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HLM Online May/June 2012

Featuring: Sallie Felton Julie Rosenshein Sherryl Comeau Donna Green Joe Lynch Nancy Smith Dawn Quesnel Bill Bean Deborah Livingston Eric Linter Debbie Lyn Toomey Frankie Weeks Mal Duan

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Features in this issue

Magical Moon Foundation


Journey with Sound by Sherryl Comeau 


The Astrology of Happiness by Eric Linter 


Soul mate by Gregory David


Become Your own Hero by Debbie Lyn Toomey


Hope Floats by Lynn Monroe 


Spring Cobb Salad by Andrea Beaman 


Spinach and Cheese Mini-Quiches by Marcie Griffith and Bethany Hauch


Five Reasons to eat more sprouts Reprinted from www.lifewithnature.com


Strengthen Your Immune System by Lauren Turner 


A Miracle in the Making by Cathi Burke 


Love our Mother by Catherine Mernier 


The Take-Home Sugar Message

Herb of the Month by Marcie Griffith and Bethany Hauch 

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“Vibrations lift our energy field's vibration to a higher frequency . . .” Page 4

“What is happiness: a new car, a promotion, a job well done, falling in love?” Page 5

“We do exist as proof we are Two Souls who travel free . . .” Page 7 “. . . the Main House of Hope Floats, has doors that are seemingly endless. Page 10

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The Magical Moon Foundation

Our Mission To Nurture and Empower Children with Cancer. It is the mission of The Magical Moon Foundation to support children and families faced with cancer. While there are many wonderful organizations that support cancer research, the MMF is unique in being a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering children to use their inner strengths to manifest miracles in their lives. The magic behind the Magical Moon begins by encouraging children to find the warrior within. Rather than kids fighting cancer, they become brave young Knights turning their struggles into motivation. Each child becomes part of a fellowship of Rainbow Warriors with a united mission to change the world in honor of their cancer. They’re “knighted” in a circle of knights and forge unbreakable bonds with other children in the same battle. Throughout their journey, our children grow stronger and more centered, and they build lasting legacies through their courage and resilience. At the Magical Moon, we feel honored to be in the presence of these young Light Beings who are changing the world and us. The Magical Moon Honor Code! Nurturing and Empowering children with cancer. When children come to the Magical Moon Foundation, they’re knighted into a fellowship of brave young knights. They soon join their friends in a united mission to build a healthy Earth Kingdom where children won’t get cancer.

Kingdom Grounds. Behold my magic sword. All who concentrate on it with love for me will make it become more powerful. Imagine… my whole body glowing with healthy, sparkling sunshine. As you do this, you too will become part of my adventure at the Magical Moon Farm! From One Brave Knight to the Next. We’re growing stronger. Families and friends are becoming magnificent armies, supporting our fellowship of knights all over the Earth Kingdom. Nothing is impossible if we work together. Strength Is in Numbers! Sometimes brothers, sisters, and friends make the best supporting warriors to stand alongside a knight. Deeds & Adventures. Every knight is a hero, every volunteer, family, and friend a part of their army. Enter our Magical Moon Kingdom for a spell, and feel the energy that resides here in all that we do together through love and courage. Angel Knights. We miss the knights who have fallen bravely and with dignity in the fields. They are the real heroes. They fall fighting for the common cause of freedom from all that holds us down. We honor their courage and the strength and loyalty of their armies. We’ll carry the memory of their sparkle with us always. Castle Keep. Behind our castle walls, our knights find great strength in building suits of armor that reflect their own personality and missions. These are not costumes – they’re real! They match the strength and bravery of these young knights who walk a noble path less traveled. continued on page 2 . . .

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Online Issue May/June 2012

. . . continued from page 3

This is a perfect opportunity for family and friends to become their supporting army. Help your young knight to build a suit of armor as

they pass treatment milestones and birthdays. Piece by piece they will feel more centered and focused on turning challenges into opportunities.

Healthy Living Magazine Expo has selected

The Magical Moon Foundation

as this year’s recipient of our Silent Auction proceeds. MMF’s mission is to Nurture and Empower Children With Cancer! When children come to the Magical Moon Foundation, they're knighted into a fellowship of brave young knights. They soon join their friends in a united mission to build a healthy Earth Kingdom where children won't get cancer.

Some of our Silent Auction Items: SIGNATURE REFLEXOLOGY SESSION with Ann Finnie Complimentary Health History with Ann Fraser Energy Healing Massage with Barbara Barker Beautiful bisque porcelain Angel ornaments by Margaret Furlong. Painted and donated by Pauline Pearson 60 Minute Akashic Record (Phone) Reading With Maria Sheehan 3-Private or Group Yoga Sessions (maximum 10 persons in group session per session) with Amber Bevilacqua

Interested in donating an item? Email Candita mmemat@verizon.net Join us on June 3rd at the Radission in Plymouth, MA For more information go to http://www.magicalmoon.org Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue May/June 2012

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Kimberly D’Eramo, D.O. Applying the Law of Attraction to the Practice of Medicine

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Care Alternative is recruiting volunteers

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Online Issue May/June 2012

Journey with Sound by Sherryl Comeau

Did you know tones from the crystal bowls allow brain waves to slow down Beta, Alpha, Theta  & Delta levels. Their vibrations lift frequencies, bringing a positive shift in consciousness.    Brain waves . . . BETA  This being our awake state of consciousness ALPHA  This being the state between alert and internal.  One is relaxed but still aware of the outer conscious world THETA  This being the state of visions and dreams, having no awareness of the outer world.   DELTA  It is associated with the subconscious, a lack of conscious awareness. Coma patients are said to be in this state of being. Each of us have energy centers called chakras, gives us more energy, keeps us balanced and improves our spiritual connection to everything around us. Everything on the planet is in a constant state of vibration and the frequency

an object or person naturally vibrates, is called resonance. Vibration therapy is based on the idea that  illness or disease is characterized by blockage in energy centers/channels on some level such as, arteries, veins, nerves, energy meridians, aura/etheric body. Blockage occurs when an organ stops vibrating at a healthy frequency resulting in illness, which is dis-ease in an organ or part of the body vibrating out of tune or non-harmoniously.   Vibrations lift our energy field’s vibration to a higher frequency, bringing a positive shift in consciousness. Join me at the Healthy Living Expo in Plymouth for my Crystal Bowl Meditation event and feel magic in the air!

My name is Sherryl Comeau, I began energy work w/Usui Reiki lineage in 1995 and grew into Elevated Energy Work using 5th & 6th dimension Angelic realm frequencies, and eventually adding Sound Vibration Therapy w/Quartz Crystal Bowls & Tuning Forks. I'm passionate about my work and live what I teach. The tones from the crystal bowls allow brain wave to slow down Beta, Alpha, Theta  & Delta levels. Their vibrations lift frequencies, bringing a positive shift in consciousness. Learn more at: www.energyworkstudio.com

Visit Sherryl at the 7th Annual Healthy Living Expo June 3rd Sunday, Plymouth

Bellas Bodyworks Offering Massage, Reiki & Polarity

Is stress, anxiety or pain keeping you from enjoying your life, causing you to miss work, costing you sleep? Imagine if you felt relaxed, focused, rested and pain free!

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Nora Helbich

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Caryn Bellew LMT & RMT

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Online Issue May/June 2012

Author of STRAND OF PEARLS Deborah Livingston Presents

“Inner Transformations” June 3rd, 2012

at the Healthy Living Expo Deborah Livingston recounts her journey from childhood abuse, frequent tragedy and adult addiction to a spiritual transformation that brought her an inner peace and joy available to us all. Join her for this transformational lecture. Held at the amphitheater, lower level of the Radisson in Plymouth. 11am - 12 pm followed by a book signing! For more info log onto Tickets are $25 and include a copy of her memoir. www.myhealthylivingmag.com Limited to 90 seats.

Rosalind Michahelles Holistic Health Counselor

6 Hurlbut Street Cambridge, MA 02138 617.491.3239 rosalind@rokeby.com www.nutrition-matters.info


Debbie Lyn Toomey RN

MAY 1st- MAY 31st



Six Sensory Teacher™, Mind-Body-Spirit Practitioner

Building Skills and Confidence for a Lifetime of Success

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Online Issue May/June 2012

The Astrology of

eluded them. How “Very little is many times have needed to make a we witnessed a happy life. It is all Michael Jackson, within yourself, in Whitney Houston, your way of thinking.” each a supremely Marcus Aurelius gifted artist, or a Thousands of talented politician or years ago astrologers a business person of labeled Venus great renown fail to and Jupiter “the find the happiness Benefics.” Venus success is thought was dubbed the to bring? Lesser Benefic and Eastern Jupiter the Greater by Eric Linter, Astrologer philosophies take a Benefic. These two different approach to “good guy” planets were the issue and many then and have ever since teachings have warned been associated with against attachment life’s blessings, harmony, to materialism. Every prosperity, fertility and thing, including our happiness. Yet this body, disintegrates. is something of an Even reputations are oversimplification. lost to time. So where Too much of any one can a person find true and lasting happiness? thing can be problematic, and while few of us The above quoted second century Roman complain of having too many blessings, too philosopher/leader Marcus Aurelius noted much wealth, health, protection or prosperity, the important role thought plays in living even being favored at birth by these most happily. A more modern thinker, German author fortunate of stars is no guarantee of an easy Hermann Hesse, stated “Happiness is a how, or blissful life. not a what; a talent, not an object.” The 14th What is happiness: a new car, a promotion, Dalai Lama has also weighed in on the subject; a job well done, falling in love? We in the West “Happiness is not something ready-made. It have largely followed a materialistic path, comes from your own actions.” Clearly, there placing great importance on the trappings are things we can do to cultivate happiness in of success. However, we all have seen that a life. Starting with our attitudes and continuing great career, a beautiful and successful spouse, with actions, each of us has an obligation to a big house or flashy car do not necessarily explore and expand our individual capacity for equate with happiness. So many times people happiness. work to attain professional goals or acquire From this perspective, Venus and Jupiter fine things and yet, even when goals are may be viewed as key markers on life’s journey, reached and objects acquired, are left feeling pointing the way to personal fulfillment. The empty, as though something essential had

Happiness “Venus and Jupiter may be viewed as key markers on life’s journey . . .”

Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue May/June 2012

continued on page 7 . . .

particular route one takes will vary with the sign Venus occupies, as well as the planet’s location on the chart wheel. The same can be said about Jupiter. Other astrological essentials of happiness include the placements of a person’s natal Moon and her Nodes. The Moon symbolizes our emotional history and personality, as well as less obvious psychological and physical needs. Basic instincts and all subconscious bodily functions are governed by the Earth’s pale satellite. Hindu astrologers in India discovered the lunar Nodes. Now widely used in Western astrology, these are the two points in space where the orbiting Moon crosses the plane of the ecliptic. The South Node is said to depict habits and past life experiences while the North Node represents dharma, the soul’s path going forward. In my study of the stars I find it is rare for any person to find happiness without heeding the call of the natal North Node. For these reasons and many others, astrology is most helpful. Perhaps this is the perfect time to learn more about your horoscope.

“Listen to the Wisdom Within.”

Barbara Barker BS, LMT, RM, CIH, IET Integrative Holistic Practitioner Energy Diagnosis

Hot Stone Massage

Integrated Energy Therapy

Reiki Karuna Reiki

781-585-6292 781-424-9853 By Appointment Kingston

Angel Guidance

Achieve Quick Results with Vibro-Acoustic Sound Therapy

Eric Linter is a dedicated professional astrologer with over 30 years of experience. He loves working with people who want more fulfilling lives. To schedule personal readings, consultations, special events, inquire about classes or just to say hello, contact Eric Linter via email at stars@ericlinter.com or by telephone at (508) 541-4115.

