of writing mind to focus on positive images so that you about them can help abate some of the can help your body stay calm, centered and emotions. relaxed. You may notice that a certain image keeps Robert Lawrence Friedman is the author of the book popping into your mind. Think about the “How to Relax in 60 Seconds or Less” and “The Healing Power of the Drum image and write about it, write about – A Psychotherapist the emotions that you associate with the Explores the Healing Power of Rhythm,” which investigates the use of rhythm as a stress reliever. image(s). See if those emotions are familiar to you. Ask yourself if the emotions you are feeling are similar to other emotions you've had. Is this part of a larger pattern? In some Healthy Living Magazine


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Things to Know Before

Starting a Business In addition, don’t overlook the exit strategy at the beginning. Do you want your children to take over the company? Do you want to sell it? It’s critical to think about these questions from the start, as the building blocks of your company (such as legal structure) should vary depending on your preferred final outcome.

by Nellie Akalp

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

An entrepreneur’s life can be a real roller coaster. Having started a few businesses in my career, I thought it would be useful to highlight some of the hard-won experience I’ve learned throughout the process — the kind of advice I wish I’d known when I started my first, or even second, business.

2. Don’t Get Stuck in the Past My husband and I launched our first online legal document filing service in 1997, and then re-entered the market with our second company in 2009. While our previous experience certainly gave us a leg up the second time around, we soon realized the market landscape had changed dramatically since our first company. We had to stop dwelling on previous competitors, customer needs and service expectations and write a brand new playbook.


1. Don’t Underestimate a Business Plan If you’re not seeking outside funding at the start, it’s tempting to forgo writing out a formal business plan. However, taking the time to write out your business plan, forecasts and marketing strategy is a particularly effective way to hone your vision. All planning should center around two essential questions: How is my business serving a particular need or pain point, and does this represent a major market opportunity?

The marketplace and your business plan are living entities; they’re continually in flux. Whether it’s your first company or fifth in a given market, you’ve got to keep asking: What do we need to do today?

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3. Don’t Hire Friends I form bonds quickly and make fast friends with people around me. While I generally consider this a positive trait, it has created some difficult situations when running a business. At times I have been reluctant to let employees go even though I know it’s not a good fit. If things aren’t working out between an employee and

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The April Deadline Approaches by Pat Masters

Some tips to help you choose a tax preparer

return. Good preparers will ask to see your records and receipts and will ask you multiple questions.

Most of us want the best value for our dollars when having our tax returns prepared. Now, this doesn’t mean the cheapest or most expensive . . . it means . . . 1 Check preparer’s qualifications. As of 1/1/2011, all paid tax return preparers are required to have a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). If you do not see a PTIN on the bottom right hand corner of page 2 OR if you see the words “self- prepared’ at the bottom of page 2 . . . get a new preparer!! 2 Check preparer’s history. Check to see the preparer’s licensing status with the state board of accountancy for certified public accountants, the state bar association for attorneys and the IRS Office of Enrollment for enrolled agents… no one else is licensed. The new RTRP’s ’s (Registered Tax Return Preparers) do not become licensed until after they pass the RTRP test and are notified by the IRS.

7 NEVER EVER sign a blank tax return OR e-file form. 8 Review the entire return before signing. Make sure you understand everything and are comfortable with the accuracy of the return. Although the preparer signs the return and includes his/her PTIN, you are responsible for the accuracy of every item on your return. FYI, if an error is found after the return is filed, the return can be amended. 9 The preparer must give you a signed copy of your tax return. Pat Masters, Enrolled Agent owner of TaxLady EA. 781 293.1040 Pat has been preparing tax returns for over 45 years and passed the EA exam in the Fall of 1992. She prepares individual, business, corporate, estate,trust and non-profit returns as well as year round bookkeeping services (she has been the full-charge bookkeeper for several firms in both MA and NH).

3 Ask about fees. Avoid preparers who base their fee on a percentage of your refund OR claim they can obtain larger refunds than other preparers. Always make sure any refund due to you is sent directly to you or deposited into your bank account. 4 If your preparer does not offer electronic filing . . . get a new preparer. E-filing is mandatory effective 1/1/2012. 5 Make sure the preparer is accessible. If you cannot contact your tax preparer (or the company) after the return has been filed OR after the April due date, you might want to get a new preparer as the IRS and MA DOR send notices . . . year round !! 6 Provide all records and receipts needed to prepare your Healthy Living Magazine



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startup, it’s time to put feelings aside and trust that the person will find a better situation elsewhere. Unfortunately, I’ve also learned that people can let you down, ranging from laziness to fraud. I still believe that faith in people is a good thing. However, blind faith can bring trouble.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail Soccer coach Sven-Goran Eriksson once said, “The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” An entrepreneur’s path is uncharted and sometimes a little bumpy. It’s easy to get stressed or downright panicked, but you cannot let fear prevent you from following your dreams. Think of it this way: the sooner you fail, the closer you are to discovering what works.

4. Don’t Dive in Without a Plan Just like the business plan, it’s critical to think through any initiative you wish to launch. When you’re in the midst of startup fever, it’s easy to get wrapped up with every new idea. However, be careful of losing focus. Moving forward is critical for any startup, and constantly switching directions can impede this forward progress. With each new idea, step back and think how it fits into your company’s overall goal and vision, then create a plan for how to make it happen.

Conclusion While you can’t guarantee the outcome of any new venture, you can stack the odds in your favor. These are six lessons I’ve learned over time and countless others are out there. If you’re open, you can gain wisdom from everything you try and gather insight from fellow entrepreneurs. Nellie Akalp CEO & Co-Founder of CorpNet. Empowering female entrepreneur who loves helping small businesses succeed through her small business. Westlake Village, CA www.corpnet.com

5. Don’t Fall Into a Discount Trap 1/2 OFF At the beginning, too many young for a companies feel the pressure to heavily Limited discount their Time prices in order to win business. While Only!! customer acquisition is important, attracting customers at unsustainable price levels will just result in a race to the bottom. After all, raising your prices on goods and certain services can be a tricky proposition. I’ve learned that you’re better off in the long run focusing on how to bring more value to customers, rather than simply slashing your prices.

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Healthy Small Business Promotions by Ginny Just

Tip of the Month

unusual or noteworthy of late? Say you own an organic bakery and you have donated a portion of your baked goods to local food pantries. Or you have a chiropractic practice where you are giving free screenings to your community. What about a hair dresser that donates their services to returning veterans?

Small businesses need to promote what they do. In a tough economy, that is often the very last thing that a small business actually does. Why? Because we all fear that we will not have the money to do those promotions with other expenses. The fact is . . . a bad economy is just when you have to promote your business the most! Too many businesses have died during these economic times. If you are still in business, we congratulate you! And you wouldn’t want this question asked of your business: “Are they still around?” These tips may help you decide what kind of promotions could work best for you.