• Release stagnant physical and emotional blocks from the body.  • Experience less stress related symptoms • Experience a reduction in physical and emotional pain • Enhance a new sense of well-being and inner strength. 

Eric will be presenting at the 7th Annual Healthy Living Expo June 3rd Sunday, Plymouth. More online at www.myhealthylivingmag.com

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• Ellen Gill www.ellengill.com

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Online Issue May/June 2012

by Gregory David© 2010

Soul mate

Ageless Soul; I know you As one-thousand we returned Remember not my current form Embodied now, we learn

The wise said you existed My heart had hoped it true Many laughed at just the thought Yet hope kept shining through

Ageless Soul; familiar heart We’ve loved on earth before Agreements made in times between Our Souls, becoming more

Ageless Soul, I know you Look deep inside of me See not this human body But the Soul that’s always free

We’ve walked together in the Light Known all the earthly pains We’ve felt the peace of passing Yet still returned again

Ageless Soul, familiar heart Your eyes tell me you see As if surprised by an old friend Your heart now speaks to me

How is it that today we meet On this earthly place in time The lessons we have yet to learn Are they yours or mine?

We do exist as proof we are Two Souls who travel free Agreements made in times between Will always come to be

Fore does my answer rest with you Or your lessons come thru me Agreements still not yet complete This time will come to be

Welcome home my Soul mate!

© Copyright 2011

Gregory David introduces . . . The Soul Mate Series Poems of Spiritual Love and Universal Possibilities. In the first poem of the series; Soul Mate, Gregory paints a vivid picture of two Beings who suddenly realize the significance of

Healthy Living Magazine


their chance, and unexpected encounter. The poem allows us to experience the possibility that each of us has a Soul Mate; who has been sent to love, guide, and assist us on this earthly journey. website: www.poemsfromthesoul.com email: gregory@gregorydavidbooks.com

Online Issue May/June 2012

Namaste Counseling LLC

Spiritual Psychology & Energy Medicine for Nancy Fay Partridge 781-258-1083 208 Broadway Hanover, MA 02339

• • •


• As a counselor and professional who works with children, adolescents and adults, Nancy Partridge (OToole) specializes in loss and life transitions. Her private practice is built around her training in Spiritual Psychology and Energy Medicine.

• • •


core aspect of self is essential to the shift from victim to selfempowerment.

• Spiritual Psychology and Energy Medicine are approaches that work not only with the psyche, but with the body and the soul to shift the patterns of behavior that keep one stuck in unconscious limiting beliefs, fears, addictive habits, and anxiety or distress.

• In her workshops, Nancy is passionate about teaching others the ways of energy medicine, meditation, creating sacred space through ritual, and shifting consciousness as a way of learning to care for one’s own Soul.

• Nancy brings a lifetime of personal and spiritual growth to this process, and inspires in others ways to create and honor sacred • This approach facilitates people’s healing by helping them to moments in every day life. To this end, she shares astute insights identify with a core self, apart from the personality and diswith her clients and brings a talent for helping others transcend identify with their wound stories. Developing a relationship to this their woundedness and reconnect to their passion for life.

If you have any questions about her group work or individual sessions please feel free to call or email her at 781-258-1083 at np.Namaste@gmail.com http://hummingbirdhealing.blogspot.com/

Counseling Life and Career Coaching

Solution focused individual, couples or family sessions to develop therapeutic options for reducing stress and assist in creating the life that serves you well. MaryKay Duffy  M.S., M.Ed., L.M.H.C. (617) 921.0869 marykayduffy@gmail.com Office in Cohasset Most insurances are accepted.

The Enlightened Dawn Facilitator of Personal Empowerment and Permanent, Positive Change Power Coaching® and Energy Healing Sessions Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® is a science which opens the mind and empowers the Client to receive new ideas and take action for permanent positive change. Together let’s bring out the Einstein in you by stimulating YOUR genius to find the solutions to change your life! Dawn Bertino 781-519-9002 1681 Washington St, Braintree Ma 02184

Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue May/June 2012


Your Own Hero

by Debbie Lyn Toomey

With so many superhero movies coming out lately, have you ever wished that you had supernatural talents? What if I told you that YOU do have super powers? Yes, it’s true! YOU have the innate talent to create and manifest anything that you want in life. Similarly like Harry Potter, a young boy who later discovered that he was a wizard who possessed magical powers, you too have ways of making things appear as long as you put your heart and mind into it. The three main factors to help you summon up what you want to manifest in life are: knowing what you want, trusting in yourself and the Universe, as well as letting go of limiting fears and beliefs. You have been creating all of your life. In fact you are a very powerful creator. Whether good or bad, it’s important for you to recognize and to take responsibility for what

you have already manifested from the time you were born. “Thought becomes things.” as Mike Dooley says. This is true indeed. The more we entertain that idea in our mind the more likely it will come true. After all, the very things that we have in our lives right now were born from ideas that gifted men thought about and then created. I recently facilitated a Your Heart’s Desire – Creating the life you really want, an eight workshop series and was fortunate enough to have met a diverse group of women who wanted to make new and profound changes in their lives. The average age of the group was 61 years old. There were mothers (and grandmothers) who were tired of suppressing their needs and desires and were ready to follow their dreams, women who wanted a new continued on page 11 . . .

Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue May/June 2012

career changes and afraid to leave their current ones, and lastly ladies who wanted a deeper, loving, and lasting relationships. Cindy was one of the women in my workshop. She wanted to find a way to gain more personal freedom, have more money, and time to spend with her family and friends who lived out of state. Cindy is a hard working middle age person who lives with her sister and worked two jobs. On her days off, she was busy volunteering for her church. Although from the outside she seemed to have a full life, she became impatient, angry, and tired with herself and others. Because she was busy working and volunteering, she didn’t have time for herself. Although she had two jobs she didn’t make enough to be able to afford to travel out of state to visit those she loves. Because she felt powerless to change her life, Cindy signed up for my workshop to get out of her rut and to learn how to create her heart’s desires. After the first day she learned and realized truly how powerful she was. She reflected upon her life and realized how much she had accomplished she quickly recognized her abilities to manifest. During the course of the eight weeks she learned so much about herself and what she truly wanted in her life. She faithfully applied the Laws of Creativity and Manifestation principles that I shared every week with her and began to see her life unfold in many wonderful ways. She found daily applications to the different principles and noticed the value of using them in her life. She became more aware of how she reacted to people and situations in her life and was able to shift her thoughts to that which best aligned with the essence of her inner spirit.

Healthy Living Magazine


To her surprised, she became less impatient with others. She took delight in her new found confidence and was able to express herself and her needs more easily and comfortably. As she felt more as ease in her life she began to attract more and more opportunities and ideas that supported what she wanted. She gained abundance through refinancing her house and she took classes that allowed her to discover ways to feel free and relaxed from her busy schedule. Lastly, she was able to spend more time with her family by having them come and visit her instead of her driving to them. As Cindy continues to learn about her supernatural powers to create and manifest, she rejoices in hearing people’s compliments about her “new look” and her joyful state of being. Her sister, friends, and co-workers have been inspired by her positive and cheerful outlook. Cindy told me that she loves her new self and is excited about the many unlimited possibilities that she can have in this life. Not only did Cindy create her heart’s desire she also discovered along the way her own supernatural powers to manifest.  

Debbie Lyn Toomey RN owner of Ultimate Healing Journey will be facilitating another 8 week Your Heart’s Desire – Creating The Life You Really Want based on the work of international teacher and author Sonia Choquette. Workshop starts every Thursday starting June 21st – August 9th 4pm – 5pm. Contact Debbie at 617 653-2561 or Debbie.ultimatehealingjourney@gmail.com. Visit www.ultimatehealingjourney.com  

Debbie will be presenting and Exhibiting at the 7th Annual Healthy Living Expo June 3rd Sunday, Plymouth. More online at www.myhealthylivingmag.com

Online Issue May/June 2012

Hope Floats by Lynn Monroe Healthy Living Intern

Hope Floats

A Greek Revival, white with black shutters, has become a second home to many who take part in the services there. The antique building belongs to Hope Floats in Kingston. Owners Denise and Ken Brack opened the healing and wellness center after their son, Michael, passed away in 2002.   Denise Brack said that opening Hope Floats wasn’t her goal in life. “It was my son’s passing that brought me here. It was difficult to find enough support at the time. So we decided to create a comfortable environment to provide support services to the community. I believe my son had a big part in making this dream come true,” Brack said. “Opening Hope Floats was a big leap of faith. I know I’m doing the right thing, and I know my son has my back.”   After months of deliberating on what to name the center, Denise went to visit her son at his grave, and she said that “somebody had left a little plaque that said ‘Hope’ and it just came to me - Hope Floats; it just made sense. So, I feel like Mike helped give us the name. It just came to me right there when I was with him, which was really the best thing of all.”  

Healthy Living Magazine


The colonial farmhouse, otherwise known as the Main House of Hope Floats, has doors that are seemingly endless. Behind each door, different forms of grieving techniques are found, whether it be individual counseling, support groups, art therapy, workshop or classes. Hope Floats offers a variety of healing services for both mind and body. After crossing a gravel pathway, another building is home to the “Great Room,” a large room warm from the sun beaming through the windows, with yoga mats placed neatly in the corner. This room is where yoga, tai chi and other classes take place. There are also rooms for bodywork treatments such as reiki, reflexology and more.   In regards to the various services at Hope Floats, “what we wanted to do was provide everything from the traditional to the alternative. When you have a buffet of offerings, it just gives you choices,” Brack said.   Grief is a difficult subject for anyone to take on. At Hope Floats, the variety of services and support groups opens us to endless opportunities. Someone may try individual counseling and want to switch to something else. Hope Floats offers multiple options to help people heal, including one-on-one support, groups and retreats. continued on page 13 . . . Online Issue May/June 2012

services offered at Hope Floats help maintain that connection. She maintains that their main goal is bereavement, so “we offer a wide range of support services. I give support retreats, so that’s our main focus. We offer

A crucial component at Hope Floats is that no one is turned away. If the counselors

at Hope Floats are fully booked, a person seeking counseling is directed elsewhere. “If someone needs something and we can’t provide it, we want to be able to refer them to someone outside of here, so they can get what they need,” Brack said. Hope Floats is affiliated with five experienced counselors and about 35 practitioners licensed in a variety of wellness and healing practices.   When the Bracks first opened the center, “locating the right environment was most important. I just couldn’t find a comfortable setting. We wanted to provide a place not only to hold the groups, but one which provided a beautiful setting where people could feel safe and at home. Our first thought was to have an old comfortable house for group work as our beginning was all about the support groups. I had someone say to me that every time she comes to Hope Floats, she feels like she’s getting a hug. I want people to feel that,” Brack said.The Bracks decided to expand the services with all the space they had available to them. Denise stressed the importance of the connection between mind and body, and the Healthy Living Magazine


workshops, treatments and yoga, but those are secondary. Clients who have visited Hope Floats have also formed friendships. According to Brack, “we have friendships that arise from the support groups we hold. Obviously people who are together for six or seven weeks tend to create a deep bond.”   “I give a retreat for mothers of lost children. We’re all moms together, so we all understand each other and connections are formed. One of my favorite things is watching others sharing continued on page14 . . .

Online Issue May/June 2012

stories and have somebody admit that ‘I get exactly how you’re feeling,’” Brack said. Hope Floats currently partners with Cranberry Hospice of Plymouth, whose volunteers and bereavement counselors help run a lot of the groups. The partnership began two-and-a-half years ago. “It’s a wonderful partnership. In addition to support services, we do a palliative care camp called Fragile Footprints here in the summer,” Brack said.    In four years, the Bracks have high expectations for how Hope Floats will expand. “We really want our support groups to grow. We do a lot of adult bereavement, but I want to do more family work here, too. I love having the workshops, that’s important, but I want them geared toward healing,” Brack said.   Hope Floats is also available to those who may not be going through bereavement, but a life crisis. “People come who are going through everyday stress. They might have lost a job or are going through a divorce, so it’s not just bereavement. Some people are just here for wellness. I want people to know that we’re here.” Brack shared. An example is the Healing Circle, “anyone can come to the healing circle, that involves meditation and getting mini treatments. We do that one day a month.”   “It’s not just your heart that’s grieving; stress takes a toll on your physical body as well. To be able to provide different things for people; to be able to help them out of the darkness is our goal,” Brack explained.  

Hope Floats Healing & Wellness Center An educational center and retreat for people facing life struggles, seeking spiritual growth and improving their overall wellness. • Yoga, meditation, therapeutic massage, Reiki • Workshops on healing and wellness topics • Individual counseling for grieving, illness, and coping • Support groups • Overnight retreats • Nutrition support

www.hopefloatswellness.com densie@hopefloatswellness.com 4 Elm Street Kingston, MA 02367 781-936-8068

Hope Floats is located at 4 Elm Street in Kingston, MA.

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It is Not Just Your Hair

It’s Your Health Light House Point Residences, Plymouth


thoughtful, sustainable, healthy, design solutions. [eco-friendly kitchen. bath. flooring. paint. tile. clay.]

www.freshinteriorsinc.com showroom . 16 forsyth avenue . south yarmouth 508.394.3032

Treat your Hair Like Your Face and Your Body Build stronger more resilient hair and rescue yourself from chemicals in shampoos, colors and processing that may be harmful to your health.

Our Products are Natural No caustic odor, No itching, No burning, and No animal testing. for further enlightenment please contact us

Where is your journey leading you?

11 Schoosett St Rt.139 & Rt. 53 Pembroke, Ma

781 826 7595


For 23 years I’ve been helping people overcome the blocks and fears that hold them back. Let’s work together to create the life of your dreams! Connect with me for a

complimentary conversation

Janet Dwinells, MA, CCH 707.888.8388 voyageofthesoul@gmail.com http://voyageofthesoul.com

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Alchemical Hypnotherapy Mindfulness Meditation Guided Imagery Soul Coaching

Online Issue May/June 2012

Spring Cobb Salad

with Honey Dressing and Kale Flowers by Andrea Beaman

2 cups mixed baby greens (kale, mizuna, mesclun), rinsed 2 pastured eggs, boiled and quartered 2 ounces, raw cheddar cheese, cubed 1 strip naturally cured pastured bacon, cooked until crispy ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil 1 shallot minced 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar 2 tsp. raw local honey Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper Kale flowers or Arugula flowers Put baby mixed greens into a large mixing bowl. Top with egg slices, cheddar cheese and chopped bacon. Whisk olive oil, shallot, apple cider vinegar and honey. Season the dressing with salt and black pepper to taste. Drizzle dressing on top of salad. Garnish with kale flowers.

Andrea Beaman is a Natural Foods Chef, author, and television host dedicated to alternative healing and green, sustainable living. Log onto www.andreabeaman.com

Social Media Marketing

Do you have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blog, and LinkedIn?   Have you linked your Newsletters  to your social media pages?

Creating a social media and an email newsletter just got easier. . .

Hire Candita to do it! 781 834 2728

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Spinach and Chard by Marcie Griffith and Bethany Hauch


DIRECTIONS Saute onions and spinach/chard in about 1T. olive oil over medium heat until greens are wilted. • Heat oven to 350°F • Line 12 cup muffin pan with baking cups, spray the cups with natural cooking spray. (Be sure not to omit this step, or the quiches will stick badly to the baking cups.) • Mix the spinach, eggs or egg substitute, cheese, peppers, onions, pepper, salt in a bowl. • Fill the cups with the mixture. • Bake at 350F or 20 minutes. Quiches are done when a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean.

These little mini-quiches make a wonderful (and healthy) breakfast when you are on-thego. Or heat them up later for lunch or dinner!

INGREDIENTS • 6 large eggs or 1 1/2 cup egg whites • 2-3 cups chopped spinach and/or swiss chard • 1/4 cup crumbled goat cheese  • 1 cup diced red or green peppers (or both!) • 1 cup diced onions  • Chopped fresh herbs - cilantro, basil, parsley etc  • Salt & pepper to taste 

Feel free to add any other vegetables that you would normally consider adding to eggs and omelets. Greens like spinach and chard help to circulate energy in the body (particularly useful in the spring) and also help to replenish the body's stores of blood and qi. Eggs nourish the deep yin energy of the body. So these mini-quiches are a wonderful mix of moving and nourishing, providing a well-balanced, easy, and yummy meal! Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue May/June 2012

5 reasons

to eat

more sprouts Reprinted from www.lifewithnature.com

Sprouts play a big role into raw vegan diet. But you don’t have to be a raw vegan to enjoy all the health benefits associated with sprouts. And besides their huge health benefits, they are the ultimate locally grown food.

These are the Five Reasons Huge amounts of enzymes: Experts estimates that sprouts can have up to 100 times more enzyme levels than raw fruits and vegetables. Enzyme supports your body to better use vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from the food you eat. Improved protein source: When sprouted, the protein profile of beans, nut and seeds changes, improving the levels of certain amino acids. Increased fiber: Sprouts contains much more fiber than their unsprouted counterparts. Fiber is very important for health, as it helps to flush out the toxins, lower cholesterol levels and help in fat digestion. Better vitamin content: Some vitamins dramatically increase during the sprouting process. Sprouts usually have high levels of vitamin A, B-complex, C and E. With only a few days of sprouting, some food can increase their vitamin level by up to 20 times! Improved mineral absorption: During the sprouting process, minerals bind to proteins making them more usable in the body, especially calcium and magnesium.

What is your favorite food to sprout? Healthy Living Magazine


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CAUSATIVE HEALING Findingthe the CAUSE CAUSE Behind Finding Behind Your YourIllness! Illness!

A counseling program designed to help you identify physical and emotional blockages in your life and assists you in making healthy positive change.

Specializing in Stress Reduction, Addictions, Healthy Nutrition and Positive Coping Skills.

Practice Yoga Scituate Art and Soul Space Darlene Bradlee, B.F.A., RYT 11 Hollett Street Scituate, MA www.artandsoulspace.com 781 545.0340

Karen Boyle

Holistic Health Counselor, Reiki Practitioner Prepare for Surgery Practitioner

781 964 3738

Various Locations Finding Inner Peace Yoga School The “How To Start A Yoga School” Kit A Turn-Key Business No franchise Maureen Spencer, RN 781 864.2130 yogareikisound@yahoo.com


Renew Yourself



• Breathing • Stretching • Opening • Awakening • • Calming• Balancing • Moving • Stilling • Relaxing • Letting go • Letting be • Feeling free & at peace • • Being in the Present Moment •

Dancing Crow Yoga Fay Sutherland Derby Street Shoppes BEHIND Crate & Barrel


781 836.5150


Breathwork Meditation & Stress Reduction Reiki & Qi Gong Therapy EMDR Energy Psychology: TAT EFT REMAP SER

Marshfield DragonFly Yoga Studio Emma Boyle Yoga Teacher & Owner

Group Classes Individual Sessions Specialty Workshops Hospital brings 30 years of devoted Programs practice and experience to the some insurance plans accepted sacred art of yoga & meditation. Studio located in Milton As a mind-body therapist, Fern Ross Israel

The Freight House


Fern’s compassionate presence assists people through difficult life transitions with a multi-dimensional approach to healing.

844 Webster Street shiveashakti@gmail.com


781 696.1266

flowingchi@comcast.net www.heartcenteredhealing.org 617 696-1665

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Rid Toxins


by Lauren Turner

The human body takes in amazing amounts of toxins on a daily basis. We may not mean to do so, but it happens. The good thing is that our systems were designed in such a way as to efficiently get rid of these toxins. There are times, however, when our bodies cannot keep up with the amount of toxins. Lymphatic massage is quite helpful during these times. This kind of massage targets the lymph nodes, which are basically our purifiers. With a lymphatic massage, we give the lymph nodes a helping hand in flushing out toxins from the body. This massage assists in normal drainage of lymph and in reducing lymph backup. The massage is performed with long, slow, methodical strokes in the direction towards the lymph glands for effective and complete drainage into the thoracic duct. Some find this massage to be very soothing and nurturing due to it's slow pace and the light, delicate pressure that is used.

Post breast surgery where axillary nodes have been removed One can expect improved lymphatic drainage leading to: reduced edema improved metabolism enhanced quality of the skin tone and tissue regeneration processes stimulation of lymph vessels around scarred tissues building up of one's immune functioning If you have any of these symptoms then they are contraindication for receiving a massage: (a contraindication is a condition or factor that serves as a reason to withhold a certain medical treatment.) Acute inflammation Malignant tumors Thrombosis Major heart or circulation problems Immediate post surgery

Those who would most benefit from this massage are those who experience: Frequent cold and flu infections Headache and migraine Arthritis Fatigue Loss of appetite Joint pain Depression Cellutitis Acne Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue May/June 2012


Energy Training

Pranic Healing offers blissful stress relief, alleviation of pain, and healing of acute and chronic health complaints.

IET Training Reiki 1, 2 and 3 Classes Nursing CEUs Available Call for Upcoming Classes

Blue Angel Healing

This no-touch system balances the body’s energetic system by removing stagnant energy and energizing depleted energy.

Rachelle Croteau

Miriam G. Smith, M. S. Ed.

• Certified Reflexologist • IET Master Teacher • Reiki Master Teacher • Cranio Sacral Therapy • Ear Coning Treatments by Appointment Only

Certified MCKS Pranic Healer

mgsenergy@comcast.net 978-683-6129 www.pranichealingne.com

Convenient Locations on the South Shore

(774) 240-5839

Helping to Heal the World One Person at a Time

Rev. Jodi St.Onge Reiki Master Teacher

“healing Messages of Love, proving the continuity of life“ Psychic Medium, Spirit Portraits, Akashic Records readings. Nancy brings through loved ones, Angels and guides from the other side Individual readings, classes and group demonstrations Available


To schedule an appointment call 978-835-0005 North Andover, MA

Nancy Smith

read more at www.angelscapes.net


Reiki Reiki Training Crystal Therapy Shamballa Healing Karuna Reiki Yoga Massage Workshops and More. 40 North Main Street #2, Carver MA blueangelhealing@yahoo.com  

781.964.6606 Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/jodist.onge

It’s a Girl Thing

My unique approach will empower you. Our co-created sessions may include: Energy Psychology, Psychosynthesis, Astrology or Tarot as I guide you to:

Individual sessions for girls dealing with issues of: • Relationships • School • Dealing with Parents • Coping with Stress • Self Esteem • Peer Pressure . . . and more. Therapeutic sessions include expressive art activities to support self actualization . . . it’s not all talk . . . Serving the South Shore in your home

Facilitator Candita Mamet MSW, MBA

Appointments by phone, Skype, e-mail, in person www.claritywithclare.com Voice Mail - 800-990-8290          Email - clare@abgoodwin.com Falmouth

Individual & Family Psychotherapy available.