If you do something that helps others in your community it is a great way to let your world know about your business and you. And if it is newsworthy it shouldn’t cost you a dime! Just Associates, a graphic design and art direction studio based in Holbrook MA was founded in 1988 by Virginia Just. She has been a graphic designer since 1975, having worked in large, medium and small ad agencies and design studios in the Boston area. http://www.facebook.com/ JustAssociates

Tip #1: Local Newspapers. Have you or your business done something

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Training Center

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There’s a fine balance between what’s best for your landscape and what’s best for your family. This is why Aspenn Environmental Services of New England is proud to be an industry leader in the use of environmentally responsible products for Outdoor pest control, tree and shrub spraying and injecting. Applications control Lyme Disease Ticks, Caterpillars, Adelgids, and 200 other pests that damage landscape.

Visit the Plant Health Care Professionals at www.treeandlawncare.com CALL (888) 418-BUGS GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET YOU!


Capacity: 40 - 50 Classroom Style 65 - 75 Theater Style


• LCD Projector & Screen •White board &/or Flip chart • Kitchen Use • Wireless internet/WIFI • Advertising • Free parking

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South Of Boston

Changes and

How to Make the Most of Them

1. Easier and More Streamlined Navigation. The first thing you'll notice with the new Twitter is that navigating has become a lot easier and more streamlined. With just one click on any update, you can now get all the information you need from a tweet. 2 and 3. Twitter Brand Pages and Embeddable Tweets. Evidently, one of the biggest changes coming for businesses is Twitter brand pages alongside the new embeddable tweets function. While only 21 brands were given access to creating their page, it is said to soon be accessible to everyone else. Healthy Living Magazine

4. The New, Much Faster TweetDeck. Another equally significant announcement from Twitter is that the new TweetDeck has been unveiled. As a heavy TweetDeck user myself, there is one most important improvement I see right away: TweetDeck is no longer an Adobe Air App, which means it is less sluggish to use. 5. The New iPhone and Android Apps for Twitter. Twitter's new mobile clients for Android and iPhone have been a huge success. The experience, much like the new Twitter.com, has been greatly improved and streamlined for you.  


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by Catherine Meunier

To be awake while asleep Is an easy task to do Many answers will run deep When questioning what is true

Each moment is a treasure When first you see Wealth beyond measure It is meant to be

See that what is Belong to the NOW To each other give An unconditional vow

To be asleep while awake Is the way of most The truth is always at stake As reality is lost

Help those not awake To see their own light Then we will make The earth become bright

To help Mother Earth Become all she might Have faith in the worth To do what is right

How may we see With eyes wide shut This is not meant to be Step out of your rut

Share all your love With those who except Thank all from above With the deepest respect

By closing the mind Removing it's clutter We still have time To save one another

Live life in the NOW It is all you have All angels will vow To help us be saved

No purpose is served While staying asleep The more you observe Your freedom to keep

Awaken to NOW Step out of the dream Being present is how The light will then beam

Start looking around Accept from the knowing Your soul will be found As your light is growing

The ego has plans To be in control The heart now demands To nurture your soul

Above and below A new way is breaking Teach all to grow To the awakening

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Vi d eo S ol u t ions

Businesses of all sizes use online video in e-marketing strategies. Build brand awareness. Generate leads. Increase traffic to your website and social media channels.

Use Healthy Living Video! A wide range of Rich Media solutions enabling production of online video content. Easy and Effective. Create a one of a kind video highlighting your services, products or educational tutorial video. Promote your company, drive traffic to your website and increase sales with an online video on your website.

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Be factual: Provide information, but don’t embellish or offer opinions.

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MILTON, MA Friday Once a Month RESTORATIVE YOGA - renewing restoring the body mind and bathing it in loving-kindness meditation. Other classes and workshops. Fern Ross Israel, MA LMHC Helping individuals navigate difficulty with skillful means, wider perspectives and equanimity. 617.696.1665 flowingchi@comcast.net www.heartcenteredhealing.org

KINGSTON February 17th Friday 7-9pm Private readings. Psychic Medium. Receive healing assistance through greater insight into yourself and your life. Connect with loved ones from the higher side of life and gain healing through the knowledge that we continue after the change called death. $30/30 mins. Call Nora at 508-280-1523 newdayhealing@verizon.net www.newdayhealing.com

NORTH ANDOVER, MA Ongoing Thursday nights-Twin Hearts and Full Moon Meditations. 7 pm MCKS Pranic Healing. Miriam G. Smith 978.683.6129 www.PranicHealingNE.com mgsenergy@comcast.net

WOBURN, MA Tuesdays at 7PM, starting MARCH 6th 4-week course “Women Empowered for Total Wellness: Accessing Your Personal Power to Create the Life You Most Deeply Desire” with Kim D’Eramo, D.O. 781-489-3422 www.YouAttractWellness.com

NORTH ANDOVER, MA Alternate Thursday nights- Pathwork Lecture Discussion Group – 8:15 pm following meditation MCKS Pranic HealingMiriam G. Smith 978.683.6129 www.PranicHealingNE.com

WELLESLEY, MA Thursdays at noon, starting MARCH 8th 4-week course “Women Empowered for Total Wellness: Accessing Your Personal Power to Create the Life You Most Deeply Desire” with Kim D’Eramo, D.O. 781-489-3422 www.YouAttractWellness.com

NORTH ANDOVER, MA Ongoing Wednesday afternoons 2:00 – 4:00 pm Stress Relief Clinic MCKS Pranic Healing Miriam G. Smith 978.683.6129 www.PranicHealingNE.com

KINGSTON February 17th Friday — 9 – 11 AM KaiZen Computer Training Digital Photo Workshop Organize, edit, format, compress, send, and print your photos efficiently and effectively! COST: $40 68 Evergreen Street, #6, Kingston, MA Call: 781-585-1619 or deb.kane@kaizencomputing.com www.kaizencomputing.com

SAGAMORE Third Thursday Each Month - 5:30pm PEACE ohm MIND. Empowering young people with the power of their own energy is wonderful. Learning to trust and understand your personal life force energy is empowering. I’ll be demonstrating techniques that help to reduce stress and build self reliance and trust. We will explore dowsing, Reiki, Sound Healing, Soul Language, & Meditation.112 State Road Rt 3A, Sagamore Beach, MA $10.00

Bridgewater, MA February 18th Saturday — 11-1 p.m. Interested in eating organic, but think it’s too expensive? Come to Bridgewater State University library and listen to author, national speaker, and founder of Choose Wiser Kristi Marsh talk about eating organic with a budget friendly attitude. The event is free and open to the public. For current workshop updates go to www.choosewiser.com

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FOXBORO, MA February 18th Saturday — 3 - 5 pm Monthly Women’s Circle with Ruth Gopen. As women, we tend to put everyone else’s needs and goals before our own. With special monthly topics pertinent to ALL women, we use group discussion, guided meditation, writing and art to help each other discover our True and Strong Authentic Selves! 3rd Sat. each month. $28. The Healing Moon Wellness Center / 34 School St Foxboro www.thehealingmoon.com 508-543-5522


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KINGSTON February 21 Tuesday— 6 – 8 PM KaiZen Computer Training QuickBooks Workshop CPA Alison Edmands from WayPoint Accounting will help you to navigate around and utilize the tools more effectively. cost: $40 68 Evergreen Street, #6, Kingston, MA Call: 781-585-1619 or deb.kane@kaizencomputing.com www.kaizencomputing.com QUINCY February 22nd Wednesday — 7-9 pm Cards and Cocktails with Ronnie Shaffer at The Common Market in Quincy. The readings are $20 for 10 minutes, reservations suggested. 97 Willard Street Quincy 617-773-9532 NORWELL February 23rd Thursday 7:15-9:15pm Mediumship Circle with RonnieShaffer. An Evening filled with Spirit connection and Skills and Tools for your Practice. All levels are welcome. ANGELS OF LIGHT HEALING CENTER IN NORWELL, MA or Call 781-857-2353 for more information. WHITMAN, MA February 23rd Thursday — Standing Strong is a program for self-defense taught age-appropriate by Lee-Ann Trigler. Standing Strong has been taught to businesses and Adult Education Programs along with a regular workshop at The Hanson Holistic Center. 6-8:30pm $35. Call 781.447.3815 to register. Held at the Whitman Wellness Center. 7 Marble Street, #B12 Whitman www.whitmanwellnesscenter.com FOXBORO, MA February 24th Friday — 6:30-8 pm How Old is Your Soul Workshop with Trish Matthies. Are you an old soul…or young soul?...come find out! Learn about the 5 Ages of souls and the 7 different stages of each age; soul families; and twin souls. Gain a deeper understanding of why people have certain tendencies and actions. Based on book “Messages from Michael”. $30. The Healing Moon Wellness Center, 34 School St Foxboro www.thehealingmoon.com 508.543.5522

HINGHAM, MA February 24th,25th & 26th Friday - Sunday 25 Hour Breath Intensive with Ed Harrold Dancing Crow Yoga Fay Sutherland 98 Derby Street, Suite 440. Behind Crate & Barrel. 781.836.5150 www.dancingcrowyoga.com NORWELL, MA February 25th & 26th Saturday & Sunday — Magnified Healing Certification w/Cristina Burke, Master Teacher/Healer from 10-5 p.m. This is an incredible Healing Modality working with the energies of Kuan Yin, and the Violet Flame. A wonderful addition to all Healing Modalities. $265.00 Certificate upon completion 617-957-1783 www.divinetouchreiki.vp.com BOSTON February 25 Saturday 12 - 2pm. Please come and join me, Deborah Livingston, at my very first and exciting book signing for my memoir Strand of Pearls~One Woman’s Journey to Light and Peace, In Strand of Pearls, I invite the reader into the most painful, raw moments of my past so that the light of the present might shine brighter—as an invitation to others to embrace hope, faith, and gratitude in their lives. I will be at the 62nd Annual New England Home Show at the Seaport World Trade Center. I will be at the Healthy Living Magazine exhibit table for a book signing KINGSTON February 29th Wednesday —7-9pm. Help Yourself – Learn about your energetic self and your ability to change your life and manifest your desires. Learn how to change the patterns in your life and create movement toward your goals. Healing meditation included. Limited to 15 participants. Free. Donations welcomed. Call Nora (508) 280-1523. newdayhealing@verizon.net www.newdayhealing.com

Scituate February 24 Friday — 7-9 p.m. At Footprints Holistic, Scituate. Join us as we welcome Cathi Burke, Who will attune to the energies of Majesta, Illumina, Trinlar, Stillaire, Linar, Jazielle, Faeylore and Shashille on this incredible Journey of Healing, movement and light, followed by channeled messages for all. $25.00 Call Cathi at 781-871-1740 to reserve your space. Limited to 10 participants. www.footprintsholistic.com Healthy Living Magazine

Scituate The first Friday of each month 7pm At Footprints Holistic, Scituate. Join us for Meditation. This Group is for beginners or the seasoned in Meditation. We typically do a relaxation meditation and a guided meditation. Suggested donation $10.00. Call Ann Finnie for details and to rsvp 781-545-2663

February 29th-April 25th, Wednesday— 7-8pm.

8 Week Teleconference Your Heart’s Desire Coaching Workshop. Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want, based on the work of Sonia Choquette. Learn 8 powerful principles that build upon each other every week to help you harness the energy of the Law of Creativity and Manifestation. You can create 2012 to be the best year of your life! Weekly email support available for further growth and understanding. Cost:



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abington March 5th Monday- 7 - 8:15 p.m

$160. Debbie Lyn Toomey RN, Six Sensory Teacher TM, 617 653-2561 Debbie.ultimatehealingjourney@gmail.com www.Ultimatehealingjourney.com

NORTH WEYMOUTH March 31st Saturday Reiki Level III/Reiki Master. You will review the Level II symbols, learn the last symbol for spiritual healing and highest vibration for the Reiki Master, learn how to pass attunements, how to attune and make Reiki water and how to set up a Reiki business. $295.00 51 Broad Reach, North Weymouth, MA 02191 Maureen Spencer, RN, M.Ed. 781 864-2130 www.reikicertification.com Time: 10am - 5pm WEYMOUTH March 1st - April 26th Thursday’s 3:30-4:30pm - Your Hearts Desire - 8 week

STOUGHTON, MA Monday March 5 — 6:30pm

Join us in creating Vision Boards under the guidance of Janet Fontana RN,MA to help manifest your goals (either one or several). Cost: $45 Contact: www.janetfontana.com or deb@debklezmer.com or 781-775-6183

QUINCY Wednesday, March 7th 7-9 pm

Cards and Cocktails with Ronnie Shaffer at The Common Market in Quincy. The readings are $20 for 10 minutes, reservations suggested. 97 Willard Street Quincy 617-773-9532

mentoring workshop. Learn Law of Creativity and Manifestation principles, Based on the work of Sonia Choquette. Facilitated by Debbie Toomey RN, Six Sensory Teacher, trained by Sonia Choquette. Cost $160.00 but value is priceless! Debbie 617 653-2561 Debbie.ultimatehealingjourney@gmail.com. $20 discount if you and a friend decide to join. Weymouth Health Care Center, 64 Performance Drive, Weymouth, MA

SAGAMORE BEACH March 8 & 22 Thursday 6:30 – 8 p.m.