781 834.2728 Healthy Living Magazine

• Fulfill your dreams • Remember what you already know • Explore your options • Expand your possibilities • Discover your higher purpose • Own your power • Manifest your Divine destiny


Online Issue May/June 2012

June 3rd

Healthy Living Expo Plymouth Radission

At A Glance

PRESENTERS Deborah Livingston Inner Transformations www.authordlivingston.com   Nancy Smith and Joe Lynch Drawing Spirit In A Medium Demonstration Event  www.angelscapes.net  

Dawn Quesnel Exploring Your Life Purpose Workshop www.CareerLifeBalance.net Julie B. Rosenshein LICSW The Highly Sensitive Indigo Adult & Child www.indigochildcoach.com

Eric Linter, Astrologer The Astrology of Happiness

Sherryl Comeau Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation www.energyworkstudio.com

Donna Green On the Magical Moon Foundation www.magicalmoon.org

Frankie Weeks Singing “Hoping for a Miracle”  www.cdbaby.com/cd/frankieweeks

Sallie Felton WHY CAN’T I GET RID OF THIS CLUTTER?”   www.salliefeltonlifecoach.com 

Debbie Toomey Laughter Yoga Workshop www.ultimatehealingjourney.com

Mal Duane Moving From Pain To Power www.AlphaChick.com

Bill Bean Meditation and Shamanic Drumming www.speakswithspirits.webs.com

Heather Lane Rock UR Body Continued Healthy Living Magazine


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EXHIBITORS Magnetrim Ring   www.magnetrim.com 

Magical Moon Foundation This Year’s Silent Auction Recipient www.magicalmoon.org

Jeff Travers www.elenscandles.com 

Bellas Bodyworks www.BellasBodyworks.Webs.Com

Shakeology   www.myshakeology.com/vikk

Mal Duane Recovery Coach   www.AlphaChick.com 

Ideal Weight Loss lmroberts8@verizon.net

Ultimate Healing Journey www.ultimatehealingjourney.com

Shape Mate Weight Lloss www.ShapeMateweightloss.tsfl.com

Koenig Family Chiropractic www.koenigchiro.com

Tré Soleil Day Spa www.tresoleildayspa.com

Frank St. Martin Hypnotherapy www.stmartinhypnotherapyandreikicenter .com

Spa Tech Plymouth www.spatech.edu David Hallmark Original Writer’s Block  Stained Glass Zen Gardens www.OriginalWritersBlock.com   Kristen Crociati Gestalt Reiki www.grahamchiropracticcenter.com

Jodi ST.Onge www.BlueAngelHealing.webs.com  Sherryl Comeau  www.energyworkstudio.com  Plymouth Open Doors Yoga Studio  www.opendoors7.com  

Jennifer Stogryn www.massagewithjennifer.com

Sallie Felton LLC Life Coach www.salliefeltonlifecoach.com 

Ian L. Rubinstein, M.P.T., M.R. Eclectic Physical Therapy www.eclecticphysicaltherapy.com

Abigail Kester www.marykay.com/akester  

Healthy Living Magazine www.myhealthylivingmag.com

Pam's Sterling Silver Jewelry Armoire www.925silverinthecity.com 

Continued Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue May/June 2012

READERS Joe Lynch joelynch919@gmail.com

Dotty Repoza www.linkedin.com/pub/dorothyrepoza/24/b21/571

Nancy Smith www.angelscapes.net  

Lois Berman www.loisberman.com

Bill Bean www.speakswithspirits.webs.com 

Nancy & Tom Foley www.ciennamoon.com

Angie D’Anjou www.angiedanjou.com 

Joan McGeehan www.facebook.com/joan.mcgeehan

Readings cost $25 for 25 minutes. Log onto www.myhealthlivingmag.com to learn more about our readers!

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A Miracle in the Making Journey with an Indigo/Crystal Child by Rev. Cathi Burke

As a young married woman I was told I could never have children. With that being said I was determined to overcome and beat the odds, so filled with faith and grace I held the intention of bringing a child into the world. Several months later I was to find out that I was pregnant and my healing journey began. This is when I began to walk the path of holistic health and healing and began to deepen my angel and spiritual connections. Then I was told, “You will never carry that baby,” and to this I replied, “I have full intention of having this baby and he or she will be healthy and so will I”. This is a perfect example of “intention” and the law of attraction. So each day as I took my supplements, ate very nutritional foods and began a regime of prayer and affirmation, keeping my vibration high and positive. Shortly after that statement I met my naturopathic doctor, and began working with her to shift and change my chances. With the proper nutrients, foods, and an array of holistic modalities, daily guided meditations with spirit and my angels, on June 2, 1979, my daughter Cristina Michelle was born. She was beautiful and healthy from head to toe, and so was I. I knew the minute I laid eyes on her that she was perfect and that she had healed me. I

knew right away that she was a very “old soul” and that she had actually healed me when she was in my womb. My body no longer harbored the condition that was diagnosed and I had given birth to my little girl. To this day I call her “my miracle”. Just looking into Cristina’s eyes I could see her great wisdom and her hands were soft and filled with love and healing light. I was to discover over the next several years that she was a mixture of an indigo and crystal child, as she began to form a bond with the earth, crystals, and the angels. I discovered that I was an older version of an indigo as well, and had been one of the 60’s indigo kids that were chosen to bring great spiritual teachings out into the world. Children who join us on the planet and bring very old wisdom from the many past lives they have lived are often termed “old souls” and their gifts go as far back as the Lemurian Times and Atlantis, and they bring a wealth of stored knowledge and great healing capabilities. These children have gifts that begin from the moment they are born as they have come to teach us many great lessons and bring forth a greater capacity for unconditional love. They are here to show us how to move and work with universal energies, tune into crystals, and work with

To this day I call Cristina “my miracle”.

Healthy Living Magazine


continued on page 24 . . .

Online Issue May/June 2012

PEACE ohm MIND Weight Loss Group Hypnosis

Lose Weight Safely . . . Starting Right Now! PEACE ohm MIND Weight Loss Hypnosis Seminars help you develop the needed mind set that finally allows yourself to release that unwanted weight once and for all, placing you on the road to a healthier, slimmer, magnificent you! 508.889.1344

R. S. V. P. Today for your seat at our next seminar.


NEW LOCATION 34 School Street in Foxboro Center! 508 543 5522 Visit our website: www.thehealingmoon.com or Follow us on Facebook.

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the beauty and the gifts of nature. It always amazed me as I watched Cristina “lay” hands on my mom, grandmother and others in the family and it always seemed to comfort them and re-connect them. Many of my friends that were intuitive's and healers told me that Cristina was here to spread her healing gifts amongst the masses and that the time would come that this would unfold. Indigo and crystal children have a great capacity to spread love and embrace the wisdom of the ancient cultures. Much of this comes forth as they are guided by their parents and peers. Being on the path of holistic and spiritual wellbeing since I was in my early 20’s, I feel created a “bridge” for Cristina to move along and grow. Being an intuitive since I was a small child, I could sense that Cristina had a great healing quality about her. “She is a healer,” they would say, and I could see what they meant, for all Cristina had to do was smile or touch your hand and you could feel her love and her healing energy. It wasn't always easy for Cristina or myself, especially after her father passed away when she was 3 years old. She was different from the other kids in school, more mature and understanding. She stood up for those who were bullied and spent much of her time as a child with adults, feeling that they were the ones who understood who she truly was. My connection with the angelic realms brought me great guidance throughout Cristina’s adolescence and I shared many of my feelings and visions with her. For any parent who has been given the gift to raise these special children I would say that some of the tools that helped both Cristina and I over the years were as follows: Diet: I found that it was very important not to give Cristina large amounts of sugar or heavy Healthy Living Magazine


carbohydrates. She would become lethargic and unable to think clearly. Meals were to be filled with light protein, veggies, brown rice, nuts, seeds, nut butters, and some fruit. Water was also very important. She would come alive with these foods and they enhanced her grades in school. Talk and Understanding: I always felt that I was with a “little” adult and a “wise one” and our conversations were about the world, spirituality, and I always treated Cristina as an equal. This brought out more of her confidence and loving nature and her gifts were able to flow easily. I accepted her, and embraced these gifts. She was here to teach and I was also her student. Activities: It was very important for Cristina to connect with children of her own age, although I noticed that the kids she gravitated towards were “wise ones” like herself. I made sure that she had an array of creative activities such as dance, piano, art classes, writing, modeling, and outdoor activities which included long walks, nature, music and all creative endeavors. This kept her from becoming bored and kept her gifts flowing. Support: It is of the outmost importance to allow our children to be who they truly are and allow them to do what they have come here to do. Being patient as their journey unfolds is very important, and encouraging them to allow their gifts to flourish is a must. Kind, generous and loving words can move mountains. I always encouraged and respected Cristiana’s process. For many who are raising these wonderful and spirit filled children it is about knowing how to “tap” into their needs and to encourage their gifts to flow. Remember that they are filled with knowledge, and many have come onto the earth plane knowing fully about crystals, Online Issue May/June 2012

continued on page 26 . . .

TNT FitClub Boot Camp Training For All Fitness Levels

Indoor/Outdoor Programs in Quincy • Braintree • N. Weymouth

If you want a fit, healthy body to be proud of then

TNT FitClub will get you there! In just 4 weeks you can be... • Eating a healthier diet and have more energy! • Fitting into smaller size jeans again! • Showing off those toned arms! • Look amazing in that sexy little dress! • Getting compliments everywhere you go.

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COLON HYDROTHERAPY I-ACT Certified Colon Therapist The world’s premier colon hydrotherapy system, providing the ultimate in privacy.

Restorative Chill & Restorative • Chill Gentle Flow • Intermediate Flow Strong Flow • Butts & Gutts Many varied workshops from Meditation, Pranayama, Yin, Hands-on and so much more . . . For class schedule log onto

Featuring the FDa approveD


Angel of Water® INTERNAL WELLNESS CENTER • Liz Marcano-pucillo

640 Washington Street, Dedham, MA • (781) 329-3800 • www.internalwellnessctr.com

Owner Emma Boyle Certified Yoga Teacher Ambassador of lululemon Athletica


The Freight House

844 Webster Street Downtown, Marshfield

This time of year is the time to clean up A safe and effective DETOXIFICATION our house; our internal house. method which removes toxic waste from the large intestine without the use of drugs. Colon Cleansing is the perfect start!  It  helps compliment weight loss programs, FDA approved equipment, I-ACT Cert. builds up the immune system, reduces Colonic Therapist &  Nurse. allergy & flu-like symptoms, stomach bugs, congestion & constipation.

Colon Hydrotherapy

New Life Services 696 Plain Street, Suite 2A Marshfield, MA 02050 781 837.4316 nlservices@verizon.net


Cornerstone Therapeutics for Women Colon Hydrotherapy and Massage in a relaxing, professional atmosphere.

State of the art equipment

Self-sanitizing system

Temperature regulated multi-filtered water

Lila Reader, RN, LMT

I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist 781 775-7352 lilanau@verizon.net 43 Hatherly Road, Rockland, MA 02370

Conveniently located 2 miles from Exit 14 off Route 3.