PEMBROKE March 1st Thursday 6:30-7:30pm

Runner’s Workshop. Help prevent Lower Extremity Injuries. IT Band syndrome, Patellofemoral pain, Achilles tendonitis, muscle pulls, hip pain. This workshop is free but with limited space preregistration required! 31 Schoosett Street Pembroke MA. Contact Tim Kaufman DPT 508-746-6922 www.longpondpt.com

FOXBORO, MA March 3th Saturday — 2 - 4pm

Abundance Crystal Grid Workshop with Trish Matthies. Open to receiving Abundance in every form. This grid helps you release negative blocks around prosperity; opens you to gratitude and worthiness; & offers the flow of abundance. Focusing on your Sacral Chakra to help you manifest your emotions and desires. Cost: $38. The Healing Moon Wellness Center 34 School St Foxboro 508-543-5522 www.thehealingmoon.com

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MEDITATION & RELAXATION with Ronnie Shaffer. Discover techniques to relax and reduce stress and tension in your life, especially during 2012 with Ronnie Shaffer 500 Groveland Street - Abington, MA. Cost: $10.00 Any questions: vas4@comcast.net or call 781-857-2353.

Hypnotic Book Club. You Can Change your Life - Louise Hay. The Hypnotic Book Club focuses on the principles and instrumental steps to practice from some best sellers. Two sessions a month to discuss the principles and enjoy a hypnosis session to instill into our subconscious mind the fundamental steps to naturally adapt to change. COST: $60. PEACE ohm MIND 112 State Road, Sagamore Beach, MA 508-833-2429 www.PEACEohmMIND.com

KINGSTON March 9th Friday 1–3pm

KaiZen Open House! Come in to meet the instructors, see the training center, and find out more about KaiZen’s computer training workshops! 68 Evergreen Street, #6, Kingston, 781-585-1619 or Email: deb. kane@kaizencomputing.com www.kaizencomputing.com

MILTON, MA March 9th FRIDAY — 7pm - 9pm.

Restorative yoga. Rest restore and renew your body mind continum in supported resting positions; coupled with metta ( or Loving Kindness) meditation. The Class is designed to physiologically induce relaxation and attune the participant to a higher frequency of love and compassion. No experience in yoga is needed. Call Fern Israel at 617 696-1665 or flowingchi@comcast. net to register Cost is $30 for the 2hr. class. www.heartcenteredhealing.net


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WESTWOOD March 10th Saturday— 7pm - 9pm.

BRIDGEWATER, MA March 18th Sunday —10:30 to 5pm

NORTH WEYMOUTH March 18th Sunday Reiki Level II Certification. You will learn three of the four Reiki symbols - one for Physical healing and movement of energy, one for emotional clearing and one for mental healing from afar (“absentia healing”).$200.00 51 Broad Reach, North Weymouth, MA 02191 Maureen Spencer, RN, M.Ed. 781 864-2130 www.reikicertification.com

CARVER March 18th Sunday - 9:30 - 6:00pm Discover Your Inner You - Come & discover your inner you, release the past, sever cords, release karma, ignite love & the new radiant you, manifest your desires & more. $189. Call Jodi, Blue Angel Healing 781-964-6606 www.blueangelhealing.webs.com

A Talk on the meaning of Spiritual Growth and Healing with Ed Williamson. Come join Ed for an evening of exploration, realization and healing. Learn practices that will help us turn inward toward self discovery and healing. At The Center at Westwoods, 590 Gay Street, Westwood. 508.543.5522 $20:00 Register edsteachings@msn.com www.edsteachings.com

Intermediate Level IET ( Integrated Energy Therapy) Certification class prerequisite Basic IET presented by Rachelle Croteau. Recieve an intermediate level attunement. Learn about the many layers of the human energy field and gain the ability to assist in clearing karmic imprints. 1355 Pleasant St. Bridgewater. 508 697 2334 Rachelle333888@gmail.com www.upliftingconnections.com

FOXBORO, MA March 18th Sunday — 2 -6 pm Nine Essential Herbs with Sha Staford The Loonwitch. Cull down your herb cabinet to just nine essential herbs for your everyday life for cooking, healing and magic. Discover ancient and modern wisdom, folk lore, and recipes for a delicious, healthy and charmed life. Sample snacks, make healing products and create a little magick too! COST: $60 The Healing Moon Wellness Center / 34 School St Foxboro www.thehealingmoon.com 508.543.5522

BRIDGEWATER, MA March 15th Thursday —

Clearing Karma using Angels (IET Karma Clearing Process) with Rachelle Croteau; Clear Unwanted reoccurring patterns in your life with the angels help. Leave this class with some techniques to support this process. 6:30pm - 8pm 508 697 2334 Rachelle333888@gmail.com $25. 1355 Pleasant St. Bridgewater www.upliftingconnections.com

FOXBORO, MA March 16th Friday — What’s Your Soul’s Role Workshop with Trish Matthies. Are you a King?... or Servant? Come find out your soul’s role, you may be surprised at what you discover! Learn about the 7 Roles of souls and the positive and negative traits of each role. You will never look at people the same again! Based on book “Messages from Michael”. $30. The Healing Moon Wellness Center / 34 School St Foxboro www.thehealingmoon.com 508.543.5522 KINGSTON, MA March 16th Friday — 7pm - 9pm

Private readings. Psychic Medium. Receive healing assistance through greater insight into yourself and your life. Connect with loved ones from the higher side of life and gain healing through the knowledge that we continue after the change called death. $30/30 mins. Call Nora at (508) 280-1523 to book your appointment. www.newdayhealing.com, newdayhealing@verizon.net

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NORWELL, MA Wednesdays March 21st - May 9th 8 Week Soul Journey into Miracles 7-9:30 at Angels of LIght, 320 Washington St. Norwell with Rev. Cathi Burke, Soul Coach. Join me for 8 Powerful Weeks as you connect with your true “Soul Mission” and Miracles in your life. For all details go to www.angeloflightministry.com 781-871-1740

WHITMAN, MA March 24th Saturday — 1 - 2:30pm

Mark Mincolla Presents: Streamlining your Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle! Mark will Talk About: Finding a Simple Path to Wellness; Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. We are told so many different venues for living a healthy lifestyle...finding our path to wellness should not be so complicated and so expensive. Yet in the world of marketing we are drawn away from our inner knowing and into the world of expansive knowledge and marketing and it is not always what we need on an individual basis. Held at the Whitman Wellness Center. 7 Marble Street, #B12 Whitman, MA Cost $35. Log onto www.myhealthylivingmag,com to register or call Candita at 781-834-2728

Online Issue February 2012

WEYMOUTH, MA March 24th Saturday — 3pm-6pm

SAGAMORE BEACH April 12 & 27 Habits Highly Effective People - S. Covey. Hypnotic Book Club. You Can Change your Life - Louise Hay. The Hypnotic Book Club focuses on the principles and instrumental steps to practice from some best sellers. Two sessions a month to discuss the principles and enjoy a hypnosis session to instill into our subconscious mind the fundamental steps to naturally adapt to change. COST: $60 PEACE ohm MIND 112 State Road, Sagamore Beach, MA 508-833-2429 www.PEACEohmMIND.com

Reflexology Learn this ancient healing technique! How does the feet relate to the rest of the body? How can you make the entire body relax by rubbing the feet? Come learn how. Class is hands on. Manual will be provided for more practice at home. BellasBodyworks Cost $75. Call Caryn 781-974 -5748

HINGHAM, MA March 24th Saturday —

Natasha Rizopoulos Dancing Crow Yoga Fay Sutherland 98 Derby Street, Suite 440. Hingham. Behind Crate & Barrel. 781-836-5150 www.dancingcrowyoga.com

NORWELL Saturday March 24th - Wellness/Psychic Fair 11am-5pm. at Angels of Light 320 Washington

Street, Norwell, MA, a day filled with gifted healers and readers, Holistic Health Demo’s FREE guided Mediation at 11:00 w/Cathi Burke, Aura Photo’s, Food and more! $20.00 sessions. www.angeloflightministry.com

MARSHFIELD March 25th Sunday — 1:30 - 3:30pm

GOLF & YOGA . . . enhance your game with incredible techniques from a yoga practice designed to help your swing, putting, concentration and patience. Emma Boyle Yoga Teacher & Owner. DragonFly Yoga Studio. 781.696.1266 shiveashakti@gmail.com www.emmasdragonflyyogastudio.com CARVER March 25th Sunday - 6:00 -10:00pm Reiki I Cert. Usui Tradition. Become a Reiki Practitioner, Learn how to apply Reiki, It’s history, chakras, the aura & more. Manual & Certificate included. $150 Contact Jodi, Blue Angel Healing - 781-964-6606 www.blueangelhealing.webs.com KINGSTON March 28th Wednesday — 7pm - 9pm Help Yourself – Free Workshop. Learn about your energetic self and your ability to create your dreams. We will discuss ways to change the patterns in your life and create movement toward your goals. Each workshop ends with a healing meditation. Each month will be a different topic and offer different options. Please call to reserve a spot 508-280-1523. www.newdayhealing.com, newdayhealing@verizon.net

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NORWELL Saturday April 15th 1:30-4:00 p.m Mother Earth’s Crystal Treasures with Specialist “Sage” Crystal Singer at Angels of Light 320 Washington St. Norwell. Sage mines her own Crystals and will be sharing her knowledge about how to work with, clear, program and use these special gems in your life. For more info www.angeloflightministry.com


APRIL 28th Saturday — 10 am - 5 pm A Day with Dr. Brian Weiss and John Holland. Learn How to Release All Your Anxieties and Fears By Unlocking the Doors to Your Past! Connect with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side! John Holland’s unique down- to-earth and uplifting approach helps you to explore the fascinating subject of spiritual mediumship. Dr. Brian Weiss astonished the world of psychiatry with the theories of past-life regression therapy. Back Bay Events Center – John Hancock Hall 200 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA. Cost By 2/28 $89 after $138 Call Candita Mamet 781-834-2728 www.myhealthylivingmag.com

BRIDGEWATER, MA April 29 th Sunday — 1-5pm

IET for kids ( Connecting with Angels for kids ) Ages 8 -12 with Rachelle Croteau, Kids will learn how to ask the angels for help by making a heartlink connection, Make pendulums, discovering the power of +/- thoughts. learn to clear negative energy and receive a basic IET attunement. 508-697-2334 Rachelle333888@gmail.com 1355 Pleasant St. Bridgewater www.upliftingconnections.com CARVER, MA April 29th, May 6th Sunday - 10 - 6 pm Reiki Master Teacher Certification - Usui Tradition.This is the final stage in Reiki Training, passing down the knowledge of Master/Teacher to the student. Manual & Cert. Included. $350 Contact Jodi, Blue Angel Healing 781-964-6606 www.blueangelhealing.webs.com


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Soul Coaching – Denise Linn. Hypnotic Book Club. You Can Change your Life - Louise Hay. The Hypnotic Book Club focuses on the principles and instrumental steps to practice from some best sellers. Two sessions a month to discuss the principles and enjoy a hypnosis session to instill into our subconscious mind the fundamental steps to naturally adapt to change. COST: $60. PEACE ohm MIND 112 State Road, Sagamore Beach, MA 508-833-2429 www.PEACEohmMIND.com

NORWELL, MA May 19 th Saturday - 6-8pm

ALL TOWNS Unique Opportunity Available. Looking for Office Space? Just starting in the Health and Wellness field? Newly graduated Massage Therapist, Chiropractor or Wellness and Fitness Coach? Looking to Expand an Existing Business? Wish You could Start your own business but don’t have all the Start up Money? We offer high quality supplements, vitamins and weight loss products that would complement your business. Partner with us and receive free use of an office space (10’ x 12’) for your business. Legitimate business inquiries only. Al Bozza abozza@aol.com 774-571-5170 Pg. 21

Gifted Intuitive/Medium Roland Comtois. At Angels of Light, 320 Washington St. Norwell, MA. Join Roland for this powerful evening event, as he brings his mediumship skills and gifts to all who attend. www.angeloflightministry.com

NORWELL, MA May 26th Saturday-Crystal Bowl Event 1-3 p.m. At Angels of Light, 320 Washington St. Norwell with Steve Coburn, who will be presenting a “Spring Time” Healing event with the Power of the Crystal Bowls. For more info go to www.angeloflightministry.com

MARSHFIELD, MA June 18th - August 24th —

Ten week Kids Day Camp program throughout the summer. Tumblefun Gymnastics 1849 Ocean St Marshfield, MA 781-837-9895 www.Tumblefungymnastics.com

Dr. Brian Weiss and John Holland



HEALTH & WELLNESS CO-OP SPACE High traffic medical/professional business complex in Sagamore. Full, part-time, hourly space. Private treatment space (200sq) and/or use of a great room (550sq.) for groups or workshops. Interested professionals in Physical Therapy, Polarity, Holotropic breathwork, Reflexology, Acupressure, Massage, Acupuncture, Reiki, Yoga, Naturopathic Medicine, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, Drumming could take part in this opportunity. Trish Rosa 508.889.1344 trishrosa@comcast.net Pg. 21