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Online Issue May/June 2012

healing, angels, and more. They are our future and have the divine knowledge and gifts to show us the way. Cristina loves to work with children and has a deep desire in her heart to help their healing gifts to unfold by teaching them Reiki and a variety of healing modalities and how to work with crystals. Being an early childhood education teacher she has the best of both worlds when it comes to working with kids. I feel blessed and honored to be her parent, her friend and her student.

A Health Food Store For Pets

Natural Diets Canine Massage Grainfree Foods Flower Essences Cat & Dog Foods Collars/Leashes Raw Diets Shampoos Vitamin & Herbal Earth Friendly Toys Supplements Pet Beds Treats

~ Angels of Light Healing and Intuitive Center in Norwell celebrated their 2nd Anniversary/ Birthday on Saturday May 5th 2012. For the past two years Cristina and I have felt blessed to bring the center and all of its wonderful Spiritual Teachings, Events, Meditations, Workshops and Certifications to those who have entered our doors.  We look forward to sharing our light work with all of you over the coming year.  We love you all! www.angeloflightministry.com

Offering Customer Support and Guidance Also Available: Flower Essence Consultations by Diane Dewberry Town Line Plaza, Rte 53 808 Washington St., Pembroke (781) 826-9760


Cathi and Cristina Burke are the owners of the Angels of Light Healing and Intuitive Center in Norwell, MA. Rev. Cathi Burke has been on her spiritual journey for over 30 years and is an Angel Minister/Spirit Medium/ Messenger/Soul Counselor/Holistic Nutritionist and Healer. Cristina Burke is a Reiki/Master/Magnified Healing/ IET Teacher and Healer/Spirit Medium/Messenger/ and Crystal Therapist. She is also an Early Childhood Education Teacher and gifted Photographer. Both Cristina and I feel honored to bring the Angels of Light Healing and Intuitive Center to all who cross our path, as we offer an array of healing and intuitive pathways for all.  www.angeloflightministry.com  www.divinetouch.reiki.vp.com  781.871.1740

Chiropractic For Your Pets?

Chiropractic will increase comfort and add quality to your pet’s performance, movement, and flexibility, and is especially helpful in cases where an injury has occurred.

Large, Small and Exotic Animals

Dr. Debra Tranberg Will Travel To See Your Pet 781-789-5999

Mention this ad at your pet's initial adjustment to receive $5.00 off the regular fee.


Visit www.drtranberg.com

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Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 6 pm Saturday - 9am to 4pm Sundayclosed

Dogs, Cats & Horses

Serving the South Shore and Cape Cod Acupuncture & other natural and holistic treatments to promote healing, wellness and longevity

Mark E Russo, V.M.D.

Kingston Animal Hospital, Inc. 192 Main Street Kingston, MA 02364

781 585.6525

Online Issue May/June 2012

Love Our

The Take-Home



The time is here To pay attention Hold Mother Earth dear Make no exception   We honor her On a special day Many volunteer To pave the way   By cleaning rivers Unpoluting streams Becomming givers Fulfilling a dream   We will invest A little time Put to the test To help her shine   She loves us unconditionally While forever giving Time to realize our responsibility To help all of us keep living   Within our daily lives Watch over her and protect Help Mother Earth survive Pay her the deepest respect   Then every day will be Earth Day As you give love to our mother We then will be on our way To a world like no other                                               

Message 1. Since cookies, cakes, and candies are huge sources of added sugars in the diet, don’t buy the large, warehouse-sized boxes and packages of these sweets and treats. The more you buy, the more you are going to eat. Stick to smaller, supermarket-size packages and don’t be so quick to replenish the supply in the kitchen cupboards when these sweets are gobbled up. 2. When choosing breakfast cereals, reach for the wholegrain variety and make sure that they contain only about 8 grams of sugar (the equivalent of two teaspoons of table sugar) or less per serving. These sweetened cereals are, by far, a healthier alternative to breakfast donuts and other pastries.

Catherine Meunier

3. Fruitades, fruit drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, and of course, soda are pure sugar in a glass. These shouldn’t be the daily beverage of choice. Switch to skim milk at meals and water in between meals to keep hydrated. For more on good nutrition, visit: kidseatright.org and eatright.org. 

Healthy Living Magazine


Online Issue May/June 2012

Herb of the Month: White Peony Root by Marcie Griffith and Bethany Hauch

by Marcie Griffith and Bethany Hauch

Pinyin: Bai Shao

Bai Shao is also used in combination with other herbs to relax the muscles and treat pain and spasms. Thus it is a useful herb in formulas for musculoskeletal injuries, chronic muscle tension, certain types of headaches, abdominal cramping and pain, and general stressrelated tension.  

Bai Shao, or White Peony Root, is a very common herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine - many of you have probably had herbal formulas that included this herb! Bai Shao is used to nourish the blood energy of the body, which makes it useful in treating symptoms such as scanty periods, trouble sleeping, fatigue, dizziness, and slow wound healing. It also gently helps energy circulate in the body, and supports the soothing effects of other Qi-moving herbs. Because it is both nourishing and moving, it is a wonderful herb for gynecological issues, and is found in many formulas to treat irregular, painful, or missed periods.

This herb is very harmonizing, meaning that it helps various systems in the body work in harmony with one another. It supports the immune system, nourishes the reproductive system, and soothes digestive function.

Bethany Hauch, LicAc, MAOM, Dipl.OM Marcie Griffith, LicAc, MAOM, Dipl.OM Stepping Stone Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine 180 Linden St., Suite 7E, Wellesley, MA 02482 781-898-4083 info@steppingstoneacu.com www.steppingstoneacu.com Healthy Living Magazine


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Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

We Offer . . . Swedish/relaxation massage Deep Tissue massage Our Special Sports massage Print out this page. Bring in this coupon Pregnancy massage for a FREE Trigger point Therapy 30-minute massage or Myofascial Technique An hour massage Neuromuscular Therapy for $35. Hot Stone massage Reiki 7 New Driftway • Suite 5 Scituate, MA 02066 781.545.1616 info@driftwaymusculartherapy.com www.DriftwayMuscularTherapy.com

May 19th Infinite Business Networking presents:

Healthy Living Westgate Mall, Brockton 200 Westgate Drive

Visit with 50 Exhibitors in the Health and Wellness Field Hours: Saturday 10 AM to 4:30 PM If you are interested in holding a table at this event please contact Kyle Tornow 617-378-5354 tornowkyle@yahoo.com

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Training Center

10% OFF

There’s a fine balance between what’s best for your landscape and what’s best for your family. This is why Aspenn Environmental Services of New England is proud to be an industry leader in the use of environmentally responsible products for Outdoor pest control, tree and shrub spraying and injecting. Applications control Lyme Disease Ticks, Caterpillars, Adelgids, and 200 other pests that damage landscape.

Visit the Plant Health Care Professionals at www.treeandlawncare.com CALL (888) 418-BUGS GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET YOU!

Capacity: 40 - 50 Classroom Style 65 - 75 Theater Style


• LCD Projector & Screen •White board &/or Flip chart • Kitchen Use • Wireless internet/WIFI • Advertising • Free parking

Call Candita at 781 834.2728

Available For Rent


South Of Boston

Come Celebrate Healthy Living Magazine’s 10th Birthday!

Networking Sunset Sojourn Hewitt’s Cove Hingham August 9th Thursday 6:30 - 10pm

Enjoy The Ocean Bliss On The Mass Bay Lines Massachusetts Boston Harbor Cruises

Tickets Only $25 By August 1st $35 at the dock

Location 349 Lincoln Street Hingham, MA 02043

Info Call Candita 781 834.2728 Log onto www.MyHealthyLivingMag.com to Pay by Credit Card Healthy Living Magazine


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Healthy Living

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Business Communication by Jennifer McSharry

Tip of the Month

Factors That Cause Ineffective Communication Breakdowns in communication channels Changes within the workplace Inaccurate information Time related pressures Unorganized thought Misinterpretations Distractions Noise

Consequences of Ineffective Communication Tension spills over into future communication Tension can be infectious it affects others Causes mistakes Causes missed business opportunities Causes lost/wasted time and effort The Communication Survey Revealed . . . “The exchange of information between people, e.g. by means of speaking, writing, or using a common system of signs or behavior . . . a spoken or written message.” (Encarta Online, 2012) “Communication is effective when the recipient of a message understands its meaning and can express that meaning back to the speaker or sender of the message.” American Management Association (AMA) “…Communication that is personally rewarding, helpful, useful, and successful is perceived as effective.” (Gross, Guerrero, 2000) Next Month: Ingredients for Effective Communication Jennifer McSharry and her husband Kurt Dwyer own and operate Kurt Dwyer Painting (KDP). Jenn and Kurt have helped hundreds of homeowners add beauty and value to their homes since 1999. Based in Quincy MA, KDP offers residential and commercial interior and exterior painting; check out their web site at www.kurtdwyerpainting.com. In partial fulfillment of her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Jenn prepared a research paper dealing with the results of ineffective communication on customer relationships and business success. Jenn states, “these days, customers want more out of a service or product provider, they want added value. Effective communication will help any business owner find out how to deliver exactly what their customer wants and simultaneously build relationships that will last.”

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A federally licensed tax professional

We have a good idea how to protect your world. It’s our world, too.

Tax & Bookkeeping Services

Go “Green” and Save!

With our E-customer discount program, combine your home & auto insurance and

Save $$ Money*

• Reduce paper • Sign up for EFT & save installment fee • Easy, convenient online payments * With Safety Insurance. Some restrictions apply.

781-293-6376 Hanson Insurance Agency, Inc.

Business Resources

632 County Rd. (Route 14), Hanson, MA 02341


We’re Not JUST Graphic Design We do Illustrations too! 14 Sherrick Avenue • Holbrook • MA • 02343

This little bumblebee is made from recycled fibers. He is as large as a fingernail and has a real personality. Wait till you see what he has been up to in upcoming issues.


www.NotJUSTGraphicDesign.com Proud to be the designer of Healthy Living Magazine since 2002. Healthy Living Magazine


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Healthy Small Business Promotions by Ginny Just

Tip of the Month

Promotional Items.

These little ditties are those pens or paper pads or T-shirts or whatever that have your company name and contact information on them. While they can get scattered all over into areas you never dreamed about, they can certainly get your name out to places you never thought about. Prices vary from really inexpensive to somewhat costly depending on the item. But choose items that work for your business. For instance, I know a chiropractor that has pens with her company name and telephone number. The pens, however, are unique. They look like a crooked spine. When people see them all over town, they instantly recognize that this chiropractor is the one who is getting her name out in her community. As I stated earlier, these can be very affordable and also pretty pricey. But if you think of it as an investment in your business and particularly in advertisng that business, the price is always affordable. The key is in making it work for YOUR business. (Your Say you sell a natural spring Company Name water, one that comes from Here!) pristine envronments and is healthy not simply thirst quenching. Some people may take offense to giving out plastic water bottles with your label on it (think Concord, MA). But you could always find a reusable container that holds water and give the impression that you care about the environment (which Healthy Living Magazine


you do or you wouldn’t be selling this particular water). And many companies make containers that are not simply reuseable but are safe. Small businesses benefit from getting their name out there in any way you can. Support a local Farm League or soccer team with your name on the back of their shirts. Every time a ball is hit or a score is made, you are connected to that team and that town. Take it one step further . . . your business is one that does not get seen by the public; a wholesale dairy producer that sells only to resellers or an invention that makes the grass on people’s lawns grow healthier and longer . . . but nobody buys directly from you, only through a reseller. You can still benefit from a promotional item that will drive traffic to your website or your product in someone else’s store. How? Put it out there with your name and website address. Getting people to take a look at your website is one of the best things you can do for your business. Don’t have a website? Read the next installment of “Healthy Small Business Promotions”. See you next time! Just Associates, a graphic design and art direction studio based in Holbrook MA was founded by Virginia Just. She has been a graphic designer since 1975, having previously worked in large, medium and small ad agencies and design studios in the Boston area. http://www.facebook.com/JustAssociates 781.767.4080 www.notjustgraphicdesign.com

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Healthy LIVING Magazine Celebrating 10 years of Publishing

MAY 19th, Saturday IBN presents “HEALTHY LIVING” A Wellness Trade Show WESTGATE MALL 200 Westgate Drive Brockton, MA JUNE 3rd, Sunday Healthy Living Mag Signature Symposium, Expo & Winners Reception Radisson HOTEL 180 Water Street Plymouth, MA August 16 -18 Boston Greenfest City Hall Plaza 1 City Hall Square Boston, MA

Exhibits FREE

October 20th, Saturday Healthy Living Mag Expo Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School 220 Sandwich Road Bourne, MA

Pick up your copy of Healthy Living Magazine. New England’s best choice for health, fitness, nutrition and living green. Want to exhibit with us? Log onto www.MyHealthyLivingMag.com Sponsored by

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ALCHEMICAL HYPNOTHERAPY Janet (Glass) Dwinells, M.A., CCH Transforms blocked energy into resources for healthy living. Mashpee, MA 707.888.8388 voyageofthesoul@gmail.com www.voyageofthesoul.com

www.BellasBodyworks.Webs.Com BellasBodyworks@Live.com

anIMAL CHIROPRACTIC Dr. Debra Tranberg. Chiropractic care for large, small and Exotic Animals. Will Travel To Your Pet. 781 789.5999 www.drtranberg.com Animal Wellness Healthy Animal. A Health Food Store for pets offering customer support - guidance. Flower essence consultation by Diane Dewberry. 808 Washington Street, Pembroke 781.826.9760 www.thehealthyanimal.com Animal Health Pawsitively Natural. A natural pet food store providing quality dry, canned and raw frozen foods. Homeopathics, natural flea & tick , vitamins. Now Offering Delivery Call 781.837.0850. 10 Marshfield Ave., Humarock www.pawsitivelynatural.net anti-aging Protandim Life Vantage Independent Distributor www.myyoungercells.com nancy@myyoungercells.com 781.964.4613

CELEBRATION OF LIFE SERVICES Diane M. Colligan L.P.N, L.M.T., Human or pet, who ever has passed and you want to remember their love and life with a celebration. 781.834.4347 2016 Ocean St., Marshfield, MA www.celebratemehome.us.com CHIROPRACTIC Denette Family Chiropractic Gentle, specific chiropractic care for the whole family. 728 Washington Street, South Easton, MA 508.230.5056 dfamchiro@gmail.com www.denettefamilychiropractic.com Coaching Dawn Bertino The Enlightened Dawn. Life coach, reiki master teacher and polarity therapist. 781.519.9002 dawn@theenlighteneddawn.com www. theenlighteneddawn.com Coaching Debbie Lyn Toomey Ultimate Healing Journey. Offering: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Stress Management, Angel Messeges, Prepare for Surgery, Reconnective Healing®, Coaching, Laughter Yoga, Tong Ren and Reiki. 617.653.2561 debbie.ultimatehealingjourney@gmail.com www.ultimatehealingjourney.com

BEREAVEMENT Namaste Counseling LLC Nancy Partridge. Energy & Spiritual Psychology, Loss & Life Transitions, Bereavement 781.258.1083 np.Namaste@gmail.com BODYWORK Bodyworks Healing Centre. Kim Purdy. Classical Homeopathic medicine, Shiatsu, Acupressure. 29 Cottage Avenue Quincy 617.479.1030 www.bodyworkshealingcentre.com BODYWORK Bellas Bodyworks. Caryn Bellew LMT & RMT. 1362 Washington St. (Rte 53) Weymouth MA. 781.974.5748 Healthy Living Magazine

Bookkeeping Pat Masters TaxLady EA, Inc. Tax prep and book keeping services. 42 Mattakeesett Street Pembroke. 781.293.1040 www.TaxLadyEA.com


COACHING Casey Kerr Find your Roar. Your Business is a Direct Extension of YOU – How are your Emotional Blocks sabotaging your business? FREE Energy Diagnostic Session. Casey@findyourROAR.com 781.261.9695 www.findyourROAR.com

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COLON HYDROTHERAPY Cornerstone Therapeutics for Women. Colon Hydrotherapy and Massage Therapy in a relaxing, professional atmosphere. Lila Reader, 43 Hatherly Road, Rockland781.775.7352 lilanau@verizon.net COLON HYDROTHERAPY Internal Wellness Center. Where beauty begins on the inside. 640 Washington Street. Dedham, MA. Call 781.329.3800 www.internalwellnessctr.com COMPUTER TRAINING Kaizen Practical, affordable computer training for YOU! 781.585.1619. At our center or your home/ office. www.kaizencomputing.com deb.kane@kaizencomputing.com

counseling Individual & Family Candita Mamet MSW. Therapeutic sessions include expressive art activities to support self actualization...it’s not all talk... 781.834.2728 COnsulting Monique Morimoto, MS, CPCC. Principal. SoulWorks Coaching® and Diamond Horse Coaching mmf@soulworkscoaching.com or coachmonique@verizon.net 617.328.7113 www.soulworkscoaching.com or www.diamondhorsecoaching.com crystals, gem stones & healing jewelery Heart of Destiny’s Wings. Offering: Reiki, Polarity, Angel Card Readings and more. 629 State Road (Route 3A)Plymouth. 774.773.9556 irene.moody@verizon.net www.heartofdestinyswings.com

Healthy Living Magazine

ECO-DESIGN SHOWROOM Fresh Interiors. Renovating? thoughtful, sustainable, healthy, design solutions. (ecofriendly kitchen. bath. flooring. paint. tile. clay.) Showroom located at 16 Forsyth Avenue, South Yarmouth 508.394.3032 www.freshinteriorsinc.com ENERGY MEDICINE Namaste Counseling LLC Nancy Partridge Energy & Spiritual Psychology, loss & life transitions, bereavement 781.258 .1083 np.Namaste@gmail.com

counseling Life and Career Coaching with MaryKay Duffy M.S., M.Ed., L.M.H.C. Solution focused individual, couples or family sessions. Location in Cohasset. Most insurance’s are accepted. 617.921.0869 marykayduffy@ gmail.com

CYMATRON FACILITATOR Ellen Gill RYT, Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Cymatron Facilitator, Ear Coning, Thai Yoga bodywork. emg26@aol.com 617.877.2305 www.ellengill.com

DETOX New Life Services colon hydrotherapy. Spring is the time to detox, building up our immune system & cleanse our blood. Marshfield 781.837.4316 www.newlifeservices.vpweb.com


ENERGY TRAINING Rachelle Croteau IET Training. Reiki 1, 2 and 3 Classes, Nursing CEUs Available. Call for Upcoming Classes. Locations on South Shore. 774.240.5839 rachelle333888@gmail.com EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE SPECIALIST Clare Goodwin. My unique approach will empower you. Our co-created sessions may include: Energy Psychology, Psychosynthesis, Astrology or Tarot as I guide you. 800.990.8290 clare@abgoodwin.com www.claritywithclare.com gRAPHIC DESIGN SERvIcES Virginia Just. Art Director for Healthy Living Magazine. For Professional, Artistic and Creative. Books, Magazines & Newsletters, Brochure Design, CDs and DVDs. 781.767.4080 www.NotJUSTGraphicDesign.com gYMNASTICS TumbleFun Gymnastics. Building skills and Confidence for a lifetime of Success. 1849 Ocean Street Marshfield MA 781.837.9895 www.tumblefungymnastics.com HAIR CARE NATURAL Hair Consultants Plus, Beauty Spa. Organic Hair Color Line & Products, No harsh chemicals 100% Organic & Vega. Great For Clients with Asthma, Skin Sensitivity, Allergies. Pembroke, 781.826.7595 www.HairConsultantsPlus.com Online Issue May/June 2012

Healing Center Hope Floats educational center and retreat for people facing life struggles, seeking spiritual growth. 4 Elm Street, Kingston. 781.936.8068 www.hopefloatswellness.com

healthy living. Mashpee, MA 707.888.8388 voyageofthesoul@gmail.com www.voyageofthesoul.com INSURANCE Hanson Insurance Agency, Inc. Stephanie Lipinski. Protection for your life, auto, home & business. 632 County Rd., P.O. Box 668, Hanson 781 293.6376 stephanie@ hansonins.com www.hansonins.com

Healing and Intuitive Center The Angels of Light A Sanctuary for Angels,Healing & Soul Growth. Rev. Cathi Burke & Cristina Burke, Intuitives/Healers/ INTUITIVE HEALING Nora Helbich of New Spiritual Teachers 320 Washington Street, Day Hypnosis & Healing. Hypnosis, Hands-on Norwell, 781.871.1740 Healing, Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing www.angeloflightministry.com 283 Main Street, Kingston, MA 508.280.1523 www.newdayhealing.com HOLISTIC CENTER Sally Hamer founder of My Private Practice Holistic Center offers many LEADERSHIP Monique Morimoto, forms of alternative therapies. MS, CPCC. Principal. SoulWorks 508 291.4832 W. Wareham Coaching® & Diamond Horse Coaching www.myprivatepracticeholistics.com mmf@soulworkscoaching.com or coachmonique@verizon.net 617-328Holistic Healing Center The Healing 7113 www.soulworkscoaching.com or www. Moon Wellness Center Offering diamondhorsecoaching.com Massage, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Mediumship, Readings, and Gifts. Workshops: Yoga, New MASSAGE Lauren’s Massage - Lauren Age, Women’s Groups, Healing, and Meditation, Turner, LCMT 144 Washington Street, Qigong The Healing Moon Wellness Center 34 Norwell, MA 781.878.6002 School Street, Foxboro 508.543.5522 www. lajoturn@gmail.com thehealingmoon.com www.laurens-wellness.com Holistic Wellness & Intuitive Healing Center Blue Angel Healing & Wellness Center – Rev. Jodi St.Onge RMT. KP. SMT. Offering: Reiki, Reiki Training, Crystal Therapy, Shamballa Healing, Yoga, Massage. 40 N. Main St. Carver 781.964.6606

MASSAGE/ENERGY THERAPIST Diane M. Colligan L.P.N, L.M.T., Therapeutic massage, Canine Massage, Rieki, IET, hot stone massage, and Ionic detoxifying foot baths. 2016 Ocean St., Marshfield. 781.834.4347 dcolligan1@ comcast.net

HYPNOSIS TRAINING Pat MacIsaac. Learn to HYPNOTIZE Yourself and Others. Fully Accredited Hands-On Training, Texts and Material Included, Certification On Graduation. 781.749.9050 pat@sshc.net www.sshc.net

MASSAGE Simply Soothing Sanctuary. 84 Summer St. Kingston MA 617.962.9775 dee_davidson@comcast.net www.simplysoothingsanctuary.com