Interested in advertising IN OUR DIRECTORY! $99 FOR THE YEAR! 12 ISSUES Many Opportunities. Call Candita 781 834 2728 mmamet@verizon.net Interested in SELLING TICKETS for Healthy Living Sponsored events? Ask about our program. Become an affiliate Call Candita 781 834 2728 mmamet@verizon.net

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Animal Wellness

Healthy Animal, A Health Food Store for pets

offering customer support - guidance. Flower essence consultation by Diane Dewberry. 808 Washington Street, Pembroke 781.826.9760 www.thehealthyanimal.com Pg. 36

Diane M. Colligan L.P.N, L.M.T., Human or pet, who ever has passed and you want to remember their love and life with a celebration. 781 834.4347 2016 Ocean St., Marshfield, MA www.celebratemehome.us.com No Display Ad

Animal Health


Pawsitively Natural, A natural pet food store

Therapeutics for Women. Colon Hydroth

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erapy and Massage Therapy in a relaxing, professional atmosphere. Lila Reader, 43 Hatherly Road, Rockland781.775.7352 lilanau@verizon.net Pg. 16

providing quality dry, canned and raw frozen foods. Homeopathics, natural flea & tick , vitamins. Now Offering Delivery Call 781.837.0850. 10 Marshfield Ave., Humarock www.pawsitivelynatural.net No

Protandim Life Vantage Independent Distributor www.myyoungercells.com nancy@myyoungercells.com 781.964.4613 Pg. 12

Kaizen Practical, affordable computer training for YOU! 68 Evergreen Street #6 Kingston 781.585.1619. At our center or your home/ office. www.kaizencomputing.com deb.kane@kaizencomputing.com Pg. 46




Namaste Counseling LLC Nancy Partridge. Energy

Casey Kerr Find your Roar - Your Business is a

& Spiritual Psychology, Loss & Life Transitions, Bereavement 781.258.1083 np.Namaste@gmail.com Pg. 4

Direct Extension of YOU – How are your Emotional Blocks sabotaging your business? FREE Energy Diagnostic Session. Casey@findyourROAR.com 781.261.9695 www.findyourROAR.com No Display Ad



Liz Theresa: Web Design, Internet Marketing, & Social

Empowerment and Recovery Coaching Helping women discover their true voice and magnificence. Mal Duane CPC, CRC 508-416-1800. Best Selling Author of Alpha Chick malduane@alphachick.com www.alphaChick.com www.facebook.com/alphachick Pg.

Media. Training, Tutorials and MORE! CALL ME! 781.81. MSLIZ www.LizTheresa.com Tweet@LizTheresa Pg. 48


Bellas Bodyworks. Caryn Bellew LMT & RMT. 1362 Washington St. (Rte 53) Weymouth MA. 781.974.5748 www.BellasBodyworks.Webs.Com BellasBodyworks@Live.com Pg. 20



Bodyworks Healing Centre. Kim Purdy. Classical

Homeopathic medicine, Shiatsu, Acupressure and more. 29 Cottage Avenue Quincy, MA 617.479.1030 www.bodyworkshealingcentre.com No Display Ad


counseling Individual & Family Psychotherapy

Pat Masters TaxLady EA, Inc. Tax prep and book keeping services. 42 Mattakeesett Street Pembroke. 781.293.1040 www.TaxLadyEA.com Pg. 47

Therapeutic sessions include expressive art activities to support self actualization . . . it’s not all talk . . . Candita Mamet MSW. 781.834.2728 Pg. 4


Denette Family Chiropractic Gentle, specific chiropractic care for the whole family. 728 Washington Street, South Easton, MA 508.230.5056 dfamchiro@gmail.com www.denettefamilychiropractic.com Pg. 10 Healthy Living Magazine

Monique Morimoto, MS, CPCC. Principal. SoulWorks Coaching® & Diamond Horse Coaching mmf@soulworkscoaching.com or coachmonique@verizon.net 617-328-7113 www.soulworkscoaching.com or www.diamondhorsecoaching.com No Display Ad


Online Issue February 2012

crystals, gem stones & healing jewelery Heart of Destiny’s Wings.


Renew Yourself Studio. Fern Ross Israel, MA,

Offering: Reiki, Polarity, Angel Card Readings and more. 629 State Road (Route 3A)Plymouth. 774.773.9556 irene.moody@verizon.net www.heartofdestinyswings.com No Display Ad

LMHC. Offering Yoga, Breathwork, EMDR and more. 617.696.1665 flowingchi@comcast.net www.heartcenteredhealing.org Pg. 22



TNT FitClub - Boot Camp Training, One on One Training, Run Club, Nutrition and Wellness Coaching. All fitness levels. Indoor/Outdoor programs. Quincy • Braintree • N. Weymouth. 617.759.2159 bbfitness@tntfitclub.com www.tntfitclub.com Pg. 27

Ellen Gill RYT, Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Cymatron Facilitator, Ear Coning, Thai Yoga bodywork. emg26@aol.com 617.877.2305 Braintree Pg. 22

Day spa


Voted “Best DAY SPA on South Shore” Spa-tique Day Spa owner Darcey L. Eldridge relax@spatique.biz www.spatique.biz 781.837.1850 No Display Ad

Bog Ice Skating. Learn to Skate Programs 188 Summer Street Kingston Joan V. Bunnell www.bogiceskating.com 781.834.0947 Pg. 22



For Professional, Artistic and Creative. Virginia Just – Art Director for Healthy Living Magazine. Books, Magazines & Newsletters, Brochure Design, CDs and DVDs. 781.767.4080 www.NotJUSTGraphicDesign.com Pg. 49

Beth O’Connor . Your subconscious mind is running your life and I can help you to find what is unconsciously holding you back !!!! Emotional Intelligence Coach, NGH Certified Hypnotist, EFT Practitioner. 781.258.5750 beth@bethoconnor.com www.bethoconnor.com No Display Ad



TumbleFun Gymnastics. Building skills and

Confidence for a lifetime of Success. 1849 Ocean Street Marshfield MA 781.837.9895 www.tumblefungymnastics.com Pg. 10, 32

Namaste Counseling LLC Nancy Partridge

Energy & Spiritual Psychology, loss & life transitions, bereavement 781 258 1083 np.Namaste@gmail.com Pg. 4



Hair Consultants – Plus, Beauty Spa. No harsh chemicals, Organic Hair Color Line & Products, 100% Organic & Vegan, Great For Clients with Asthma, Skin Sensitivity, Allergies. Pembroke, 781.826.7595 www.HairConsultantsPlus.com Pg. 20

Footprints Holistic A Center for Health and Healing,

offering reiki, reflexology, crystal healing, hot stone reiki, classes and more. Gift Certificates also available. Call 781.545.2663. 56 Common Street, Scituate. www.footprintsholistic.com No Display Ad



Nora Helbich of New Day Hypnosis & Healing.