HYPNOSIS Nora Helbich of New Day Hypnosis & Healing. Hypnosis, Hands-on Healing, Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing 283 Main Street, Kingston, MA 508.280.1523 www.newdayhealing.com HYPNOTHERAPY Janet (Parks) Dwinells, M.A., CCH Alchemical Hypnotherapy transforms blocked energy into resources for

medium Nancy Smith, intuitive reader, medium, spirit artist. Bringing through loved ones, Angles, guides and teachers from the other side. 978.835.0005 www. angelscapes. net NATURAL HEALTH FOOD & ORGANIC PRODUCE Good Health Natural Foods. All natural organic groceries, gluten-free foods, vitamins, sports supplements, natural cosmetics. Shipping Available. Quincy, 617

REIKI CERTIFICATION With Maureen Spencer, RN. Location: North Weymouth. Contact Maureen @ 781 864-2130 or www.reikicertification.com

773.4925 Hanover, 781 826.0808 www.goodhealthnaturalfood.com NUTRITION Nutrition Matters. Introductory session free of charge. Rosalind Michahelles,D.Soc., Health Counselor. Cambridge, MA 617.491.3239 www.nutrition-matters.info

REIKI TRAINING - SESSIONS Heart of Reiki 2048 Washington Street, Hanover, MA (Jacob’s House). Professional Reiki Training/ Services. info@HeartofReiki.com 781-3086512 www.facebook.com/HeartofReiki www.HeartofReiki.com

Osteopathic medicine Dr. Kimberly D’Eramo Aligning you with the highest level of vitality and wellbeing. Wellesley Sports Medicine 180 Linden Street Wellesley 781.489.3422 www.wellesleysportsmedicine.com Pet Grooming (mobile) Aussie Pet Mobile Cape Cod From Provincetown to Duxbury. Margaret R. Campbell, MA, MEd 508. 534. 9875 mcampbell@aussiepetmobile.com Facebook.com/apmcapecod www.capecodpetgrooming.com PHYSICAL THERAPY Long Pond Physical Therapy. Expert treatment for orthopedic problems, back/neck pain, tendinitis, bursitis, strains/sprains, pre/post surgical care, sports injuries, arthritis. Free consultation. 508.746.6922 at 110 Long Pond Rd. Plymouth or 781.924.5289 at 31 Schoosett Street. Pembroke. www.longpondpt.com PRANIC HEALING Miriam G. Smith. Balances physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual energy with no-touch healing of acute or chronic illness, stress, or pain. Individual/ classes/distance. 978.683.6129 mgsenergy@comcast.net www.PranicHealingNE.com PROFESSIONAL CAREER CERTIFICATES Cape Cod Center for Whole Health. Hypnosis, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), IET, Reiki, Crystal Energy Healing. 116 State Road, Sagamore Beach, MA 508.539.2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com PUBLIC RELATIONS Candita’s Production Studio. I will assess the publicity needs of your business and offer a clear plan for achieving those goals. 781.834.2728 Healthy Living Magazine


SHAMANIC HEALING & CEREMONY JEAN Beneduci Shamanic Healing and Ceremony, Certified Musical Sound Bed Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher beneducj3@aol.com 781 293.5903 Pembroke SHAMANISM Namaste Counseling LLC Nancy Partridge Energy & Spiritual Psychology 781.258.1083 np.Namaste@gmail.com tax prepAration Pat Masters TaxLady EA, Inc. Tax prep & book keeping services. 42 Mattakeesett Street Pembroke. 781.293.1040 www.TaxLadyEA.com THETA HEALING Nora Helbich of New Day Hypnosis & Healing. Hypnosis, Hands-on Healing, Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing 283 Main Street, Kingston, MA 508.280.1523 www.newdayhealing.com VETERINARY ALTERNATIVES Kingston Animal Hospital Acupuncture & other natural & holistic treatments to promote wellness and longevity. Mark Russo, Kingston 781.585.6525 www.HealthyVeterinaryAlternatives.com Vitamins Nutraceutical Contact Al Bozza Certified Nutraceutical Consultant and Lifestyle Coach. 774.571.5170 abozza@aol.com VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Care Alternatives Hospice/South Shore. For terminally ill patients and their families. Reiki, Pet Therapy, Music, Massage, Reflexology and more. Kelly Tammaro 508.887.1373. ktammaro@carealt.com twitter@carealthospice ww.carealt.com Online Issue May/June 2012

WEIGHT LOSS Trish Rosa CHt Private & Group Sessions Hypnotherapy Reiki NLP Sound Healing www.peaceohmmind.com 508.889.1344 YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. 76 Ferry Hill Road, Marshfield, MA 781.834.8371 YOGA DragonFly Yoga Studio Emma Boyle Yoga Teacher & Owner. Freight House, 844 Webster Street, Marshfield shiveashakti@gmail.com 781.696.1266 www. emmasdragonflyyogastudio.com YOGA Art and Soul Space Darlene Bradlee, B.F.A., E-RYT. 11 Hollett Street, Scituate, MA www.artandsoulspace.com 781.545.0340 YOGA Dancing Crow Yoga Fay Sutherland 98 Derby Street, Suite 440. Behind Crate & Barrel. www.dancingcrowyoga.com 781.836.5150 YOGA Renew Yourself Studio. Fern Ross Israel, MA, LMHC. Offering Yoga, Breathwork, EMDR. 617.696.1665 flowingchi@comcast.net www.heartcenteredhealing.org YOGA Real Life Yoga Nancy West, 239 N. Franklin St. Holbrook,MA offering yoga for PTSD, kundalini, hatha, restorative yoga , yogalates, reiki, and acupressure. 781.767.1827, nancy_reallifeyoga@comcast.net, www. reallifeyoga.com YOGA Open Doors Power Yoga Studios 14 locations in the greater boston area. 781.843.8224 www.opendoors7.com YOGA certification Finding Inner Peace Yoga School. The “How To Start A Yoga School” Kit. A Turn-Key Business. No franchise. You own your training. You earn the income! Maureen Spencer, RN 781.864.2130 yogareikisound@yahoo.com

Yoga-Reiki- Treatments for Health & Cafe! Whitman Wellness Center 12 Marble Street Whitman Ma. 781.447.3815 www.whitmanwellnesscenter. com ZUMBA YWCA 76 Ferry Hill Road, Marshfield, MA 781.834.8371 www. ywcamarshfield.org

HEALTHY LIVING Calendar BROCKTON, MA May 19th — IBN PRESENTS “HEALTHY LIVING”. A Wellness Trade Show. WESTGATE MALL. 200 Westgate Drive Brockton, MA. If you are exhibiting please contact Kyle Tornow 617.378.5354 tornowkyle@yahoo.com NORWELL, MA May 19 th Saturday - 6-8pm Gifted Intuitive/Medium Roland Comtois. At Angels of Light, 320 Washington St. Norwell, MA. Join Roland for this powerful evening event, as he brings his mediumship skills and gifts to all who attend. www.angeloflightministry.com NORWELL, MA May 20th Sunday Planetary Mantra Workshop with Jill Jardine & Silvia Sune at Angels of Light in Norwell from 2 - 5 p.m. Cost: $45 781.871.1740 MARSHFIELD, MA May 18th — MIND-BODY CONNECTIONS- Holly Dolben. Learn some common and likely associations behind various physical problems. Friday 9:1511:15. Marshfield. 781.834.8371 www.ywcamarshfield.org

SAGAMORE May 18th - 20th 3 day Crystal Energy Healing certification course, Dowsing, Crystal Readings, Basic & Advanced, take 1 or all 4! Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, suite #3, Sagamore Beach, 508.539.2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com

CARVER, JUNE 2ND SATURDAY 11 - 4 pm TEACHINGS OF THE STONE PEOPLES MEDICINE. Led by Native American Magali Redsky. This is an introductory class introducing you to the Stone Peoples Medicine. $104. Must Pre-register. Call Jodi from Blue Angel Healing 781.964.6606 www. spiritbearlodge.org

CARVER, MA SUN. MAY 20th 10-6pm REIKI II CERTIFICATION- USUI TRADITION.Second stage in the Reiki Tradition, passing down the knowledge of long distance healing, Reiki and First Aid, learn about specific symbols that add versatility and strength to the system of Reiki. Must be Reiki I Trained. $250. Jodi from Blue Angel Healing 781-964-6606 www.blueangelhealing.webs.com

HINGHAM, MA June 2ND Saturday 1:30-4pm Using Your Yoga Practice to Navigate Life: A Vinyasa Workshop with Shannah Green this dynamic and powerfully physical yet meditative class. Focusing on asana as a means of setting intention and cultivating a rich soil of communion, self-expression and self-revelation. Dancing Crow Yoga 98 Derby Street (behind Crate and Barrel), Hingham 781.836.5150 www.dancingcrowyoga.com

NORWELL, MA May 25th Friday Selenite Wand Therapy Certification at Angels of Light in Norwell w/Cristina Burke from 7-9:30. Learn how to incorporate the Selenite wand in your healing practice $65 Include Selenite Wand/Certificate 781.871.1740 CARVER, MA FRI, JUNE 1, 7PM DRUMMING CIRCLE led by Native American Magali Redsky. Join us as we open our hearts to creator with the beat of a drum and prayer. Proceeds to benefit needy family. Bring a Drum. $25. Call to Pre-register. Call Jodi at Blue Angel Healing at 781.964.6606 www.spiritbearlodge.org SCITUATE, MA June 1st FRIDAY - 7pm. Monthly Meditation Group. Footprints Holistic, 56 Common Street, Scituate, MA. www.footprintsholistic.com 781.545.2663 WHITMAN, MA June 1st Friday The Haven for Healing Foundation offers Free Reiki Sessions 6:30pm - 8:00pm. 15 minute appointments. Free. 7 Marble Street, #B12 Whitman, MA 781.447.3815 info@whitmanwellnesscenter.com www.whitmanwellnesscenter.com

ABINGTON, MA June 3rd Sunday Hanuman Workshop with Sadguru Rama Mata and Muralidhar Pai. Come and join us for an afternoon with Hanuman, the devoted servant of Rama, who, with boundless loyalty and supernatural power, always acts as a helper and rescuer. Ronnie Shaffer 500 Groveland Street Abington, MA 1:30 – 4:00 p.m. Donation: $30.00 Preregister: vas4@comcast.net or (781) 857-2353 PLYMOUTH, MA June 3rd — HEALTHY LIVING MAGAZINE EXPO, SYMPOSIUM AND RECOGNITION AWARDS. 180 Water Street Plymouth, MA. If you are interested in being a Sponsor or Exhibitor call Candita 781.834.2728. More info log onto www.myhealthylivingmag.com WHITMAN, MA June 3 Sunday Arm Balance & Inversion Workshop 5:00pm-7:30pm $30. 7 Marble Street, #B12 Whitman, MA 781.447.3815 info@whitmanwellnesscenter.com www.whitmanwellnesscenter.com

Plymouth, MA June 5th 7 - 8 pm Acupuncture, Oils & Natural Medicine’s Solutions to Insomnia New England Natural Health Services Paul Gerst L.Ac. 110 Long Pond Rd. Ste 111 (in Long Pond Physical Therapy) Free classes the first Tues of every month (except July) where you will learn how to deal with different health issues, naturally. Register by the Friday before 774.283.2726 info@acupunctureplymouthma.com www.acupunctureplymouthma.com CARVER, MA june 5th tuesday Arch angel michael cord cutting workshop at angels of light in norwell w/jodi st. onge from 7-10 p.m. $40. Call 781.871.1740 to register. Mashpee, MA June 6, 20, July 18 th 6:30 - 8pm Healing Through Imagination - Guided Imagery Group to learn stress management techniques. With Janet Dwinells, M.A. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist http://voyageofthesoul.com for more details NORWELL, MA June 7th Thursday Prosperity Crystal Grid Workshop w/Cristina Burke at Angels of Light in Norwell- from 7-9:30. Full Grid and Prosperity Journey $55.00 781.871.1740 NORWELL, MA June 8th Friday The Art of Creating your Spiritual Journal w/Spirit Artist. Deb Ogden from 7-9:30 at Angels of Light in Norwell $35.00 781.871.1740 WHITMAN, MA June 9th Saturday Acupressure Therapy Clinic 9:00am - 3:00pm 1/2 hour sessions $35. info@whitmanwellnesscenter.com 7 Marble Street, #B12 Whitman, MA 781.447.3815 www.whitmanwellnesscenter.com Andover, MA