Hypnosis, Hands-on Healing, Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing 283 Main Street, Kingston, MA 508.280.1523 www.newdayhealing.com Pg. 16

Rachelle Croteau IET Training. Reiki 1, 2 and 3

Classes, Nursing CEUs Available. Call for Upcoming Classes. Locations on South Shore. 774.240.5839 rachelle333888@gmail.com Pg. 36

Healing Center


Hope Floats educational center and retreat for people facing life struggles, seeking spiritual growth. 4 Elm Street, Kingston. 781.936.8068 www.hopefloatswellness.com Pg. 11

Beth O’Connor . Your subconscious mind is

running your life and I can help you to find what is unconsciously holding you back !!!! Emotional Intelligence Coach, NGH Certified Hypnotist, EFT Practitioner. 781.258.5750 beth@bethoconnor.com www.bethoconnor.com No Display Ad

Health and Wellness Influencers

Deb Brothers-Klezmer BSN; RN-BC; CRRN; NCTMB.

Board Certified in Pain Management & Rehabilitation. Offering: Pain Management, Lifestyle Medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage. dbkcrrn@aol.com 781.775.6183 Pg. 43 Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue February 2012

Healing and Intuitive Center


The Angels of Light A Sanctuary for Angels,Healing & Soul Growth. Rev. Cathi Burke & Cristina Burke, Intuitives/Healers/Spiritual Teachers 320 Washington Street, Norwell, 781.871.1740 www.angeloflightministry.com No Display Ad

Beth O’Connor . Your subconscious mind is

running your life and I can help you to find what is unconsciously holding you back !!!! Emotional Intelligence Coach, NGH Certified Hypnotist, EFT Practitioner. 781.258.5750 beth@bethoconnor.com www.bethoconnor.com No Display Ad


Integrative Holistic Practitioner

Sally Hamer founder of My Private Practice Holistic Center offers many forms of alternative therapies 508.291.4832 W. Wareham www.myprivatepracticeholistics.com Pg. 22

Heart Light Therapies-Barbara Barker. Massage, Reiki, Energy Work, IET, Essential Oils 781.585.6292 bgb4477@aol.com Pg. 14

Holistic Healing Center


The Healing Moon Wellness Center Offering

Massage, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Mediumship, Readings, and Gifts. Workshops: Yoga, New Age, Women’s Groups, Healing, and Meditation, Qigong The Healing Moon Wellness Center 34 School Street, Foxboro 508543-5522 www.thehealingmoon.com

Pg. 21, 38

Whidden’s School of Fitness. Karate For Kids Adults and Teens, Wrestling, Taiji, Qigong, Yoga. 822 Webster St.Marshfield, MA (781) 834-7722 www.whiddenschool.com Pg 43


Simply Soothing Sanctuary. Offfering: yoga, reiki, meditation, kriya massage, shiatsu massage, spirit song circles, spiritual cinema circle, labyrinth walks and more. 84 Summer St., Kingston MA 781-582 3912 617-962-9775 dee_davidson@comcast.net www.simplysoothingsanctuary.com Pg 14

Holistic Health Counselor/Coach

Karen Boyle Causative Healing. Find the real

meaning behind your illness. Understand the mindbody connection and how the five aspects of health; physical, emotional, nutrition, your environment and spirituality are the way to optimal health. 781.964.3738 Causativehealing@comcast.net Pg. 14


Monique Morimoto, MS, CPCC. Principal. SoulWorks Coaching® & Diamond Horse Coaching mmf@soulworkscoaching.com or coachmonique@verizon.net 617-328-7113 www.soulworkscoaching.com or www.diamondhorsecoaching.com No Display Ad

Holistic Wellness & Intuitive Healing Center Blue Angel Healing & Wellness Center

– Rev. Jodi St.Onge RMT. KP. SMT. Offering: Reiki, Reiki Training, Crystal Therapy, Shamballa Healing, Yoga, Massage. 40 N. Main St. Carver 781.964.6606 Pg. 12



Lauren’s Massage - Lauren Turner, LCMT 144

Pat MacIsaac. Learn to HYPNOTIZE Yourself and

Washington Street, Norwell, MA 781.878.6002 lajoturn@gmail.com www.laurens-wellness.com

Others. Fully Accredited Hands-On Training, Texts and Material Included, Certification On Graduation. 781.749.9050 pat@sshc.net www.sshc.net Pg. 1

Pg. 10



Hypnosis, Hands-on Healing, Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing 283 Main Street, Kingston, MA 508.280.1523 www.newdayhealing.com Pg. 16

Diane M. Colligan L.P.N, L.M.T., Offering: therapeutic massage, Canine Massage, Rieki, IET, hot stone massage, and Ionic detoxifying foot baths. 781 834-4347, 2016 Ocean St., Marshfield, MA 02050 dcolligan1@comcast.net No Display Ad



Nora Helbich of New Day Hypnosis & Healing.

Trish Rosa Clinical Hypnotherapist. Change your

Simply Soothing Sanctuary. Offfering: yoga, reiki, meditation, kriya massage, shiatsu massage, spirit song circles, spiritual cinema circle, labyrinth walks and more. 84 Summer St., Kingston MA 781-582 3912 617-962-9775 dee_davidson@comcast.net www.simplysoothingsanctuary.com Pg. 14

mind, Change your life. The choice is your’s & it’s simple. 508.889.1344 www.peaceohmmind.com

Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue February 2012

massage therapy


Offering; Swedish/relaxation massage, Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage, Pregnancy massage, Trigger point Therapy, Myofascial Technique, Neuromuscular Therapy, Hot Stone massage, Reiki 7 New Driftway , Suite 5, Scituate, MA 02066 781.545.1616 info@driftwaymusculartherapy.com www.DriftwayMuscularTherapy.com Pg. 30

orthopedic problems including back and neck pain, tendinitis and bursitis, strains and sprains, pre and post surgical care, sports injuries, arthritis and more. Call for your free consultation. Andy Burke 508-746-6922 at 110 Long Pond Rd. Plymouth or Tim Kaufman 781-924-5289 at 31 Schoosett Street. Pembroke. www.longpondpt.com Pg. 12

Driftway Muscular Therapy, Dan Bates.

Long Pond Physical Therapy. Expert treatment for



Bringing through loved ones, Angles, guides and teachers from the other side. 978.835.0005 www. angelscapes.net Pg. 22

mental, & spiritual energy with no-touch healing of acute or chronic illness, stress, or pain. Individual/ classes/distance. 978.683.6129 www.PranicHealingNE.com mgsenergy@comcast.net Pg. 11

Miriam G. Smith. Balances physical, emotional,

Nancy Smith, intuitive reader, medium, spirit artist.

mind-body nutrition

Full Circle Food Coaching. You want to LOVE your relationship with food, right? Full Circle Food Coaching offers you a heart-centered path of support and inquiry. A kind New Year’s Resolution to yourself!” 3 Essex Green Drive Peabody, MA (telecoaching available) 781.913.2825 Andrea Cohen, M.Ed. www.fullcirclefoodcoaching.com No Display Ad

Osteopathic medicine

Dr. Kimberly D’Eramo Aligning you with the highest level of vitality and wellbeing. Wellesley Sports Medicine 180 Linden Street Wellesley www.wellesleysportsmedicine.com 781.489.3422

Pg. 43


Candita’s Production Studio. I will assess the publicity needs of your business and offer a clear plan for achieving those goals. 781.834.2728 No Display Ad


Footprints Holistic A Center for Health and Healing, offering reiki, reflexology, crystal healing, hot stone reiki, classes and more. Gift Certificates also available. Call 781.545.2663. 56 Common Street, Scituate www.footprintsholistic.com


Footprints Holistic A Center for Health and Healing,


At The Body Studio with Donna Ann Trask ACE, certified personal trainer. Call now and schedule your free fitness assessment! 104 Tremont Street, Unit 2, Duxbury, MA donnatrask@comcast.net 781.831.8791 www.bodystudioduxbury.com Pg. 12


Agnes Kane Photography. Capturing Priceless

Moments for a Lifetime of Memories! Whatever your photographic needs may be, from portraits of your children, family, high school seniors to a wedding or special event, you can put your confidence in Agnes Kane Photography! 781.837.9195 agnes.kane@verizon.net www.agneskane.com

No Display Ad

offering reiki, reflexology, crystal healing, hot stone reiki, classes and more. Gift Certificates also available. Call 781.545.2663. 56 Common Street, Scituate www.footprintsholistic.com No Display Ad


With Maureen Spencer, RN. Location: North Weymouth. Contact Maureen at 781-864-2130 or www.reikicertification.com No Display Ad


Heart of Reiki 2048 Washington Street, Hanover, MA (Jacob’s House). Professional Reiki consulting, public events and demonstrations. Reiki Training & Private Sessions Available. info@HeartofReiki.com http://twitter.com/HeartofReiki 781-308-6512 www.facebook.com/HeartofReiki www.HeartofReiki.com Pg.10


Namaste Counseling LLC Nancy Fay Partridge Energy & Spiritual Psychology 781.258.1083 np.Namaste@gmail.com Pg. 4 Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue February 2012

SPIRITual counseling


Footprints Holistic A Center for Health and Healing,

For terminally ill patients and their families with Care Alternatives Hospice/South Shore Volunteer Coordinator/Kelly Tammaro for Reiki, Pet Therapy, Music, Massage, Reflexology and more. Contact ktammaro@carealt.com www.carealt.com twitter@carealthospice.com Pg. 10

offering reiki, reflexology, crystal healing, hot stone reiki, classes and more. Gift Certificates also available. Call 781.545.2663. 56 Common Street, Scituate www.footprintsholistic.com No Display Ad


Weight loss

Monique Morimoto, MS, CPCC. Principal. SoulWorks Coaching® & Diamond Horse Coaching mmf@ soulworkscoaching.com or coachmonique@verizon. net 617-328-7113 www.soulworkscoaching.com or www.diamondhorsecoaching.com No Display Ad

The Body Studio with Donna Ann Trask ACE,

Certified Personal Trainer. CALL NOW AND SCHEDULE YOUR FREE FITNESS ASSESSMENT! 104 Tremont Street, Unit 2, Duxbury, MA donnatrask@comcast.net 781.831.8791 www.bodystudioduxbury.com Pg. 12


Simply Soothing Sanctuary. Offfering: yoga, reiki,


meditation, kriya massage, shiatsu massage, spirit song circles, spiritual cinema circle, labyrinth walks and more. 84 Summer St., Kingston MA 781-582 3912 617-962-9775 dee_davidson@comcast.net www.simplysoothingsanctuary.com Pg. 14

Whidden’s School of Fitness. Karate For Kids Adults and Teens, Wrestling, Taiji, Qigong, Yoga. 822 Webster St.Marshfield, MA (781) 834-7722 www.whiddenschool.com PG 43


tax prepAration

DragonFly Yoga Studio Emma Boyle Yoga Teacher &

Pat Masters TaxLady EA, Inc. Tax prep & book keeping services. 42 Mattakeesett Street Pembroke. 781.293.1040 www.TaxLadyEA.com Pg. 47

Owner. Freight House, 844 Webster Street, Marshfield shiveashakti@gmail.com 781.696.1266 www.emmasdragonflyyogastudio.com Pg. 42, 43



Nora Helbich of New Day Hypnosis & Healing.

Art and Soul Space Darlene Bradlee, B.F.A., E-RYT. 11 Hollett Street, Scituate, MA www.artandsoulspace.com 781.545.0340

Hypnosis, Hands-on Healing, Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing 283 Main Street, Kingston, MA 508.280.1523 www.newdayhealing.com Pg. 16

No Display Ad



5, Scituate, MA 781.545.1616 info@driftwaymusculartherapy.com www.DriftwayMuscularTherapy.com Pg. 30

Suite 440. Behind Crate & Barrel. www.dancingcrowyoga.com 781.836.5150 Pg. 18

Driftway Muscular Therapy 7 New Driftway, Suite

Dancing Crow Yoga Fay Sutherland 98 Derby Street,



Renew Yourself Studio. Fern Ross Israel, MA,

Kingston Animal Hospital Acupuncture & other

LMHC. Offering Yoga, Breathwork, EMDR and more. 617.696.1665 flowingchi@comcast.net www.heartcenteredhealing.org Pg. 20

natural & holistic treatments to promote wellness and longevity. Mark Russo, Kingston 781.585.6525 www.HealthyVeterinaryAlternatives.com Pg. 36

YOGA certification


Finding Inner Peace Yoga School. The “How To

Nutraceutical Contact Al Bozza Certified

Start A Yoga School” Kit. A Turn-Key Business. No franchise. You own your training. You earn the income! Maureen Spencer, RN 781.864.2130 yogareikisound@yahoo.com No Display Ad

Nutraceutical Consultant and Lifestyle Coach. 774.571.5170 abozza@aol.com

Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue February 2012

Profile for Nancy smith


Accepting a Healing Heart Cops , Compassion , Forgiveness Vegans , Vegetarians Healthy? What Magnesium can do for your Heart Stepping out of...


Accepting a Healing Heart Cops , Compassion , Forgiveness Vegans , Vegetarians Healthy? What Magnesium can do for your Heart Stepping out of...