June 15th Friday 1-5 pm Equine Encounters for Business and Community Leaders at Ironstone Farm. Leadership coaching with horses and a great opportunity for networking. Contact Monique 617.328.7113 http://soulworkscoaching.com/calendar.htm for details. coachmonique@verizon.net WHITMAN, MA June 8th — MARK MINCOLLA PhD, NATURAL HEALTH CARE EXPERT Presents: Metabolic Weight Loss Management, Whitman Wellness Center WHITMAN, MA 7-8:30 pm. $35. Tickets call 781.834.2728 HINGHAM, MA June 9 - July 7 (4 Saturdays) 11:00AM12:15 PM Introduction to Yoga Series Beginner. Learn the basics and foundations of yoga and its poses. Dancing Crow Yoga 98 Derby Street (behind Crate and Barrel), Hingham, MA 781-836-5150 www.dancingcrowyoga.com SAGAMORE BEACH, MA June 15th -17th 3 day Integrative Energy Therapy (IET), certification course, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced & Angel course! Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, suite #3, Sagamore Beach, MA 508.539.2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com MARSHFIELD, MA June 16th — 9am-2pm, rain or shine. YWCA Yard Sale Table cost is $15.00 or if you would like to donate your stuff you may drop off all donations in front entry room anytime before May 16th. What a way to clean out and feel good about where your stuff is going. Please come and shop and support the YWCA Ferry Hill Road Marshfield Hils, MA www.ywcamarshfield.org

WHITMAN, MA June 16 Saturday Astrological Readings. Patricia Mellman, C.M., C.H., is an astrologer, certified spiritualist medium and commissioned spiritualist healer. 8:30am - 4:00pm $50 for half hour appointments. 7 Marble Street, #B12 Whitman, MA 781.447.3815 www. whitmanwellnesscenter.com WHITMAN, MA June 22 Friday Ladies Night Out 6:30pm - 9:00pm $30. 7 Marble Street, #B12 Whitman, MA 781.447.3815 info@whitmanwellnesscenter. com www.whitmanwellnesscenter.com WHITMAN, MA June 23rd Saturday Sun Salutations. Come and Celebrate the Summer Solstice! 8:30am - 9:30am $5. info@whitmanwellnesscenter.com www. whitmanwellnesscenter.com Marshfield, MA June 25-August 10th Summer camp 9am to 3pm, early care and late care available. Campers are graded by grade and spend the morning rotating through our activities including swimming lesson, archery, crafts, group games, nature activities, and drama, Afternoons include free swim, all-camp activities special events, and inter-group games. www.ywcamarshfield.org 781.834.8371 MARSHFIELD, MA June 18th - August 24th — TEN WEEK KIDS DAY CAMP PROGRAM throughout the summer. Tumblefun Gymnastics. Marshfield, MA 781-837-9895 www.Tumblefungymnastics.com MARSHFIELD, MA June 21st – August 8th 8 Week Power-packed Workshop Weymouth Thursdays, 4pm – 5pm. Your Heart’s Desire-Instructions for Creating the Life You Really Want, based on the work of Sonia Choquette. learn 8 time proven principles that build upon each other every week to help you harness the energy of the Law of Creativity and

Manifestation. Weekly email support to provide you with further personal transformation. Cost: $160 Debbie Lyn Toomey RN, Six Sensory Teacher, owner of Ultimate Healing Journey. www.Ultimatehealingjourney.com Debbie.ultimatehealingjourney@gmail.com 617 653-2561 NORWELL, MA JUNE 23RD Saturday ANGEL ART SHOW/TEA PARTY AND READINGS at Angels of Light in Norwell from 2-4:30 $35.00 includes angel art show/tea party and a special angel or soul reading. SAGAMORE BEACH, MA June 24th 10am-3pm Summer Crystal & Mineral Fair and Open House, common & rare crystals, minerals, jewelry & more! Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, suite #3, Sagamore Beach, MA 508.539.2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com SAGAMORE BEACH, MA June 30th + July 1st, 10am-4pm 2 day Tong Ren & TuiNa certification course with Joseph Lucier. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, suite #3, Sagamore Beach, MA 508-539-2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com SCITUATE, MA Friday, July 6th at 7pm. Monthly Meditation Group. Footprints Holistic, 56 Common Street, Scituate, MA. For more information www.footprintsholistic.com Or 781.545.2663. NORWELL, MA JULY 15TH THURSDAY - Special 3rd Eye/ Opening Crystal Grid at Angels of Light in Norwell with Cristina Burke from 7-9:30. Journey and Full Grid for all who attend $55.00

HINGHAM, MA AUGUST 9TH Thursday Sunset Networking Cruise . Tickets $25 Individual or Group of 15 $300 includes sponsorship and banner placement. Hingham Hewitt’s Cove 349 Lincoln Street, Hingham, MA Hours: 6:30 - 10 pm. To register 781.834.2728 www.myhealthylivingmag.com MARLBOROUGH, MA August 10 -12 — 25th ANNUAL HYPNOTISM CONVENTION Royal Plaza hotel – Marlborough, MA www.ngh.net BOSTON, MA August 16 -18 — BOSTON GREENFEST. City Hall Plaza Boston, Ma, Fun learning experiences to address the important changes we need to make in our daily lives and our neighborhoods. It is an event that will have something for everybody, young and old. If you are interested in being a Sponsor or Exhibitor call Candita 781.834.2728. More info log onto www.myhealthylivingmag.com SAGAMORE BEACH, MA September 7th - October 15th — HYPNOTHERAPY COURSE. 12 day, Professional Advanced Hypnotherapy certification course, includes medical/clinical, integrative & transpersonal hypnotherapy! Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, suite #3, Sagamore Beach, MA 508-539-2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com SAGAMORE BEACH, MA October 19th – November 5th 9am-6pm Eight day, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) certification course! Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, suite #3, Sagamore Beach, MA 508-539-2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com Bourne, MA October 20th -HEALTHY LIVING MAG EXPO. Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School 220 Sandwich Road, Bourne, MA. 1st Annual Sponsored by Healthy living Magazine

Visit with 40 Exhibitors in the Health and wellness Field. Hours: Saturday 10 to 4 pm If you are interested in being a Sponsor or Exhibitor call Candita 781.834.2728. More info log onto www.myhealthylivingmag.com SAGAMORE BEACH, MA November 9th – 11th, 9am-3pm 3 day Reiki 1, 2, 3, certification course, take 1 or all 3! Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, suite #3, Sagamore Beach, MA 508-539-2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com SAGAMORE BEACH, MA November 18th, 10am-3pm Fall Crystal & Mineral Fair and Open House, common & rare crystals, minerals, jewelry & more! Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, suite #3, Sagamore Beach, MA 508-539-2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com SAGAMORE BEACH, MA November 30th – December 3rd, 9am-5pm 3 day Crystal Energy Healing certification course, Dowsing, Crystal Readings, Basic & Advanced, take 1 or all 4! Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, suite #3, Sagamore Beach, MA 508-5392885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com

Ongoing Events NORTH ANDOVER, MA Ongoing Thursday nights-TWIN HEARTS AND FULL MOON MEDITATIONS. 7 pm MCKS Pranic Healing Miriam G. Smith 978.683.6129 www.PranicHealingNE.com mgsenergy@comcast.net Pg. 26 NORTH ANDOVER, MA Alternate Thursday nights- PATHWORK LECTURE DISCUSSION GROUP –8:15 pm following meditation. MCKS Pranic Healing Miriam G. Smith 978.683.6129 www.PranicHealingNE.com mgsenergy@comcast.net Pg. 26

NORTH ANDOVER, MA Ongoing Wednesday afternoons 2:00 – 4:00 pm- STRESS RELIEF CLINIC MCKS Pranic Healing Miriam G. Smith 978.683.6129 www.PranicHealingNE.com Pg. 26 SCITUATE, MA Monthly Meditation Group. Footprints Holistic, 56 Common Street, Scituate, MA. For more information www. footprintsholistic.com Or 781-545-2663. FALMOUTH, MA LAUGHTER YOGA - FREE - Mondays, 9:27 to 10:07 a.m. at the Gus Canty Center, 790 Main Street, Falmouth. 800-990-8290 MARSHFIELD, MA TAI CHI CHUAN/CHI KUNG- Mike Showstack. Wednesdays, 9:00-10:15. Marshfield. Call 781.834.8371 www. ywcamarshfield.org SAGAMORE BEACH, MA ZUMBA®: with Angela Hoey. Tuesdays 9:30-10:30 and Thursdays 3:30-4:30. Marshfield. Call 781.834.8371 www. ywcamarshfield.org SAGAMORE BEACH, MA Tong Ren & Varied Energy Healing Clinic. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health. Thursdays 5:30pm. 508-539-2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com SAGAMORE BEACH, MA Swimming Lessons: $75.00 per session plus $5.00 membership fee. Two-week sessions, 8 half hour lessons in each session. Minimum age is 4 by Sept. 1st. www.ywcamarshfield.org 781-834-8371 SAGAMORE BEACH, MA Thursday Ongoing 5:30-8:30pm Tong Ren & Varied Energy Healing Clinic. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, suite #3, Sagamore Beach, MA 508-539-2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com

Classified Listings FREE OFFICE SPACE Looking to expand an existing business? Wish you could start your own business but don’t have all the start up money? We offer high quality supplements, vitamins and weight loss products that would complement your business. Partner with us and receive free use of an office space (10’ x 12’). Legitimate business inquiries only. Al Bozza abozza@aol.com 774.571.5170 EXHIBITOR OPPORTUNITIES. Looking for a great way to meet your potential clients. Call Candita to find out about our many exhibiting opportunities. We will even create an event in your area . . . Let’s brainstorm. Call Candita at 781.834.2728 SALES HELP. Interested in joining Healthy Living Magazine Sales Team. Call Candita at 781.834.2728 NETWORKING. Do you belong to a networking group or want to treat your staff to a fun night out? Join Healthy Living Magazine on a 3 hours cruise this August, leaving from Hingham, MA. Call Candita at 781.834.2728 to bring your group of 10 or more. 781.834.2728Health. Thursday’s 5:30pm. 508-539-2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com Swimming Lessons: $75.00 per session plus $5.00 membership fee. Two-week sessions, 8 half hour lessons in each session. Minimum age is 4 by Sept. 1st. www.ywcamarshfield.org 781-834-8371 Sagamore Beach, MA Thursday Ongoing 5:30-8:30pm Tong Ren & Varied Energy Healing Clinic. Cape Cod Center for Whole Health 116 State Road, suite #3, Sagamore Beach, MA 508-539-2885 cccwh@comcast.net www.capecodcenterforwholehealth.com

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Magical Moon Foundation The Astrology of HappinessSoul mateBecome Your own Hero Spring Cobb SaladSpinach and Cheese Mini-QuichesFive Reasons...